Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering

The 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering (SEEE 2015) will be held in the capital city of Thailand-Bangkok on the 25th and 26th of October.

The main purpose for SEEE 2015 is to help scientists in energy and environment fields from different countries and regions to communicate and cooperate with each other, and accelerate the process of their studies and researches. We hope that this joint efforts of ours could make its contribution to the establishment of a green, healthy and sustainable environment for all human beings. It has been predicted several decades ago that the use of fossil fuels would decrease to a stop because of its limited amount of reservation. Though this prediction was a “false alarm”, people nowadays are actually trying harder and harder to switch to renewable energies out of environment consideration. The opening of SEEE 2015 also aims at making contributions to this aspect.

To guarantee the benefits of SEEE 2015 participants and the quality of this proceedings, we have made a lot of preparation for it. The invitation of participation and contribution has been sent to scientists in colleges and institutes. Before the submission deadline, we have received about 150 research papers. All submissions to SEEE2015 have been double blind reviewed; both the reviewers and the authors remained anonymous. Each paper was reviewed by at least 2 reviewers with related academic experience assigned by TPC chairs. Papers accepted by all reviewers were accepted; those with conflicting opinions would be reviewed again by another reviewer. Accepted papers will still be revised by the contributor according to the reports from the reviewers. By adopting this strict reviewing process, the quality of the book is guaranteed.

Among all the submissions to SEEE2015, 48 papers of profound values are accepted. All these accepted papers have been carefully arranged in four chapters.

Chapter 1: Sustainable Energy and Energy Conversion
Chapter 2: Power Energy Systems and Energy Conservation Technology
Chapter 3: Water Resource, Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection Engineering
Chapter 4: Soil and Living Environment

In the process of preparing SEEE2015, the scientific spirit and devotion shown by people have been admirable.

The Advanced Science and Industry Research Center (ASIRC), Hong Kong, has contributed much time to organizing SEEE 2015; the selection of papers from all the submissions is the work of all our international reviewers; the committee members have all contributed to SEEE 2015 in different ways.

I also give my deep appreciation to all our contributors and Atlantis Press. Without their support, SEEE 2015 would never come into being.

SEEE 2015 Committee