Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Advanced Education, Management and Humanities (AEMH 2019)

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Preliminary Exploration on the Innovation of Marketing Teaching Model

Wenqin Jiang, Xia Li
T Marketing is a very practical and applied course. In order to match China's higher education to implement “the cultivation of innovation ability and practice ability”, exploring new teaching mode, carry out innovation education reform, and cultivating excellent marketing talents for the enterprise...
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Research on the Training System of Innovative Type Technical and Skilled Talents in Higher Vocational Education under Made-in-China 2025

Wanzhong Qin
To build a great modern socialist country and realize national rejuvenation, “Made-in-China 2025” plan points out the direction, and the corresponding reforms are urgently needed for higher vocational education which training a large number of innovative type technical and skilled talents. This article...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Comprehensive Evaluation of Teachers' Teaching Quality in Technical Colleges

Kegang Xue, Nan Jiang, Hua Jiang, Fang Wang
Through analyzing the problems existing in the evaluation of the teaching quality of the teachers in the technical colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the correct view of the evaluation of teaching quality, the evaluation system of the teaching quality with the characteristics of the technical...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Software Architecture Design Course under the Background of Engineering Education

Weigang Li
The increasing scale and complexity of software architecture in the Internet era is a great challenge for the teaching of software architecture design course. The course content and its teaching mode must be reformed to match the technology progress and the new software development practices. We report...
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Research on Establishing Rapid Response Mechanism of Network Public Opinions in Colleges and Universities

Qing Chen, Pengming Wang
The prominent contradiction between the diversity, dispersion, burstiness, creativity of the university network public opinion content, and the current sluggish, backward response mechanism, brings challenges to ideological and political education in colleges and universities, which is not conducive...
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Research on Teaching Model of 3D Printing Course Based on Creativity Cultivation in Primary Schools

Xiaodong Huang, Qin Wang
As a new course, 3D printing course is highly acclaimed for its interest, openness and practicality. This paper explores how to use it to cultivate pupils’ creativity. On the basis of Triffinger’s three-level theory of creative learning and Parnes’s teaching model of creative problem solving, the author...
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Research on University Education Management Decision-making under the Combination of Experience and Data

Lei Zhang
To achieve the credible purpose of education and teaching management, it is necessary to conduct education management big data mining from the perspective of multidimensional and complex. From the perspective of the actual needs of college education management, this paper introduces the significance...
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The Blended Teaching Modes Based on ‘Internet Plus’ for University Physics Teaching

Weici Liu
In this paper, based on ‘Internet plus’, the blended teaching modes for university physics teaching are studied. According to the teaching practice, the quality of university physics teaching may be improved by blended teaching modes which is based on‘Internet plus’. The modes are rationally combined...
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Exploration of the Transformation Strategy for Backward-students

Shujuan Liu
The transformation of backward-students small groups in junior high school is very important to teaching, management and healthy growth of students. In view of the present situation and dilemma of a junior high school class, the transformation strategies of the backward-students are explored and summarized:...
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Research on German Technician Certificate Education - A Case Study of Mechatronics Major

Jiujun Zhen, Zhanmin Yang, Xiaoyong Wang
Starting from the research status of German technician certificate education, the German vocational education system, the German technician certificate education and the corresponding position of higher vocational education in China was analysed. Furthermore, the syllabus and teaching requirements of...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of MCU Based on CDIO Teaching Model

Jun Liu, Ping Li, Shiqi Jiang
CDIO (Conception Design Implementation Operation) is an engineering education model. It uses a project as a carrier to let students' learning process run through the whole process of project product conception, project product design, project product implementation and project product operation, so that...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Business English in Accordance with the Demand of Talent Market

Jun Wang
With the social and economic development, business English is widely used in circulation, trade, business and other fields. Although the employment rate of higher vocational business English majors graduates is relatively high, employment positions and professions are not counterparts with the majors,...
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Evaluation of the Effect of Flipping Classroom in the Teaching of Marketing

Wei Wang, Qi Wang, Xiangrui Luo
The flipped classroom is proposed compared to traditional teaching, and its core is flipping. This flip has two main meanings: one is the flipping of the content, that is, the content taught in the teacher's class and the content of the student's learning after class; the second is the flipping of the...
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Research on Teaching Methods for Vocational and Technical Education

Qingtian Han
The paper analyzed the needs of student’s vocational skills from the aspects of basic knowledge and technical skills, comprehensive quality and teaching ability, environmental adaptation and self-learning ability. The main problems were pointed out, such as the cultural quality, professional skills and...
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On Three Characteristics of the Chinese Style Management Held by Zeng Shiqiang

Guoqing Li, Limei Li, Huimin Deng
Professor Zeng Shiqiang is thought of as the best-known and the most admired expert in management studies and practice in China. This paper is to analyze and discuss the three characteristics of the Chinese style management held by Professor Zeng Shiqiang. Among other management principles, Prof. Zeng...
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Analysis of Marketing Strategy Based on the Entrepreneurial History of Yunnan Changtai Technology Co., Ltd.

