Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China (WRARM 2017)

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Vulnerability Assessment of Snowstorm in Altay

Guili Sun, Zhen Cao, Lu Li, Haiyan Lu
This paper takes the county-level administration of Altay as the evaluation unit, and uses the frequency of historical snowstorm as the expression of the risk of snowstorm disaster in Altay area. The snow disaster vulnerability index system is established from snow physical exposure, sensitivity and...
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The meteorological disasters risk analysis and risk management in large scale activities

Haibo Hu, Yanli Zhang
On the basis of risk analysis, the risk control and risk sustainability should be assessed for the requirement of risk management on the meteorological disaster so that it can keep safeties during large-scale activities. Thus, the AHP model combined with the method of experts score is introduced in the...
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Study on credit rating model of China's listed companies based on the optimal segmentation method

Yinan Ning, Yunfei Li
Listed companies play a crucial role in the development of China's economy. The accurate evaluation of the credit condition of Listed Companies in China is conducive to better management and healthy development. For this problem, first the samples were scored comprehensively by applying projection pursuit...
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Measure the market risk of the options on stock indices based on GJR-GARCH model and Monte Carlo simulation

Qiang Li, Shaoxian Xia
This paper focused on the pricing models of the SSCI and SZCI options on stock indices and the volatility estimation of the GJR-GARCH models which its underlying assets portfolio obeys to. Combining with B-S pricing models and the mainstream approach for the market risk management -VaR,we study on the...
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Analysis on financing mode of characteristic town of Guizhou minority area--Taking the Xiasi town as an example

Yongjin Liu, Ruo Shi
We should make full use of the advantages of Guizhou minority areas, such as culture and ecological resources, and promote the economic development of minority areas through the construction of Characteristic Towns in minority areas, so we can realize the strategic goal of poverty alleviation in ethnic...
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Study on Index System of Safety Risk Assessment for City Gas Industry

Hui LYU, Wei Zhu, Yafei Wang, Qian Wang
In view of the current urban gas risk assessment research most focused on one aspect of the system, such as gas pipe network, gate station and indoor gas pipeline specialized research, lacking a complete urban gas transmission and distribution system risk assessment classification method. Based on the...
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The Effect of Policy Information on Vir-tual Currency Price Volatility--Take Bitcoin as An Example

JuLei Ba, Lin Chen, Ping Li, Qiang Li
With the development of Internet, virtual currency raises more and more concern. And Bitcoin is the most popular one among all kinds of virtual currencies. This paper pays attention to the price volatility of Bitcoin and studies the effect of policy information on Bitcoin price volatility through event...
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Analysis with Geographical Detector on the Influence Factor of earthquake mortality in China

Wen Li, Jin Chen, Wenkai Chen
This paper collected earthquake cases related data in China mainland from 1993 to 2015, we used three geographical detectors (risk detector, factor detector, and interaction detector) based on spatial variation analysis of some potential factors to assess quantitatively their effects on the mortality....
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Research on the coupling coordinated development of new urbanization and finance

Bing Yang, Chenggang Li, Cong Luo, Li Dong, Xin He
Using the data of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China from 2010 to 2015, this paper utilizes the Principal Component Analysis method and coupling coordination model to empirially ananlyze the coupling coordinated development of urbanization and finance. The empircal results show...
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Volatility of Treasury bond futures Price: evidence from Tick-by-Tick data

Xuanhua Peng, Yongkui Li, Zhiying Chen, Xiaole Guo
In order to find the causes of price volatility in bond futures market, we consider the potential impact of trading properties and construct a multivariate linear model between realized volatility and Behavioral variables included the strategies of Open, Close, Long, Short and turnover. Then through...
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Risk Analysis of Earthquake Disaster in Central and Western Regions of Gansu

Suping Zhang, Zhixiong Li, Yanping Sun, Rui Zhu
Gansu Province, located in the west of China, is one of the provinces where earthquakes occur frequently. We try to understand the actual population in different areas of long-term and seasonal changes, building types and different structure proportion, topography and secondary geological disaster hazard...
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Evaluation of Earthquake Mitigation Capacity of County Administrative Units in Gansu Province

Jin Chen, Wen Li, Wenkai Chen, Suping Zhang
The paper established the evaluation index system of earthquake mitigation capacity of county administrative units in Gansu province. According to the goal, three guidelines, nine indicators and ten variables were set. The paper calculated the environment supporting capacity, facilities supporting capacity...
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The Research of Nonlinear Effect on Financial Poverty Alleviation of Guizhou Provinc

