Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Advanced Education, Management and Social Science (AEMSS2020)

Welcome to 2020 International Conference on Advanced Education, Management and Social Science (AEMSS2020). AEMSS2020 will offer all the scholars and scientists to share their academic innovation and latest findings on Education, Management and Social Science. We warmly welcome the relevant professionals from across the world to contribute and participate in the academic conference.

AEMSS2020 is scheduled to be held on April 12-13, 2020 in Hangzhou, China. Due to recent coronavirus outbreak, AEMSS2020 will be postponed to be held on July 19-20, 2020. With the rapid development of society, the relevant areas of Advanced Education, Management, Social Science and the others needs all the related scholars and scientists to work hard to make some Contributions on its development. AEMSS2020 will stick to seek for the thrive and prosperity in the whole academic fields of Education, Management and Social Science. The academic platform will mold into an innovative academic atmosphere by sharing different scholars' opinions. It will contribute to fight to maintain its academic status and boost its academic long-term development.

All the submissions for AEMSS2020 will adopt a double-blind peer review by the Technical Committee in order to make sure the high quality of the proceeding and the conference. All submissions will be sent to at least two experts in the related fields to review it, according to the aspects of originality, usefulness, significance, technical soundness, reference to related literature, structure more aspects. At last, it will contribute to promote the quality of the conference and the development of these related fields. AEMSS2020 has received 190 papers before the final submission deadline. After the detailed reviewing, we have finally accepted 56 submissions. According to their main ideas and research fields of the paper, AEMSS2020 proceeding contains these following parts:
Chapter 1: Teaching and Education Reform
Chapter 2: Economics and Management Science
Chapter 3: Humanities and Social Science
Chapter 4: Education Research and Teaching Innovation
Chapter 5: Management Science and Engineering
Chapter 6: Applied Social Science

Finally, AEMSS2020 Committee would like to express our sincere thanks to the co-sponsor of Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong, to all the contributors and technical program committee. Sincerely hope that all the attendees can gain more rich research experience and inspirations from AEMSS2020

AEMSS2020 International Committee