Proceedings of the 5th Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Public Health Conference (UPHEC 2019)

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Sociodemographic, Knowledge, and Attitude Determinants of Lymphatic Filariasis Medication Adherence in Subang, Indonesia

Mutiara Widawati, Endang Puji Astuti, Andri Ruliansyah, Yuneu Yuliasih
Background: Adherence to lymphatic filariasis (LF) medication during the mass drug administration (MDA) program is an important factor for the success of the LF elimination program. Low adherence rate will likely increase the risk of filariasis transmission in the community. This study was aimed to explore...
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Reproductive Health Information Access of Health Faculty Students

Izzatul Arifah, Meutia Fildzah Sharfina, Meira Sri Widowati
The increase of knowledge through accessing Reproductive Health (RH) information lessens adolescents’ behaviors that adversely affect their reproductive health. Health faculty students have an opportunity to access information through various sources. Knowledge of sources and types of information is...
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Lymphatic Filariasis Situation After Mass Drug Administration in Kamundu and Tanah Miring Village in Merauke Regency, Papua, in 2017

Semuel Sandy, Anorital, Raflizar
Background: The mass drug administration program (MDA) has been implemented since 2007 and the evaluation of the assessment survey (TAS) was carried out in elementary school children in 2014 and 2016 with negative results. The activity was to assess whether there was any transmission of lymphatic filariasis...
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Detection of Rickettsial Infection Among Febrile Patients in Semarang City

Dyah Widiastuti, Nova Pramestuti, Siwi Pramatama Mars Wijayanti, Jastal
Rickettsial infection is a critical public health problem caused by Rickettsia sp and is distributed worldwide, mainly transmitted by the fleas of rodent. Semarang City has abundant rodent population but the report of Rickettsial infection cases was very limited. The aim of this study is to identify...
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Factors Related to Antenatal Care Demand in Puskesmas Cipondoh Tangerang

Dian Ayu Safitri, Yanti Harjono Hadiwiardjo, Erna Harfiani
One of the causes of high maternal mortality was low utilization of Antenatal Care related to service demand from consumers. Demand was submitted to the producer so the producer would give the service, in this case, was the Antenatal Care. This study aimed to investigate the factors related to Antenatal...
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Enabling and Reinforcing Factor of Smoking Behavior in Rejosari Village, Semarang

Hema Dewi Anggraheny, Aisyah Lahdji
Rejosari was one of the residences indicated with unhealthy family index in 2018. The result of Program Indonesia Sehat (Indonesian Health Program) survey with family approach showed that the lowest indicator found at RW XIV of Rejosari was smoking with 44%. It makes smoking as the biggest trouble which...
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Could National Health Insurance Prevent Overweight? A Case Study in Indonesia

Risky Kusuma Hartono, Sabariah Abd Hamid, Hafizurrachman
The prevalence of overweight in Indonesian adults continues to increase and gives the consequence risk of various metabolic syndrome diseases. the National Health Insurance (NHI) provides personal health prevention benefit that is expected to be able to control the prevalence of overweight. The study...
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High Risk Profile of Pregnancy in Iodine Deficiency Areas

Sri Supadmi, Ina Kusrini
High-risk pregnancy, such as abortion, low birth weight, mortality, congenital defects of fetus, disorders of growth and hypothyroidism, might lead to many serious health problems, especially in iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) endemic areas. The aim of this research is to discover high-risk pregnancy...
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Risk Factors of Coal Mine Accidents in the Production Area of PT. XXX Kutai Timur, Indonesia

Dina Lusiana Setyowati, Dewi Aisyah U.H. Ning, Andi Anwar
The mining industry is known worldwide for its highly risky and hazardous working environment. Coal mining is the most dangerous occupation in Indonesia, with high frequency of injury compared to other industries. The mining sector in East Kalimantan is still a contributor to the number of accidents....
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Improving Schistosomiasis Knowledge Among School Children and Teachers in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Anis Nur Widayati, Mujiyanto Mujiyanto, Meiske Elisabeth Koraag, Rosmini Rosmini, Ni Nyoman Veridiana, Yusran Udin, Sitti Chadijah, Intan Tolistiawaty
Schistosomiasis remains a health problem in Central Sulawesi and an intervention is needed to eliminate the disease. Health education training has been carried out to improve knowledge on schistosmiasis prevention and transmission among elementary school children and teachers. The training targets are...
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Physical, Milling, and Eating Quality of Local Rice from Yogyakarta Special Region

