Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Wireless Communication, Network and Multimedia Engineering (WCNME 2019)

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A Human Body Motion Capture System Using a Wireless Inertial Sensor

Pengzhan Chen, Wei Chu, Junchao Wang
In this study, a wireless inertial sensor system was designed for application in human motion capture. A human body node displacement and attitude data decoding strategy is proposed based on the gait analysis method, synthesizing the advantages of the complementary filter and Kalman filter methods. A...
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A Wireless Ecological Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System Based on LoRa Technology

Mao Li, Cong Lin, Jia Ren, Feng Jiang
For the development of the direction and scale of aquaculture, the requirements for aquaculture technology and the environment are constantly increasing. In the process of aquaculture, the high requirements of parameters such as dissolved oxygen content and PH value of water quality make water quality...
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Signal Coding in Physical Layer Separation for RFID Tag Collision

Yi Li, Haifeng Wu, Yu Zeng
In an ultra-high-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) system, direct separation for tag collision on a physical layer can improve the efficiency of the tag identification. Many coding methods can be adopted in the RFID system. Different codes have different link frequencies and have...
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Analysis of Real-time Beidou Precise Point Positioing Accuracy of Mobile Phone Terminal

Zhiqiang Wang, Hongzhen Yang, Chen He, Jianxin Chu, Liang Chen, Jing Wang, Yongfeng Zhang
With the continuous development of China's Beidou navigation and positioning system (BDS), Beidou wide-area real-time precise positioning system is an important part of Beidou system, meeting the needs of the high-precision location service in various industries of the national economy. Based on the...
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Availability Analysis of Remote Sensing Satellite Systems Using 25.5-27 GHz Band for Data Transmission Applications

Xiaqing Yang, Xiang Gao, Haiyang Liu, Xiuguang Wu, Rui Han
With OneWeb, Starlink and other LEO satellite systems being well known, commercial space industry has become a focus of worldwide attention and a key word in the development of China's space industry in recent years. Due to the loose technical threshold and easy networking, remote sensing satellites...
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Design of a Dual Frequency Circular Polarized Microstrip Antenna

Jinli Liu, Yanzhong Yu, Yuting Zeng, Xia Yang
Microstrip antennas have become the key of recent research and they are commonly used in wireless communications because of its mini size, low profile. This paper uses HFSS software to design a dual band circularly polarized microstrip antenna for navigation system which based on circular polarization...
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Objective Quality Measurement in Multi-channel Audio Systems by Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines Model

Huaping Liu, Yong Fang
Objective quality assessment methods have been used widely for evaluation of audio systems. This article introduces a new method to show the relationship between the input parameters and the prediction targets of the multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) model. In this proposed method, the...
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Design of CMOS Dual-band Reconfigurable Low Noise Amplifier for Radar T/R Module

Zhangfa Liu, Jiaqian Wu
A dual-band reconfigurable low noise amplifier(LNA) for T/R module is designed based on SMIC 65nm CMOS process In this paper, the low noise amplifier can operate in L/S band optionally. The simulation results shown it has a larger than 20dB gain and smaller than 2.5dB noise figure for both L and S bands,...
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A 40nm CMOS Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier Design

Jiaqian Wu, Zhangfa Liu
An ultra-wideband low noise amplifier(LNA) based on the cascode configuration with resistive feedback is presented in this paper. A shunt-shunt feedback resistor and a pre-π matching network is employed to achieve wideband input impedance matching, and to enhance gain response and reduce noise for using...
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A Design of Group Testing System for Mass Hall Sensors

Rangyong Zhang, Fengqi Hao, Jinlong Shi
In order to improve the efficiency of detecting mass hall sensors, this article describes a design of group testing system for mass hall sensors which can complete group testing of mass hall sensors’ quality one time. The content of group testing includes forward steps, reverse steps, Positive pull power...
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Reliability Analysis of European ERA5 Water Vapor Content Based on Ground-based GPS in China

