Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 5, Issue 3, October 2015
Editor’s Introduction
Hanping Zhao, Huiyan Ding, Han Wang
Pages: 152 - 160
Emergency management agencies will organize people to evacuee when disasters are forecasted. However, contradictions between individual behavior and group objective appear frequently during large-scale evacuations, the problem is obviously in the process of fisher boats evacuation. So, this paper set...
Xiaomei Guo, Xiaobing Hu, Hang Li, Zhen Xu
Pages: 188 - 198
Based on daily precipitation data of 174 meteorological stations near civil airports in China, flight data over the same period (1994-2013) and other relevant airport data, this paper carries out a study on risk analysis of rainstorm at Chinese civil airports. We use the platform of ARCGIS, analyze the...