Siti Dewi Indrasari, Purwaningsih, Kristamtini
Yogyakarta Special Region is one of the provinces in Indonesia that is rich in local rice genetic resources. The purpose of this study is to examine the physical quality of grain, milling quality, and eating quality of eighteen local rice varieties from Yogyakarta Special Region. Grain samples were obtained...
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Entomological Assessment in Tangerang, Indonesia: Post Transmission Assessment Survey of Lymphatic Filariasis Endemic Villages

Heni Prasetyowati, Muhammad Umar Riandi, Joni Hendri, Mara Ipa
A transmission assessment survey (TAS) has been conducted in 2014 following five years mass drug administration (MDA) of anti-filarial medication in Tangerang district. To assess vector density and transmission dynamic of lymphatic filariasis (LF) after the MDA implementation, entomological surveys were...
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Environmental Factors and Helminth Infections Among Elementary Students

Liena Sofiana, Erni Gustina, Yuniar Wardani, Thoharoh Halimatusa’diyah
Childhood is an important stage, a golden age in preparing individuals and developing their potential to compete in the future. Helminthiasis is included in the top 10 infectious diseases suffered by children. Helminthiasis is an environment-based disease thus it is crucial to improve the awareness of...
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Risk Factors of an Online Motorcycle Taxi (Ojek Online) Fatigue in Medan

Agnes Ferusgel, Maria Haryanti Butar-Butar, Aquina Widya, Linda Hernike Napitupulu, Ani Deswita Chaniago
Ojek online is one of the on-trend informal jobs in Medan. Yet, an ojek online driver can face accidents and illnesses due to irregular times when doing this job. One of the complaints of the ojek online drivers is fatigue. The manifestation of fatigue is characterized by an increase of blood lactic...
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Improving Primary Health Care Workers’ Knowledge to Strengthen Leptospirosis Surveillance in Demak District, Indonesia

Aryani Pujiyanti, Arum Sih Joharina, Wiwik Trapsilowati, Farida Dwi Handayani, Arief Mulyono, Arief Nugroho, Ristiyanto Ristiyanto, Triwibowo Ambar Garjito
Leptospirosis has become an important public health problem in Demak District, Central Java, Indonesia. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatments have been carried out to prevent an increase of leptospirosis cases in this region. However, these efforts are still hampered due to the lack of knowledge...
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The Effect of Continuity of Care on High-Risk Pregnancy in Kudus: An Observational Study

Islami, Diah Andriani Kusumastuti, Darningsih
High-risk pregnancy requires proper pregnancy care which focuses on the needs of pregnant women and minimizes the worst condition. Through early high-risk detection, midwives can provide appropriate midwifery care to pregnant women. The continuity of care is a philosophy of midwifery care that promotes...
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Analysis of Determinants of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Life Quality of Informal Workers

Nuraini, Heru Santoso, Erna Mutiara, Wirsal Hasan
Musculoskeletal disorders are a pain in muscles, tendons, and nerves. Building workers and workers with heavy physical workloads and static muscles so that the muscles experience pressure and cause muscle and bone pain. This affects the life quality of informal workers. The aim of the study was to analyze...
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Utilization of Local Food to Overcome Nutritional Problems Among Toddlers in Medan Tuntungan

Diana, Evawani Y Aritonang, Amir Purba, Rahayu Lubis
In Indonesia, malnutrition dominates the problem of nutrition which is 4.9% for malnourished children and 31.0% suffer from malnutrition. In North Sumatra, 7.8% of children experience malnutrition and 13.5% suffer from malnutrition. Medan Tuntungan is one among many sub-districts experiencing the problem....
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Various Mosquitoes Species and Control Efforts in Villages with Malaria Problem at Menoreh Hill Central Java

Bina Ikawati, Sunaryo sunaryo, Asnan Prastawa, Dewi Marbawati
Menoreh Hill is located in Central Java and divide two provinces and three districts namely Purworejo and Magelang District of Central Java Province and Kulonprogo District of Yogyakarta Province. The height of this area is about 1000 m asl. In this area, Malaria is one of problematic diseases. Nevertheless,...
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YouTube Videos as Prevention of Risky Sexual Behavior in Adolescents

