Journal of Non-linear Mathematical Physics

ISSN: 1402-9251

The international Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics is a mathematical journal devoted to the publication of research papers concerned with the description, solution, and applications of nonlinear problems in physics and mathematics. The main subjects are:

  • Nonlinear Equations of Mathematical Physics
  • Quantum Algebras and Integrability
  • Applications of Lie Group Theory and Lie Algebras
  • Non-Commutative Geometry
  • Super Geometry and Super Integrable System
  • Integrability and Nonintegrability, Painleve Analysis
  • Spectral Theory and Inverse Spectral Theory
  • Geometry of Soliton Equations and Applications of Twistor Theory
  • Deformation and Geometric Quantization
  • Instanton, Monopoles and Gauge Theory
  • Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics