Proceedings of the 2nd Sari Mulia International Conference on Health and Sciences 2017 (SMICHS 2017)

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The Analysis Of Implementation Program Of Adolescent Reproductive Health Service In North Barito Regency, Center Kalimantan Of Indonesia

Adriana Palimbo, Sukamto Sukamto, Erna Susanti
Objective: Knowing the implementation of Youth Reproduction Health (KRR) program in North Barito District. It is seen from four aspects of Health Services System which include aspects of input, process, output, and impact. This study also specifically aims to obtain information on the implementation...
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The Correlation Between The Type Of Childbirth With Neonatal Asphyxia At Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh General Hospital Of Banjarmasin

Dhita Ayu Permatasari, Dede Mahdiyah, Erni Yuliastuti
that the risk of labor actions have 2, 36 or 2 times greater than its Neonatorum gave birth asphyxia normal delivery with 95% CI 1.50 to 6,92 LL and UL. Conclusion: The results of this study stated that there is a significant relationship between the type of delivery with neonatal asphyxia, where the...
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Factors Affecting The Stunting Case: A Retrospective Study On Children In Banjarmasin

Anggrita Sari, Mambang Mambang, Karolina Septania Catur Eka Putri, Ika Avrilina Haryono, Yayuk Puji Lestari, Mega Yunita Sari
Objective: This is to analyze the factors that influence the stunting case in toddlers in Banjarmasin Method: This research used case control with 190 toddlers as the sample consisting of 74 stunting children under five and 116 toddlers with stunting and was analyzed using Chi-Square test. Result: The...
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The Analysis Of Knowledge And Attitude Of Women In Productive Age About Visual Assets Inspection ( Iva) In The Banjarmasin Indah Public Health Center Banjarmasin

Anita Herawati, Dede Mahdiyah, Susanti Suhartati
Objective: To identify the knowledge and attitudes of Women of fertile Age (WUS) concerning the inspection Visual inspection of acetic acid (IVA) in Banjarmasin Beautiful clinics. Methods: This study uses the descriptive method. The population of this research is the fertile age women visiting Clinics...
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Neurologic Deficit Factors To Stroke Ischemic Patient's In Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin

Bagus Rahmat Santoso, Hikmah Hasanah Nur Aulia, Yeni Mulyani
Objective: To analyze factors related with neurologic deficits to patients with ischemic stroke in Seruni Central of Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin.Methods: Analytical observational study with cross sectional approach, population and sample were outpatient ischemic stroke in Ulin Hospital. Taken sampling...
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The Influence Of Diabetes Self Management Education On Stress Level Of Diabetes Mellitus Patient In Area Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin

Dede Mahdiyah, Abdurahman Wahid, Rifka Dewi Juniana
Objective : To analyze the effect of DSME (Diabetes Self Management Education) on stress level of Diabetes Mellitus patient in area of Cempaka Public Health Center (Puskesmas) Banjarmasin. Method : This study used pre-experimental design with one group pretest-posttest design. The sample used 15 people...
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Nutrition Detection Status Of Children Based On The Provision Of Breastmilk And Supplement

Desilestia Dwi Salmarini, Annisa Citra S
Objective: The aim of this study to detect nutrition status of a child through Pattern of breastfeeding based on schedule, type, and frequency in working area of Kelayan Dalam Public Health Center Banjarmasin.Technology or Methods: This research used analytic survey with cross sectional design. The population...
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Satisfaction Analysis Of Midwifery Services: Qualitative Study Participants National Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional-Kartu Indonesia Sehat (Jkn-Kis) In Rsd Idaman Kota Banjarbaru

Dewi Pusparani Sinambela, Sarkiah Sarkiah, Nurmila Sholehat
Objective: To know how satisfaction of JKN-KIS participants in midwifery service at RSD Idaman Banjarbaru City.Method: Qualitative study with descriptive phenomenological approach. Data were collected on 3 main informants and 2 triangulation informants who were in obstetric poly and snow ball content....
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Banjarese Culture Perspective In Hygiene Habit Of Female Teenage External Reproductive Organ In Banjarmasin

Dini Rahmayani, Umi Hanik, Rifa'atul Mahmudah, Wika Rispudyani
Objective: to analyse banjarese culture in hygiene habit of female teenage external reproductive organ, analysing banjarese culture myth ini reproductive organ care and analysing family contribution in reproductive organ care.Method: qualitative approach by deep interview to visualized in detail about...
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Correlation Between Alopecia And Cancer Client's Body Image

Dwi Martha Agustina, Jaka Putra Parantian
Though it's not a life-threatening issue, hair loss (Alopecia) continues to be one of the most distressing and troubling side effects of chemotherapy for clients. In his study of women undergoing treatment for primary breast cancer, Freedman found that some women rejected chemotherapy because of the...
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Factors That Related To The Basis Of Infant Immunization Success At Pekauman Health Center In Banjarmasin In 2015