Mellytia Ayukristi Endriani, Zahroh Shaluhiyah, Budi Laksono
Risky sexual behavior in unmarried adolescents tend to increase and this can risk the occurrence of adolescent pregnancy, sexually-transmitted infection (STIs), abortion, early marriage, etc. By the right information, adolescents should have a good attitude and responsibility toward their reproductive...
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Potential Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of Traveller Safety and Health on Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Helfi Agustin, Muchamad Rifai, Agustinaningsih
The purpose of the study is to identify the potential hazards and to get an overview of controls that have been applied in the Malioboro area. The research was qualitative research. The data were collected by observation and in-depth interviews. The object of the research was the surrounding environment...
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Qualitative Study: Leverage and Barrier Factors of Mass Drug Administration for Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Program in Tangerang and Subang Regency

Mara Ipa, Endang Puji Astuti, Wawan Ridwan, Rachmalina Soerachman
Tangerang and Subang Regency had implemented a national effort to eliminate lymphatic filariasis by five rounds of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) using diethylcarbamazine (DEC) and albendazole (ALB), pre-Transmission Assessment Survey, TAS-1 (Subang Regency); and TAS-2 (Tangerang Regency). The aim of...
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Molecular Resistance Status of Aedes aegypti to the Organophosphate and Pyrethroid Insecticides in Central Sulawesi and East Nusa Tenggara Provinces, Indonesia

Muhammad Choirul Hidajat, Edi Dharmana, Mega Tyas Prihatin, Martini, Triwibowo Ambargarjito
Currently, dengue has became a major public health problem in Indonesia. Aedes aegypti is confirmed as the main dengue vector. The organophosphate and phyretroid have been used in vector control program for more than 3 decades. Insecticide resistance evidences and mechanisms are essential to find the...
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Compliance of the Use of Personal Protective Equipment for Workers

Tri Niswati Utami, Sahrir Sillehu
The obligation to use personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. 08/Men/VII/2010. Ship crew accidents include slipping, falling into the sea, hitting the wall of the ship and being shocked by electricity. Health problems...
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The Relationship Between the Blood Sugar History and Severity of Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Noor Hidayah, Muhammad Purnomo, Heni Dwiana
Background: Diabetes belongs to non-communicable diseases which may create many complications. One of the signs and symptoms that often occur in people with diabetes mellitus is itchy sensation in the genitals. Women who suffer from diabetes mellitus more often experience vaginal discharge if the level...
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Hantavirus Infection on Rats in the Leptospirosis Increased Case Area in Tangerang Regency

Arief Mulyono, Aryani Pujiyanti, Ristiyanto Ristiyanto, Farida Dwi Handayani, Wiwik Trapsilowati, Arum Sih Joharina
Hantavirus infection and leptospirosis are a serious zoonotic disease that spread across the globe. They have similar clinical manifestations, in which the rat is the main reservoir of them. The aim of the study was to identify the percentage of Hantavirus infection and co-infection of Hantavirus and...
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Prevalence of Infection of Endoparasites and Its Intensity in Small Mammals’ Liver Captured from Irrigated Rice Crop Area and Villages

Nur ‘Aini Herawati, Sudarmaji
The research was conducted during November 2018 – January 2019 in two provinces namely West Java and Yogyakarta. The aim of the study was to study the prevalence of infection of endoparasites inhabiting the liver of small mammals and its intensity. Two different habitats, irrigated rice crop area and...
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The Relationship Between Nutritional Status and Blood Sugar Level Toward Cognitive Function of Elderly with Diabetes Mellitus

Umi Faridah, Indanah, Sulistyani
Background: Elderly is a person with advanced age who experiences biological, physical, psychological and social changes. This change will affect all aspects of life, including their health. There are several risk factors that encourage cognitive function including age, gender, race, genetics, blood...
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The Effectiveness of the Combination Therapy of Emotional Freedom Technique - Murottal Alqur’an on Blood Pressure of the Elderly with Hypertension

