Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Art and Design: Inheritance and Innovation (ADII 2021)

2021 Conference on Art and Design: Inheritance and Innovation (ADII 2021) took place on December 29-30, 2021 in Zhengzhou, China. ADII 2021 was organized by Research Center of Chinese Dancing Culture and Art in Mianyang Sichuan (China) and Zhengzhou Yingchun Conference planning Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou, China). The event was held online on Zoom platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This event invited academicians to contribute current thoughts and researches in the relevant fields of Art and Design, and aimed to provide a platform for discussion among leading academicians, researchers, students, and practitioners who are experts in the relevant fields.

ADII 2021 has received 117 manuscripts and 60 submissions have been accepted by our reviewers. This publication uses double-blind review and all the papers contributed to us had been reviewed by three experts. The results of the conference are presented in this collection of academic articles. The topics of these works are devoted to various aspects of Art history in the field of visual arts, design, music, literature, performing arts and architecture; Socio-cultural function of art in contemporary culture; Rehabilitation potential of art; Economic problems in the sphere of art; Artistic design; Design history and theory; Design and material culture; Innovative design; Art education: problems and prospects.

Let us express our gratitude to all the participants of ADII 2021 for their valuable contribution to the work of the conference. We would also like to thank everyone who worked hard to organize the conference and prepare the proceedings for publication. Special thanks go to Atlantis Press.

The organizing committee of ADII 2021