Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China (WRARM 2019)

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Study of Relative Exposure to Natural Disaster Risk

Chongfu Huang
In view of the need of relative exposure, as background data, in the geospatial information diffusion model, this paper defines “exposure to natural disaster risk” and “relative exposure”. Dividing “the product of the disaster and the parameter affecting the disaster with respect to a risk bearing body...
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Discussion on the "Double Evaluation" Model of Urban Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Supported by GIS

Xiaozhuo Wang, Zhitao Wang, Donghui Ma, Jingyu Su
The evaluation of urban comprehensive disaster prevention is an important part of urban planning work.Starting from the regional disaster system theory,the indicator system was established based on the urban disaster-fighting sequence and the type of hazard factor,and the “double evaluation” model of...
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Assessment of Relative Water Resources Carrying Capacity and Sustainable Development in Chengdu,China

Zhigang Li, Yangjie Tian
Water shortage has become an important factor restricting the sustainable development of cities. This paper adopts the research ideas and methods of relative resource carrying capacity, and uses China's national and Chongqing as reference areas to evaluate the relative water resources carrying capacity,...
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Qinhuangdao City Tourism Risk Warning and Release

Chengyu Yan, Guohua Zhang, Fene Cui, Yang Li, Jie Wu
Using the meteorological data of Qinhuangdao City from 2001 to 2015, the weather of thunderstorms and hail are counted. Summarize the relevant parameter thresholds for different types of severe convective weather. The Qinhuangdao tourism meteorological service platform will be constructed to transmit...
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Construction of cooperation sales credit risk assessment system

Pengcheng Zhou, Fei Dai, Chen Wang, Jiaze Shi, Wei Wang
With the deepening of the market economy, business activities between enterprises become more and more frequent. Through investigation, it is found that the credit risk caused by sales has seriously affected the survival and development of enterprises in China. Therefore, it is necessary for Chinese...
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Temporal and Spatial Trends of Spring Maize Irrigation Water Requirement in Northeast China in Recent 60 Years

Zongyue Ren, Xiaojing Liu
In this paper, the daily meteorological data of 78 stations in Northeast China from 1958 to 2017 were used to calculate the evapotranspiration and water requirement during the growth period of spring maize. Combined with M-K trend test and GIS spatial analysis technology, the spatial and temporal trends...
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Research on Risk Assessment of Supply Chain Financing for Big Data Enterprises

Jian He, Hongmei Zhang
Under the background of current enterprise financing difficulties, the development of supply chain finance has become one of the important options for enterprise financing. Based on principal component analysis and logistic regression model analysis, this paper chooses evaluation indexes from profitability...
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Economic Risk Assessment and Prevention of China's Investment in ASEAN Countries under the Background of "the Belt and Road Initiative"

Ruirui Ma, Chaohong Zhang, Li Li
Since the "the Belt and Road Initiative" initiative was put forward in 2013, China's investment in "the Belt and Road Initiative" countries along the belt and road has been increasing, which has played a positive role in promoting the political, economic, cultural and social development of the countries...
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Spatio-temporal Analysis and Assessment of High-Temperature Heat Wave Disaster Risk in Chengdu

Bin Huang, Bingwei Tian, Ling Wang, Shiyao Gu, Feiyu Chen
With Global warming and rapid urbanization, the heat island effect is intensified, extreme meteorological disasters caused by atmospheric circulation anomalies continue to intensify. High-temperature heat wave (HTHW) disaster caused death, drought, fires, grain reduction, water and electricity supply...
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Assessment of Provincial Financial Agglomeration Level Based on Internet Big Data

Xiaonan Huang, Mu Zhang
Scientific evaluation of China's financial agglomeration level is of great significance to promote the stable development of China's financial industry and give full play to the role of financial agglomeration in economic promotion. Aiming at the insufficient evaluation index system of financial agglomeration...
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Study on the Evaluation of the Construction Level of Provincial Ecological Civilization Based on Grey Relational Projection Method

Xia Feng, Mu Zhang
Based on the "whole ecosystem" interpretation of the connotation of ecological civilization, this paper constructs an evaluation system of ecological civilization construction with 34 indexes including search engine data-Baidu index from four aspects: ecological environment, ecological economy, ecological...
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Evaluation on Big Data Industry Development Level Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic TOPSIS Method

Lujing Pang, Mu Zhang
Reasonable and effective evaluation of the development level of big data industry is conducive to promoting the development of big data in an all-round way and speeding up the construction of a data power. In view of the insufficient information of the existing index system and the lack of fuzziness...
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An Empirical Study on the Prediction of Farmers' Ability to Acquire Loans in the Yanliang District Based on Cloud Model

Jing Wang, Guangyin Hu, Libin Xiang
Formal lending in rural finance is a powerful way to serve "agriculture, countryside and farmers" and the key to promoting rural economic development. Farmers’ demand for funds is expanding day by day. However, there are still some problems caused by information asymmetry in rural financial supply. Through...
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Research on Farmer Credit from the Perspective of Financial Linkage