Jingkun Zhao, Mei Xu, Qiangnan Zhan
With the depletion of traditional fossil fuels, solar energy has become one of the most promising alternative energy sources. Solar water heaters are devices that collect solar radiation and convert it into heat. The world's industrial and economic boom has been followed by rising energy consumption....
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Network Red Marketing Strategy Analysis — Taking Li Ziqi, a Well-known Food Blogger on Weibo, as an Example

Qiangnan Zhan, Youli Xu
Driven by the rapid development of mobile Internet and consumption upgrading, the group of network celebrities has gradually transformed from a social phenomenon into an economic industry by virtue of its own advantages -- huge traffic and fans effect. In this process, web celebrity marketing emerged...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures of Cross-cultural Business Cooperation between China and Malaysia under The Belt and The Road Initiative

Danya Zhu, Liang Tan, Yutong Han
Malaysia, one of China’s key target markets of foreign trade in Southeast Asia, has been claiming our special attention since the launch of China- ASEAN partnership on the first day of 2010. It is, therefore, of vital importance for us to have an adequate understanding of the cross-cultural differences...
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Does Chinese Industries’ Status in GVC Affect Its Carbon Emission Intensity?

Xueqing Yang, Zhiying Ji
Recently the division of labor, caused by economic globalization, makes big difference to the whole world economy. The traditional inter-industry division gradually transfers to intra-industry division during one certain production process. Developing countries have to face serious environmental problems...
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The Impact of Patent Characteristics and Patent Strategic Value on Innovation Performance

Xiaoqin Xiong, Aiguo Cheng
To explore the impact of corporate patent characteristics and patent strategic value on innovation performance, this study provides an empirical analysis of 339 automobile companies in China. The results show that the patent characteristics have a positive impact on the patent strategic value and innovation...
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On Plan-Making and Plan-Execution for the Qualified Decision-maker --- An Important Viewpoint Held by Zeng Shiqiang

Limei Li, Guoqing Li
This paper discusses and analyzes Professor Zeng Shiqiang’s viewpoint on plan-making and plan-execution and how to become a qualified policy-maker in the Chinese management. First of all, the paper discusses the how to make a successful plan, and how to implement the plan smoothly. Then the paper makes...
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Research on Constraints of Long-term Development of Poverty Alleviation by E-commerce in Rural Xi'an

Yan Wang
The development of rural e-commerce promotes the two-way flow of rural and urban resource elements, and initially forms a new form of rural e-commerce, which injects tremendous vitality into rural revitalization. E-commerce breaks the limitation of time and space, links urban and rural areas organically,...
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Research on Construction Cost Based on Dynamic Management Engineering Cost

Kunfa Lee, Ying Lu, Jingchun Chen
With the construction cost management of construction has become the focus of attention, in order to strengthen the construction cost to optimize the dynamic cost and cost, and to rationally control the continuous development of the basic cost and cost, the dynamic management and control of construction...
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Analysis and Research on B2C of Skinstore

Wenrong Jiang
Skinstore is one of the world's leading cosmetics e-commerce shopping sites, is an American site, from its founding development for nearly 20 years. As a cosmetic website, the main customer groups faced young beauty of women, of course, including some groups of men and groups of pregnant women, in today's...
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The Characteristics, Superiority, Limitations and Inspirations of the EU’s Regional Policy

Ming Li
The EU is the regional institution with the highest integration level of the world. The EU’s regional policy is playing very important role in the field of solving regional problems between the developing and developed regions of the EU and realizing the general integration within the EU. The EU’s regional...
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An Extended TODIM Method Under Uncertain and Risky Situations

Yuyan Cheng, Jiugen Zhang, Weixiang Li
The purpose of this paper is to solve the MADM problem under uncertain and risky situations by proposing an extended TODIM method. After considering about the attitude of decision makers on "risk" sufficiently, we introduce a new measure for IT2FS to describe the uncertain information. Taking into account...
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Research on Customer-centered Design Method of Electric Power Service Products

Wei Tang, Junfeng Li, Hongshan Zhang
Under the new situation, the traditional electric power service products can no longer meet the personalized needs of multiple customers. This paper mainly studies the key links of new power service product design, establishes a scientific and rational power service product design system, helps grid...
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Research on the Design of Tibetan Tourism Cultural and Creative Products from the Perspective of Visual Communication

