Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Numerical Techniques (SMONT 2019)

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Modeling of Household Financial Behavior Types in China Based on Complex Network Theory

Ying Liu, Jun Li, Junchan Zhao, Mei Wu, Liuxi He
From the perspective of complexity science, the influencing factors of household financial behavior in China are presented, then the current situation and development characteristics of household financial behavior also given. The complexity characteristics of household financial behavior in China, such...
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The Simulation Evaluation System Fuzzy Reliability Based on Fuzzy Fault Tree

Haidong Du, Junhai Cao, Shen Ying, Lingwei Li
For the indeterminism problem existing in dynamic reliability of complex system, the thesis presents the simulation analyze method for reliability based on fuzzy Markov process. Firstly, a reliability model according to the fuzzy theory and fault tree was described; and then, the paper study the transformation...
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Research on Complex Network Evolutionary Game Model and Simulation of Economic and Trade Cooperation of "the Belt and Road"

Changping Zhao, Yecheng Wang, Xiangshun Jin, Jianhua Qi, Houming Fan
The exploration of the influence of the network neighbor's reward, the social pressure of the network, the profit loss rate of the betrayal, the pressure of the opponent's public opinion, the type of the game on the network cooperative behavior of "the Belt and Road" through the network game model is...
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Finite Element Simulation Analysis and Verification of Broadband Silencers

Y.C. Liu, Y.C. Huang, Yunjhe Tang, Yungfang Chen
Silencers have widespread applications. In industrial settings they are used at large-scale combustion, gas turbine, blower and compressor system junction points to control noise. The most common methods of noise elimination via silencer are varying of the size and cross-sectional area of the transmission...
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Modeling and Simulation of Millimeter Wave Radiation Detection for Buried Metal Targets

Qi Zhang, Guangfeng Zhang, Changchang Yu, Yuan Gao, Li Zhu, Hong Wang
Due to the high penetration of the millimeter wave, some hidden metal and non-metallic objects can be detected effectively. So millimeter wave plays an important role in the military and has been widely used in many fields such as guidance, communication, radar, radiation measurement and remote sensing....
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Modeling and Simulation of Millimeter Wave Radiation Characteristics of Aquatic Vegetation

Shan Li, Guangfeng Zhang, Qiang Shi, Li Zhu, Hong Wang
The pollution of aquatic vegetation has become more and more serious in China. Based on the multi-layer medium model of aquatic vegetation and the growth characteristics of the aquatic vegetation, the radiant temperature of the aquatic vegetation is simulated as a function of the angle of incidence and...
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Credibility Assessment of Modeling and Simulation Requirement

Qinghui Zhang, Lipeng Xing, Yanming Sun, Yuexing He, Juan Yang
Credibility assessment of modeling and simulation(M&S) requirement was studied in this paper. Firstly, the shortcomings of the present credibility assessment methods in M&S requirement were analyzed. Then, the indicators of M&S requirement credibility assessment were put forward. Based on that, the M&S...
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Development and Application of Online Simulation System for Western Products Oil Pipeline

Zhijun Zhang, Yulei Xu, Wang Di, Yunlei Zhang, Peijun Zhai, Yanquan Wang, Xiaowei Wang
Based on software SIM of ATMOS from UK, the online simulation system of western products oil pipeline has been developed which embodies seven modules and provides a platform for the operation of long distance pipeline transportation. It could modulate the running state of any point along the pipeline...
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Study on the Acoustic Characteristics of Headphone with ECM Simulation and Reverse Engineering

H.W. Chen, S.G. Li, Shuchien Wu, Y.C. Liu
In this study, DENON monitor headphones were the investigated target. Through equivalent circuit model, complete and accurate acoustic properties were obtained, with extension of this model to include the influence of front and rear chambers and assembled components, allowing for comprehensive headphone...
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Modeling and Simulations for Polyetheretherketone Milling Forces

Yang Li, Xiang Cheng, Shengfu Duan, Xianhai Yang, Yuanyong Liu
Due to its enhanced chemical and mechanical structure, Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material has been widely employed as biomaterials for trauma, orthopedic, and spinal implants. But there is a lack of cutting forces in PEEK machining. In this paper, the milling simulations of single factor and orthogonal...
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A Simulation Study on Crowd Evacuation in the First-class Carriage of China' s High-speed Railway

Zhiguo Mu, Wei Lv, Xiangcheng Zhao, Li Tian, Haimi Yang
Based on the Thunderhead Engineering PyroSim, the author established a high-speed rail model. For the narrow and crowded features of high-speed rail space, the article simulated the evacuation of different personnel ratios, the opening of doors at different locations and different proportions of people...
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Simulation of Hoisting Bottom Pool of Nuclear Power Plant by Open-Top Construction Method

Jianguang Li, Yibo Fan, Xuanyu Sheng, Lanwen Wang
The traditional construction method of a nuclear power plant is to build a factory building and a containment, and then put the key structure into the containment. From the AP1000 project, the open-top construction scheme is adopted. The open-top method can quickly hoist key structure, but the construction...
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Research on Evaluation Model of Full Voltage Level Operation Efficiency of Provincial Power Grid Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Lijun Li, Chaojie Guan, Xiangshi Liu, Yan Xu, Anluo Du, Yuhan Liu, Guanduo Chen, Yajing Gao
Considering the deepening of electric power market reform, it is urgent to analyze the operation efficiency of the full voltage level of provincial power grids, of different cities. And then, to seek the cities with lower operation efficiency, which will give guidance to the accurate investment of power...
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Construction of Logistics Financial Risk Ontology Model Based on Risk Correlation

Bo Yang, Xinfei Wang
In the traditional research on the pre-control of logistics financial risk, the linear causal relationship between risk and risk events is often emphasized. However, the causal mechanism of logistics financial risk events is the complex situation of the interaction, integration and upgrading of risks....
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Dynamics Analysis of Hull Vibration for Tank Firing on the Move

Yimin Wang, Guolai Yang
Aiming at the low firing accuracy problem of tank on the move caused by hull vibration under the condition of high-speed and uneven surface road, using the muzzle vibration to characterize firing accuracy, a dynamic model for tank firing on the move was established based on multi-body system dynamics,...
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Study on Generation Planning and Dispatching Model of Units under Power Market Reforming

Chen Zhang, Yan Zhang
Under the background of the deepening reformation of the power market, the introduction of power spot market can increase the activity of the reform. The systematic "orderly liberalization" of the market-trading power is also the key guarantee for the power electricity market reforming. On this basis,...
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The Study of Motion Analysis and Control Principle of Three-DOF Turnover Wall

Shiwen Zhao, Tianyu Wu, Wensheng Xu, Xiaoxiang Jiang, Xuefeng Li, Qianrong Wang, Weifeng Kang
A three-DOF(degree of freedom) parallel mechanism is designed and integrated with the moveable wall which the solar photovoltaic panels are installed on it. In order to control the spatial posture of the wall, geometric analysis was used to get the kinematic inverse solution and the kinematic positive...
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Research on Demand Forecasting Model of Human Resources Labor Demand in Large-scale SOE Group Under Cost Constraint Circumstances

Yuan Zhang, Ling Zhang
Human resource demand forecasting is an important part of human resource planning. It is of great significance to construct a human resource demand forecasting model that matches the organizational development. According to the characteristics of personnel and human resource management practice of large-scale...
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Automatic Registration of Multi-Projector on Parameterized Surface in Two-Dimensionality

Shuaihe Zhao, Shuling Dai
Multi-projector, large scale displays are used in scientific visualization, virtual reality, and other visually intensive applications. A number of camera based techniques have been proposed to register the geometry of planar displays in two-dimensionality and non-planar displays in one-dimensionality....
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Simulation of Thermally Assisted Cutting of the Aluminum Alloy after WAAM

Hongyu Tian, Zhenyang Lu, Shujun Chen, Xu Yu
A hybrid technique of additive manufacturing and subtractive process has provided a new solution combining product design and control by software. Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) process wins well-respected because of its low cost and high efficiency of deposition, nevertheless the process has...
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Numerical Simulation of Laminar Free Convection and Heat Transfer of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid with Temperautre-Dependent Physical Properties

