Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Art and Design: Inheritance and Innovation (ADII 2021)

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Research on the Theme of “Chubby Baby” in Dongfengtai New Year Paintings

Jingyu Wang
At the junction of eastern Tianjin and Hebei, there is a “Sister New Year painting” — Dongfengtai New Year painting, which belongs to the same branch as Yangliuqing New Year paintings. Dongfengtai is located at the junction of Tianjin City and Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Dongfengtai New Year painting...
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Research on the Ways to Improve the Overseas Communication of Chinese Symphony Against the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Genghua Qiu
Since “the Belt and Road Initiative” was first put forward, people mostly observed and thought about it from the perspective of economic development and political cooperation. However, with the continuous deepening of “the Belt and Road Initiative” in recent years, cultural exchanges continue to integrate...
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Study on the Absurd Beauty of Marc Chagall’s “Lovers Under the Eiffel Tower”

Lei Zhou
The artistic creation of modern painting artist Marc Chagall is full of absurdity and his strong artistic emotion is displayed in his works with unique aesthetic characteristics. On the basis of a comprehensive understanding of Chagall’s art, this article takes his representative work “Lovers Under the...
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Research on the Ecological Orientation of Digital Public Art and Its Relationship with Urban Development

Suhui Zhang, Russell Pensyl
Against the background of human’s universal concern for ecological problems, digital public art also has gained an ecological orientation. Some works have the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, coupled with their intuitive and dynamic images and interactive forms of...
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Discrimination of Music Basic Elements and Music Formal Elements Under the Care of Music Aesthetics

Xin Zuo, Yuetong Lu
Currently, there are different opinions about whether the basic elements and the formal elements of music are equivalent and the composition of the formal elements of music. This article analyzes the concepts of music basic elements and music formal elements through sorting out related literature and...
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The Application of Digital Technology in the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage — Taking Beijing Palace Carpets as an Example

Baitao Jiang
The patterns, decorations and exquisite skills of Beijing palace carpets show the meaningful national culture that is passed down through body language and oral instruction. They are not only a concrete display of ancient people’s world view, outlook on life, and values, but also convey image language...
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Dislocation and Disembodiment of Interactive Body Image in Neo-Pop Art

Shuwen Yang
With the accelerated development and popularity of digital media technology, Neo-Pop Art has expanded individuals’ perceptions of the body and widened the artistic language of representing the body image. The transformation in body view stimulates the multidimensional attitude to observe the body and...
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Analysis of Body and Emotion in Dance Performance

Yuhan Lu
Dance is an art that combines body and emotion. Body and emotion are the soul of dance and the joint force between them forms the unique artistic charm of dance. The expression of body and emotion gives the dance vitality, revealing the endless rhythm of life. The blend of body and emotion is a sign...
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Exploration and Thoughts on the Protection and Inheritance of the Eight Unique Skills of Yanjing: Taking Beijing Palace Carpets as an Example

Xu Jiang, Baitao Jiang
The technique of palace carpet weaving has been introduced to the people for more than one hundred years, and Beijing palace carpets have also entered the homes of ordinary people from imperial possessions. From the widespread popularity in China and foreign countries in the 1970s and 1980s, to the impact...
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The Aesthetic Perspective and Evolution of Ancient Seals from the Perspective of Communication Studies

Xin Jin
Since the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the activities of appreciating and collecting ancient seals have spurred a wave of compiling collections of ancient seals in the middle and late Ming dynasties to a large extent. Seal cutting masters developed a strong interest in learning ancient seals, and proposed...
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Study on the Importance of “Jumping” in Chinese Classical Dance

Yanchi Zhou
In the process of dance performances, jumping movements can accurately express the emotional routes of the characters in dance works such as happiness, anger, sorrow and joy; jumping movements better show the charm of dance and create a better viewing experience for the audience; the degree of beauty...
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Discussion on the Fashion of Literati and Officialdoms Painted in “Listening to the Qin” in Song Dynasty

Yida Wu
In Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty’s “Listening to the Qin”, the player is dressed in Taoist clothes, reflecting a style of clothing of the Northern Song Dynasty literati and officialdom class. Fan Zhongyan in the Northern Song Dynasty recorded the fashion of Taoist literati and officialdoms wearing...
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Discussions on the Performance Techniques of Pipa Song “Yunxiang·Huaxiang”

