Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Wireless Communication, Network and Multimedia Engineering (WCNME 2019)

To present the novel and original research results as well as communicating with the experts and scholars from all over the world, there is a conference in Guilin, China which is 2019 International Conference on Wireless Communication, Network and Multimedia Engineering (WCNME 2019) to be held during April 21-22, 2019.
The conference aims to provide an excellent international academic platform for all researchers and experts, committed to the development of Wireless Communication, Network, and Multimedia Engineering. Through the sharing of their knowledge and results in theory, methodology, and application in related fields, we can make a breakthrough in these disciplines and be a splendid feast for the related people.
On the stage of calling for papers, we have received much support from researchers, practitioners, students, and teachers in related fields. Besides, our Technical Program Committee has done great efforts to evaluate the submissions. Each paper we received will be assigned to two or three different experts in corresponding domains to peer review for about one week. Only when the first two referees accept the paper they reviewed will the acceptance letter be given to the author. In the event of a divergence between the two reviewers, to make it fair, it will be sent to a third expert to make a final judgment.
WCNME2019 has received about 197 papers until the submission deadline. By going through the paper review process as above, there are 53 submissions accepted by our reviewers. To make a scientific and coherent presentation for the brilliant papers, the volume has been divided into 3 chapters according to the topics:
Chapter 1: Wireless Communication Technology and Application Chapter 2: Network, System Security and Performance Optimization Chapter 3: Multimedia Engineering and Intelligent Information System Hereby, we would like to give our sincere gratitude to all authors and attendees for their precious time and participation. Because of their contributions, we have received a large number of high-quality papers from all over the world. Besides, we want to appreciate the Cosponsor - Advanced Science and Industry Research Center, Hong Kong for the endeavor of preparing the conference and the Atlantis Press for publishing all these excellent papers.
Finally, we are willing to give the best wishes for WCNME2019. Look forward to its great success and achievements. Hope all of you will have a very pleasant stay at Guilin, China and have another chance to cooperate with all of you again.

WCNME2019 Committee