Liangcai Zhong, Deyi Shang
Newly developed similarity variables were first put forward in a research on free laminar convection heat transfer of nanofluid with nanofluid's temperature-dependent physical properties. The research results indicated that these similarity variables can be used to transform the governing partial differential...
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The Graphene-based Ring Resonator and Its Application to Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Weici Liu, Wenxia Hu, Shuqi Qiu, Yingqi Fu, Shengyu Chen, Taijun Wu, Yangcai Fan
In this paper, we investigate the properties of ring resonators that are based on graphene and the application to wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). The proposed structure can really function as a wavelength division multiplexer. We numerically demonstrate that the proposed eight-channel wavelength...
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A Virtual Training System of the Missile Test Launch and Control System

Shengzhi Yuan, Jing Li, Jianwei Lai, Shaolei Wang
Aiming at the teaching requirement of the missile test launch and control system, through analyzing the working principle and full task training process of the missile test launch and control system, a virtual training simulation system architecture was constructed based on HLA, and the realization method...
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Analysis of the Key Elements on the 2-D Electro-optic Modulation of BaTiO3 Crystal Thin-film Waveguide

Mengxi Luo, Degui Sun, Na Sun
As ferroelectric crystal, barium titanate (BTO) crystal with an ultra-high electro-optical (EO) coefficient and a special modulation mechanism has become the most popular research object to realize the ultra-high bandwidth EO modulator (over 100GHz). In this paper, we model/simulate the conditions of...
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An Early Warning System for "Direct Farm" Mode Based Agricultural Supply Chain

Bo Yang, Le Xie
The contradiction between the increasing demand for agricultural products and the backward circulation level of agricultural products in China is increasingly obvious. "Direct Farm" brings other potential risks while improving the circulation efficiency of agricultural products. In this context, we developed...
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A Novel Joint Optimization Method for Adaptive Hand-held Video Stabilization Based on Spatial-temporal Consistency

Xiao Li, Shuai Li, Hong Qin, Aimin Hao
Video stabilization for hand-held camera is vital in many high-level video enhancement applications. Although quite a few proposed approaches have achieved remarkable success in recent years, many technical challenges still prevail for video (from hand-held camera) containing wide-range scenes and highly-variable...
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Optimality Conditions for Local Optimal Solutions of Major Constraints Programming

Xuanwei Zhou
Three optimality conditions for local optimal solutions of major constraints programming are studied. By using the representation of major constraints set structure, Fritz John condition of local optimal solution is obtained. Kuhn-Tucker condition of the major constraints local optimal solution under...
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Optimization of Seamless Steel Tube Order Planning Based on Capacity Balance

Sujian Li, Jinchao Yang
The production process of seamless steel tube is divided into four production stages of preparation, perforation and hot rolling, cold drawing and finishing, and the order planning model is established by taking five-days as the unit of time. The mixed variable neighborhood improved genetic algorithm...
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Fracture Optimization for Highly Deviated Wells in Low Permeability Reservoir

Yudong Zhao, Xiaoting Gou
Hydraulic fracturing has a certain direction. For Water-flooding development reservoir,if the fracture direction is perpendicular to the Water-flooding direction, it can enhance oil displacement efficiency of water-flooding .Otherwise, it will reduce water-flooding displacement efficiency,even flood...
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Research on Water Cooling Optimization of Temperature Control for High RCC Dam

Lei Zhang, Bingqi Li, Songtao Peng, Dezhi Tian, Jian Yang
In the mid- to late-stage construction of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dams, once the concrete pouring breaks away from foundation constraint zone, the existing temperature control criteria and measures still have room for optimization. This paper takes a RCC dam under construction as research object...
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Urban Distribution Optimization Based on Order Clustering and Customer Classification

Rui Guo
With the improvement of the consumption structure and the increase of consumption levels, the market size of urban distribution is gradually increasing. In response to the problem of large-scale urban distribution vehicle routing problem, a two-stage algorithm of “first partitioning and then scheduling”...
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An Algorithm for Image Restoration Based on Underwater Video Series