Dongqing Liu
“Yunxiang·Huaxiang” is a piece of pipa work with distinctive classical characteristics. It is inspired by Li Bai’s poem “Qing Ping Tiao”. It borrows the image of Yang Yuhuan to depict the persistent pursuit of love by women in the Tang Dynasty. The performance skills of “Yunxiang·Huaxiang” are also representative....
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“Humanistic Care” of Contemporary Sculpture

Xiaobo Yu, Weichao Zheng
Contemporary art may be more closely related to personal life and social problems. From a simple visual point of view, people can only see the external modeling beauty or ugliness of contemporary art works, but identify whether they have certain cultural values from the psychological and social levels....
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Discussion on the Sinicization of the Art of Buddhist Sutra Illustration

Taking the “Prince Showered by Nine Dragons” as an Example

Jiahao Li
As the only foreign religion among the three traditional religions in China, Buddhism has a history of more than 2,500 years. Buddhism was founded by the ancient Indian Prince Siddhartha Gautama and was introduced to China during the Eastern Han Dynasty, along with the art of sutra illustration to represent...
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An Analysis on the Artistic Characteristics of Dehua Porcelain Sculptures in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Zibo Lin, Chunji Xie
Dehua kiln in Fujian Province is a producing area of white porcelain with a long history in China, and Dehua porcelain sculpture, as a representative of Dehua kiln, is well-known in China and foreign countries during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and is also an excellent traditional national culture of...
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The Artistic Conception Beauty of “Poetic Dwelling” in Modern Chinese Ceramic Art

Lin Cai, Ling Zuo
Heidegger’s ontological aesthetics transcends the dichotomy of subject and object, which is very different from the traditional metaphysical aesthetics of the West, and is closer to the aesthetic spirit of Eastern philosophy — “artistic conception” (意境). As the aesthetic embodiment of the philosophical...
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A Study on Hong Kong Nanyang-themed Films During the Cold War

Xiaoyun Li
In terms of geographical locations, Hong Kong acts as an intermediate terminal for migrants who move from the mainland to Nanyang. In addition, due to the joint influence by British Colonies, Hong Kong has always been closely associated with Nanyang. In 1950s, there were a lot of Hong Kong films directing...
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Research on Timbre in Music and Its Application

Dawei Yan, Bo Tu
Aiming at the original theory of the “timbre” problem, through sorting out the ins and outs of the concept of timbre, this article studies the relationship between timbre and music origin and the evolution process of the auditory system’s perception of tone color, and gives new cognitive concepts of...
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Analysis on the Selection of Editing Points in Short Films and Its Significance

Jiaxuan Xing, Guicheng Zhuang
As one part of the post-production process of film and television, editing is not to be underestimated for the changes of the art of film and television, and even affects the communication effect of film and television works to a certain extent. Emotion editing points enable the audiences capture the...
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The Influence of the Concept “Approaching the Various Bodies” on the Aesthetic Consciousness of “Personification” in Chinese Ancient Painted Pottery Schema

Shan Lu
The art of Chinese prehistoric ancient painted pottery is unique. Underneath its fullness of form and luxuriant pattern, it reflects the aesthetic consciousness of self-observation of prehistoric ancestors. Ancient painted pottery schema (图式) is a holistic visual presentation of form, pattern, structure,...
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An Analysis of Samuel Barber’s Neo-Romantic Music Style

Min Wang
Samuel Barber is a famous American composer, known as “one of the most influential composers of American music in the twentieth century”. Most of his works is categorized to string products. The creation of his works has extremely romantic style. Samuel Barber’s music blends traditional musical styles...
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Compilation of Wu Xiaobang’s Dance Drama Activities in Northern Guangdong During the Anti-Japanese War

Qunying Wang, Liping Liao, Guangtao Cao
Wu Xiaobang is the pioneer and founder of Chinese new dance art as well as an outstanding dance artist, theorist and educator. Wu Xiaobang’s achievement was inseparable from his early artistic practice especially during the Anti-Japanese War and the positive influence of the Communist Party of China...
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The Spatial Dimension of Landscape Studies: New Trends and Rationales for the Development of the Discipline of Literary Geography

