Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Social Science, Economics and Education Research (SSEER 2020)

The 2020 International Conference on Social Science, Economics and Educational Research (SSEER2020) was held in Singapore from July 25 to 26, 2020, organized by Singapore Management University. SSEER2020 aims to provide an academic platform for experts, scholars and researchers who engaged in social sciences, education, economics and management to introduce and discuss the latest research achievements and development trends in the fields of social sciences, education, economics and management; and to broaden the research ideas of scholars and practitioners, strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote cooperation in the industrialization of academic achievements.

The committee received 173 manuscripts from different countries and regions, and finally selected 86 papers. At least two experts rigorously examine each paper during the review process. We invite the authors to present their research results and practical experience in the meeting through oral and poster presentation, hoping that all participants can have a satisfactory harvest.

We really appreciate the Atlantis Press and Singapore Management University for their strong support. We would also like to thank all the authors, reviewers and participants for their hard work, so that the review and publication of the paper can proceed smoothly. We hope that these articles can contribute to social development and progress. We also hope that you can gain valuable knowledge and experience from the essays.

The Organizing Committee of SSEER 2020