Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 10, Issue 1, April 2020
Research Article

2. Review the Parameters of Historical Strong Earthquakes in Tianshui and Its Surrounding Areas

Wu 吴 Qing 清
Pages: 1 - 5
There is a high intensity and frequency of earthquake occurrence in Tianshui and its surrounding areas and it is very important to study on the historical strong earthquakes occurred in that area for knowing about the seismicity and earthquake risk prevention. This paper proposed an elliptical intensity...
Research Article

3. Kernel Density Estimation of White Noise for Non-diversifiable Risk in Decision Making

Emma Anyika Shileche, Patrick Weke, Thomas Achia
Pages: 6 - 11
Many businesses make profit yearly and tend to invest some of the profit so that they can cushion their organizations against any future unknown events that can affect their current profit making. Since future happenings in businesses cannot be predicted accurately, estimates are made using experience...
Research Article

4. Discussing the Need to Manage Uncertainty Relating to Users in Road Tunnel Fire Risk Assessment

Panagiotis Ntzeremes, Konstantinos Kirytopoulos, Vrassidas Leopoulos
Pages: 12 - 18
Although tunnels provide roads with numerous advantages, they also include significant risks. Especially, fire accidents are the biggest threats. Nowadays, risk assessment has the predominant role for managing tunnel fire safety and users are in the centre of attention. However, existing methods exhibit...

5. Research on the Contagion Mechanism of Associated Credit Risk in the Supply Chain

Xiaofeng Xie, Yang Yang, Jing Gu, Zongfang Zhou
Pages: 19 - 22
In recent years, the credit crisis of Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd., (HNA), Suntech, Bogang, Dunan, Chengxing and other enterprises, as well as the fact that many enterprises and financial institutions in the supply chain suffer heavy losses caused by the credit crisis, make the associated credit...
Research Article

6. The Diamond Princess Cruise: An Accidentally Experimental Model of COVID-19

Liyuan 里远 Liu 刘
Pages: 23 - 25
On February 2020, the Diamond Princess Cruise, which left Japan, was obliged to stay at sea for 14 days-quarantine after it was found that a Hong Kong passenger had been diagnosed SARS-COV2 pneumonia after disembarking. As a result shocked the world, an outbreak of infection occurred on board; the number...