Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 9, Issue 4, January 2020
Research Article

1. The Harmonious Development of Big Data Industry and Financial Agglomeration in Guizhou

Junmeng Lu, Mu Zhang
Pages: 163 - 167
It has important practical and theoretical significance to study the coupling relationship and coordinated development between big data industry and financial agglomeration. This paper used 2015 cross-section data, the intuitionistic fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, the intuitionistic fuzzy number score...
Research Article

2. Interannual Variation and Hazard Analysis of Meteorological Disasters in East China

Jun Shi, Linli Cui, Zhongping Shen
Pages: 168 - 176
Based on the historical data of meteorological disasters in East China during 2004–2015, the overall characteristics, interannual variations and the hazards of meteorological disasters in different provinces of East China were analyzed. The results indicated that flood disaster (including landslide and...
Research Article

3. Meteorological Risk Assessment of Rooftop Solar Resource Development in Inner Mongolia

Yanan 胡 Hu 亚男, Xinghua 李 Li 兴华
Pages: 177 - 184
Due to the long and narrow regional characteristics of Inner Mongolia, there are obvious climatic differences between the east and the west, and various meteorological factors have different influences on the development and utilization of solar energy. The abundance and stability index of solar energy...
Research Article

4. Prospects of Guizhou Province’s Ecological Agriculture Benefit Evaluation Index System

Jian He, Hongmei Zhang
Pages: 185 - 193
Ecological agriculture is a major reform in the history of world agriculture. The study of ecological agriculture benefits is of great significance to the development of ecological agriculture. In this paper, by referring to the evaluation index system of ecological agriculture at home and abroad, and...
Review Article

5. Summary of Intelligent Guidance System for Fire Emergency Evacuation in Large Buildings

Xiangzhi 相至 Meng 孟, Rongmei 荣梅 Guo 郭, Xiaobing 小兵 Hu 胡
Pages: 194 - 202
With the continuous development of the social economy and the deepening of urbanization, large buildings are increasing, and disaster risks associated with large buildings, such as fire risks, are also increasing. Because of large buildings, such as shopping malls, business offices, transportation hubs...