Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China (WRARM 2019)

With the promotion of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the GDP growth rate of the western region in China is leading in the country, which shows potential development momentum in the future. However, in this area, natural disasters happen frequently but the ability to resist disasters is weak. In addition, the current economic development structure is still unreasonable. The ability to withstand abnormal economic fluctuations and prevent systemic economic risks is still weak, the infrastructure is weak and the ecological environment is fragile. Therefore, the task of strengthening national unity and maintaining social stability is still arduous and the task of promoting balanced coordinative development of urban and rural areas is formidable. It is urgent to construct a management mechanism for “discovering, defining, preventing, fighting, transferring, buffering” risks and improving the level of risk management.

“Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China” (WRARM) is a national series of academic symposiums organized by Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention (RAC). Following the first WRARM (Guizhou, Guiyang, 2010), the 2nd (Shaanxi, Yangling, 2011), the 3rd (Guizhou, Guiyang, 2013), the 4th (Sichuan, Chengdu, 2015) and the 5th (Guiyang, 2017), the 6th WRARM will be held in Kunming, China, November 16-17, 2019, to give play to the geographical advantages of western region of China which is neighboring to Southeast Asia and Central Asia. Furthermore, the conference will provide opportunities for participants to contribute to better methods and strategies for disaster prevention and mitigation, production safety, resisting economic fluctuations, preventing financial risks, protecting the ecological environment, security maintenance and stability in border areas, and improving anti-terrorism and anti-riot capabilities, in the West of China and neighbor countries.

RAC entrusted the School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences and the Pan Asia Business School of Yunnan Normal University to host the 6th WRARM, aiming to strengthen the risk analysis and management based on the west of China to the world. A total of 48 submissions were received at the conference. After strict reviews conducted by relevant experts, the conference group followed the principle of “scientific and justice, innovation, strict selection, put quality before quantity”. A total of 41 papers were compiled in the proceedings. The topics of these papers cover a variety of disaster prevention and risk management, resource environment and sustainable development, securities market and financial risks, and emergency rescue.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the authors who submitted the papers to our conference. We would like to pay our sincere gratefulness for all the experts who participated in the review of the papers. We sincerely thank all the frinds who care and support this conference! Your active participation not only guarantees the quality of the papers, but also effectively promotes the formation of a strong academic atmosphere of the Risk Academy, which will significantly promote the development of risk analysis science and disaster prevention technology in China.

Practically, we are very grateful to Dr. Li Li, Pan-Asia Business School, Yunnan Normal University, and Prof. Cansong Li, School of Tourism and Geographical Science, Yunnan Normal University, for their important contributions in organizing this conference and editing the proceedings.

Chongfu Huang
Huasong Luo
Yongsheng Yang
August 23, 2019