Dwi Rahmawati, Sukamto Sukamto, Listia Fitriana
Objectives: To determine the factors that related to the success of Basic Immunization in Infants in Puskesmas Pekauman Banjarmasin 2015 Method: Cross sectional study approach. The population are all the mothers who bring their babies 9 -12 months to get immunization in Pekauman Health Center. Purposive...
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Relationship Between Classification Of Heart Failure With Renal Creatinine Urea Levels

Eirene E.M.Gaghauna, Bagus Rahmat Santoso, Pian Gitu Irfan Sadili, Jami Hariadi Saputra
Objective: The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between the classification of heart failure patients with renal creatinine urea levels in tulip IIC Ulin Public Hospital Banjarmasin. Methods: This study used a cross-sectional approach. Research sampling technique used in this research...
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Teenagers Premarital Sex Phenomenon In Banjarmasin

Esti Yuandari, Umi Hanik Fetriyah
Objective: This study is to identify the background and factor of the problem.Technology or Method: This study adopted qualitative approaches descriptive explorative. The population of the research is all teenagers in Banjarmasin, while the sample techniques to research is by using judgment sampling....
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Skinning Antenatal Care Accuracy To Maternal Complication At Dr. H. Moch Ansari Saleh Hospital Banjarmasin

Fakhruddin Razy, Anggrita Sari, Rizka Amalia
Objective : To analize skrinning antenatal care accuracy to intranatal complication at Dr. H. Moch Ansari Saleh Hospital Banjarmasin. Method: The research used analytical survey with cross-sectional approach.Population and sample were all postpartum mothers who have KIA book at Dr. H. Moch Ansari Hospital...
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Decision Tree Algorithm In Analyzing The Incidence Of Neonatal Sepsis At Ulin Hospital Of Banjarmasin In 2016

Fitri Yuliana, Novita Dewi Iswandari, Topan Aditya Rahman
Objective: To analyze the factors most related to the incidence of neonatal sepsis at Ulin Hospital of Banjarmasin in 2016. Method: This research used Rapid Miner simulation model with population of all newborns at Ulin Hospital of Banjarmasin in 2016 and the sample size was 210 infants consisting of...
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Family Support Relationship With The Level Of Anxiety In Cervical Cancer Patients Ulin Hospitals Banjarmasin

Fadhiyah Noor Anisa, Elvine Ivana Kabuhung, Ruthiana Amia
Objective: Identify and analyze the relationship of family support with the anxiety level of patients of cervical cancer at the Hospital General Regional Ulin Banjarmasin.Research Method: This research use analytic survey with cross-sectional approach. Population studies of cervical cancer patients and...
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Related Factors With Pneumonia Events In Rsud. Dr. Soedarso Pontianak October Period 2013 - November 2015

Ika Avrilina Haryono, Anggrita Sari, Yayuk Puji Lestari, Mega Yunita Sari
Objective: To analyze factors related to the incidence of pneumonia in dr. Soedarso Pontianak period of October 2013 - November 2015. Methods: Design research with quantitative observational using case-control studies. The subjects of the study were case group of under-five children diagnosed with pneumonia...
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Correlation Between Maternal Weight Gain During Pregnancy And The Occurrence Of Stunting In Infants

Ika Yudianti, Didien Ika Setyarini, Dini Andriani
Objective: Pregnant women have four categories of BMI, which is underweight, normal, overweight, and obese. Stunting is a growth disorder due to chronic malnutrition which is indicated by the value of z score body length by age less than -2 SD. The impact of stunting in infants and toddlers is cognitive...
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The Influence Of Education On Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer Against The Level Of Knowledge And Interest Checks Wus Iva In The Working Area Clinics Kuin Raya

Linda Kusumawati, Sitti Khadijah, Novita Dewi Iswandari
Objective: To identify the effect education about cervical cancer early detection to women's knowledge and interest for IVA examination at the working area of Kuin Kingdom public health center. Method: Quantitative research using the quasy experimental method with one group pretest-posttest. The population...
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Level Of Labor Pain On First Stage Of Normal Labor In Dr.H. Moch Ansari Saleh Banjarmasin Hospital

Lisda Handayani, Desilestia Dwi Salmarini, Nurlia Rezekika
Objective: To described level of labor pain on first stage of Normal labor in Dr. H. Moch Ansari Saleh Banjarmasin Hospital. Methods: This research used descriptive method. Population on the research are all of normal labor women and sample used 30 people who normal labor with accidental sampling techniques....
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Perceptions And Motivation About Maternal Gymnastic To Physiological Adaptation Of The 3rdtrimesterpregnancy At Puskesmas Teminal Banjarmasin