Noor Cholifah, Sukarmin, Ahmad Abdul Kholiq
Background: The health care coverage of elderly in Wonogiri in 2014 reached 108.002 (65.19%) of the 165.685 elderly, and in Jatiroto Sub-District there were 2.072 of the total of 3.164 elderly who got health care. The report from Wonogiri Departement of Public Health (2013), the case of Non-Communicable...
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The Relationship Between Education and Economic Status on Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Rusnoto, Nasriyah, Putri Meitasari, Ana Zumrotun nisa
Pulmonary tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis which is the second highest incident based on the data of Public Health of Kaliwungu, Kudus. Both education and economic status are risk factor that influence the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in the...
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The Relationship Among Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior Toward the Use of River Water

Ahmad Nur Syafiq, Ika Tristanti, Tri suwarto, Ana Zumrotun Nisak
Background: Diarrhea belongs to infectious diseases caused by a number of factors, such as environment, food and infected person contact. Moreover, river water use behavior is one of the environmental factors that cause someone to suffer from diarrhea. This study is aimed to examine the relationship...
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Risk Factors Associated with Traveler’s Diarrhea Among Foreign Travelers in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yudha Puratmaja, Asep Rustiawan
Traveler’s diarrhea (TD) is one of the most common health problem encountered by travelers. TD incidence increases annually especially in developing countries with an average incidence around 20–60% every month. This study was conducted in Yogyakarta because this region’s tourism has been growing rapidly,...
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Receptivity Status of Malaria Transmission Toward Malaria Elimination in Indonesia

Wiwik Trapsilowati, Mega Tyas Prihatin, Riyani Setyaningsih, Triwibowo Ambar Garjito, Aryani Pujiyanti, Arief Mulyono
The re-emergence of malaria has become a major public health issue during national malaria elimination program in Indonesia. The receptivity status of Malaria is the key to its re-establishment. A cross-sectional entomological study was carried out to assess the potential of malaria re-introduction and...
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Effect of Age, Work Period, and Work Duration on Musculoskeletal Disorders in Laundry Workers

Aisyah Lahdji, Hema Dewi Anggraheny
Ergonomics is one of the factors that can provide comfort and safety for workers who are then able to increase company productivity. Neglecting ergonomic factors can cause the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MsDs) that can damage tissues such as muscles, nerves, tendons, joints and cartilage. Based...
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Effectiveness of Web-Based Near Miss Reporting Program on Preventing Occupational Accident

Erna Diah Lestari, L Meily Kurniawidjaja
Hundreds of thousand occupational accident still happened in Indonesia during 2018 and 195 cases happened in two biggest shoe factories at Karawang, this study will analyze the effectiveness of web-based near miss reporting program on preventing accident. The design of this study is case control, factory...
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Perception Difference on Sexually Transmitted Infections Between Domestic and Foreign Ship Crews (A Study at Merak Port of Banten)

Dadi Supriyadi, Tri Wahono, Satiti Retno Pudjiati, Ari Probandari
Crew is one component in the vulnerable community of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the port. According to the Integrated Biological and Behavior Surveillance Survey (STBP) report in 2011 at 5 ports in Indonesia, 58% of crews were associated with Women Sex Workers (WSW) and 50% had unprotected...
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The Effectivity of Birth Ball Exercise on Labor: a Systematic Literature Review

Arista Apriani, Esitra Herfanda, Fitria Siswi Utami
A midwife service area is pregnancy and normal childbirth. One of multipurpose childbirth tools which is easily available for women is birth ball. The tool is useful to shorten childbirth duration, make the childbirth more efficient, help mother feel more comfortable, and help in the descents of fetal...
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Handling of Premenstrual Syndrome Among Adolescent Girls: A Systematic Literature Review

Wijayanti, Yekti Satriyandari, Dhesi Ari Astuti
Premenstrual Syndrome is one of the most common disorders among women which include a group of physical and psychological symptoms. Symptoms occur during the luteal phase of the menstrual period and stop when menstruation begins. PMS has a higher prevalence in Asian countries compared to western countries....
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Parents’ Knowledge as a Risk Factor of Tuberculosis in Children

Gandha Sunaryo Putra, Ria Risti Komala Dewi, Dian Indahwati Hapsari, Evy Hariana, Ananias Agus Dwi Leksono
Tuberculosis (TB) cases in Indonesia ranked second after India. According to Indonesia Health Profile, TB prevalence in 2016 was 351,893 cases and the number increased to 360,770 (2.5%) in 2017. Sintang regency is one of the regencies in Indonesia which is endemic for TB. Sintang had 272 TB cases in...
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Husband Support on Working Mothers in Giving Exclusive Breastfeeding