Jianjun Kang, Yinghua Lin, Jiyuan Zhai
The study of the landscape is an important element in the study of literary geography. Regional differences lead to landscape differences, which become literary spaces under the writers’ pens each with its characteristics. In the study of literary geography, through the study of ancient and modern writers...
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Study on the Development Path of Cultural and Creative Products in the Changzhou Section of the Grand Canal

Musheng Yang
Cultural and creative products have strong cultural, artistic and regional characteristics, and are important carriers for the communication of the Grand Canal culture. Changzhou section of the Grand Canal, as one of the oldest river sections in China, has formed a rich and colorful cultural scene along...
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The Style Features of Songs Filled with Ancient Chinese Classical Poetry in the New Era

Li Xue
In the new era, with people’s pursuit of the integration of classics and fashion, many songs filled with ancient Chinese classical poetry have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and have undergone rapid changes in style. It contains modern people’s longing for Chinese traditional culture,...
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The Transition of Traditional Chinese Aesthetics by the Taoism and Neo-Confucianism in Tang and Northern Song Dynasties

Jing Tang
The artistic characteristics of traditional Chinese culture are unique in the world and embody oriental aesthetic thoughts and Chinese philosophy. Taoism, Buddhism and Neo-Confucianism are spiritual houses that shape and nurture artistic characteristics.
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Inspection of the Portraits of Zhu Maoshi

Huixia Wu
This research focuses on a Ming loyalist’s portraits made in the river south of dynasty alternation from Ming to Qing. Commissioned by Zhu Maoshi (1595-1683) and completed in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, these portraits are interesting examples of portraiture which exerts a mixture of portraiture...
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Folk Cultures and Artistic Characteristics of “Yisheng Goddess” Festival Lantern Drama

Zhenhao Li, Dandan Zhou
“Yisheng Goddess” Festival Lantern Drama, which is an ancient folk cultural activity of Han nationality in Xiushui County of Jiujiang City, was added on Jiangxi Provincial List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (X-10) in 2007. It is regarded as one of the folk and artistic culture forms in Jiangxi Province....
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The Regional and Cultural Characteristics of B&B (Bed and Breakfast) Design Against the Background of Traditional Culture — Taking B&Bs in Yuntai Mountain Area, Henan Province as Examples

Shisheng Lv, Tianhao Wu
China’s economy is in its fast development. From the 20th century to the 21st century, both social wealth and people’s living standards have been unprecedentedly improved. The society began to gradually change from the ideal of production to the ideal of life. After people’s material needs have reached...
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A Study of Fault-tolerant Design of Chinese Characters Under the Gestalt Organization Law

Zhixiong Huang, Kexuan Wang
Gestalt organization law is closely related to design science. It is a specific organizational law when human vision perceives the outside world, thus it is widely used in visual arts. This article discusses the “fault-tolerant” design of Chinese characters based on the Gestalt organization law, aiming...
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The Enlightenment of Taizhou Glass Engraving Art on the Visual Arts of Modern Poster Design

Huiying Lu
The visual art presentation of modern poster design is impacted and influenced by various cultures, extending more and more visual expression styles, and each style performs its own unique artistic charm. Among them, transparent, reflective, light and shadow and other highly visual and novel poster styles...
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Research on the Application of Dali Tie-dye Elements in the Design of Homestays

Xinyue Wang
Dali is located in Yunnan Province in southwestern China. As a famous tourist city, there are a large number of homestays and various styles. There are many Bai tie-dye themed homestays in Dali, but the overall quality is not very high. This article mainly uses the literature research method and case...
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Research on the Creative Expression of Font Design in Poster Design

Taking Public Poster as an Example

Zhengze Zhang, Zhiqiang Cai
At present, human beings are in a new era of design culture, which is also an information age that people take graphic language as communication tool and integrate design and culture. As a means of public communication in modern social life, public posters carry certain cultural deposits and social responsibilities....
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Research on the Development Status and Path of the Native Papermaking in Renhua, Shaoguan Under the Perspective of Culture and Tourism Integration

Yan Wang, Huilin Zhao
Against the current background of culture and tourism integration, this article takes the development of tourism products in Renhua, Shaoguan under the environment of intangible cultural heritage as the background, takes the creative design of native papermaking in Renhua, Shaoguan as the research object,...
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Research on the Modeling Design of Modern Tea Wares