Mega Yunita Sari, Anggrita Sari, Laurensia Yunita, Dede Mahdiyah, Ika Avrilina
Objective: The purpose of this study is to analyze the correlation of perception and motivation of pregnant women about maternal gymnastic to physiological adaptation of the 3rd trimester pregnancy at Puskesmas Terminal Banjarmasin. Method : Analytical research with cross sectional approach, Sampling...
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Determinants Of Adolescents Sexual Behavior At Senior High School "X" In Banjarmasin

Nita Hestiyana, Dini Rahmayani, Henny Auliana
Objective: To Analyze factors correlating with adolescents sexual behavior at Senior High School "x" Banjarmasin Technology or Method: This study used an analytical survey with cross-sectional approach. The sample used is 65 people at Senior High School "x" with simple random sampling technique. Dependent...
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Effectiveness Of Relaxation Techniques To Decrease Handheld Finger Pain Intensity Post Cesarean Section At Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital In Banjarmasin

Novalia Widiya Ningrum, Dede Mahdiyah, Diah Permata Sari
Objective: To analyze Effectiveness Relaxation Techniques To Decrease Handheld Finger Pain Intensity Post Sectio Caesarea. Method: This research uses pre-group experimental method pre and post-test design. The population in this study was a post-cesarean section as many as 116 patients. The sampling...
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The Relationship Of The Role Of Parents And Peers To The Occurrence Of Menarche Among Female Students In Smp Negeri 26 Banjarmasin

Novita Dewi Iswandari, Imam S. Santoso, Novia Zuvita Dewi
Objective: To know the relationship of parent and peer role to the occurrence of menarche to female students of SMPN 26 Banjarmasin. Method: This was an analytical survey using Cross-Sectional approach. The sampling used Quota Sampling technique amounted to 91 respondents. The data collection was done...
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The Correlation Between Long-Term Use Of Injecting Contraception Of Dmpa And Reproductive Reversibility Atworking Area Of Pekauman Public Health Center Banjarmasin

Nurul Hidayah, Sitti Khadijah, Reni Wijayanti
Objective: To analyze the correlation between long-term use of injrcting contraception of DMPA and reproductive reversibility at working area of Pekauman Public Health Center Banjarmasin. Method: Quantitative research using Cross Sectional research design. The population in this study was pregnant women...
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Correlation Between Long Hemodialysis And Nutritional Status Of Chronic Renal Failure In Hemodialysis Unit At Rsud Ulin Banjarmasin

Putri Vidiasari D, Bagus Rahmat S, Rizka Fitriana
Objective: In order to know the correlation between long hemodialysis and nutritional status of chronic renal failure at hemodialysis unit of Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin. Technology or Method: This research was an analytic survey research with Cross-Sectional approach. The sampling technique used Purposive...
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The Influence Of Family Support To Patients'anxiety Of Chronic Renal Failure Withexperience Of Hemodialysis At The Hemodialysis Unit Of Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin

Rina Al Kahfi, Subhannur Rahman, Adriana Palimbo, Nina Novita Sari
Objective: Knowing the influence of family support to patients' anxiety of chronic renal failure with experience of hemodialysis at the hemodialysis unit of Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin.Method: The research method was descriptive correlative with cross sectional approach. Data sampling in the study conducted...
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Efficacy Of Ondansetron Continuous Infusion And Bolus Intravenous For Postoperative Nausea And Vomiting

Rina Saputri, Abdul Rahem, Anita Purnamayanti
Objective: This study was conducted to compare the efficacy and side effects of Ondansetron continuous infusion compared with ondansetron bolus intravenous in the postoperative patient. Methods: The research method used was case control. Data were analyzed using Mann Whitney test and analytic assessment...
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The Different Between Newborn's Baby Weight Of Maternal Preeclamsia And Non-Preeclamsia

Sarkiah Sarkiah, Nur Lathifah, Eka Hadiyaningrum
The purpose of: Knowing the difference between newborn's baby weight of maternal preeclamsia and non-preeclamsia at DR. H. MOCH. ANSARI SALEH HOSPITAL BANJARMASIN in 2015 Method : Research was comparative study by using analytic observational research with cross sectional. Sampling techniques was using...
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The Effect Of Student's Interest And Motivation To Final Score Of Methodology Of Research And Basic Statistic Subject At Sari Mulia Midwifery Academy

Selfana Lady Rosadi, Sitti Khadijah, Herdiantri Sufriyana
Objective: To analyze the influence of student's interest and motivation on the achievement of student learning outcomes in Basic Research and Statistics course at AKBID Sari Mulia. Method: The research method used is an analytical survey with cross sectional approach. The population of the study were...
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The Correlation Between Half-Sitting Position And Lithotomy Position With Degree Of Perineal Rupture In Delivery Room At Hospital Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Banjarmasin

