Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2014

1. Editor's Introduction

Chongfu Huang
Pages: 183 - 183
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2. A Two-Step Water-Management Approach for Nuclear Power Plants in Inland China

Xiaowen Ding, Wang Wei, Guohe Huang, Qingwei Chen, Guoliang Wei
Pages: 184 - 202
Nowadays, effective management of water withdraw, water consumption and wastewater discharge is desired for nuclear power plants in inland China. In this paper, the inland nuclear power industry and its policies in China were reviewed, a two-step water-management (TSWM) approach for the plants was proposed....
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3. Individual, Community and Societal Effects of the Global Financial Crisis: a Bioecological Model

Francesca Eleuteri, Lisa S. Arduino
Pages: 203 - 213
Prior research suggests that the current economic crisis has negative impacts on population mental health, while some studies show that the recession also causes positive effects. This paper aims to understand the individual, community and societal effects of the global financial crisis by examining...
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4. Ship to Ship Transfer of Cargo Operations: Risk Assessment Applying a Fuzzy Inference System

Dimitrios I. Stavrou, Nikolaos P. Ventikos
Pages: 214 - 227
Although the safety records for Ship to Ship (STS) transfer operations reflect to safe procedures, nevertheless it remains a complex operation that needs special consideration due to the adverse consequences of a potential accident. The aim of this paper is to apply fuzzy inference system as a novel...
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5. Study on Risk Evaluation based on Occupational Exposure Evaluation and Carcinogenic Risk Simulation

Qian Zhang, Deyin Huang, Mao Liu
Pages: 228 - 232
In order to provide the quantitative risk evaluation for 1,3-butadiene-expose, quantitative method using physiologically based pharmacokinetic model and dose-response model is applied to the carcinogenic risk evaluation for 1,3-butadiene-exposed workers. First, the internal dose of inhaled-1,3-butadiene...
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6. Bill Business Risk and Prevention of Small and Medium Commercial Bank

Yanling Hu
Pages: 233 - 237
With the increasingly fierce competition in China's banking industry, the traditional deposit and loan business has been difficult to meet the needs of the development of banking business itself. Bill business as a new intermediary business has been a new point of profit growth for small and medium commercial...
Research Article

7. Flood Disaster Risk Assessment and Spatial Distribution Characteristics along the Yangtze River in Anhui Province

Xianfu Cheng, Honghu Sun, Zhang Yuan, Guanglai Xu
Pages: 238 - 242
Using analytic hierarchy process and entropy method to determine the weight of index, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of risk assessment was constructed in this paper. Flood risk index and risk rating of area along the Yangtze River in Anhui province were drawn by using GIS spatial analysis technology....