Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Numerical Techniques (SMONT 2019)

With the support and efforts of numerous personnel, the 2019 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Numerical Techniques (SMONT2 019) is going to take place in Shenzhen, China from February 27 to 28, 2019. During that time, worldwide experts and scholars in the fields of Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Numerical Techniques will participate in this distinguished gathering co-sponsored by The Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong.

As an international academic event, SMONT 2019 is dedicated to facilitating the communication and discussion of researchers and practitioners with common interests in related fields of Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Numerical Techniques, and furtherly promoting progress and development of related scientific research. And also, the seminar will pay close attention to push the future exchanges and cooperation between participators engaged in the relevant research areas.

In the symposium, all the participants will have the opportunities to share relevant research results with each other, discuss existing problems and challenges in the fields, and explore cutting-edge technologies jointly. It is believed that SMONT 2019 will achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a professional platform for all the attendees to express their point of views freely and openly.

In the process of preparing for the conference, we received great help from experts in related fields who had been invited to review all the paper submissions. For guaranteeing the high quality of this conference proceedings, the experts put a lot of effort into the review process. It is worth mentioning that all the submitted manuscripts were made double-blind review which ensured the fairness by removing the authors' information from the full text. Beyond that, there are 2 or 3 experts at least who were responsible for reviewing per paper. And the originality, significance and usefulness, technical soundness, reference to related literature and quality of the format are incorporated in the review content.

Before the submission deadline, 204 paper manuscripts had been received by us. And after the elaborative and rigorous review of experts, 61 papers among 204 submissions were accepted formally for publication. In this book, three chapters as follows are included based on the themes of all the accepted papers.

Chapter 1: System Modelling and Simulation Technologies
Chapter 2: Algorithms and Optimization Methods
Chapter 3: Applied Mathematics, Analysis and Statistics

We are especially honored to be working with all the people who devotes their precious time and energy to this upcoming session. It is because of the efforts of these individuals and organizations that the congress can proceed smoothly. Hereon, we would like to express our genuine gratitude for the authors who contributed their original research papers to us, the reviewers who took their time to select excellent papers for publishing, the committee members who joined the event actively and Atlantis Press which will publish all the accepted articles. We sincerely wish SMONT 2019 will be a great success and we hope all the participants can enjoy this international event to their heart's content.

SMONT 2019 Committee