The International Technology Management Review

Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2018
Research Article

1. The impact of social media followers on corporate value: An investigation of Australian firms

Patrick Mauder
Pages: 1 - 12
With social media user numbers reaching billions, firms seek to partake in the benefits of investing into social media activities. Existing literature, however, provides little insight as to whether investment in social media adds value for corporations. In particular, it remains difficult to quantify...
Research Article

2. Impact of Knowledge Management on Employee Work Performance: Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Bader Alyoubi, Md. Rakibul Hoque, Ibraheem Alharbi, Adel Alyoubi, Najah Almazmomi
Pages: 13 - 24
Knowledge Management (KM) has become critical in today’s highly competitive, uncertain, and rapidly changing business environment. The objective of this study is to measure the effects of knowledge management processes (knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing, knowledge creation and knowledge retention)...
Research Article

3. Internet Addiction and Mental and Physical Fatigue

Catherine Bachleda, Lamyae Darhiri
Pages: 25 - 33
Although Internet addiction and fatigue are issues of concern among university students, the association between these phenomena has not been examined. In a unique contribution to the literature, this study examined if Internet addiction differentially influenced mental and physical fatigue in a sample...
Research Article

4. A Conceptual Framework for the Acceptance of Drones

Johnny Chamata, Jonathan Winterton
Pages: 34 - 46
The literature on the public acceptance of unmanned aircraft, aka drones, is scarce and undeveloped. This is evident in the absence of theoretical and methodological substantiality in existing research. This research paper suggests a conceptual model for predicting the public acceptance of unmanned aircraft....
Research Article

5. The Influence of Social Commerce on Consumer Decisions

H.A.H. Hettiarachchi, C.N. Wickramasinghe, S. Ranathunga
Pages: 47 - 58
Today, comprehending consumer behavior is becoming dynamically challenging with the emergence of social commerce. Business organizations are now striving to convince consumers by exploiting the advantage of social support empowered by online social networks. Importantly, social ties in such online social...
Review Article

6. Digital Transformation, Business Model Innovation and Efficiency in Content Industries: A Review

Rojers P. Joseph
Pages: 59 - 70
Owing to the symbolic, highly digitizable nature of the goods the content industry produces, they are highly amenable to digital transformation with radical consequences for businesses selling information products. Digitization and digital networks can save several costs that are inherent in the brick...
Case Study

7. Social business for responding to natural disasters: a post-tsunami case study in Indonesian region

Teuku Aulia Geumpana, Mahfuz Ashraf, Rashadul Hasan, Md. Munzur Morshed, Md. Uzir Hossain, Anne Bunde-Birouste
Pages: 71 - 80
Disasters, mostly uncontrollable in nature, outbreak with devastating impacts throughout the world every year. Disasters might happen in any part of the world at any time. Though the aftermath of disasters negatively impacts all walks of life it usually creates casualties and affects the socio-economically...
Review Article

8. The My Health Record (MyHR) Adoption in General Practices: Literature Review and Future Research Direction

Urooj Raza Khan, Tanveer A Zia, Chris Pearce, Kaushalya Perera
Pages: 81 - 92
Digital health has significant potential in health and healthcare system improvement. My Health Record (MyHR), one of digital health solutions, has been one of the focus in Australia for past few years. Aiming to initiate a study of MyHR adoption in general practices, this paper brings up results of...
Research Article

9. Factors Affecting Mobile Applications of Remote Security Cameras at Home and Office: An Empirical Investigation in Southern California

Ahmed Elmorshidy
Pages: 93 - 111
This paper aims to assess and evaluate the factors affecting mobile applications used to access and control security cameras at home and office. Survey data from 397 mobile applications users from Orange County and San Bernardino County in Southern California, USA were collected to test the proposed...