Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Software Engineering, Knowledge Engineering and Information Engineering (SEKEIE 2014)

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The Resolution on Dead-Lock Problem in Message Driven Model

Ling Tang
This article introduces a new model named Message Driven Model (MDM) .It is a widely used architecture model to construct loosely coupled system Inappropriate acquiring and releasing locks among concurrent procedures always lead to dead-lock problems. So the dead-lock problem caused by inappropriate...
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Research on the Key Technology of Massive Vector Graphic Displaying

Jun Wu, Dan Xu
The paper introduces a new method which can load TOPO elements more quickly. After analyzing the problem of the old TOPO component, this paper gives the solution containing method of data loading management and display control. The realization is presented at the end of the paper.
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Test Method for command and control modes for the attack of time-sensitive targets Based on Agent

Zhuyun Duanmu, Jianyu Song
For the test problem of command and control mode for the attack of time-sensitive targets, this paper proposed a test method for command and control modes for the attack of time-sensitive targets based on Agent, then in the attack of time-sensitive targets as the background, established decider, sensor...
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Sequential Voting Models with Externalities

Xiaoqin Huang, Yiming He, Liang Li, Guoliang Liu, Wu Chen
Voting is one of the important ways to solve the problem of collective decision-making. Previous work assumes that voters are only concerned about their own preference. However, in sequential voting, voters can see the results of voters who voted before them, such externalities naturally arise in sequential...
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Exploring the Translation Mode for Scientific Discourses Under the Framework of Information Dualism

Xiaofeng Lei
This paper aims to offer scientists and engineers some support in their translation of scientific discourse. As a practical branch of English, scientific English has always played important roles in the development of all countries, such as exchanging technological information, accelerating scientific...
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Fast Handoff Scheme for VoIP over WLANs

Jun Xiao, Feng Liu
IEEE 802.11 wireless local area networks (WLAN) have been widely deployed, and many applications are implemented on WLAN. As one of the interesting wireless services, wireless voice over internet protocol (VoIP) can provide low-cost real-time voice service to mobile users. But the IEEE 802.11 wireless...
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An Ensemble De-noising Method for High Frequency Financial Data

Chaoyong Wang, Yanfeng Sun
High-frequency financial data are characterized by unbalanced, non-linear and low signal-noise ratio, which often represents a challenge on the study of financial market microstructure. There has been little research on the de-noising method for high-frequency financial data, with the wavelet analysis...
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A Method to Tackle Abnormal Event Logs Based on Process Mining

Zhanmin Yang, Liqun Zhang, Yuan Hu
One important function of process mining is to manage business process in order to detect the abnormal. A new process mining method is proposed based on process mining technology. The method will form a new process model that is more extensible relative to original process model. Then we use a effective...
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Service-Oriented Message Queue

Min Wang, Hui Xu
Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) implement platform-independent data exchange with efficient and reliable messaging mechanism, what is the key technology of distributed systems integration. The traditional messaging middleware based on a specific platform or development tools, it has been unable to...
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Evaluating User Satisfaction Based on BP Neural Network in Mobile Government

Wenwen Li, Yunxia Pan
With the explosion in the use of mobile technologies, more people can get m-government services. It is related to the interests of many people, so it is necessary to evaluate user satisfaction of the services. Some proposed models fail to evaluate the m-government from the public’s perspective. The purpose...
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An AUTOSAR ECU Mapping Algorithm

Chunmao Jiang, Meiyu Xu, Qian Shen
ECU (Electronic Control Unit) plays an important role in automotive electronics development as the core component of the vehicle. There are problems such as large overhead, unbalanced resource allocation in the current AUTOSAR ECU mapping algorithm that’s widely adopted. To solve the problems, this paper...
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Research on Massive Enterprise Data One-Stop Search Mechanism Based on Information Grid

Shan-shan Wu, Wei Jiang
Massive enterprise data one-stop search system and method based on grid network is introduced in this paper. This paper presents the general metadata description model of heterogeneous data resource, the metadata extraction method of data resource, the service encapsulation method and registration publication...
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Research on the Conflict Analysis of Supply Chain Management based on Graph Model with MRCR

