Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2015

1. Editor's Introduction

Chongfu Huang, Mu Zhang, Junxiang Zhang
Pages: 73 - 73
Research Article

2. Modeling of Municipal Drainage and Urban Channel Flooding in Coastal City in the South of China

Xiyan Ren, Demiao Yu, Yongjun Ruan, Guo Yu
Pages: 74 - 86
A numerical model has been formatted including ocean, rain drainage, urban channels, and pumps by the software MIKE FLOOD which coupling MIKE URBAN, MIKE 11 and MIKE 21. The different scenarios have been simulated. The flooding warning water level of the urban channel is low to the spring tide height,...
Research Article

3. Study of the Role of Customs in Global Supply Chain Management and Trade Security Based on the Authorized Economic Operator System

Liwen Chen, Yongfei Ma
Pages: 87 - 92
The core aims of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) are to establish an international corporate identity system and encourage supply chain enterprises to maintain high degrees of safety and security in their international trading. This paper conducts an in-depth study of customs management thinking regarding...
Research Article

4. GIS-based Assessment of Vulnerability to Landslide Hazards in Lushan Earthquake-stricken Areas

Mingtao Ding, Cheng Miao
Pages: 93 - 106
This paper establishes a GIS-based system of vulnerability assessment to landslide hazard for Lushan earthquake-stricken areas. By taking these areas as the study area and ArcGIS 9.3 Software as the platform; with GIS Grid Technology and adopting Contributing Weight Overlay Model, we extract 6 vulnerability...
Research Article

5. Pluvial Flooding Risk Analysis and the Solutions to Risk Mitigation for Dangyang City in China

Yuhong Li, Lian Shi, Jiazhuo Wang, Yingjun Hu, Jin Fan
Pages: 107 - 119
This paper introduces Urban Storm Water Drainage and Localized Pluvial Flooding Mitigation Planning of Dangyang City of Hubei Province in China. With the help of ARCGIS, MIKE FLOOD and other software, we found that the two main courses of pluvial flooding in Dangyang city are the flash floods around...
Case Study

6. Utilization of Flood Simulation Technique in Urban Flood Warning - A Case Study on Fuzhou

Shuaijie Li, Yingxia Xie, Xiaotao Cheng, Zhifen Chen
Pages: 120 - 128
Vulnerability of urban receptors in flood prevention is rising during the rapid urbanization, and emergency response strategies were introduced to strengthen the capacity of urban flood prevention and flood disaster response. Emergency plan for flood control, which is considered as one of the most important...
Research Article

7. Disaster Risk Research Literature on Statistics Analysis in China Journal Net

Shuzhen Li, Alateng Tuya
Pages: 129 - 140
Disaster risk literature collect from CNKI, analysis of the development of china journal net’s literature on disaster risk. According to the literature was published in the year, subject, author, literature sources, databases, was cited and downloaded several aspects, such as for quantitative analysis....