Jianchun Yang
Based on the model structured of testing nonlinear effect on financial poverty alleviation, applying Granger causality test and regression analysis to analyzing the nonlinear relationship between financial development and poverty alleviation in Guizhou Province, and it is showed that such relationship...
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Study on Risk Control in Age Care Institutions Combination of Medicine and Nursing

Fengying Zhang, Jianhui Kong, Yimao Zhou, Zongfang Zhou
Combination of medicine and nursing is a new pattern of providing for the aged in China in recent years. Because of the high uncertainty of the elderly and the existence of the risk of age care institutions, this paper explores the risk analysis and risk management strategies of age care institutions....
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Risk Characteristics of New Technology Operation

Jianhui Kong, Fengying Zhang, Yiwu Zhou, Qian Qian, Xiaofeng Xie, Zongfang Zhou
This paper analyzes the risk factors and risk characteristics of new technology operation. Due to the overall risk of the operation of the new technology to a large extent depends on the operating carrier, technology, market and service, therefore, this article will from the operating carrier, technology,...
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Research on Enterprise Financial Risk Based on Radial Basis Function Neural

Peng Zheng, Jianhua Zhu
Enterprise financial risk research is based on the enterprise's operating conditions, financial indicators and other factors, the enterprise financial management activities exist in the financial risk detection and diagnosis. The effective measurement and prediction of financial risk can effectively...
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Evaluation of the Profitability of Listed Companies--A Case Study of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics

Kewen Zhang
Under the influence of the gradual rise and development of Internet Banking, there are many kinds of lending platform for college students in market. These platforms are uneven that let users face a series of unknown risks. Facing this special group of college students, the risk of loan business is inevitable....
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Listed Companies in China Based on Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis

Chenggang Li, Kang Pan
This paper choose 2841 listed companies financial data in 2016 from Shanghai Stock Exchange from the RESSET data and build performance evaluation index system with 10 financial indicators. This paper uses factor analysis method to reduce the dimension of the evaluation index in the sample of listed companies...
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Research on the Spatial Distribution of Government Venture Capital Based on Location Entropy

Chang Guo
In recent years, under the new normal economy, the government guide the main forms of venture investment funds in China fund scale expands unceasingly, this article from the government according to the present conditions of exploration and development of venture investment fund, using location entropy...
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Financial Situation of Listed Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry

Haokun Yan, Ting Xu
This paper studies the financial risks of listed companies in China's pharmaceutical industry by means of qualitative research and quantitative research. Based on the financial data of Guizhou bailing pharmaceutical co, ltd. in 2015 and 2016. The empirical analysis shows that: Based on the fuzzy comprehensive...
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Value Investing or Speculation: the Test of Chinese Investors' Stock-picking-On the Choice of Tax Policy to Promote Value Investment

Hanning Wang, Zhiyin Yang
The factors are various for influencing investors' choice of stock picking, investors with different investment ideas have different risk preferences, showing different idea of stock selection. Adhere to the extent of the value investment idea, for investors, especially small and medium-sized investors,...
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Empirical Study on the Influence Factors of Financial Crisis Based on Cox Model--taking the Data of Listed Companies in Overcapacity Industry as an Example

Kangru Liu, Liang Dai
This article adopts Cox Survival model to carry on the research of financial crisis early-warning, chooses the seven industries with surplus capacity in our country, and makes empirical research on the data of 900 listed companies of steel, coal, nonferrous metals, power generation, machinery and equipment,...
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Risk Assessment Index System of Internal Control in Meteorological Department Based on AHP

Wu Su, Zhicheng Wang, Shibin Chen
Risk assessment is important for internal control of administrative institutions. At present, there are few researches use risk analysis model to evaluate the risk of internal control of administrative institutions. This paper take meteorological department for example, builds risk assessment index system...
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The Research on the SME's Collateral Credit Rationing under Loan Risk Compensation Mechanism

Changbing Yang, Mu Zhang
This paper discusses the function of loan risk compensation in the collateral credit rationing model.According to the derivation of my model, we find when the bank have some requirements on interest and collateral, at the same time, we add the loan risk subsidy variable into the above model, loan risk...
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Simulation Study on Evolutionary Game Model between Small Technology-Based Firms and Banks under Verification System

