Proceedings of the 2nd Sari Mulia International Conference on Health and Sciences 2017 (SMICHS 2017)

This Conference Proceedings volume contains the written version of all of the contributions presented during The 2nd Sari Mulia International Conference on Health and Sciences (SMICHS) 2017. The conference organized to discover the research findings, ideas, and the health policies, as a contribution to the national education development, especially in the capacity for producing professional educators, researcher, practitioner and administrators. International Conference held by STIKES SARI MULIA is a research-based conference. This program was conducted in Rattan Inn in Banjarmasin-Indonesia at December 8-9th, 2017.

This conference offered and provided a setting for presenting and discussing recent issues, topics, and developments in health and sciences. This conference gave excellent chances for speakers and participants who come from Thailand and some areas and provinces in Indonesia to present and to discuss topics in their exertise and interested research areas.

The proceedings of SMICHS came from researchers, lecturer, practitioners, private and public stakeholders, and educators from various field. The brief session of presentations on themes “ONE HEALTH TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS OF TROPICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASE IN INDONESIA”, has been highly appreciated for the efforts of keynote speakers in presentig their ideas and sharing their knowledge in lively and interesting ways. Huge appreciation is also given to the facilitators for sharing the materials in this Conference.

In its journey, the forum continues to improve the needs in accordance with independent and dignified nation education. Moreover, when entering the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), certainly, challenges and hopes from the stakeholders’ need to be responded wisely, as to be a winner in the global competition. The commitment of the forum is to bring quality and dignified educators with acceleration, innovation and strategy which maintain the value of the nation as a cultural power which should be preserved also to enhance the nation to be excellent in the ASEAN global competition. To obtain the goals of the nation, this year the forum continued its biennial agenda in the STIKES Sari Mulia Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

We would like to thank all the participants for their contribution to the Conference program and to this Proceeding. Many thanks to the Indonesian participants and the committee for their support and hostility, in which the overseas participants feel like home in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Sincerely thanks are also expressed to all the reviewers for their help by commenting and giving their feedback to get better version of abstracts to be published in this proceeding.

We are also pleased to acknowledge the informational support from the reviewer of the Conference Program and the financial support from STIKES Sari Mulia and Yayasan Indah. Additionally we would like to say thank you very much for Atlantis Press Proceedings and we hope our cooperation can be continue. We are looking forward to the next conference of health sciences that will be held in Banjarmasin. We hope it will be an interesting and beneficial event for all participants.

The Proceedings Team