Hongzhuan Chen, Lulu Song, Xuesong Zhuang, Ting Li
In this research, the conflict problem in supply chain management is studied. The method of graph model is applied to solve the conflict problem in supply chain management, then based on the matrix form, the decision support system(MRCR) is used to make auxiliary decision, considering the uncertainty...
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Study on the traffic capacity of Expressway Based on cellular automata model

Wangyang Yu, Yadong Zhao, Chengyang Hu, Jiangnan Zhang
Based on the Nagel-Schrekenbercellular automaton model of traffic flow, the article analyzed the influence that driving on the right side takes to the traffic flow (practical capacity) in the condition of light and heavy traffic. With the combination of fluid dynamics and vehicle dynamics, we established...
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Multidisciplinary Collaborative Optimization Design for Oil Tanker Concept Design

Song Du, Yan Lin
The idea of multidisciplinary design optimization is applied to the solution of the optimization design of oil tankers. The multidisciplinary design optimization model is established according to the multi-objective and multi-constraints characteristics of the design of oil tanker. The optimization model...
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A Study on Real-time Cooperative Ship Design System

Song Du, Yan Lin
Cooperative working mode is among the important ways to improve the efficiency and quality of ship design. This paper conducts a research on the real-time cooperative working mode for ship design, which is developed by means of compound sharing mode and in which the application of such two modes of transmission...
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Analysis of the Workflow Management System of Student Work

Yanping Chen, Bo Lin
Through design and analysis, the student management system, the use of workflow technology. Workflow is a specific job into several tasks and task execution, string together through a series of specific rules and procedures, in order to achieve the work flow of information, standardization and automation....
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Predictive Model of Energy Cost in Steelmaking Process Based on BP Neural Network

Zhenchao Bai, Gang Wei, Xianhui Liu, Weidong Zhao
China is a Steel superpower, with large production and high efficiency. But we need more research in Business energy cost control. This paper is oriented to cost flow of steel industry, Aim at solve the shorting of energy cost control in steel industry. Using the producing data in steel making, Basing...
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The Extended TOPSIS Method for Multi-criteria Decision Making Based on Hesitant Heterogeneous Information

Xiaolu Zhang, Zeshui Xu
In the real world there often exist some decision situations with high degree of uncertainty where the decision makers hesitate among several values to provide their assessments. In such cases, the decision makers usually employ the hesitant fuzzy sets (HFSs) to express their assessments in the quantitative...
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Knowledge-based Decision Support System (KBDSS) for Science & Medical of Chinese Olympic Teams

Hao Wu, Jianbing Li
The Chinese Olympic Teams were very successful in 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games. These results were under efforts of the Knowledge-based Decision Support System (KBDSS) for Science & Medical of Chinese Olympic Teams, including Sports Expert System, Case-based Decision Support System (CBDSS),...
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Constructing E-learning Course of Business Japanese

Ziming Shi, Hui Kang
This paper introduces the construction Business Japanese E-learning courses. By language “ASP.NET” and database tool “SQL”, the E-learning Course is designed and established. Two platforms, namely, the front platform which acts as the interface with students, and the back platform which acts as the interface...
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The Content Research and Realization Process of Product Configuration Database

Lei Wu, Zhi Lan, Wen-sheng Xiao, Xue Tian
Product configuration is an essential link of mass customization production which is developing under marketoriented economy. The realization process of product configuration has to rely heavily on the scale of database. The product configuration database proposed in this paper includes four sections:...
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Regional Income, Labor Income Tax and Human Capital Accumulation -Based on the test of panel data model with variable coefficient

Yanfeng Jiang
The supply of human capital depends on income level and the labor income tax. This paper evaluates the provinces’ average effective labor income tax rate and the level of human capital in China applying the international commonly used assessment methods. Then analyses the Influence of regional revenue...
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Knowledge Diffusion on Community Network —the Angle of Absorptive Ability and Diffused Ability