Huafeng Chen, Mu Zhang, Lan Xiang
In this paper, under the evolutionary game theory, the risk compensation funds are added to establish the evolutionary game model of the small technology-based firms and the bank loans under the verification system, and the evolutionary game results of the four different evolution strategies are studied...
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Empirical Study on Logistic Model and KMV Model to Measure Credit Risk of China's Manufacturing Listed Companies

Honglin Chen, Neng Jiang
This paper selects 20 financial indicators of stock market of our country manufacturing industry 26 ST companies and 26 non ST listed companies as the research sample to construct the logistic model, the study found that: the level of profitability and expansion capacity of enterprises compared using...
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Empirical Analysis on the Effect of City Size Distribution on Regional Energy Efficiency

Shunyi Li
The characteristics of city size distribution can affect the regional energy efficiency. The empirical analysis based on the provincial panel data of China show that the regional energy efficiency is in an "inverted U" relationship with the concentration levels of city size distribution. The study demonstrates...
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Research on the Impact of Loan Risk Compensation Funds on Regional Technological Innovation Efficiency Based on DEA Model

Meng Wang, Mu Zhang
With the rapid economic development of China, regional technological innovation has gradually become the main force of China's scientific and technological innovation. In order to improve the technological innovation efficiency of inputs and outputs, this paper collected the data of 21 prefecture level...
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Study on the Standard Mechanism for the Use of Funds by Credit Village Borrowers

Haoming Liu, Neng Jiang
In order to test the credit village mode can effectively regulate the behavior of the borrower's moral hazard, in this paper, by establishing a dynamic game model, the traditional mode of borrower credit loans and credit village funds use behavior selection are analyzed. The results show that the credit...
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Seismic risk analysis using OpenQuake and its application in Iran

Changlong Li
Strong earthquake ground motion can cause destruction of the buildings, and lead to earthquake disasters. Therefore, seismic risk analysis has important practical and social value. Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation is committed to addressing the global seismic risk analysis issues, and to providing...
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Study on Loan Pricing of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises based on RAROC Model

Qian Chen, Mu Zhang
Commercial bank is the product of economic development and occupies a very important position in the economic system, and loan pricing is one of the core management problems of commercial banks.Based on the loan pricing method of RAROC model, this paper calculates the expected loss, the economic capital...
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Research on Risk Control Management Process in the Cloud Computing Environment

Li Li Ma
With the rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) over the past half century, the cloud computing model is one of the most controversial issues in the field of ICT. In addition, cloud computing plays a vital role in today's business world, but no risk management process is...
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Analysis and Management of Big Data Financial Risk

Lianyue He
In recent years, people have improved the ability of data acquisition, storage, analysis and utilization, and big data comes into being.Big data include large capacity structured, semi - structured and unstructured data that is difficult to store, analyze and manage in general database software or computer.Characteristics...
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Research on Credit Risk of Corporate Bond-Based on Principal Component Analysis and Cluster Analysis

Jingwei Liu, Tianyong Luo
In this paper, through the collection of corporate bond market data to conduct empirical research, Constructing 12 Index Systems, Using the principal component analysis method to extract the five principal component indicators, On the basis of principal component analysis, two kinds of clustering analysis...
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Research on Financial Risk Evaluation of Listed Real Estate Companies Based on Principal Component Analysis

Huiying Sun
In this paper, using the SPSS software to analyze financial risk assessment of the China's real estate listed companies.Mainly through the listed companies solvency, profitability,operational capacity and development ability to get the results of the real estate listed companies comprehensive score and...
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Research on Financial Dilemma of Listed Companies Based on kaplan - Meier

Gong Han
The financial distress problem of listed companies has been the hotspot of research, from linear regression to neural network, and the research results of various models have been endless. 1998 China's implementation of the stock market rules, there will be financial abnormalities listed as ST. Based...
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Internal Audit and Risk Management of Internet Finance Enterprise

Lan Xiang, Xingyu Mu
Margin trading in March 31, 2010 officially launched in China, and in 2011 October began to turn to the conventional business. Financing business is the development of a new business better, for the whole development of the securities market with huge opportunities for investors and companies to bring...
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The Analysis of the Financial Risk Compensation Mechanism of Sub-funds of Poverty Alleviation Industry of Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Investment Fund by Using Game Theory

Ziyan Wang, Yiming Cai
This paper analyses the risk compensation mechanism of Sub-funds of poverty alleviation Industry of Guizhou poverty alleviation investment fund by using game theory.And we analyse the two processes of cooperative game and dynamic game of government and financial institution respectively.Then we concluded...
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Game Analysis on risk compensation of marketization financial poverty alleviation in Guizhou

Ziyan Wang, Xinyue Xu
With the development of the financial market of Guizhou province poverty alleviation work, improve the compensation of risk has become an important task. Based on the analysis of the present situation of the financial market of the poverty alleviation, this article focuses on the main risks facing the...
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Does Short Selling Improve Corporate Social Responsibility?

Renshu Yuan, Jiguo Yang, Lei Gao
Using difference-in-difference (DID) model, this paper studies firms' incentives to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities based on the quasi-natural experiment. We find that firms experiencing an exogenous increase in their exposure to short sales significantly raise their CSR activities....
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Explore the development of the new collective economics of rural Guizhou

Zhuping Zhang, Juan Du
Because of the inborn feebleness of agriculture ,agriculture Will face the risk of natural disaster and market risk which is caused by the relationship between supply and demand ,the small-scale peasant economic development model of single household can't meet the demand that the development of socialist...
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The Evaluation and Analysis of Urbanization Efficiency in West China

Qiaohong Guo
In the rapid development of urbanization, it is very important to improve the efficiency of urbanization. Based on the data of input and output in the western provinces from 2013 to 2015, this paper chooses five input indicators from the three perspectives ( land, capital and labor force), and four output...
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Optimal Portfolio Choice under Hidden Regime Switching Model

Zhiying Chen, Xuanhua Peng, Yongkui Li
We investigate a portfolio optimization problem in a continuous-time Markov-modulated financial market. The unobservable mean return of a risky asset follows a continuous-time, two-state Markov chain whose states are interpreted as different states of market. Using results from filter theory, we reduce...
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Competitiveness evaluation of listed information service companies in China based on factor analysis

Xiaoxue Zhang
With the rapid development of information technology in the world, many countries and regions are constantly upgrading their own software information service industry, so that it occupies a favorable position in the industry. Comprehensive ranking of the company has a clear competitive advantage, but...
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Short - term Forecast Model of Sugar Futures Price Based on Seasonal Decomposition

Shuang Cheng
With the sugar futures price forecast for the theme in this article, from the seasonal character-istics of white sugar, in January 2006 - June 2017 the sugar futures first month closing price as the foundation of data, using the seasonal decomposition method to the sugar futures price forecast of July...
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Wenzhou Real Estate Bubble and Rupture Risk Warning

Anping Pan, Dehua Jiang
It is known to us all that the excessive bubble in the real estate market can seriously affect the normal development of the national economy, which could cause the hidden dangers of financial crisis. In 2011, A wave of defaults destabilized markets across Wenzhou, which punctured the property price...
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K-means cluster's classification of grade of regional strong precipitation events

Tiangui Xiao, Tianyao Shen, Fengrong Jing, Chao Wang, Ding Chen, Yaze Wu, Yao Huang
Based on the historical precipitation data of the stations in Sichuan Province from 1961 to 2013, 636 heavy precipitation processes were summarized by statistical analysis. First, the daily average of heavy rainfall was selected. Precipitation, rainfall intensity, coverage and duration were used as the...
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Research on Insurance Marketing under the Internet Financial Model

Junting Pu, Hongmei Zhang
With the rapid development of Internet technology, modern society has entered an unprecedented stage of development. All industries have applied Internet technology to their own business processes, and the Internet finance model has developed into an overwhelming financial model. The rapid development...
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Study on tobacco agriculture insurance service system in Guizhou province

Renze Wan, Shaodong Ma, Shiyun Guan
Based on the research data, this paper uses fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to evaluates the quality of tobacco agricultural insurance service in Guizhou province. The results show that tobacco farmers are basically satisfied with the tobacco agricultural insurance service system. In view of the...
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Study on the Basic Service System of Agricultural Insurance in Guizhou Province

Xiongbo Ruan, Shaodong Ma, Shiyun Guan
To expand the breadth and depth of Guizhou agricultural insurance services, improve the agricultural insurance service system construction at the grass-roots level is an effective measure to solve the problem of the current agricultural development in Guizhou, based on the analysis of the current problems...
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The impact of Internet-based Financing on China's commercial banks and Countermeasures

Min Yu
It has had a great impact on China's financial industry since the birth of internet-based financing. Information system, such as social networking, mobile payments, big data and cloud computing has developed a lot, which provides technical support for the development of internet-based financing, and...
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The application of VaR model in interest rate risk management of commercial Banks in China

