Proceedings of the 10th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (RAIS 2018)

Criminal Profiling in Homicide Offenses

Petronela Diana Ferariu
Corresponding Author
Petronela Diana Ferariu
Available Online August 2018.
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crime scene, criminal profiling, forensic, homicide, investigation, Romanian perpetrators, traces
The behavioral investigation of homicide crimes involves a thorough activity to identify the psychological trail left by the author at the crime scene, during committing the deed. This research method provides details of the typology of the person who committed the murder offense and reduces the number of suspects. Identifying the traits of the psychological profile of the killer is particularly effective and can prove itself valuable in investigating homicides with unknown authors, especially in those involving various forms of psychopathology, expressed through mutilation, multiple postmortem stabbing, sadism, evisceration, ritual crimes, burning of the corpse and so forth. The scientific progress of society, through its strongest propulsion power, respectively the technological development, provides a source of information for many offenders by suggest alternatives to alter the crime scene, so that the traces of the act are altered or even lost. This aspect is one of the reasons why the profiler should carefully analyze and investigate the scene of the crime in order to discover and fix all traces and subsequently to be able to reproduce the events scene as accurately as possible. Psychological profiling is an important component of forensic research, given its role in the reconstitution of the crime scene, the discovery, fixation and interpretation to traces and, last but not least, the identification of the perpetrator. The research highlights the need to have a clear view of homicides, in a national context and the general objective is to highlight the characteristics of the murders committed by Romanian perpetrators.
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