Sismeri Dona, Fauji Nurdin, Sofia Rahmi
Objective: To Identify and analyze the correlation between half-sitting position and lithotomy position with a degree of perineal rupture in the delivery room at Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital, Banjarmasin. Methods: This research uses analytical survey with cross-sectional approach. The sample used...
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The Differences Of Knowledge Management Principles About Early Detection Fibroadenoma Mammae (Fam) Using Sadari Method In Smpn 18 Banjarmasin

Siti Hateriah, Ika Mardiatul Ulfa, Betty Andirasari
Objective: The purpose of this research is to know the difference of knowledge of young woman before and after doing counseling about early detection of FAM using SADARI method in SMPN 18 Banjarmasin. Methods: The research method used is Pre-Experiment Design method. In this research, the object is the...
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Effectivity Rts And Gap To Predict Mortality Patients Of Head Injury At Emergency Ward Of Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin

Subhannur Rahman, Rina Al Kahfi, Bagus Rahmat Santoso, Dian Kustanti
Objective: The purpose of this study to know affectivity of RTS (Revised Trauma Score) and GAP (GCS, Age, Blood Systolic Pressure) to predict mortality patients of head injury at Emergency Ward in Ulin Hospita Banjarmasin. Method: The methods in the study were cross-sectional. The data were taken from...
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The Relationship Between Maternal Age And Pregnancy With The Incidence Of Low Birth Weight Baby At The Jaraga Sasameh Hospital Buntok 2016

Susanti Suhartati, Putri Vidiasari D, Mardiana Mardiana
Objective: The Main object of this research is to know the Relationship Between Maternal Age and Pregnancy Distance With the Incidence of Low Birth Weight Baby at the Jaraga Sasameh Hospital Buntok. Methods: This kind of this research user analytic with case-control approach of retrospective. The subjects...
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Relationship between social supports and Anxiety of mothers treating child with cancer

Umi Hanik Fetriyah, Sri Mulatsih, Heny Suseani Pangastuti
Objective: To analyze the association between social support and mother's anxiety, the category of social support received, needed by mother treating the child with cancer. Method: This study non-experimental approach sequential explanatory mixed method strategy. Analytical correlation cross-sectional...
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Analysis Of Internal And External Factors Related To The K4-Coverage Of Village Midwives In The Working Area Of Banjar District Health Department

Winda Maolinda, Tita Husnitawati Madjid, Hadi Susiarno, Herry Herman, Ponpon S. Idjradinata, Dewi Marhaeni Diah Herawati
Objective: to know the relationship of internal factors (knowledge, skills, motivation, and workload) and external factors (leadership, procedure, facility, and supervision) with K4 coverage of village midwives in the working area of Banjar District Health Department. Method: This research is an observational...
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Analysis Of Knowledge And Attitudes On Perineal Wound Healing In Postpartum Mother In The Area Of Pekauman Public Health Center In South Banjarmasin

Yayu Puji Rahayu, Rina Saputri, Nur Rahmadaniah
Objective: To analyze the analysis of knowledge and attitudes of perineal wound healing in postpartum mother in area Pekauman public health center in South Banjarmasin. Method: This study used an analytic survey with cross-sectional approach. Population and sample are postpartum mothers with Perineum...
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The Relationship Of Physical Activity With Body Mass Index Clients With Coronary Heart Disease In Heart Polyclinic Of Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin

Yiyin M.A.Elkenas, Jami Hariyadi Saputra, Jhody Akhmad Irfansyah
Objective: To Analyze the relationship of physical activity with a BMI in the client with coronary heart disease.Method: Quantitative research with cross sectional approach. The study population was a client with Coronary Heart Disease in the Policlinic of the Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin with the...
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The Influence Of The Use Of Personal Medication Record (Pmr) On Medication Appropriateness

Agnes Christie Rinda, Lisa Aditama, Lestiono Lestiono, Setiasih Setiasih, Dian Maria Pia
Objective: To analyze the influence of Personal Medication Record (PMR) on medication appropriateness. Method: This study used pre-experimental design with one group pretest-posttest design. This study involved 21 parents of epilepsy children, seven neurologist and four pharmacy personnel.The data was...
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Identification Of The Secondary Metabolite Compounds From Cempedak Tree Leaves (Artocarpus Integer)

Ali Rakhman Hakim
Objective: This study aims to identify the secondary metabolite compounds in Cempedak Tree Leaves (Artocarpus integer). Methode: Cempedak tree leaves are extracted using maceration method with chloroform solvent. Identification of secondary metabolite compounds using identification methods for flavonoid...
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Dietary Behavior Change In Surabaya University's Male Workers With Dietary Behavior Education