Hongzhen Yang, Chen He, Zhiqiang Wang, Weiping Shao
On the basis of GPS data at stations of different climatic types in China, precipitable water vapor (PWV) products in year 2016 were obtained through precision data processing and water vapor inversion. On the basis of these products, the reliability of accuracy, annual variation, and diurnal variation...
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A Review: The Survey of Attitude Estimation in Autonomous UAV Navigation

Zhaomin Ma, Zhengqiang Chen, Ling Huang
Recently, UAV has been widely used in various fields. The attitude estimation of autonomous UAV is an important basis for its autonomous flight mission. The attitude estimation technique based on GNSS is a traditional positioning method. However, it is a challenge to provide a high precision estimation...
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Study on LBS-based Positioning Technique of Pipeline Robot

Juncheng Zhou, Wenquan Deng, Lan Li
To manage the wireless positioning of pipeline robot, STM32 mobile positioning module is adopted to build a mobile positioning system to solve the quick troubleshooting and positioning of robot in the complicated pipeline. In this paper, it analyzes the influences of the node number variation and positioning...
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Design method of Ethernet based on SGMII

Xi Hu, Weigong Zhang
In order to solve the problem of remote image data transmission in AI development platform based on image analysis, an Ethernet controller based on SGMII was developed. Based on the open source MAC, the AXI bus interface is designed according to the requirements. The adapter converter between MII and...
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Research on TCP Fairness in Data Center Networks

Bo Zhang, Tianhang Yin, Zhong Wang, Junjie Geng, Lei Chen
“Big data” has become a hot spot of the times, and the processing of big data is inseparable from Data Center Networks (DCN). As the infrastructure of the information era, data center networks provide a variety of network services and become key support technologies for future Internet/Cloud computing...
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Design of Photovoltaic Centralized Management System for Storage Batteries Based on Internet of Things

Yi Liu, Weibing Bai, Guang Hong, Weixin Zhang, Hang Yue
In order to solve the problem of short life of lead-acid batteries under abnormal operation and maintenance, a centralized photovoltaic management system of lead-acid batteries based on Internet of Things was designed. The system uses photovoltaic cells as energy devices, adopts embedded technology to...
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Transmission Loss Allocation Using the Pro-Rata Method Modified for the Deregulated Electricity Supply

Syarifuddin Nojeng, Arif Jaya, Muhammad Nawir
The main issue of transmission services in the deregulated electricity supply is how to compensate on harmonic losses associate with the transmission cost. The Harmonic factor is one component of losses caused by electronic devices on the customer in the network. In power system, the deregulation of...
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Gene Bank Construction of Start-ups’ Growth Risk Based on Immune System

Bo Yang, Chang Liu
Under the background of dual innovation, start-ups are faced with huge, complex and diverse growth risks with sudden, dominant and dynamic characteristics during the growth process, which has caused many start-ups to fail. There is a lack of research results from a multi-level systematic exploration...
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Design of Access Control System Safety with Multiple Password Control

Zaiqun Wu, Huanchang Qin, Xiaomei Song, Yuyu Feng
Adopting STC12C5A60S2 single-chip microcomputer as the control core, the access control system of a safe with multiple password control consists of fingerprint recognition, GSM-SIM900A, 24C02 storage, LCD12864 liquid crystal display, motor drive, keyboard, and sound-light alarm modules. Experiments showed...
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Two-factor Authentication Algorithm Implementation with Additional Security Parameter Based on Mobile Application

O. Ussatova, S. Nyssanbayeva, W. Wojcik
The article describes the results obtained during the development of the two-factor authentication (2FA) model to protect data based on the application using your smartphone. The following example was considered - two-factor authentication using a smartphone as identifiers and one-time password generation...
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Nearest Neighbor Secure Query Research for Spatial Road Network Data

Ying Li
The nearest neighbor secure query of spatial road network data is a combination of cloud storage technology and geographic location-based services. According to the position information of interest points in space, the Voronoi diagram is used to construct a polygon block to divide space into multiple...
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A Hierarchically Collaborative Ant Colony Based Assembly Algorithm for Security Protocol