Yunri Merida, Dwi Ernawati, Mufdlilah
Exclusive breastfeeding provides short-term and long-term benefits for infants and mothers. Promotional efforts through various media on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding are still being carried out and the program achievements keep increasing. The number of breastfeeding mothers in Indonesia...
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Baby-Friendly Facilities to Support Healthy Tourism

Lina Handayani, Rini Puji Astuti, Arzani, Della Noviyanti, Mahayu Agustia Jayanti, Maya Kusuma Dewi
Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of acute infections such as diarrhea, haemophilus influenza, meningitis, and urinary tract infections. WHO and UNICEF recommend exclusive breastfeeding for six months. The motivation to provide exclusive breastfeeding can come from within the individual or from outside...
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Determinants of Health Care-Seeking Behavior Among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Pontianak City, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Linda Suwarni, Putri Ramasari, Abduh Ridha, Ismael Saleh
The case finding of pulmonary TB and health care-seeking become a significant public health concern. Health care-seeking delay is the most important negative risk factor for the spread of TB. This study aims to identify the determinants of health care-seeking behaviour in pulmonary TB patients in Perumnas...
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Knowledge and Attitude of Junior-High-School Children in Bogor, Indonesia, Related to Climate Change Health Impacts

Tities Puspita, Kenti Friskarini, Rina Marina, Anton Suryatma
Sustainable Development Goals require the capacity for resilience and adaptation to climate-related disasters to be strengthened. This capacity is fundamental in healthy city development, which also highlights the importance for youth to have it as early as possible. Therefore, it is crucial to understand...
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Knowledge Profile About Anemia and Disparity Among Adolescent 15–24 years in Indonesia - 2012 and 2017

Tin Afifah, Sugiharti, Rika Rachmalina, Kemal N. Siregar, Anissa Rizkianti
Anemia in Indonesia is high. One of two pregnant women suffers from anemia as highest prevalence (85%) was among pregnant women aged 15-24. Maternal anemia are at risk of maternal death and giving birth to premature infant with low birth weight. Among age group 15-24 years, 32% is anemic (both men-women)....
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Antenatal Care Experience in Adolescent Pregnancy

Ilma Ratih Zukrufiana, Herlin Fitriani Kurniawati, Anjarwati
Background: Adolescent pregnancy is a problem that needs to be considered for both clinical and social reasons. In Indonesia more than 2 million young women aged 15-19 years which is around 10% of total births. The birth rate per 1,000 women in those aged 15-19 years is 512 cases. Some pregnant teenagers...
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The Experience of Pregnant Women in Doing Examination to the Traditional Birth Attendants: A Systematic Literature Review

Anik Juariyah, Indriani, Sulistyaningsih
1) Background: In the developing countries there were pregnant women who have examined their pregnancy four times but, there were still not reach the targets, such as Ghana 87.3%, Kenya 57.6% and Indonesia 83.5%. However, considering prenatal care to a traditional birth attendants is not done early detection...
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Midwifery–Led Implementation in Labor Service

Deny Eka Widyastuti, Nurul Kurniati, Mufdlilah
One of the aspects which has an effect in reducing mortality is the allocation of good quality services. The quality care for pregnant women and newborns in public health services requires practitioners who are competent and motivated with a good human resource too. The quality of midwifery care is a...
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Midwifery Group Practice in Indonesia

Atik Mahmudah Aji Pamungkas, Nurul Kurniati, Mufdlilah
insufficient and imbalance amount of midwifery increases the workload and burden of midwives in Indonesia. According to IBI (2016), the philosophy of midwives is to give continuous care to increase the quality of maternal services. However the increase in responsibility for midwives, causes a need of...
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Risk Factors Related to Dental Caries in Elementary School Students of Class IV-VI in Singaparna District, Tasikmalaya Regency in 2019

Wuri Ratna Hidayani
Background: Preventive efforts and behavior of the Indonesian people towards dental and oral health are still poor due to a lack of the instilment on the importance of maintaining oral and dental health from an early age. The still poor portrayal of dental and oral health in Indonesia can be seen from...
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The Effect of Moringa Leaves Juice on Blood Glucose Levels and Total Cholesterol at Adults in Dry Land Area of East Nusa Tenggara Islands