Qingjun Li, Fanping Kong, Yongfei Jia, Quanmin Bai
This article summarized the performance of knowledge diffusion on community network by looking level of final knowledge as an evaluation index of the whole knowledge network based on agent’s absorptive ability and diffused ability. We construct a knowledge diffusion model and simulate the process of...
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An Empirical Study About Illegal Information Disclosure of Listed Companies

Xiaodong Lv, Hao Ding
Using a paired t-test, Wilcoxon test and logistic regression analysis to analyze the 196 listed companies of illegal information disclosure in Shanghai and Shenzhen A-shares and matching companies in 2007-2012, this paper carries out an empirical research about the factors affecting illegal information...
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Smart Wells Optimization in Oil Reservoirs Using Adjoint Gradient Model

Xian Shan, Tao Zhang
Smart wells can effectivelyimprove the reservoir developing by selectively controlling flow production of the valves. In this work, we proposed an adjoint-based gradient method for the smart well control optimization within the search for optimum smart wells inflow control valves configuration. Numerical...
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Historical Seismic Intensity Determination Method Based on Ant K-means clustering Algorithm

Wenming Zhu
Aiming at the subjectivity and ambiguity problems of historical seismic intensity determination, a k-means clustering determination method combined with ant algorithm is proposed in this paper. Intensity features are extracted based on the latest historical seismic intensity table and the quantization...
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The Topic Tracking Based on Semantic Similarity of Sememe’s Lexical Chain

Jing Ma, Fei Wu, Chi Li
In method of Semantic similarity calculating, the major is based on VSM(Vector Space Model).It has aroused significant research attention in recent years due to its advantage in topic tracking. In this paper a modified VSM, namely Semantic Vector Space Model, is put forward. To establish the model, numerous...
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Analysis of Bidding Strategy on Decision Support System for Smart Grid

Hongfei Sun, Yanyan Wang
Starting from the basic auction theory in china power market, this paper analyses the influence of electricity cost constitution to bidding strategies, auction theory based on price prediction, auction theory based on the analysis of bidding strategy of opponents, auction theory based on game theory...
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Study on Author Cooperation Relationship Based on Data Mining

Hongfei Sun, Fang Wang, Wei Hou
In order to explore authors’ cooperation relationship of application of research methods of information science in our country, this paper made a detailed statistics and analysis based on data mining on all the papers of 19 kinds of core journals about Library and Information Science from 2008 to 2012....
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Study on Application of Research Methods of Information Science Based Bibliometrics

Hongfei Sun, Yanyan Wang, Wei Hou
This paper selected relevant data as the basis data from 19 kinds of Core Journa and analyzed the sample papers with the use of Bibliometrics. The author summarized four characteristics of the application of Informatics research methods of China in the past five years and found some problems and deficiencies...
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Data Security Issues in the Process of Applying Cloud Computing

Kai Wang, Xia Yang
In recent years after the cloud computing architecture through the fast development period, inevitably exposed in terms of data security problems. The calculated data safety platform in the cloud through several occurred recently, more to deepen some questions about cloud computing. This article from...
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Research on Prevention Solution of Advanced Persistent Threat

Xiaomei Liu
This paper analyzes the process of Google Aurora attack, summarizes the typical steps of APT attacks. By analyzing the defects on traditional enterprise security architecture, this paper proposes a new security solution with a central analysis and control module. The module adopts a detection mode based...
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A Real-Time Network Monitor System Based on WinPcap

Zijuan Luo, Shuanghua Zhu
This paper provided a real-time network monitor system based on Wincap, which supported packet level and flow level traffic metrics such as link utilization , protocol distribution in 2 7 protocol levels ,various aggravated flow distribution , top N IP host and IP host pair.
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Effectiveness Evaluation of Command and Control System in Joint Operations

Chen-yan Kong, Wei Chen
The effectiveness evaluation indicators hierarchy of command and control system in joint operations is constructed based on the analysis of the architecture and characteristics. The main methods of effectiveness evaluation are discussed. According to characteristics of the joint operations, the design...
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2D Geometric Modeling and Verification of Line Tracing Robot Using UPPAAL Model Checker