Shu Chen, Dongdong Wu, Wenbin Wei, Zhiyi Zhang
The inspection for nuclear power facilities has been paid attention all the time. In underwater NP videos exit waggling water flow and much snowflake noise whose positions are undetermined. The former results from the cold-hot water with different temperatures, and the latter maybe are from high radiation....
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Sparse Reconstructed Bovine Sign Measurement Method Based on SFM

Wei Shi, Yuanyuan Tian, Yingjiu Huang, Wankai Zhang
[Objective] In order to improve the efficiency of measurement and reduce the labor force, a non-contact measurement method for cattle breeding in modern animal husbandry was developed. [Method] A sparse reconstruction method based on a few two-dimensional images is proposed, which includes four parts:...
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Parallel SURF Algorithm for 3D Reconstruction

Suping Wu, Bing Feng
In this paper, we proposed a parallel SURF algorithm for 3d reconstruction to solve the problem of rapid feature extraction and matching in multi-view 3d reconstruction. SURF algorithm is an effective algorithm for feature extraction. Compared with the classic SIFT algorithm for feature extraction, it...
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The Approach to Probabilistic Prediction of Pipelines Safety for Quantitative Rationale Preventive Measures of Control during Design and Operation

Andrey Kostogryzov, Leonid Grigoriev, Sergey Golovin, Andrey Nistratov, George Nistratov, Igor Zubarev
The approach to probabilistic prediction of pipelines safety is proposed. The probability to lose “acceptable safety” may be predicted by modeling. The approach allows to estimate quantitative levels of risks, reveal "bottlenecks" and define rational recommendations to system preventive measures. The...
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Effect of Rural Power Grid Construction Evaluation Based on Entropy Method

Lijun Li, Chaojie Guan, Xinwei Li, Yan Xu, Anluo Du, Guanduo Chen, Yuhan Liu, Yajing Gao
Rural power grid is an important part of the power grid as it providing basic public services essential to people's livelihood. Construction of the rural power gird upgrades is benefit for the local economy. In this paper, a model for the rural power grid construction evaluation has been established...
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Research on Benchmarking Model of Power Grid Infrastructure Management Based on Entropy Weight Method

Danlong Zhu, Guohui Fu, Bo Wei, Fuquan Li, Mingrui Zhao, Yajing Gao
Improve infrastructure management capabilities by benchmarking domestic and foreign first-class companies is a key task of power grid enterprise. This paper takes the benchmarking analysis of grid infrastructure management as the research object, from the whole process and the whole factor perspective,...
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Improved Threshold-based Segmentation Method for Millimeter Wave Radiometric Image

Changchang Yu, Guangfeng Zhang, Yuan Gao
Working all-day and all-weather, the passive millimeter wave radiometer can be used in many fields to detect objects, especially for the concealed objects. With the passive millimeter wave radiometric image processed and analyzed, we can get the shape or the center of the interested object which may...
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High Speed Pipeline Multiplier Based on Re-configurable Voltage

Xinyu Tian, Ying Yao
This paper bring forward a new high speed and efficiency Re-configurable pipeline multiplier, for the “bottle-neck” in signal process . The circuit was simulation under 0.25μm CMOS process. The circuit reduce the resource waste by 60 percent effectively and remain the high speed of 1.8GHz by control...
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Control Algorithm Development for Electric Vehicle Residual Driving Distance Based on V Model

Guiping Lu, Shan Lu, Xin Li
Marketing for electric vehicle is one of the solutions for solving the environment pollution and energy consumption problem. The powertrain control software of electric vehicle as one important core technology gets the attention and investment from main OEMs. The V model development flow is one mainstream...
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Analytical Expressions of the Magnetic Field Generated by Horizontal Time-harmonic Electric Dipole in Sea-air Model