Guangyin Hu, Jing Wang
Based on the theory of credit rationing and the survey data of 324 households in Shaanxi Province, this paper uses heckprobit sample selection method to study and analyze the impact of joining cooperatives on farmers'credit rationing. The results show that after joining the cooperatives, the degree of...
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Credit risk Measurement of Commercial Banks in China at the present stage

Jiabin Li, Lei Zhang, Changzhe Deng
Taking 25 commercial banks in 2018 as data samples, this paper uses kmv model to measure their credit risk, and evaluates 25 commercial banks in S & P, Moody's rating default probability mapping relationship. The results show that in mid-2018, the credit risk of 25 commercial banks is measured by means...
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Lag Analysis of Vegetation NDVI and Precipitation in Liaoning Province

Xinyu Bi, Xiaojing Liu
Vegetation growth is a complex and slow process. Not only was it affected by the precipitation at that time, but also the accumulation of precipitation in the early stage played a certain role in its growth. That is, vegetation growth lags behind precipitation. Based on SPOT/VEGETATION ten-day NDVI data...
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Research on Financial Early Warning of Real Estate Listed Companies

Jinyue Liu, Hongmei Zhang
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the real estate industry has become an important engine to promote economic development. Moreover, it has entered a critical period of history. At the same time, the real estate industry has become a distribution center of capital and risk in the national economy...
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A Preliminary Seismic Risk Assessment for Diqing, Yunnan

Changlong Li
Diqing is located in Northwestern Yunnan, where has many strong earthquakes. It is worth to study the seismic risk of Diqing. In this paper, we investigated the numbers, taxonomy and vulnerability of the buildings in Diqing and assessed the distribution of each type of buildings in every town. Then we...
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Research and Prospect of Urban Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Planning Development in China

Xiaozhuo Wang, Zhitao Wang, Donghui Ma, Jingyu Su
Under the background of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the urbanization process has continued to accelerate, institutional reforms have steadily advanced, the people’s need for a better life is growing and urban security and disaster prevention are also facing new opportunities...
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Research on Construction Technology of Emergency Toilets in Japanese Refuge Sites under the Background of Aging

Chenhong Xia, Wei Wang, Xiaodong Guo, Yijie Li
In order to solve the problem of inadequate consideration of the sanitary environment of refuge in the planning of refuge places in China, this paper studies the construction technology of toilets in refuge places in Japan, sorts out its management mechanism and implementation policy, and summarizes...
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The Calculation of Arias Intensity in North – South Seismic Belt Based on Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

Weijin Xu, Xuejing Li, Mengtan Gao
Arias intensity (IA) is an important seismic parameter which contains the information of amplitude, frequencies and duration of ground motion, and which plays an important role in characterizing seismic hazard such as earthquake-induced landslide. In this paper, we carry out the probabilistic seismic...
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Evaluation of Comprehensive Urban Disaster Prevention and Reduction Based on Coupling Synergy Theory

Zhuo Song, Wei Wang, Xiaodong Guo
In order to make a more objective evaluation of the level of coordinated development of the integrated urban disaster prevention complex system, the complex mechanism of coupling and co-evolution is analyzed from five aspects, such as monitoring early warning and prediction, engineering defense, emergency...
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Research on the Strategy of improving the ability of disaster Prevention and Mitigation from the Perspective of the overall National Security concept

Shuhong He, Mengfei Jiang
In recent years, the global disaster problem has been deteriorating, including not only the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, but also the outbreak of various man-made disasters. Disasters have become a major factor that threatens human security and affects social development. Disasters not only...
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An Empirical Study on Credit Construction of College Students in Chengdu

Xiao Li, Kai Xu, Siyu Wu, Tingting Xie, Hongwei Ruan, Man Zheng
Firstly, this paper divides the credit of college students into four dimensions: credit of honesty, credit of employment, credit of credit and credit of consumption. Starting from the current situation of credit construction of college students in Chengdu, this paper reveals the problems and deficiencies...
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The Tourism Destination Image Perception of Guizhou Ethnic Village Based on Online Reviews

Jianchun Yang, Jialian Wang
Taking Guizhou ethnic villages as research subject, this paper uses 6416 online reviews of Ctrip tourists as data sources and explores tourists' perception on tourism destination image of Guizhou ethnic village through content analysis. The results indicate that the tourism destination image perception...
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A Review and Prospects of Project Investment Risk

Cheng Li, Shenxi Miao
The prevention and management of project investment risk is an inevitable important issue in the development of enterprises. The management of project investment risk is a research hotspot of risk management in recent years. This paper uses the literature analysis method to sort out the domestic literature,...
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Research on Credit Risk Evaluation of SMEs in Supply Chain Finance based on Big Data

Xiaofei Luan, Hongmei Zhang
With the development of global supply chain, enterprises are more and more aware of the advantages of supply chain. In recent years, supply chain finance has become the focus of many logistics enterprises and financial institutions. In this paper, principal component analysis and logistic regression...
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Study on Early Evaluation of Earthquake Housing Loss in Yunnan Province Based on a Joint Mixed Modeling Approach