Yuta Nakatani, Shin-ya Nishizaki
Model checking is one of the formal methods for verification of hardware and software systems. A model checker verifies queries described in temporal logic formulas about a model defined as a state transition diagram. Since the model checkers make an exhaustive search of the state space, the key point...
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A Unified Framework for Software Coupling Measurement

Xiao-dan Li, Yong-feng Yin
With the development of the computer technology, the size and complexity of software increase sharply. It is necessary to have further researches into the softwarequality measures. However, as one of the most important measures, the coupling frameworks are too subjective and ambiguous. There is also...
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Design and Implementation of Power Trading Information Release System for SGCC

Ping Shao, Yanmin Guo, Guoning Gao, Junhong Guo, Ligong Xing, Jun Xu
Power trading information release system is the State Grid Company’s internal and external business information integration, establish a convenient service channels between the government, regulators, power generation companies and large users of electricity. This paper first analyzes Grid Company information...
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Design of Electricity Market Contract Management System Based on Metadata

Yanmin Guo, Ping Shao, Chunbo Huang, Ji Zhang
Electricity trade contracts are an important basis for market settlements in China. In order to implement centralized management and extended maintenance for all kinds of contract, contracts are described by public properties and private properties in this paper. The public properties are modeled as...
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The Development of the Thermal Object Intelligent Adaptive Identification Software Based on the Operation Data

Nan Xu, Junlin Guo, Shuhao Zhang, Wenjie Zhao
In this paper, we introduce the principle and development of the thermal object intelligent adaptive identification software based on the operation data, and discuss the application of the genetic algorithm in system identification. We completed the design of graphics user interface with the help of...
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An Algorithm Based on the Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Ri-Bo Ge
As Aiming at the shortage of the basic particle swarm algorithm is easy to fall into local solution this paper makes the improvement to the inertia weight factor based on basic particle swarm algorithm called Non-Linear Decreasing Random Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization. Experiments show that...
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Web Application on Information System Based on Cloud Computing and Scene Simulation

Jianjun Zhang, Mingli He, Xiquan Fan, Guohui Wu
Nowadays, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, Internet cloud computing develops the smart city. A smart city cloud was constructed. Based on the cloud computing, a novel information system was designed with Web. The traditional information system...
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The Pseudo-relevance Feedback Model Based on Quantum Probability Theory

Yueheng Sun, Chenjun Zou
Relevance Model (RM) is one of typical and generally stable methods for the query expansion in information retrieval (IR). This paper presents a novel information retrieval model based on the quantum probability theory, and makes a preliminary exploration on the application of quantum model in pseudo-relevance...
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Community Detection of Complex Networks Based on the Spectrum Optimization Algorithm

Yueheng Sun, Shuo Zhang, Xingmao Ruan
This paper presents a spectrum optimization algorithm for community detection of the complex networks. An edge cutting model is proposed for selecting edges to be removed from candidates by minimizing algebraic connectivity function. In this model a greedy heuristic method is used to get the lower bound...
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Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Random Walk with Choice

Chuanmin Mi, Xiaofei Shan, Jing Ma, Xin Zhang
A brief review of the past researches on CF shows that methods for calculating users’ similarities are almost Pearson Correlation or (adjusted) Cosine Similarity. This leads to same recommendations for different users because popular objects or users often win a heavier weight in the process of recommendation....
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Application in the Construction of Teaching Resources Database Data Mining

Bo Lin, Yanping Chen
With the development of teaching resources storehouse construction projects continue to enhance, how to solve the problem of benign growth system of teaching resources has appeared. This paper discusses the application of data mining technology in the construction of teaching resources database.
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Text Similarity Computing Based on LDA Topic Model and Word Co-occurrence

Minglai Shao, Liangxi Qin
LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) topic model has been widely applied to text clustering owing to its efficient dimension reduction. The prevalent method is to model text set through LDA topic model, to make inference by Gibbs sampling, and to calculate text similarity with JS (Jensen- Shannon) distance....