The International Technology Management Review

ISSN: 1835-5269
Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2017
Md. Jahir Uddin Palas, Mahfuz Ashraf, Pradeep Kumar Ray
Pages: 133 - 148
Across the globe, a significant portion of the population lacks the essential healthcare services due to the rising cost of such services. To ensure healthcare for all, the idea of universal health coverage has evolved but affordability and equity of health services have become the major concerns in...
Jun Xu, Xiangzhu Gao, John Hammond
Pages: 149 - 157
Compared with other countries, especially China, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany, Australia’s online retail fall behind in terms of both its sale and percentage contribution to the total retail. This paper analyses David Jones, which is typical of large department store chains, and Australian...
Johnny Elie Chamata, Lisa Marie King
Pages: 158 - 164
Motivated by current reports showing potential socioeconomic benefits, this research investigated the use of civil drones in national parks and discussed the implications of this use, taking the United States as an example. Relying on literature about concessions in national parks, we have discussed...