Yueming He
China’s tea culture is an indirect expression of humanistic thought and geological culture. In the era of world integration, China’s tea culture is also loved by people all over the world. Tea ware modeling is an important part of tea culture. In order to meet the aesthetic needs and tea drinking needs...
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New Space, New Thinking, and New Guidance

Discussion on the New Thinking of Guidance Design of Space in the Future

Zhiqiang Cai
The outbreak of the COVID-19 has changed people’s lives to some extent. The original ordinary travel now seems to be a luxury. Coupled with the constant emergence of new spatial environments in the city and the absence of a guidance system that keeps pace with the times, this is not only a barrier to...
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Exploring the Sense of Space Formed by the Use of Comprehensive Materials in Book Design

Xiaohan Zeng
Modern book design has various forms. In order to give readers a better reading experience, the use of comprehensive materials is a common element in books, which can not only enrich the sense of touch and vision of books, but also provide readers with a multi-dimensional spatial experience. This article...
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The Virtual Remote Presence of the Body: Research on the Phenomenon of “Desktop Drama”

Bo Li
In 2021, the world enters the post-epidemic era, and various forms of “online drama” performances emerge one after another. As a type of “online drama”, “screen drama” begin to enter the public view in 2020, while the emergence of this subtype of “screen drama” shows another possibility for the form...
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Modern Creative Expression of Chinese Traditional Graphic “Cattle” — Taking the Visual Design of Idioms as an Example

Danyang Zhu, Yifan Wang
The cattle have played a very important role in ancient Chinese agricultural production and social life. They have a mild temperament and are a representative of hard work. For thousands of years, the cattle culture has been running through the soul and blood of the Chinese nation. As a special symbol...
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The Application of Traditional Cultural Elements in the Creative Design of Chinese Characters

Lei Wang
Chinese nation has a long history, and the culture of the Chinese nation is extensive and profound. Chinese characters in Chinese traditional culture are the characters with the most national characteristics at this stage. As an intuitive form of visual expression, Chinese characters show its own unique...
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Book Form Design Based on Emotional Experience

Taking the Children of the Stars as the Example

Juanying Wu
Objective: The goal of this paper is to explore book form design strategies based on emotional experience. Methods: First, the paper introduces the related theories of emotional design, refines the book form design strategy based on emotional experience, and then analyzes the book design practice of...
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The Application and Practice of Traditional Cultural Symbols in the Brand Design of “Nation Tide”

Yang Zhang
In recent years, the “nation tide” of Chinese design has emerged. The main elements of the “nation tide” brand design come from traditional patterns, Chinese characters, colors, or traditional Chinese stories, traditional Chinese spirits and other traditional cultural symbols. The creation of the “nation...
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Intersection and Integration: Interdisciplinary Design Practice and New Media Art Design Teaching

Zhijun Wang
Interdisciplinary research is a new model of knowledge innovation research for a single subject. Increasingly, many interdisciplinary researches have shown multi levels and forms, ranging from simple exchange of academic ideas to comprehensive exchanges or even integration of academic views, methods,...
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Exploration and Practice of the “Studio System” Teaching Model for the Visual Communication Major in Local Colleges and Universities

Jing Hou
With the increasing demand of society for the quantity and quality of visual communication professionals, the teaching organization form should be reconstructed and the teaching organization process should be optimized on the basis of the traditional talent training program so as to improve the teaching...
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The Application of Folding Structure in Paper Packaging Design

Xiaoyi Zhang
In the paper packaging structure design process, simply using the folding method can shape and fix the three-dimensional structure of the paper packaging. Due to the simple process of pure folding carton, it has gradually replaced the traditional glued carton in many fields. However, due to the large...
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Exploration on the Course Teaching Reform of Digital Media Art Major in the Digital Age

The Teaching Practice of Logo Design Course Blending in with Dynamics

Zhongyi Shi
With the advent of the digital age, traditional media have gradually been replaced by digital media based on various mobile terminals, directly changing people’s living habits and lifestyles. In the field of visual communication design, the information conveyed by traditional static logos is weakened,...
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Innovation, Style and Signature