Mao Zhao, Li Li, Xiangxiang Guo
Scientific and reasonable earthquake natural disaster assessment has become an important reference for government materials distribution and emergency rescue. It is particularly important to estimate the damage situation and distribution of houses. As a high frequency area of earthquakes, Yunnan shows...
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Research on the impact of farmers' credit default risk -- from the perspective of social capital

Yanan Liu, Jing Wang
Based on the survey data of farmers in shaanxi province in 2019, this paper attempts to identify the influencing factors of farmers' credit default risk from two aspects: farmers' willingness to repay loans and their ability to repay loans. This paper selects five indicators, including the farmer householder...
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A probe into the causes of population loss in ShanDong province

Yong Che, Jing Wang
In 2017, there exists a serious population loss phenomenon in Shandong Province. Today, we advocate "a powerful country with talent and resources". Serious population loss leads to the decline of population dividend effect, the aggravation of population aging, and the increase of social security burden,...
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An Empirical Analysis for 24 Asian Countries’ Risks of Non-Gold Reserve Scale

Tao Ma, Wenli Ding, Ming Li
This paper tries to analyze the relationship among non-gold reserve, GDP and commodity trade export value. An empirical test is made by establishing a panel data model to test the above mentioned relationship of 24 Asian countries. The testing result shows that the non-gold reserve has a long-term co-integration...
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A Study of Monetary Hierarchy Risks of Asia

Tao Ma, Wenli Ding, Ming Li
A comprehensive introduction of different currencies in different regions within Asia are given. Based on such analysis the paper tries to divide Asian currencies into 5 hierarchies. At present, the Japanese Yen is the Top 1 currency in Asia, Chinese Renminbi stands on the second hierarchy, Hongkong...
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An Overview of the Relationship Between Agricultural Biological Disasters and Meteorological Conditions in Yunnan

Zhou Guihua, Guihua Zhou
The meteorological conditions that determine the agricultural harmful organisms occur as a key factor in the popular departures from the inter-ministerial changes,often affected when biological disasters from occurring. Yunnan agricultural meteorological disasters occur frequently. There are many different...
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Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Energy Carbon Emission in Shaanxi Province Based on DEMATEL Method

Jinxing Li, Jing Wang, Meizhi Wang
With the warming of the global climate and the increase of the greenhouse effect, it has seriously threatened the sustainable development of human beings. Many countries have adopted corresponding countermeasures to resolve this situation. China has also taken active measures and issued corresponding...
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Research on development strategy and risk prevention of Chinese film industry

Zhang Xiancai, Xiancai Zhang
With the improvement of people's spiritual requirements, the film gets more and more people's favorite, and the film industry continues to develop.At present, the film innovation is insufficient, the film quality is not high;Film industry policy management and industry standards are not perfect;The incomplete...
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Risk and prevention of Chinese film crowdfunding mode

Zhang Xiancai, Xiancai Zhang
The combination of crowdfunding and film industry alleviates the problems of difficult and expensive financing in traditional film industry and effectively promotes the development of medium and small film industry. However, while crowdfunding films are developing rapidly, there are also legal regulatory...
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Study of Reserve and Dynamic Allocation in Emergency Rescue Forces on County Scale

Wen Tian, Chongfu Huang, Yiran Yin
The emergency rescue forces are important for rapid response and emergency treatment to a disaster area. Reserving and allocating the forces directly affect the rescue effect. This paper reviews the data obtained from the “7·11” catastrophic flood emergency rescue in Santai County, Sichuan Province in...
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A case to identify the factors causing a disaster with risk reception

Rundong Wang, Chongfu Huang, Yiran Yin
There are many factors affecting the disaster situation, and weights of various factors are different. Theoretical analysis results are only applicable to disasters and regions that meet theoretical assumptions. Based on the knowledge of some people about local earthquake disasters and flood disasters...
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Risk Analysis of the Impact of Metro Construction Activities on Cultural Relics

Yunxiao Xin, Xiaozhao Li, Jing Wang
With the expansion of urbanization scale, more and more infrastructures are being rebuilt in downtown areas. A majority of metropolises in China, however, have numerous cultural relics and historic sites. This situation has hindered redevelopment of infrastructures to some extent. As an important component...
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Earthquake Disaster Distribution and Ground Motion Characteristics of Changning M6.0 Earthquake in Sichuan

Sen Qiao, Zongchao Li, Aiwen Liu, Xueliang Chen, Changwei Li, Tiefei Li
The Changning M6.0 earthquake in Yibin, Sichuan on June 17, 2019, caused heavy casualties and property losses. The highest intensity of the earthquake was Ⅷ. In this paper, the damage characteristics and intensity distribution of Changning earthquake are emphatically analyzed, and the spatial distribution...
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An Analysis of the Impact of Fiscal Subsidies on Farmers' Demand for Agricultural Insurance

Xiaojun Pan, Chengyi Pu, Mingyan Yang
This paper analyzes the current situation of agricultural insurance and subsidies in Sichuan Province from 1998 to 2018, and finds that financial premium subsidies, disaster-stricken areas, per capita disposable income, and claims ratios have certain correlations with agricultural insurance. Among them,...