Chunhua Zhang, Bing Li, Ning Gao, Wenbin Zhao, Song Li
The time-harmonic electric dipole itself can directly simulate some field sources. And for some complex field sources, they can also be described by superposition of electric dipoles. In the deep sea, the influence of the seabed is often ignored. When solving the magnetic field generated by an electric...
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Memristor-based H∞ Synchronization Control for Fractional-order Neural Networks with Time-delays

Hui Huang, Xiaolin Yuan, Lipo Mo
The H∞ synchronization control of fractional-order neural networks (FONNs) is investigated in this paper, where the FONNs are affected by time-delays. First, based on memristor, a novel adaptive control is proposed. And then, by taking the Mittag-Leffler stability theory and robust control, sufficient...
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Total Variation Minimization Enhanced Quantitative Microwave Induced Thermoacoustic Tomography using a GPU-accelerated Finite Element Method

Yunchao Jiang, Zhu Zheng, Min Wang, Lei Yao
Microwave induced thermoacoustic tomography (MI-TAT) combines the advantages of microwave imaging and ultrasound imaging to obtain high-resolution and high-contrast biological tissue microwave energy absorption images. However, the current MI-TAT technique often gets images with a large number of artifacts...
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Modeling Experts Selection for Scientific Evaluations-A Scientometrics Based Study

Ying He, Kun Tian
An important problem faced by global scientific administrations is the problem of how to select the right peer-review experts for evaluating scientific studies, and the stakes could be potentially high. Identifying and selecting suitable evaluation experts is crucial to judging the studies’ true intrinsic...
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An Improved Interval-type Symbol Data Principal Component Analysis

Weiguo Zhang, Qingxian Liu
For interval sample data, a new principal component analysis method based on empirical correlation matrix is proposed. The method is to treat the interval samples as binary variables obeying the normal distribution, and obtain the empirical description statistic[1,2]—experience covariance matrix[3] (empirical...
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Research Progress on Measurements of Energy Expenditure in Physical Activity

Yifan Yang, Jun Ye, Qiao Guo, Yongliang Zhang
Accurate measurement of physical activity-associated energy expenditure (PAEE) helps to quantify exercise intensity and volume, also guides people to exercise scientifically and reasonably. This paper reviews several methods commonly used in PAEE measurement: direct observation, questionnaire, heart...
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Effect of Stochastic Variables on Balancing Mechanism

Ivan Pavić, Matej Krpan, Igor Kuzle, Yongqian Liu
In the eve of power system decarbonization, the balancing mechanisms are becoming crucial to maintain continuous operation of the system. The stochastic nature of wind and solar units requests more balancing energy and it affects prices on both energy and balancing markets. This paper will try to address...
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Optic Grating Sensor Based High Precision Straight-line Displacement Measurement and Its Error Analysis

Songlin Wu, Lei Dang, Qian Yang, Bochen Bai, Longfei Gao
To accomplish precision straight-line and angular displacement measurement, the principle and realizing methods on the basis of optical grating are analyzed in detail. A new quadruple frequency circuit and its relative analogous circuit are designed, including scaling circuit of optical grating sensor...
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Design and Error Analysis of The Linkage Type Steering Mechanism for Multiple Wheel Heavy Vehicle

Chunguo Zhou, Tao Hua, Huiwu Wang, Xiuyu Wang
In this paper, the steering system dimension of multiple wheel heavy vehicle which is composed of center-arm linkage type steering mechanism has been designed. The steering mechanism of the vehicle is composed of five axles of Watt-II center-arm six-bar mechanism. The vehicle is designed to meet the...
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Research on Similarity Correlation and Compactness of Divided Regions Based on Gray Scale

Changjie Zhou, Minghua Cao, Heng Zhang, Yi Sun, Yongqiang Sun
In the indicators of the conventional gradation division area, it is usually only considering the fluctuation of the regional gradation variance or the rationality of the division is rarely considered, and the effect is determined only by qualitative observation. The purpose of this paper is to give...
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When Big Data Isn’t Enough: Solving the long-range forecasting problem in supervised learning