Dewi Susanti Atmaja, Abdul Rahem, Lisa Aditama, Franciscus Cahyo Kristianto
Objective : This research aims to see the relation between diet behavior education to change of obesity patients dietary behavior. Method : This research design is quantitative with before-after method to test the effect of giving proper dietary behavior to change in the diet behavior of obesity patients....
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Synthesis Activated Charcoal of Malapari (Pongamia pinnata) Fruit pee

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Eti Rohaeti, Djeni Hendra
Objective: Utilizing malapari peel as a raw material of activated charcoal and determine its best quality. Method: The samples were carbonized at a temperature of 300 C, 400 C and 450 C. The resulting charcoal was activated chemically and physically. Activated charcoal was characterized based on SNI...
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Anti-obesity effect of the jasminum sambac (l.) W.ait. Ethanol extract in high fat diet induced mice

Muhammad Ramadhan, Ari Yuniarto, Ika Kurnia S
Objective:. The aim of this research is to identify the potential anti-obesity effect of Jasminum sambac (L.) W.Ait. ethanol extract in high-fat-diet-induced mice. Method: This assay was administered to high-fat diet induced mice for 30 days, to get an increase of body weight of 20% higher than early...
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Antipyretic Effects of (phaleria macrocarpa (scheff) boerl.) Infusa In Mice Galur Wistar As Animal Model

Noval Noval, Ali Rakhman Hakim, Ahmad Irawan
Objective: This study was conducted to prove the antipyretic effect of the (Phaleria Macrocarpa (Scheff) Boerl.) and the effect strength, because the scientific evidence and its benefits were still limited, although empirically its leaf has been widely used by society as antipyretics.Methods: Measurements...
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Factors Effecting The Incidence Of Anemia Among Adolescent Girls At Tatah Makmur South Kalimantan Public Health Center

Agustina Hotma Uli Tumanggor, Restiana Tumanggor
Objective: Anemia is a condition of low blood concentrations of hemoglobin or a low hematocrit. Adolescent girls who experience anemia often occur when menstruating due to iron-containing blood loss. Based on the above background, this study examines what factors are related to the incidence of anemia...
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Health Seeking Behavior: Concept Analysis

Cynthia Eka Fayuning Tjomiadi, Pattama Surit
Objective: To determine a conceptual definition of health seeking behavior. Methods: Walker and Avant (2011) method of concept analysis approach. The author identified the attributes, antecedents, consequences, empirical referents, and create case description of the concept including model case, borderline...
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The Influence Of Health Education To Parents Through The Children With Hand Puppets And Comic Strip On Knowledge Of Healthy Latrine Use

M. Fajriannor T.M., Fauji Nurdin, Husnul Khotimah, Husda Oktavianor
Objective: The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of health education given to parents through the child about knowledge, attitudes, and practices the healthy latrine use in the public health center of Dalam Pagar. Method: This study used quantitative methods, and the type of research...
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Childbearing Decisions Of HIV Discordant Couples In Banjarmasin

Rizqy Amelia, Antono Suryoputro, Zahroh Shaluhiyah
Objective: The purpose of this research is to describe the childbearing decisions in sero discordant couples.Method: This research used a qualitative method with a case study research design. Total primary informants involved 10 informant couples, and triangulation informants involved 5 informants. The...
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Ergonomics Risk Analysis In Ulos Weaving Workers In The Martimbang And Kebun Sayur Village Pematang Siantar City

Madschen S.M.O.S.S.Tambun
Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the risk of weaver ulos who carried out the work ergonomics in Martimbang and Kebun Sayur Village Pematang Siantar City. Technology or Method: This was an observational study. The population amounting to 42 people. The level of ergonomics risk related...
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The Influence Of Smoking On Hemoglobin Rate In Blood At Active Smoker

Zulliati Zulliati, Dede Mahdiyah
Objective: To analyze the effect of smoking on Hemoglobin (Hb) level in the blood of active smokers at Health care center of East Banjarmasin. Technology or Method: This study used Cross-Sectional, with sample 60 people in Health care center area of eastern city of East Banjarmasin . Data analyzed using...
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Decision Support System For The Feasibility Of Firearms With Fuzzy Methods

Billy Sabella
Objective : A decision support system is expected to be used to the eligibility of firearms giving to participants psychological tests. Method : To determine the eligibility of firearms used fuzzy method with calculations of specific hormone impulsive, susceptive, aggressive, impulses to self-injury,...
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Information system governance using the cobit 5 At sari mulia hospital