Rr Listyawati Nurina, Ika Febianti Buntoro, Rahel Rara Woda, Elisabeth Levina Setianingrum
The result of basic health research in Indonesia shows that the prevalence of metabolic disease in Indonesia is increasing from year to year. Diabetes Mellitus type two (DM type 2) has the highest prevalence of diabetes thus increasing the risk of hypercholesterolemia. Moringa leaves (Moringa oleifera)...
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The Efficacy of Wood Vinegar Against Oncomelania hupensis lindoensis Snails Vector of Schistosomiasis

Meiske Elisabeth Koraag, Ade Kurniawan, Samarang Pawakkangi, Phetisya Pamela Frederika Sumolang
The eradication of Oncomelania hupensis lindoensis snail as the vector of schistosomiasis disease in its endemic areas is essential. The snail eradication is performed mechanically and chemically. Chemical eradication is conducted by using molluscicide, but the use of synthetic molluscicide is toxic...
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Prenatal Yoga for Mental Health: A Systematic Literature Review

Renita Rizkya Danti, Rosmita Nuzuliana, Herlin Fitriana
Women will be proud if they enjoy their pregnancy process in a healthy condition both physically and psychologically. However, some pregnancy can trigger psychological problems in pregnant women. One of complementary therapies that can be practiced to maintain a healthy mental condition during pregnancy...
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A Systematic Literature Review–Sex Workers’ Experience on Contraceptive Access

Raudhatul Munawarah, Yekti Satriyandari, Dhesi Ari Astuti
Sex workers need access to sexual and reproductive health services because they are at high risk of HIV and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Moreover, many clients are inconsistent in condom use thus increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Almost all sex workers experience marginalization,...
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Mother’s Experience in the Continuity of Care–A Systematic Literature Review

Arlina Rachmaida, Nurul Kurniati, Mufdlilah
Midwives are recognized as responsible health professionals who work and establish partnerships with women in providing “Continuity of care” based on the Reproductive Health service for women, infants, toddlers, and family planning. Midwives have an essential role in guarding maternal and neonatal health,...
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Peer Educator as a Strategy to Prevent Youth Smoking in Pontianak

Abduh Ridha, Abrori, Sawariansyah, Diah Radiana
The peer educator program was formed in 2016 by the Pontianak Health Office and Faculty of Health Sciences Universitas Muhammadiyah Pontianak. This program aims to become agents of change that are readily accepted by the youth. This study aimed to describe knowledge and attitude, the role of peer educators,...
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The Effects of Murotal Stimulation on the Waking States and Body Weight of Premature and Low Birth Weight Infants

Tri Ani Marwati, Tri Sunarsih
Low birth weight babies (LBW) are newborns whose weight at birth is less than 2,500 grams. LBW does not only occur to premature babies, but also to full term infants who experience growth barriers during pregnancy. The impact of LBW itself is very serious for the quality of future generations. Long-term...
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The Relationship between Stress Level and Insomnia in 8th Semester Students at Faculty of Public Health of Ahmad Dahlan University Yogyakarta

Nur Isnaini, Sitti Nur Djannah
Stress is a body response emerging as a reaction to external demand that is considered dangerous or threatening. Sleep is a human basic need that must be fulfilled. Lack of sleep may lead to poor well-being. High level of academic stress can lead to poor quality of sleep resulting in insomnia. Insomnia...
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Relationship Between Emotional Neglect of Parents and Children’s Internalizing, Externalizing Behavior Problems and Academic Achievement

Kee Jiar Yeo, Sii Jiing Chan
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of emotional neglect of parents on the behaviors and academic achievement of primary five children in Pasir Gudang, Johor. In this quantitative research, a sample of 340 primary five children and their parents were involved by using cluster sampling...
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Mediating Effect of Perceived Social Support in the Relationship Between Resilience and Self-Esteem Among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hani Arnous, Kee Jiar Yeo
Literatures suggested that self-esteem is an imperative factor of a successful parenting. However, parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) tend to develop lower self-esteem, despite showing averagely higher resilience compared to other parents. To gain a deeper understanding on the relationship...