Jianhua Zhu, Tiandi Liu
With the reform of interest rate liberalization in China, the main risks of commercial Banks in China are gradually turned into interest rate risks. However, at present, China's commercial Banks are not aware of the risk of interest rate, avoid problems such as the lack of interest rate risk tools, and...
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The inverted U type relationship test between loan risk compensation fund and new loans of small and medium sized enterprises

Miao Tian, Mu Zhang
In order to study the influence of loan risk compensation for SME lending paradigm.Based on unbalanced panel data, This paper discusses the different effects of loan risk compensation funds on the new loans of small and medium sized enterprises of science and technology: linear and nonlinear, and gives...
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Credit evaluation of small and medium sized pharmaceutical enterprises based on entropy method

Ruohan Sun, Ruo Shi
With the continuous development of social economy, the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly high degree of concern. In China's pharmaceutical enterprises, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises accounted for a large proportion of. This paper introduces the research of China's small and...
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Research on Evaluation of Equity Financing Efficiency of Listed Companies in Strategic Emerging Industries

Yaxi Huang, Mu Zhang
This paper chooses 198 listed companies in strategic emerging industries, using DEA model to study the efficiency of equity financing, and carries on efficiency analysis, investment redundancy and output shortage analysis and industry comparative analysis. The results show that the efficiency of equity...
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Study on the Level Measurement of Large Data Industry Based on Location Entropy

Xinpu Wang, Mu Zhang
During the development of information technology industry agglomeration and implementation under the background of the reality of economic and social development by leaps and bounds, analysis examines the nearly five years (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) all over the country more than the size...
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Research On The Performance Evaluation of Government Venture Capital Guiding Fund Based On DEA Cluster

Jianhong Dong, Hongmei Zhang, Yongjun Zhou
To encourage initial enterprises to be better development, government sets up the venture capital fund through guiding social capital investment and increasing investment in start-up and seed enterprises to speed up the development of enterprises.The purpose of this paper is to study the government effect...
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Research On The Development of County Finance In Guizhou Province In The Promotion of Precise Poverty Alleviation

Yu Ding, Mu Zhang
This paper selects the 50 state-level poverty-stricken counties in Guizhou province as the research object, and uses financial scale, financial efficiency and financial structure to represent the level of financial development in each county, using economic growth and income distribution as controlled...
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Study on Financial Risk of Listed Companies in Large Data Industry--Taking the Electronic Information Industry as an Example

Zhi Ding, Cheng Luo
Establishing the financial risk early-warning model of large data company is of great significance for the development of large data industry. This paper takes the electronic information industry as the representative's large data listed company as the sample, uses the Life table analysis and the multilayer...
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The Development of Tourism Industry Has Studied the Promotion Effect of Accurate Poverty Alleviation in Guizhou County

Siqi Li, Mu Zhang
In this paper, the author of this paper is how to translate the advantages of natural resources and national cultural resources into economic advantages. In this paper, the tourism industry of 50 poverty-stricken counties in guizhou province is selected as the representative, and then the anti-poverty...
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Inclusive Financial Development in West Area Based on Catastrophe Theory

Ziyi Zhao, Jinmei Cheng
This paper uses the panel data of 12 provinces in Western China for 2008-2015 years and the catastrophe progression method to evaluate the development level of Inclusive Fnance. It shows that there is a big difference between inclusive financial development in different provines and cities in Western...
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The Evaluation of Financial Innovation Ability of Listed Banks in China Based on Factor Analysis

Zilin Feng, Ruo Shi
Commercial Banks is the core part of the financial system in China,and in the development of commercial Banks can innovation Force of a direct impact on the market competitiveness of commercial Banks. This paper starting from the basic theory of financial innovation,the main part is separately from the...
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Study on Measurement Level of Financial Agglomeration Level of Prefecture Level Cities in Guizhou Based on Grey Relational Projection Method

Li Dong, Mu Zhang
Based on the grey system theory and vector projection principle, this paper studied on the financial agglomeration level evaluation of the nine prefectures in Guizhou Province, which established the evaluation index system and adopted the grey relation projection method. The grey relation projection...
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Influencing Factors of Analysts' Property Insurance Demand Based on Grey Relational Analysis

Wen Han, Fang Li
For a long time, the total amount of the family property insurance in our country is not large, and the proportion of the property insurance business is also very small. Since 2003, the premium and its proportion in property insurance have been declining year by year. Based on this background, the author...
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Study on the Measurement of New Urbanization Level in West China Based on Grey Relational Projection Method

