Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Advanced Education, Management and Humanities (AEMH 2019)

When it’s July 19-21, 2019, the 2019 International Conference on Advanced Education, Management and Humanities (AEMH 2019) is going to be hosted in Wuhan, China. The convening of this conference embodies the efforts of many people and institutions. And it endeavors to establish a high-quality platform and academic environment for Advanced Education, Management and Humanities researchers and practitioners. By the time the conference is held, it is believed that participants from all over the world will feel the sincerity of the conference.

AEMH 2019 is intended to bring together the researchers, and academics working in different aspects of Advanced Education, Management and Humanities for communicating the latest development and worldwide cooperation concerned with related fields. At the same time, it provides an international forum for specialists from universities, research centers and industry of various countries worldwide to share knowledge and experience and cross-fertilization of new ideas.

In order to adapt to the rapid development of Advanced Education, Management and Humanities, the conference hopes to promote in-depth exchanges between researchers and promote cooperation between scientists and technicians. In AEMH 2019, the participants can not only talk about their own views on the subject, but also put forward bottlenecks and discuss with everyone. This is a great opportunity for both young scholars and experienced professors to improve themselves.

The Symposium received hot response from across the world. At the special invitation of the organizing committee of this conference, some global experts participated in this gathering and reviewed all the submitted manuscripts. Double-blind review is the main method of selecting excellent articles for this conference and each article will be evaluated by two or three experts at least. To be specific, from each article the information of the authors was deleted for ensuring the fairness of reviewing. In addition, the experts reviewed all the papers according to the strict criterions, including Originality; Significance and usefulness; Technical Soundness; Reference to related literature; Match to Conference Topic and Quality of the Figures and Format etc. for ensuring the high-quality of articles.

After a strict review and selection, more than 190 manuscripts are received before the submission deadline, while only 55 papers are accepted by the reviewing of related experts. All the accepted articles are contained in this book which has been divided into 5 chapters in terms of different topics as follows:

Chapter 1: Education and Educational Research
Chapter 2: Management Science and Research
Chapter 3: Tourism, Culture and Social Issues
Chapter 4: Teaching Research and Application
Chapter 5: Social Sciences and Humanistic Studies

It is quite clear that the success of this conference is due to the dedication of many people, in particular the members of the International Scientific Committees who are responsible for all the submitted articles. We also want to thank the co-sponsor: The Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong which gives great support of the convening of this conference. We are also grateful to each authors who submit their excellent articles and Atlantis Press which publishes all the accepted articles. In conclusion, we sincerely wish the conference a smooth start and look forward to working with relevant personnel next time.

AEMH2019 Committee