Lili Wang
The rapid development of tourism has not only brought huge economic and social benefits, but also spread Tibetan culture. The visual communication derivatives market with Tibetan characteristics has a broad development prospect. Tourism, cultural and creative products with Tibetan cultural characteristics...
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Research on Tourists' Perception Evaluation of Cultural Tourism Resources in Maiji Mountain Grottoes

Zekun Lin, Huiying Chen
This paper adopts the research method of grounded theory, collects and organizes the data, and carries out the three-level coding of the data through the rooted theory, trying to establish the tourist evaluation index system of the cultural resources of the Maiji Mountain Grottoes, and the cultural tourism...
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A Study on the Dissemination of Chinese Folk Culture in Animation

Huilian Xu
China’s splendid 5,000-year civilization has nurtured rich folk culture. In the era of modern medias, disseminating folk arts, folk values and activities in animated works is an attemptable way to spread Chinese folk culture. The paper first shows that introduction of various folk arts in the design...
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An Analysis of Yasunari Kawabata's House of the Sleeping Beauties and Other Stories --- Centering on Beauty and Ugliness, Life and Death

Zhengdong Xu
Yasunari Kawabata's novel House of the sleeping beauties and other stories tells the story of an old man named Eguchi who was introduced to a hotel called House of the sleeping beauties for nights. This hotel caters for the elderly. Every old man is provided a sleeping girl who is taken with a special...
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Marriage Customs of Dong Minority in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County of Hunan Province

Guihua He, Xiangyuan Ma
This article is written based on the selected translation of the Chinese folklore monograph Grand View of Dong Customs. It gives a vivid presentation to the unique Dong marriage customs and analyzes the historical changes occurring to those marriage customs as the local society develops.
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Research on Crime in Kindergarten Place

Xiaowen Dong
The crime problem of kindergarten places has aroused social concern. As the gatekeeper of social security, the public security organ should reexamine and reposition the crime of kindergarten places. This article makes a detailed analysis of the problem of kindergarten crime, and makes a thorough analysis...
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Register Framework: An Effective Mode for Assessing Argumentative Writing

Huimin Deng
In light of Systemic Functional Linguistics, this paper uses the field-tenor-mode framework as an analytic tool to help students produce and analyze argumentative writing. The text to be analyzed was selected from the book A Writer's Reference with 2016 MLA Update authored by the founder of WAC Writing...
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The Community of Common Destiny of Sports and City in the New Era: Theory, Demonstration and Governance

Ying Liu
People’s health and development depends on the community of common destiny of sports and city. The study takes the value attribute of sports and the function orientation of the city as the logical basis, follows the rationale of Marxist philosophy, and makes a systematic analysis on the basis of symbiosis...
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Non-equilibrium Analysis of Population Distribution in Northwest China from 2001 to 2016

Anqi Wu, Jun Zhao
This paper uses the population density, population concentration index, population center of gravity and population distribution Gini coefficient to analyze the spatial-temporal characteristics and non-equilibrium of county population distribution in Northwest China from 2001 to 2016. The results show...
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Statistical Analysis Method in the Survey of Physical Social Science

Xiuying Han
Physical social survey questionnaire aims to understand physical social phenomenon. The emphases of survey is statistical analysis. This paper summarizes methods of statistical analysis usually used in physical social survey questionnaire, and gives examples to make it clear.
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Logics and Paths for Legalizing Waste Treatment Facilities in China

Ting Zhang
These years, social disputes arise from waste treatment facilities frequently, and legalizing waste treatment facilities is the final way for resolving disputes. This paper intends to put forward paths for legalizing Chinese waste treatment facilities from the perspective of regulating waste treatment...
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Impact of Stakeholder Behavior on the Carbon Emission Reduction in Supply Chain

Juning Su, Yang Pan
In a two-echelon supply chain consisting of a manufacturer and a retailer, the carbon emission reduction model is established for the scenario where manufacturer invests R&D for carbon emission reduction, retailer shares R&D cost, government implements carbon cap-and-trade policy, and consumers have...
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Analysis on the Demand for the Ability and Quality of Equipment Support Sergeant Talents

Qingtian Han
In order to meet the demand of military transformation and construction, the paper studied the new situation of equipment information management in the new era. The demand and training of equipment information management talents was taken as the breakthrough point. The actual situation of equipment support...
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A Study on Critical Factors Affecting Public Infrastructures Project Performance in Ethiopia

Amenu Benti Gadisa, Hong Zhou
It has been demonstrated that the construction industry can be characterized by inefficient and ineffective service delivery. The main goal of this paper is to examine the critical causal factors affecting public infrastructures projects performance in Ethiopia in order to improve the industry’s service...
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The Construction of Blended Learning Mode Based on "Rain Classroom"

