Proceedings of the 2021 Tadulako’s International Conference on Social Sciences (TICoSS 2021)

Conference name: 2021 Tadulako’s International Conference on Social Sciences (TICoSS 2021)
Date: 17 -18 November 2021
Location: Palu, Indonesia (offline & online)

Technological developments must be used to bring people to a better civilization. The rapid progress of digitalization affects people's behavior, which in turn causes a shift in cultural and ethical aspects. Digital media encourages people to share creative and innovative ideas that aim to improve the quality of social life through the use of various digital technology devices. This accelerates the dynamics of people's lives in various fields such as education, economics and business.

Cultural acculturation with digital technology is a phenomenon that drives changes in the very essential fields of education, economy and business. Digital platforms allow people to exchange information and interact more quickly and transcend geographical and time boundaries. In addition, the intense use of social media also affects social life and also contributes to changes in society. Changes that occur in social relations on the one hand create a balance in social interaction through changes in the family and social institutions so that in general it affects the values, attitudes, and behavior patterns of individuals and groups. But on the other hand, digital technology also has an impact on social change by reducing or eliminating positive values or norms that have been attached to society.

This conference is intended to explore various issues related to social transformation related to the fields of education, economy and business along with the rapid digitalization in society, which not only affects people in urban areas but also in rural areas, both in developing and developed countries. Exploration of social problems is very interesting to be studied further through the perspective of social sciences such as economics and business, social and political science, and law. To build collaboration and synergize research findings in the field of social sciences, Tadulako University, Palu, Central Sulawesi invites participants from related disciplines to be involved in the conference which will be held on 17-18 November 2021. The theme of this conference, Tadulako International Conference on Social Sciences (1st TICoSS) is 'Social Transformation in the Digital World: Opportunities and Challenges.

Due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), and in accordance with health guidance from WHO, and other health authorities, travel restrictions and general uncertainty, the 1st TICoSS Conference will be held with a hybrid method, which includes offline and online presentations.