Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China (WRARM 2017)

In recent years, Western regions of China have been concentrated in the front of China's regional GDP growth rate ranking list, which implies great potential of development. However, in Western China, natural disasters occur frequently and the ability to resist disasters is weak, in addition, the present structure of economic development is still unreasonable, and the ability to resist abnormal economic fluctuations and prevent systemic economic risks is still not strong; the weak infrastructure and fragile ecological environment is still prominent bottleneck; the task of strengthening national unity and maintaining social stability is still arduous; the task to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas is still formidable. Therefore, it is urgent for improve risk management level to construct a risk management mechanism --- ‘discover risk, define risk, prevent risk, resist risk, transfer risk, buffer risk’.

The Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China (referred to as "WRARM") is one of the national series of academic conferences sponsored by the Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention (referred to as "Risk Society"). After the first WRARM (Guiyang, 2010.06), the second WRARM (Yangling, Shanxi, 2011.11), the third WRARM (Guiyang Guizhou, 2013.06) and the fourth WRARM (Chengdu Sichuang, 2015.11), the Fifth Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China (WRARM 2017) has been successfully held in Guiyang in November 4, 2017, which plays a positive role in promoting the research and application of risk analysis science and disaster prevention technology in Western China, provides an opportunity for transferring the relevant research findings into the innovation driving force, and makes a historic contribution to realizing the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way as scheduled and to promoting the sustained and healthy development of economy and society in Western China.

The Risk Society authorized School of Finance, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics to undertake WRARM 2017, aiming to "strengthen risk analysis and risk management in Western China under the strategy of Big Poverty Alleviation, Big Data and Big Ecological.” Number of papers submitted is 87 in this conference. Each paper is reviewed by two reviewers. These reviewers include Mu Zhang, Hongmei Zhang, Shaodong Ma, Chenggang Li, Ziyan Wang, Jianming Mo, Lin Chen, Yunfei Li, Yongkui Li, Yang luo, Ling Wang, Zhilong Zhu, and so on. As a result, number of papers accepted for publication is 77. These papers cover many topics such as disaster prevention and risk management, new urbanization and poverty alleviation, securities market and financial risk, and so on.

We sincerely express special regards to Guizhou Branch of China Continent Insurance, which has provided valuable sponsorship for awarding outstanding papers of WRARM 2017. According to the policy of "science fair, focusing on innovation, strict screening, put quality before quantity", after strictly anonymous appraisal, a total of 29 papers are selected as outstanding papers in this conference, including 1 paper for the first prize, 8 papers for the second prize, 10 papers for the third prize, 10 papers for the encouragement award. The establishment and issue of outstanding papers award, effectively improves the quality of papers and academic level of WRARM 2017, at the same time, dramatically increases the social and academic influence of Risk Society.

At the last, we take this opportunity to show our gratitude to the authors who contribute to WRARM 2017, to the experts who examine and approve all the papers earnestly, to everyone who concerns about and supports WRARM 2017. Your participation not only ensure the quality of papers of this conference, but also strongly promote the formation of strong academic atmosphere of Risk Society, which will efficaciously push forward the development of risk analysis science and disaster prevention technology in China.

Mu Zhang
Hongmei Zhang