Mambang Mambang
Objective : Information sistem has been important elements in an organisation but getting higher information technology implementation cost requires any company or organization to implement an effective operation of information technology. Information technology was expected to help organization in achieveing...
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The Importance Of Securing Digital Data

Muhammad Zulfadhilah
Objective: To awareness in securing digital data either offline or online. Technology or Method: Based on literature studies that have been done, the increase in Internet users is not comparable with increased awareness of data security or information by users, which causes vulnerability to users of...
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Implementation Of Huffman Bigram Compression Algorithm In .Txt Extension Files

Subhan Panji Cipta, Rizki Ikhsan
Objective: Implements huffman bigram algorithm for data compression process in .txt extension Files. Method: This study used literature study to study books relevant to existing literatures, then experiment with data compression process using the huffman bigram algorithm. Samples of data used as experiments...
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The Relationship Of Family And Teacher Support By Self Retardation In Children Mental School Of Plambuan

Dwi Sogi Sri R, Hendy Agus R, Anggrita Sari, Rizqy Amelia, Istifadah Istifadah
Objective: Based on the result of discussions with 5 families of children with mental retardation in December 2016 that the family experience to train the independence of children with mental retardation is different. Family teaches his son to be able to do shower activities, oral hygiene, dressed neatly,...
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A Comparative Study Of Classification And Clustering Model: The Effect Of Intelligence, Stress And Emotion On Student Learning

Finki Dona Marleny
Objective: a comparative study for effect of intelligence, stress and emotion on student learning in area department of students Sari Mulia School of Health Sciences.Technology or Method: This research uses the Experimental method, analyzed data by grouping the existing data based on emotional intelligence,...
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Midwifery Enterpreneurship Education Influences On Entrepreneurial Motivation Of Students At Sari Mulia Midwifery Academy Banjarmasin

Sitti Khadijah, Monry Fraick Nicky Gillian Ratumbuysang
Objective: This study aims to determine the influence of Midwifery entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial motivation of students at Sari Mulia Midwifery Academy Banjarmasin Method: Data collection techniques used were questionnaires given to 76 students of Sari Mulia Midwifery Academy who previously...
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The Optimization Of Collimator Design And In-Vivo Testing Of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy On Radial Piercing Beamport Kartini Nuclear Reactor By Monte Carlo N-Particle Extended Simulation Method

Ikna Urwatul Wusko, Kusminarto Kusminarto, Yohannes Sardjono, Effan Najwaini
Objective: This study aims to obtain an alternative method to reduce the tumor. Optimization of collimator and in vivo Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) materials on translucent beam reactor Kartini Reactor eligible IAEA. Method: BNCT is a kind of alternative nuclear therapy that utilizes the reaction...
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Potency Of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches (Opefb) In The Medical Field

Nur Hidayah
Objective: The research aims at explaining the potency of oil palm empty fruit bunches (OPEFB) as a material in the medical field Technology or method: This study used a method of literature review of some previous research on the utilization of oil palm empty fruit bunches. Furthermore, the results...
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Effectiveness Of Health Promotion Through The Audio Visual Media Risk Of Transmission Of Hiv / Aids On The Motivation Of Youth In Sman 10 Banjarmasin

Ahmad Syahlani, Tanwiriah Tanwiriah, Abdul Latif
Objective: To analyze the influence of Health Promotion through Audio Visual Media about the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission to Motivate Of Adolescents in SMAN 10 Banjarmasin Method: One group pretest-posttest research was conducted on May 20, 2017, at SMAN 10 Banjarmasin. This research was conducted on...
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Related Factors With Breast Cancer Cases In Women At Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin

Elvine Ivana Kabuhung, Eka Sapitri, Fadhiyah Noor Anisa
Objective: To analyze factors related to the incidence of breast cancer in women at Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin. Research Method: The design of case-control research with ratio 1: 1. Sampling by systematic random sampling. As many as 45 people breast cancer and 45 people do not suffer from breast cancer....
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Relationship Of LILA And IMT With The Incidence Of Anemia In Pregnant Women At Sungai Bilu Public Health Center Banjarmasin

Winda Ayu Fazraningtyas, Fitri Yuliana, Agnes Christie Rinda, Haipa Haipa
Objective: To analyze the relationship between LILA and BMI with the incidence of anemia in pregnant women at Bilu Banjarmasin River Health Center. Method: This research uses quantitative analysis method with Chi-Square statistical test and Crosssectional design. The population in this study were all...
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Akar Kuning (Arcangelisia Flava) As Neuraminidase Inhibitor: Molecular Docking And Pharmacophore Optimization Approach

Mohammad Rizki Fadhil Pratama
Objectives: This study aims to find a relationship between secondary metabolites of akar kuning and neuraminidase (NA) with molecular docking study and also to determine the most potent NA inhibitor from metabolites of akar kuning. Methods: All ligands were sketched and optimized using Gaussian 03W with...
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Mother Experience Treating Child With Leukemia in The Hemato-Oncology Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin

Nita Kusuma Lindarsih, Y.P. Rahayu, Dwi Sogi Sri Redjeki
Objective: To identify the experience of the mother caring for the child with Leukemia. Method: This type of research used qualitative research method with descriptive phenomenology design. Data collection with in-depth interview technique with key informant were 4 mothers who had children with leukemia...
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Relationship Of Husband's Support With Mother Interests To Use Contraceptive Implant In The Work Area Health South Alalak Banjarmasin

Rima Minarni, Hairiadi Widodo, Sarkiah Sarkiah
Objective: To analyze the relationship of husband's support to the mother's interest (wife) in using implant contraception in the working area of Alalak Selatan health center. Method: This research use cross sectional design with quantitative approach. The population in this study were all implanted...
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Contextual Learning And Learning Effectiveness Based On Problems With Learning Results Under The Neonatal Baby And Toddlers Care in Sari Mulia Midwifery Academy Banjarmasin

Rizky Vaira, Adriana Palimbo, Susanti Suhartati
Objective : To analyze the effectiveness of Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) and Problem Based Learning (PBL) in improving learning outcomes and learning activities on the subjects of Neonates, Infant and Toddler Care Method : This study method used experimental design with Pretest-Posttest Randomized...
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Family Support For The Rehabilitation Of Drug Users At Sambang Lihum Psychiatric Hospital Gambut Banjarbaru

M. Arif Wicaksono, Mohammad Basit, Iswantoro Iswantoro, Sepryanto Adana Saputra
Objective: This paper aims to identify family support for the use of drugs in adolescents. Methods: The design of this study was descriptive analytic with the number of samples of 24 adolescent users of drug using technique totality sampling. Data collection using the instrument in the form of a questionnaire...
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Lifestyle Relationships With Nutritional Status On Homless Children In the Safe House at 2017 (Generation Of Anti Narcotics and Criminality)

Sri Lestari Kartikawati, Rosa Rosa, Sismeri Dona
Objective: to determine the corelation of lifestyle with nutritional status in street children in RPA Gank Bandung in 2017. Methods: This research use analytic survey with cross sectional approach. Samples taken were 73 street children with sampling technique is simple random sampling Data collection...
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Factors Related To Neonatal Sepsis Events In Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital Banjarmasin

Sheilla Merlyana, Desilestia Dwi Salmarini, Dewi Pusparani Sinambela
Objective: This research aims at analyzing what factors related to the incidence of neonatal sepsis at Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Hospital, Banjarmasin in 2016 Method: A case-control study conducted on 8 to 15 April 2017 in dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Banjarmasin. The population is divided into case population...
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The Correlation Between Episiotomy, Perineal Laceration And Type Of Labor Toward The Incidence Of Pospartum Urinary Retensio At dr. H. Soemarno Sosroatmodjo Hospital Of Kuala Kapuas In 2015-2016

Filistea Winda Emilia, Fitri Yuliana, Rini Noviantina
Objective: To analyze the correlation between episiotomy, perineal laceration and type of labor toward the incident of postpartum urinary retention in Dr. H. Soemarno Sosroatmodjo Hospital Kuala Kapuas in 2015-2016 Method: The research used case control study and was conducted on March 13, 2017 - March...
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Relationship Of Physical Activity, Diet, And Age Menarche With Age Menopause At Elderly Posyandu Working Area Puskesmas Pekauman Banjarmasin

Hariadi Widodo, Fadhiyah Noor Anisa, Dede Lianti
Objective: To know the relationship of physical activity, diet and menarche age with age of menopause at Posyandu elderly working area Puskesmas Pekauman Banjarmasin. Methods: The research used quantitative analytic with cross sectional approach. The population is women aged 45-59 years in Posyandu elderly...
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Factors Affecting The Participation Of Husband To be acceptors of contraception In BPM N Banjarmasin

Ika Mardiatul Ulfa, Dwi Sogi Sri Redjeki, Henny Auliana
Objective: Knowing Factors Affecting The Participation Of Husband To Be Acceptors Contraception In BPM N Banjarmasin Method: This research is an analytic survey with cross-sectional approach. Samples totaling 49 people were taken using accidental sampling technique. Data were analyzed by chi-square with...
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Effect of Childbirth Complications Occurrence Of Asphyxia Neonatorum

Laurensia Yunita, Fadhiyah Noor Annisa, Sundari Sundari
Objective: Cause of newborn death in Indonesia, one of them which is equal to 27% of asphyxia. The risk factor of the which can cause the occurrence of asphyxia in the newborn baby are the maternal factors, fetal factors, placental factors and delivery factor. The occurrence of asphyxia in Hospital Dr....
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Household Environment Factors Associated With Acute Respiratory Infection (Ari) Among Under-Five Children

Nurul Hidayah, Topan Aditya Rahman, Desilestia Dwi Salmarini
Objective: The purpose of this study was to find out the association of house environment with Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) incidence in Pudi Village, North Kelumpang District, Kotabaru Regency. Method: This research was using a survey method with analytic cross-sectional study design. The Instrument...
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Granting NaCl Compress To Extravasaion Prevention In Chemotherapy Patients At Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin

Istiqamah Istiqamah, Ramadhan Ramadhan, Dini Rahmayani, Subhannur Rahman, Rina Al Kahfi
Objective: Extravasation is an effect of a highly unexpected chemotherapy drug administration, because it will cost patients a long time of care, cost, pain and also body image disturbance. The signs of extravasation should also be very recognizable. Extravasation can also cause permanent skin damage....
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Factors Related To The Stroke Incidence In Women Post-Menopause At Ruang Seruni Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin

Rifa'atul Mahmudah, Munawarah Munawarah, Mahpolah Mahpolah
Objective: The research aims to identify the factors related to the stroke incidence of post-menopause women at Seruni Room of Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin. Technology or Method: This study used analytical surveys with case-control design. The population is women of post-menopause at Seruni Room of Ulin...
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Effect Of The Use Of Formats And Guidelines Of Integrated Emergency Nursing Care To The Accuracy And Completeness Of Nursing Documentation In The Emergency Departement Of The Regional Public Hospital Of Mas Amsyar Kasongan District And The Regional Public Hospital Of Pulang Pisau District Central K

Suryagustina Suryagustina, Karmitasari Yanra Katimenta, Dewi Apriliyanti
Objective: The objective of the study was to identify the effect of using integrated emergency nursing formats and guidelines on the accuracy and completeness of nursing documentation in the emergency departments. Method: The design uses quasi experiments to determine the effect of using integrated emergency...
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Murottal Therapy To Anxiety Levels Of Patients Pre-Operative At Sari Mulia Hospital Banjarmasin

Topan Aditya Rahman, Mohdari Mohdari, Aditya Prasetyo
Objective: This is to analyze the effect of murottal therapy to anxiety levels of patient preoperative in the Installation Central Surgical (ICS) General Hospital Sari Mulia Banjarmasin. Methods: This research uses quantitative research Quasi-experimental design with the one-group pretest-posttest design....
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Analysis Of The Factors That Have Influence On Tuberculosis (Tb) Patients' Self Efficacy And Medical Behavior In Garut Regency

Angga Irawan, Laili Rahayuwati, Dessy Indra Yani
Objective: the influence of demographic, knowledge, emotional condition, motivation, and family support factors on both self efficacy and therapeutic behavior of those patients with TB in Garut District. Method: The study associative analytic research using cross sectional approach the amount of respondents...
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Factors That Affect The Performance Of Logistics Employees At Pharmaceutical Wholesalers X In Banjarmasin

Tuti Alawiyah, Yanuar Backhtia, Ibrahim Daud
Objective: To analyze Factor of leadership style, motivation and training in partially influencing logistics employee performance at pharmaceutical wholesalers X in Banjarmasin Method: The research was conducted in the form of analytical research with the object of pharmaceutical wholesalers in Banjarmasin,...
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Multivariate Analysis for the Quality of Practice of Midwifery Clinic on Student Satisfaction of Midwifery Academy Sari Mulia Banjarmasin

Yayuk Puji Lestari, Anggrita Sari, Topan Aditya
Objective: This study aims to analyze the effect of learning quality of midwifery clinic practice on student satisfaction of Midwifery Academy Sari Mulia Banjarmasin Method: The research method used is quantitative with cross-sectional research approach design. The population was 293 students using Propositional...
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Factors Related To The Incidence Of Breast Cancer In Women At Regional General Hospital Ulin Banjarmasin

Ahmad Hidayat, Yunita Laurensia, Rita Enjel
Objective: Mknowing the factors related kejadIan breast cancer at the Ulin General Hospital Area Banjarmasin. Method: This research uses survei analitik with the approach of the cross sectional. PopulASI all women suffering discriminationTa cancer totaled 319 people, this research uses Simple Random...
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The Quality Of Life Of Post-Stroke Patients At The Nerve Clinic Of Ulin General Hospital In Banjarmasin

Mohammad Basit, Dini Rahmayani
Objective: Post-Stroke Clients will experience psychological disorders. Psychological disorders occur because of inability to undergo daily activities, as usual, so often appear on the client is unstable emotions and will impact on the quality life of post-stroke patients. A description of the psychological...