“Benim Adım Kırmızı (My Name Is Red)” from the Artistic Perspective

Yuyun Xue
Pamuk reproduced the unparalleled glory of Islamic miniature painting in “Benim Adım Kırmızı (My Name Is Red)”. The time of the story is set in 1591 AD. At this time, the Western World Renaissance has been completed, and society has undergone comprehensive and profound changes. Facing the changes of...
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Analysis on Innovative Path of Lacquer Products in the Context of Fashion

Jing Chen
Against the background that traditional lacquer art is difficult to adapt to the new life style and new fashion of the times, this paper, based on the connection of design and technology, takes “fashion” as the research object, explores the way to make lacquer art return to life through fashionable design...
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Research on the Creative Techniques of “Reality Show” TV Programs

Taking the Construction of “Manliness” in “Fighting Men” as an Example

Ningning Wang, Jiaqi Xiang
In recent years, with the steadily increasing ratings of reality shows, reality shows with male as the main shooting object are particularly popular as one of the many genres. Although the shooting methods and themes of the programmes are different, the “manliness” of the guests is the core of this type...
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Research on the Fusion of Art Design and Screen Printing Process

Jun Cao
Starting from the classification, concepts and creative techniques of art design form language, this author of this paper analyzes the main characteristics and aesthetic value of different art design forms, and through practice, closely integrates art design and screen printing process, so that art design...
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Research on the Space Construction Characteristics of Traditional Settlement in Sanzhou Village

Lingyu Gao
The formation of traditional settlements has a rich historical and cultural heritage and is a non-renewable cultural heritage. The complex formation motives of traditional settlements vividly reflect the production method and life style, social organization form and so on of local residents. The site...
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Study on the Pictorial Design of Five-color Porcelain “Three Young Men Battling Against Lv Bu” in Kangxi Regime

Xiaomeng Chi
Five-color porcelain in Kangxi Regime is the abbreviation for five-color porcelain of the Kangxi period in Qing Dynasty, is rich in colors and patterns, and has varied decorative effects. The story of three brothers Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, who fought against Lv Bu in a bloody battle on the battleground...
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Study on the Research Hotspots and Trends of Music Education in the Asia-Pacific Region — Based on the 13th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research

Yuetong Lu, Xin Zuo
This article is mainly based on the collection of papers collected by the 13th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research to sort out the research hotspots presented at this conference and the future research trends of music education in the Asia-Pacific region through the inductive analysis...
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Analysis on the Inheritance and Practice of Chinese Folk Dance in Colleges and Universities

Yumo Lu
Chinese folk dance is an integral part of the cultural context of the Chinese nation, with distinctive national characteristics and profound cultural connotations. Therefore, the teaching of folk dance in colleges and universities should make the inheritance and practice of folk dance on campus continue...
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The Metaverse Phenomenon in the Teaching of Digital Media Art Major

Yong Li, Dan Xiong
The interdisciplinary characteristics of the digital media art major have led to the combination of technology and art in practical teaching, especially the impact of technological changes on teaching. This article takes the meta-universe imagination that is the focus of teaching as an entry point, explains...
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Inheritance and Application of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Higher Art Education

Jing Wu
This paper focuses on the education and training of intangible cultural heritage art talents in colleges and universities. Through analysis of the current problems and difficulties in the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, the author believes that higher art education is an important carrier...
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Exploration and Analysis on the Current Situation of Teaching Course of “Impromptu Accompaniment to Children’s Songs”

Jing Fan
“Impromptu Accompaniment to Children’s Songs” is one of the professional courses in the preschool education curriculum system in colleges and universities, and also a highly comprehensive subject in terms of subject content. The teaching contents include keyboard playing, song accompaniment practice...
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The Connotation and Implementation Path of Art Education from the Perspective of Aesthetic Education in the New Era

Yanjun Yu, Xia Jiang
A series of documents issued in recent years on strengthening and improving aesthetic education have highlighted the importance and value of the times of aesthetic education and art education. In the context of the new era, it is necessary to deeply understand the connotation of aesthetic education,...
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The Dislocation and Construction of Chinese Contemporary Children’s Art Education from the Perspective of Aesthetic Education

Yanjie Guo
Children’s aesthetic education is a very important topic in China’s basic education reform at this stage. This article starts from the dimension of art education, analyzes the dislocation of children’s aesthetic education at this stage, and proposes constructive thinking. The article points out that...