Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Advanced Education, Management and Social Science (AEMSS2020)

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Application of Flipped Classroom Combined With OBE Concept in College English Course

Zhaodan Yang
With the sustainable development of science and technology, the integration between information technology and education is increasingly deepening, China’s education sector advocated that education should be developed in the direction of informatization. Under this background, the flipped classroom concept...
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Research on the Methods of Integration Ideological and Political Education Into Physical Education Curriculum in Higher Vocational Colleges

Linfei Qiu, Guocan Ren
Ideological and political education is the core course in our education system. The integration of ideological and political education into the physical education curriculum is a powerful measure to further improve students’ ideological and political consciousness, enhance students’ professional quality,...
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Research on Theory and Practice of Automation Specialty Construction for New Engineering Course

Jingde Huang, Xiaomin Li
To train the application-oriented talents of automation major who are satisfied by enterprises, based on the two-stage group training mode of ‘college training and enterprise practice’, this paper explores the methods of professional education reform and professional teachers’ dual qualification certification....
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Research on the Teaching of Configuration Design in Engineering Graphics

Chaoyong Guo, Zhizun Li, Jing Wang
In engineering design, as the main media to define, express and convey product information in conception, design, and manufacture, engineering graphics play an extremely important role in technical and management work. Following the basic requirements of engineering graphics course teaching, configuration...
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A Good Lesson Plan is Half Done

Qingfeng Shen, Jun Zhang
Two overriding principles are supporting good lesson planning. One is variety, the other is flexibility. The first one means involving students in many different types of activity and where possible introducing them to a wide selection of materials. Flexibility refers to a teacher’s capability to use...
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Reform Thinking of Strengthening Students’ Ability Training in the Practice of Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing Course

Xiaohao Li, Mingxu Ma
The education and teaching of the descriptive geometry and mechanical drawing course is responsible for the training of the expression ability and spatial image thinking ability of the full-time engineering undergraduate and related professional engineering technicians. Based on the teaching experience...
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Reform Analysis of Practical Teaching System of Mechanical Drawing Course Based on the Goal of Improving Innovation Ability

Xiaohao Li
At present, the orientation of the training goal of engineering major determines that the education process of college students is not only the teaching process of professional theory and knowledge but also the cultivation of innovative practical ability in combination with the actual situation. The...
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Teaching Method Reform and Exploration of C Language Programming Training Course Based on Case

Xian Zhang, Taiguo Qu, Yinwen Liu, Dong Yin
In view of the weak foundation of computer major students in local Colleges, a case-based teaching method is used to stimulate students’ learning motivation and interest. The case-based teaching method takes the case task as the carrier carefully designs the combination of case task and knowledge point,...
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On the Reform and Development of Engineering Education Based on the Emerging Engineering Education

Wenbin Sun, Huasheng Sun, Wenhu Gu
With the acceleration of the new industrial revolution and the deepening of the globalization process, the development of a new economy and the complexity of modern situation need China to act on higher education of engineering and establish new engineering education. The evolution of discipline shows...
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On the Construction of Industrial College in Local Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on the Horizon of Emerging Engineering Education (3E)

Huasheng Sun, Wenbin Sun
In the context of the rapid development of the emerging engineering education (3E), the local higher education institutions (HEIs), which involve undergraduate colleges and universities, have launched and established the industrial colleges to realize the transformation and development of application-oriented...
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Mechanical Comprehensive Practice-The Course Based on Outcomes-Based Education(OBE) Concept and Comprehensive Ability Training

Qingjuan Duan, Tuanjie Li, Yongqin Chen, Guoyuan Zhang
The mechanical comprehensive practice course is put forward based on the OBE and the comprehensive ability training, and the mechanical courses are reformed and practiced from the aspects of teaching content, teaching methods and innovative ability training. This course allows students to complete the...
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Cultivation and Promotion of Postgraduates Scientific Research Ability Based on Practical Training With Advanced Public Instruments

