Proceedings of the 10th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (RAIS 2018)

Lifestyle Program as a Commercialized Device

Ji-Hee Kim
Corresponding Author
Ji-Hee Kim
Available Online August 2018.
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Commercial discourse, Consumer culture, Lifestyle program, ‘Over flowers’ series, Travel abroad
This study examines the practice of the representation of a lifestyle program that operates as a commercialized device. The main themes of lifestyle program in Korea are travel, interior, cooking, and play a role in penetrating the point of consumption. In particular, the ‘Over flower’ series which is the subject of this study is continuously exposed to the commercialized flow while it is represented in the context of ‘overseas travel’. Therefore, this study attempted to analyze the text of the whole series (8 episodes / 64 times) of ‘Over flowers’ reflected from 2013 until now. Text analysis, one of the qualitative research methods, is an appropriate methodology for analyzing the practice of representation of the program in detail. The research shows that the ‘Over flowers’ series has commercialized devices that subtly expose advertisements such as sponsors, promotions, and PPLs with low production cost. The ‘Over flowers’ series is generally advertised in the area with the help of local authorities and provided with a resources screen. In addition, ‘Over flowers’ series has a commercial discourse, while subtly exposing beverage, rice, canning, water, airline, and travel agency products of ‘CJ’ that is mother company of ‘tvN’ which is broadcasting ‘Over flowers’ series, and highlighting clothes and carrier products of the performer. As a result, overseas trips of ‘Over flower’ series represent the secret logic embodying consumption through consciousness of naturally consciousness of eating and drinking, and desire and craving to escape from everyday life, and recreating the ideal lifestyle.
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