Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Volume 11, Issue 4, November 2004
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Pages: 472 - 479
We consider two-dimensional water-waves of permanent shape with a constant proagation speed. Two theorems concerning the uniqueness of certain solutions are rported. Uniqueness of Crapper's pure capillary waves is proved under a positivity assumption. The proof is based on the theory of positive operators....
Pages: 480 - 498
The aim of this paper is to present aspects of the use of Lie groups in mechanics. We start with the motion of the rigid body for which the main concepts are extracted. In a second part, we extend the theory for an arbitrary Lie group and in a third section we apply these methods for the diffeomorphism...
Pages: 499 - 507
We consider the direct/inverse spectral problem for the periodic Camassa-Holm eqution. In fact, we survey the direct/inverse spectral problem for the periodic weighted operator Ly = m-1 (-y +1 4 y) acting in the space L2 (R, m(x)dx), where m = uxx-u > 0 is a 1-periodic positive function and u is...