Zhuo Yi, Muming Sun, Lifeng Cao, Xuehui Du
Assembly of reconfigurable security protocol remains a major challenge for deploying higher security-level but more complicated security strategies in access points with limited resources and computing abilities. To handle this problem commendably, a hierarchically collaborative ant colony-based assembly...
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A Method of Network Behavior Recognition and Attack Scenario Reconstruction for Attack Kill Chain

Jiawei Du, Xing Zhang, Guowei Suo, Ronghua Guo, Gang Lu
Currently, most successful network attacks are aimed at a particular target, composed of several attacks at different stages, and the attack is always carried out in a certain sequence, which coincides with the attack kill chain proposed by the US Army. Aiming at the typical multi-step attack type of...
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Construction of Hierarchical Network Security Situation Early Warning Model Based on Fuzzy Reasoning

Guowei Suo, Ronghua Guo, Jiawei Du, Yinglong Liu, Jinsuo Wang, Zibiao Niu
The network security situation early warning has been deeply studied in the paper, and a hierarchical network security situation early warning model has been established based on fuzzy reasoning. First of all, the correlation theory of fuzzy reasoning in artificial intelligence has been introduced, we...
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Performance Enhancement of IDMA System by Power and LDPC Code Optimization

Jingxi Zhang
A novel way is presented to improve the performance of system in multiple access channel (MAC) by means of power allocation and low-density parity-check codes (LDPC) design. Power profiles are obtained by data optimization method based on the criteria of maximization of mutual information. Gaussian approximation...
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Design and Layout Optimization of the Interconnection Structure of Stretchable Circuits

Wenhui Wang, Kailin Pan, Siming Gong, Kai Fan
Aiming at the crosstalk problem caused by unreasonable structure design and layout between interconnect wires of stretchable integrated circuits, a plan based on response surface method was proposed to optimize the structure and layout of stretchable circuits. Extensible universal interconnection structure...
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Environmental-Economic Power Dispatch with Diffusion Control of Air Pollutants Using a Pareto Optimization

Jianhua Yuan, Kaiping Qu, Chenyu Ji, Yu Ji
In view of increasingly serious environmental problems, this paper proposes a novel environmental-economic power dispatch considering various targets. In the environmental-economic power dispatch, CO2 emission is limited to alleviate global warming, while a novel diffusion control is established to deal...
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Online Monitoring of MOS Junction Temperature in Power Cycle Test

Boyang Jiang, Chunsheng Guo, Lin Luo
The power cycle test is an important method to test the reliability of the device and eliminate unqualified samples. It is significance to measure various performance of the device. However, the junction temperature of the device changes greatly during the power cycle. Inappropriate high power cycle...
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The Impact of Dead-time on Synchronous Rectification Circuit Efficiency

Hanshen Wang, Jian Guo, Jingli Gong, Jianfei Chen, Sheng Zhang
In the synchronous rectification circuit, due to the junction capacitance of MOSFETs and other factors, an on-and-off delay problem exists, which further leads to phenomenon of circuit short, circuit heating and inefficiencies. These phenomenon can be reduced significantly by setting an appropriate dead-time...
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Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers

Rustem Biyashev, Dilmuhanbet Dyusenbayev, Kunbolat Algazy, Nursulu Kapalova
Algebraic methods of cryptanalysis are applicable to present-day ciphers. These methods are based on generation of an equation system, where elements of a ciphertext and a key are chosen as variables of the system. When implementing a linearization method to solve the equation system, we consider a possibility...
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Research on Embedded Operating System Manage Function to Improve Memory Consumption Issues

Zijian Zhou
This paper meet the needs of embedded real-time applications, two new dynamic memory management schemes for embedded systems are proposed. Finally, physics link list is added to make the system run more smoothly. The algorithm of this paper separates the application of large memory from the application...
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Computation of Atomic Time Scale

Hongwei Sun, Yuli Li
This paper gives two conclusions on the computation of atomic time scale. One is that if the noise of an atomic time scale is expressed as the linear sum of five power law spectra noises of atomic clocks, the noise type of atomic time is same as that of an atomic clock. Another is that if the noise of...
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Research on Preprocessing Method of Performance Monitoring Data in Cloud Environment

