Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health

Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2013
Short Communication

2. Case reports of hydatid disease

A. Usharani, G. Deepica, S. Aruna, Srinivarao kulkarni, G. Sai Kamal Kumar, P. Balamuralikrishna
Pages: 63 - 66
Two cases of hydatid cyst were reported in the Microbiology department, Siddartha Medical College in 2011. 42 year old female presented with a history of painless swelling in the right inguinal region for 5 years which was insidious in onset and gradually increasing in size. She developed itching prior...
Short Communication

3. HCV infection prevalence in a population recruited at health centers in Jordan

Waseem Hamoudi, Sami Adel Sheikh Ali, Mohammad Abdallat, Chris R. Estes, Homie A. Razavi
Pages: 67 - 71
Background: Jordan lacks statistical data regarding prevalence of HCV. Aim: To determine the prevalence of HCV in selected areas of Jordan (north, middle and south of Jordan). Methods: A random sample of 700 patients attending health centers was used to determine HCV prevalence. ELISA testing was used...
Research Article

4. A national survey of childhood physical abuse among females in Swaziland

Matthew J. Breiding, James A. Mercy, Jama Gulaid, Avid Reza, Nonhlanhla Hleta-Nkambule
Pages: 73 - 81
Objective: This study describes the scope and characteristics of childhood physical abuse in a nationally representative sample of 13–24 year-old females in Swaziland. The current study also examined health consequences and risk factors of childhood physical abuse. Methods: The study utilized a two-stage...
Research Article

5. Epidemiology of mental health problems in female students: A questionnaire survey

Mehdi Mokhtari, Somayeh Farhang Dehghan, Mehdi Asghari, Uonees Ghasembaklo, Ghasem Mohamadyari, Seyed Ali Azadmanesh, Elmira Akbari
Pages: 83 - 88
Mental health as a state of well-being can be affected by gender. The present work aims to examine the mental health status in female students and recognize its affecting factors. A cross-sectional study on female students of Payame-Noor University in West Azerbaijan, Iran, was conducted among 1632 students....
Research Article

6. Perinatal factors and breast cancer risk among Hispanics

Maureen Sanderson, Adriana Pérez, Mirabel L. Weriwoh, Leah R. Alexander, Gerson Peltz, Vincent Agboto, Heather O’Hara, Waseem Khoder
Pages: 89 - 94
Purpose: This study assessed whether perinatal factors were associated with breast cancer among Hispanics, a group with fairly low incidence rates of breast cancer. Methods: Data were used from a case–control study of breast cancer among Hispanics aged 30–79 conducted between 2003 and 2008 on the Texas–Mexico...
Research Article

7. Prevalence of self-reported diabetes, hypertension and heart disease in individuals seeking State funding in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

Derek Chadee, Terence Seemungal, Lexley M. Pinto Pereira, Mary Chadee, Rohan Maharaj, Surujpal Teelucksingh
Pages: 95 - 103
Objective: Diabetes, hypertension and heart disease inflict a heavy health burden on the Caribbean Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This study assessed the prevalence of self- reported diabetes, hypertension and heart disease in lower socioeconomically placed individuals accessing welfare grants. Method:...
Research Article

8. Trajectories of tuberculosis-specific interferon-gamma release assay responses among medical and nursing students in rural India

Alice Zwerling, Rajnish Joshi, S.P. Kalantri, Gajalakshmi Dakshinamoorthy, Maryada Venkatarama Reddy, Andrea Benedetti, Kevin Schwartzman, Dick Menzies, Madhukar Pai
Pages: 105 - 117
Background: Interferon gamma release assays (IGRAs) have been shown to be highly dynamic tests when used in serial testing for TB infection. However, there is little information demonstrating a clear association between TB exposure and IGRA responses over time, particularly in high TB incidence settings. Objectives:...