Hongmei Zhang, Xin He
Urbanization is the motive force for the long-term and steady development of China's economy, its manifestation is not only the spatial transfer of population, but also the adjustment of industrial structure, the improvement of ecological environment and so on. In this paper, the grey Relation projection...
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Research on Financial Support Measures in Guizhou New Urbanization Construction

Hongmei Zhang, Mei Pang
The development of new urbanization will bring huge financing needs in the fields of public facilities and services, and financial support will directly affect the orderly advancement of urbanization. What is the degree of financial support and the extent to which the new urbanization is supported is...
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The Inspiration for Guizhou Province from the Domestic and Foreign Experi-ences of Weather Index Insurance Devel-opment

Yanjun Li
This paper introduces the development experience of the weather index insurance in developing countries as well as some domestic provinces and cities. It also analyzes some problems in the im-plementation of weather index insurance such as the difficulties in the product design, the pricing risk handling,...
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Analysis of Technology Spillover between Vertical Industry--From Chinese Manufacturing Evidence

Mengdan Shi, Yaping Fu
According to Mario Forni & Sergio Paba (2002) method, using the input-output table of the relationship between the upstream and downstream of 35 industry recognition, using 2005-2007 test the empirical data of industrial enterprises upstream R & D investment impact on the downstream industry productivity,...
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Study on Financing Efficiency of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in New Three Board of Guizhou

Hongmei Zhang, Zhehao Zhang
The new third board market has developed rapidly in China in recent years. However, the new third board market still exists the phenomenon of regional imbalance. In this paper, Guizhou Province, China's small and medium-sized enterprises as the research object, using the DEA model analysis the reasons...
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Correlation between Ecological Civilization Construction and Financial Agglomeration in Guizhou

Hongmei Zhang, Ning Zhang
With the rapid economic development and overall social reform, it is particularly important to correctly handle the relationship between the construction of ecological civilization and financial accumulation. At present, most of the studies on financial agglomeration are all integrated with the development...
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Study on the Relationship between Big Data and Consumer Finance in Guizhou Province

Hongmei Zhang, Duan Duan
Consumer finance refers to the financial services of consumer finance companies, Banks, Internet e-commerce companies and stage shopping platforms to provide consumers with the purpose of consumption. Compared with traditional consumer finance, the innovation of the technology layer brought by Internet...
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Emergency Management of Natural Disaster Risk Tourism -- A Case Study of Jiuzhaigou Earthquake

Xuna Han, Li Li
The west of China is prone to natural disasters. Natural disasters not only bring huge economic losses to the local people, but also restrict the healthy development of regional national economy. In recent years ,with the rapid development of tourism industry in China, the natural disasters in tourism...
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Research on the Precise Poverty Alleviation Index System Based on Factor Analysis in Guizhou Province

Hongmei Zhang, Yongmei He
Guizhou Province, as the country with the largest population of poverty, the largest area of poverty and the deepest poverty, has been paying close attention to its return to poverty effect. As of 2016, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou rocky desertification areas (45 counties), Wumeng Mountain area...
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Analysis of Green Insurance Development and Product Innovation in China

Jingyu Liang
Green insurance generally refers to Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance(EPLI) and has the functions of economic compensation and social management, which has attracted more and more attention in the field of environmental protection. China's EPLI has achieved rapid growth in the past few years,...
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An Analysis of Gold as Safe Haven Against Stock and Exchange Rate Shocks

Huawei Yang, Wei Liu, Chaoqi Wu
To examine the function of gold as diversifier or a safe haven against China's stock market volatility or fluctuations of the RMB, we study time-varying relations between china stock returns and China's currency returns with gold returns based on DCC - GARCH model depicting the July 21, 2005 to September...
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Empirical Study on Agglomeration Effect of Regional Big Data Industry

Junmeng Lu, Mu Zhang
Big data industry contains enormous economic value, its development will provide an incredible impetus to the future economic growth in our country. The agglomeration of an industry in a certain area can effectively increase the production efficiency and the output of the industry. This phenomenon is...
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Research on Enterprise Credit System under the Background of Big Data

Yingpeng Lai, Siqi Li
Big data technology available in a reasonable time, integration management, processing all kinds of complicated information of small and medium-sized enterprises, portrays the enterprise actual situation, to eliminate the impact of asymmetric information, and thus effectively enhance its credit information...