Journal of Non-linear Mathematical Physics

ISSN: 1402-9251

ISSN (on-line): 1776-0852.
ISSN (print): 1402-9251.

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The indexing and reviewing of Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics is done by:

AMS Mathematical Reviews (All issues, Vol. 1 of 1994 and onward)

Published in:
Mathematical Reviews,
Current Mathematical Publications,
MathSciNet (online and CD-rom version).

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) (Vol. 5 of 1998 and onward)

Published in:
SciSearch (Science Citation Index Expanded),
Current Contents /Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences,
CompuMath Citation Index
ISI's Alerting Services (includes Research Alert).

Zentralblatt MATH (All issues, Vol. 1 of 1994 and onward)

Edited by the European Math Society, Heidelberg Academy and FIZ Karlsruhe,
a non-profit federal institute, scientific Blue List,
supported by the federal ministry of research and education in Germany.


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