Xiao Zhu
The analysis of performance monitoring unit(PMU) can not only effectively characterize the operation characteristics of the program, but also provide a basis for performance optimization. Because of the huge number of PMU performance counters in cloud environment, there are some problems such as low...
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A Handover Decision Algorithm Based on Evolutionary Game Theory for Space-ground Integrated Network

Zhuo Yi, Delong Jiang, Lifeng Cao, Xuehui Du
When handovers occur to user in space-ground integrated network, handover decisions should be made to select the optimal access point. However, existing decision indexes are not suitable to handover scenarios in space-ground integrated network and overlooks the overall performance of network. To address...
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Integrated Energy Supply Configuration for Stand-Alone Island Based on Two-Layer Optimization Algorithm

Zixuan Guo, Li Wang, Lu Wang, Jiamin Yin, Shunqi Zeng
This paper focus on the power supply of the stand-alone island in South China Sea. Considering the infeasibility of connection to the main energy supply system, this paper propose a mathematical model of two-layer optimization to configure the scale of diesel generator, PV, and battery storage. Under...
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Hybrid Recommendation Algorithms Based on ConvMF Deep Learning Model

Jiakun Zhao, Zhen Liu, Huimin Chen, Jingbo Zhang, Qing Wen
Due to ConvMF (Convolutional Matrix Factorization) use side information to improve the accurate of the prediction rating, it shows side information is important for rating prediction accuracy. but it does not make fully use of the features of the item description documents such as reviews, abstract,...
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Resolving the Infeasibility of DEMATEL: Two Newly Proposed Solutions

Weijian Jin
DEMATEL method has been applied in numerous disciplines like airline safety, knowledge management, systems engineering, e-learning. However, there is a kind of infeasible problem that a normalized initial direct incidence matrix might not assemble to a null matrix in the process of gathering total relation...
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An Optimization for Differential Power Analysis Based on Time Series Verification

Yaxin Zhao, Yerong Tao, Song Zhang, Yinglong Liu
As an effective method of side-channel analysis, DPA (short for differential power analysis) uses statistical analysis to obtain the key by analyzing the correlation between power consumption data and encryption key. If the power consumption data collected from the target contains a large amount of interference...
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A Method of High Reliability Board Recognition Applied to Dual Redundant Architecture

Shifeng Wang, Jiaxin Guo, Hanbing Li, Shuo Duan
For the electronic equipment of plug-in structure, users can select the sub-boards of different functions for combination applied to different needs, which can increase data processing capacity or reliability of equipment and achieve the goal of meeting the demand quickly and reliably. This is the scheme...
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A New Interval-number DEMATEL Method Based on 2-Tuple

Weijian Jin, Chuanfeng Huang
It is used for solving complicated problem groups by the DEMATEL method. However, it has not dealt with the relationship between components of a system in some specific complex problems. Therefore, a new interval-number DEMATEL method based on 2-tuple is proposed. Firstly, we construct an interval-number...
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Segmentation Algorithm for Digital Sea-floor Terrain Based on Rolling Ball Transform

Jian Dong, Rencan Peng, Yang Chen, Han Zhu, Guohui Liu, Minghui Li
Based on the analysis of the essential principle of the two dimensional rolling circle transform algorithm, and by means of rolling circle transform dimensional extension, the paper has brought forward the conception of rolling ball transform. By which quantitative analysis has been done for marine topography...
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Design and Implementation of A PM2.5 Dust Detection System Based on ZigBee

Tong Yu, Meide Xu, Tianqing Zhang
According to the requirement of air quality (dust) detection in classroom and laboratory, a dust concentration detection system is designed. The system is based on bidirectional wireless communication technology and uses single chip computer as processor. It collects the concentration of dust particles...
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Development and Analysis of Possible Conflict Situations Resolution Systems in an Automated System

Rustem Biyashev, Saule Nyssanbayeva, Yenlik Begimbayeva
A model of the protected cross-border information exchange automated system is proposed. The possible conflict situations and the reasons for their occurrence are investigated. An algorithm of actions to resolve possible conflict situations is proposed.
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Research of a Genetic Algorithm to Improve Performance for Multicast Routing

Chunrong Liu, Caiqun Wang, Liutao Zhao, Wenchuan Yang, Yi Jin, Aijing Yang
As for the performance, the problem of multicast routing question with multiple QoS restraint is a keynote. This paper provides and describes a network model and refined function, and it is fit for the research of real-time QoS under multi-cast routing. A QoS multicast trees algorithm, which is based...
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A Smoothing Control Strategy between Grid-connected Mode and Off-grid Mode for Smart Microgrid and Its Design

Ying Zhuang, Zhihong Yang, Zhi Wang
In this paper, the characteristics of typical smart microgrid are analyzed and the key technology of smoothing coordinated control method is studied. Moreover, in order to obtain a smooth switch between grid-connected mode to off-grid mode, a smoothing control method is proposed and realized. The technology...
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Intelligent Tennis Picking Robot Based on STM32 and Raspberry Pi

Shiqian Zhang, Yizhun Peng, Zhenjiang Chen, Di Li, Zhou Zhang
The robot involves a smart tennis picking robot based on STM32 and Raspberry Pi. The mobile robot body is formed by sheet metal forming. The driving method is three-wheel independent driving, and three hollow cup DC servo motors are respectively controlled by three. An omnidirectional wheel. The robot...
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Design of Intelligent Digital Clock Based on FPGA

Zefan Ge, Yizhun Peng, Yuhan Zhang, Shiqian Zhang, Zhou Yang
This paper takes ALTERA EP4CE6E22C8N as the control center, and designs a multifunctional digital clock system based on FPGA, which consists of clock module, timing module, power module, keyboard control module, data decoding module and digital tube display module HDL designs text input for the system...
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Individual Design and Rapid 3D Printing of an Intelligent Fingerprint Identification Drawer

Weizhen Li, Qiyuan Fan
With the development of biometric identification technology, fingerprint identification technology was used widely in the fields of attendance, entrance guard and mobile payment due to its advantages of security and reliability. Now Fingerprint locking technology has also been developed rapidly in intelligent...
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Design of Orbit-Ground Closed Loop PHM System for Spacecraft

Rongzheng Luo, Zhiyun Tan, Zhidong Li, Shuli Yang, Shuo Feng, He Gao
The technologies of spacecraft Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) are researched from the architecture and communication protocol. Firstly the spacecraft PHM system is proposed to build with the mode of orbit-ground coordination three-level closed loop. Then, the communication protocol of PHM for...
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Research Hotspots and Frontier Evolution in the Field of Machine Learning

Fujun Zhang, Wenbin Zhao, Quanhui Ye, Xue Gao, Hao Wan
Due to the emergence of Internet big data and hardware GPU, machine learning is out of the bottleneck period. Machine learning began to explode and began to become an independent popular subject and was applied to various fields. Various machine learning algorithms are emerging, and deep learning using...
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Detection and Analysis of Human Behavior in Video Monitoring

Dongze Li, Liangheng Qian, Ling Peng, Zigui Zhu, Peng Bai, Xin Wang
The research content of this paper is mainly aimed at the automatic recognition of human behavior in video surveillance. It usually contains two main steps: foreground detection and behavior recognition. In the foreground detection step, this paper studied related algorithms and theories, briefly analyzed...
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Monitoring of Winter Wheat and Summer Corn Phenology in Xiong'an New Area Based on NDVI Time Series

Mingyue Wang, Xianmeng Zhang, Yi Huang, Chuqiao Hong, Zhaodan Zhang, Xingxing Huang, Jingyu Zeng, Jia Tang, Rongrong Zhang
Studying the phenophase of crops is an important way to identify crop planting patterns and extract crop areas. It is also of great value for crop growth monitoring and yield assessment. Based on the ESTARFM model, the MODIS and Landsat image data of the Xiong'an New Area in 2006-2010 are combined to...
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Development of Health Monitoring System in Highway Bridges

Baraa M. Albaker
Monitoring and detection of highway bridge structures health status has gained great attention for decades. Many attempts were made to introduce sensors to bridge structures to monitor and assess its status. The main idea of this project is to design and implement a system that is capable of sensing,...