Hong Li, Dan Mu
The rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data, mobile Internet and other technologies has brought new challenges and opportunities to higher education. The original single way to receive knowledge and only in the classroom teaching mode have limited the way and scene of students' knowledge...
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One Belt And One Road Advocates the Thinking of Application-oriented Talents Training in Colleges and Universities -- Take the Quality Management Engineering Major of TIANFU COLLEGE OF SWUFE as an Example

Lijun Li, Xiande Tang, Xu Zhe
With the gradual deepening of the "one belt and one road" initiative, there will be a huge gap in quality management personnel, this paper analyzed the problem of how to train application-oriented quality management personnel, and put forward some simple countermeasures.
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Research on Multi-dimensional Teaching Platform of "Data Structure" Course

Hongli Chen, Li Zhang, Bo Liu
As an important professional basic course, the data structure course affects the teaching effect of subsequent multiple courses. Because of the difficulty of the course, the students' teaching background is different and the individual differences, the problems existing in the present teaching and the...
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Curricula System for the Major of Digital Media Technology

Li Zhang, Qing Zhu, Wenzhe Zhu, Weiran Li
The construction of curriculum system based on the goal of digital media technology major, which is aimed to cultivate interdisciplinary digital media technology professionals with knowledge of software engineering and digital art. The curriculum system achieves a balance between science and art, enlarges...
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The Practical Teaching Reform of Electronic Information Engineering Based on Engineer Behavior Logic

Xudong Liu, Kun Zheng, Zhuozheng Wang, Qingwu Fan
In view of the gap between graduates of electronic information engineering and electronic engineers, from the perspective of engineers, the teaching philosophy of “based on engineer behavior logic” is first proposed to change the student's traditional study habits, cultivate engineering thinking and...
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Course Reform and Practice of Linear System Theory for Control Engineering Postgraduate

Linqin Cai, Wanxiu Yang, Xiaoming Tang
Oriented to training needs of control engineering postgraduate in the new situation, this paper proposed the curriculum reform and practice methods of linear system theory including the teaching system, teaching mode, practice teaching, and test methods. The course teaching system of combining Basic...
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The Sublation and Transcendence of Positive Mental Health Education on Mental Education View in Chinese Traditional Culture

Zhao Kang, Ting Deng
With a long history and profound thoughts of mental education, Chinese traditional culture has a strong theoretical and practical reference value for today's positive mental health education. It is necessary to regard the value of Chinese traditional culture rationally and dialectically, persist in reference...
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Application of Simulation Technology in Military Theory Teaching

Feng Zhu, Kai Chen
Military theory teaching often involves abstract concepts and principles that are difficult to understand, such as command structure, tactics, equipment system, etc. It’s difficult for students to quickly understand and master in the traditional classroom teaching process. Aiming at this problem, this...
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The Paradox of Edgar Allan Poe’s Feminine Ideal

Yunhe Chang
This paper analyzes Edgar Allan Poe’s controversial visions of feminine ideal. Most women in Poe’s work are not only super beautiful, but highly intelligent. However, these females share a common destiny -- they decease young. Poe lived in the early 19th century when feminism started to defy patriarchy....
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Inventory Control of Sharing Products Based on Inventory Transshipment

Niannian Li
In this paper, based on the traditional inventory theory, the inventory cost function mathematical model is established by considering the inventory level of multiple locations and combining with the non-after-effect of Markov decision-making process. In the process, inventory transshipment (active move,...
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Cut off Red Tape and Create an Efficient and Dynamic Ecosystem of Scientific and Technological Innovation

Yixiang Chen, Zhenquan Sun, Yuxin Li
Scientific and technological innovation is the key factor that determines the country's comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness. Talent is the first resource for scientific and technological innovation. The red tape in the field of scientific and technological innovation management...
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Attach Importance to the Topic Selection of the Science Fund in the New Era and Improve the Project Subsidy Rate

Yixiang Chen, Huan Liu
Project selection is the most important and critical step in the application of the National Natural Science Foundation. A good project topic selection is a good start for good-quality research, which will directly affect the funding rate of NSFC applications. In the face of the new trend of scientific...
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Exploration on Improving Quality of the Proposal of NSFC’s Project Application by Meticulous Management

Yixiang Chen, Yang Zhang
The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) is the main channel to support basic research and applied basic research in China. As the support unit of the National Natural Science Foundation, as with the brotherhood, there is a contradiction between the good wishes of the applicant and the...
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Study on the Concept of Red Ecotourism Based on Content Analysis

Liu Ting, Yanling Sun, Long Chen, Shuyu Gao
With the new concept of ecological civilization, red ecotourism has been paid more and more attention by the industry and academic circles. The research on red and green tourism, the integration and development of red tourism and ecotourism has gradually arisen, but at present, the concept of red ecotourism...