Joseph L. Breeden, Eugenia Leonova
In a world where big data is everywhere, no one has big data relative to the economic cycle. Data volume needs to be thought of along two dimensions. (1) How many accounts / transactions / data fields do we have? (2) How much time history do we have? Few, if any, big data sets include history covering...
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Study on the Influence Factors of Supply Chain Performance of Iron and Steel Enterprises

Songfen Li
In this paper, 18 items of practices and seven influence factors of supply chain management (SCM) are determined on the basis of the theoretical analysis and group focus interviews. Three dimensions of SCM practices (upstream and downstream integrating management, internal operation management and information...
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Research on Synergetic Evolution of Weapon Equipment System

Xinhua He, Hao Cheng, Ruitao Zou, Weihao Zhang, Juan Liu
The non-linear cooperative interaction between various types of weapons and equipment in the weaponry system is the root cause of combat capability. In the process of system evolution, all kinds of weapons and equipment in the system will spontaneously adjust their own state and evaluate the rules of...
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A Study for Extracting the Information about Flaws in Ultrasonic Detection Based on NNT Cancellation

Meiming Feng, Yicheng Zhang, Shusheng Liao, Wenbin Wei
How to extract the information about flaws in ultrasonic detection has been paid attention all the time. Because of strong initial echo, side echo and bottom echo (called “clusters”) existing in the ultrasonic echoes, traditional detection methods are difficult to cancel all clusters at the same time,...
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The Motivation and Identification of Listed Companies with Large Stock Dividends

Xiaoguang Zhou, Yuxin Liu
It is of great significance to reduce the blindness and the losses for investors to invest in listed companies with large stock dividends. Based on the characteristics of investors and listed companies in Chinese stock market, the motives to implement large stock dividends policy of listed companies...
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Association between the Medication Adherence and Treatment Satisfaction among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Guangdong Province, China

Zhiheng Zhou, Zhijie Huang, Baoxin Chen, Chanjiao Zheng, Wenru Chen
Objective: To analyze the association between medication adherence and treatment satisfaction of the patients with type 2 diabetes at community health service center in China. Methods: 4,560 community T2DM patients were selected by cross-sectional study. We collected the patients’ data including the...
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Application of Pattern Recognition in Sugarcane Seed Cutting Operation

Yang Xiao, Jing Xu
According to the actual needs of sugarcane seed cutting operation and pattern recognition technology, an intelligent sugarcane seed cutting recognition system is constructed based on deep separable convolution neural network. The system can identify sugarcane buds in the sugarcane planting and cutting...
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Fault type Identification of Distribution Network Based on Transient Current Sequence Component

Xiaoqing Chen, Xingang Chen, Yuxuan Feng, Hao Luo, Shuai Wang
Aiming at the occurrence of line fault in distribution network, an intelligent identification method of fault type is developed, which is of great significance for rapid fault line selection and location. When different types of faults occur in the 35kV low-current grounding system, different transient...
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Numerical Simulation of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Steel Bridge with Welded Stiffeners Subjected to Out-of-plane Loadings

Hesheng Tang, Shi Chen, Songtao Xue
The main purpose of this paper is to simulate the fatigue crack growth in welded steel bridge subjected to out-of-plane loadings. FRANC3D and ABAQUS are jointly used to calculate the stress intensity factors and predict the fatigue crack growth life. The results shows that the mode I SIFs of crack front...
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Application and Analysis of Fracture Simulation of the Slip of the Permanent Packer

Bin Liu, Meng Cai, Junliang Li, Zhipeng Yang, Shutao Lu
The slip is the core component of the permanent packer, and its performance affects the anchor reliability of the packer directly. The slip of the permanent packer is used to anchor the casing and lock the packer. The slip structure is especially important for the sealing performance of the packer. The...
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Study on Application of Vortex Drainage Gas Recovery in Daqing Oilfield

Lijuan Ren, Peng Wang, Meng Cai, Jingqin Wang
The vortex drainage gas recovery technology has the advantages of no need for moving pipe column and long maintenance period. Through the mechanism and numerical simulation results of the vortex tool, the geometric parameters of vortex tools suitable for gas well parameters in Daqing oilfield are optimized...