International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

ISSN: 1875-6883
Volume 8, Issue , December 2015

Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science (FLINS-14)

Alisson Marques Silva, Walmir Caminhas, Andre Lemos, Fernando Gomide
Pages: 3 - 14
This paper suggests an evolving approach to develop neural fuzzy networks for system modeling. The approach uses an incremental learning procedure to simultaneously select the model inputs, to choose the neural network structure, and to update the network weights. models with larger and smaller number...
Jorge Tiago Bastos, Yongjun Shen, Elke Hermans, Tom Brijs, Geert Wets, Antonio Clóvis Pinto Ferraz
Pages: 29 - 38
In this paper, three risk indicators on road safety are combined into a composite indicator in order to assess the overall fatality risk for the 27 Brazilian states using the so-called multiple layer data envelopment analysis model. The states are first clustered and next, a range of bootstrapped scores...
Jia Wu, Bi Wu, Shirui Pan, Haishuai Wang, Zhihua Cai
Pages: 63 - 74
Bayesian network (BN), a simple graphical notation for conditional independence assertions, is promised to represent the probabilistic relationships between diseases and symptoms. Learning the structure of a Bayesian network classifier (BNC) encodes conditional independence assumption between attributes,...
Weitao Xu, Wenqiang Zhang, Dexian Zhang, Yang Xu, Xiaodong Pan
Pages: 75 - 84
In this paper, an -resolution method for a set of lattice-valued Horn generalized clauses is established in lattice-valued propositional logic system ( ) based on lattice implication algebra. Firstly, the notions of lattice-valued Horn generalized clause, normal lattice-valued Horn generalized clause...