Jiying Li, Shun Yao
Based on our working experience in recent years, this paper aimed to explore and discuss the effective way to utilize advanced instrument platforms for postgraduates training together with related latest developing status and teaching reform. With the rapid development of higher education in China society,...
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Construction of High Quality Course for Graduate Students in Engineering Majors Based on Ability Training

Fuquan Pan, Lixia Zhang, Changhe Li, Min Li, Jinshun Yang, Chenxiu Feng, Xinyu Qi, Jinli Wei
In higher education, engineering majors play an important role in all disciplines, and the number of engineering majors also accounts for the highest proportion. In the talent training system, graduate student belongs to a higher position. It is an important way to cultivate high quality and high ability...
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Behavioral Patterns of Completers in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): The Use of Learning Analytics to Reveal Student Categories

Changsheng Chen, Jingyun Long, Junxiao Liu, Zongjun Wang, Minglei Shan, Yuming Dou
The learning energy of MOOC completers has important reference value for future learners. Existing research focuses on the behavioral performance of dropouts and participants, but ignores the mining of completer behavior patterns. In this paper, Kmeans clustering method, descriptive statistics, one-way...
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An Analysis of the Revised “Learning Guideline” for Senior High School Citizenship Curriculum in Japan

Wei Liu, Min Liu, Yifan Ruan
In March 2018, in the global context of students’ development of key competencies, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan issued the Revised “Learning Guideline” for Senior High School, which has brought significant revision to the objectives, curriculum content,...
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A Study on the Reform of Master’s Cultivation Mode in the Major of Design in Local University: Centered on the Cultivating the Ability of National Cultural Innovation and Practice

Haifeng Chu
Taking the ability training of “national culture innovation and practice” as the core, this study discusses how to reform the cultivation mode for design professionals in local colleges and universities. This study explores the specific methods of personnel training mode reform from the aspects including...
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Strengthen Practical Teaching and Cultivate Students’ Ability of Application and Innovation

Fuyuan Mu, Quanyong Ju, Sumei Gao, Yu Zhang
In view of the main problems existing in the training and practical teaching of applied and innovative talents in China, it is studied in the paper that the construction of practical teaching system for applied undergraduate talents. It is explored the reform of practical teaching contents and methods,...
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Research on Talent Training for Future Outsourcing in the Era of AI

Yanchun Yang, Hongfeng Sun
This paper studied the training mode of outsourcing talent, as well as the training concept and goal innovation or reorganization in the AI era, timely and effectively responded to the impact of AI. From the historical logic of higher education responding to the change of the social era, it was the logical...
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Practice and Exploration on the Innovation of Talent Training Model of the Art and Design Professionals

Zhaocheng Wang
The innovation-driven development strategy implemented in our country needs the support of innovative human intelligence resources, and it is the sacred duty and mission entrusted to our educators. On the basis of the research and analysis of the present situation of the art design professional education,...
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A Study on the Identification Mechanism for Revolutionary Spirit of College Students

Xiaoyun Jiao, Puxiu Peng
In order to give play to the function of educating people in the revolutionary spirit, and to cultivate the core socialist values of college students with the revolutionary spirit, we must first make college students realize the recognition of the revolutionary spirit. For that end, we must build the...
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On the Critical Thinking of the Undergraduates and the Cultivating Paths of the Universities in China

Wenbin Sun, Huasheng Sun, Wenhu Gu
Critical thinking is the fountain of innovation. No criticism, no innovation. It is of great significance to attach importance to the undergraduates’ critical thinking in order to enhance their comprehensive quality, innovative ability and learning skills. In this paper, the structural components and...
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Study on Professional (Group) Leaders in Higher Vocational Education

Lixin Tan, Cheng Xiao, Zhi Lv
From the perspective of educational philosophy, this paper systematically defines the connotation of professional (Group) leaders in vocational colleges, and takes the leader of robotics application (Group) as an example to systematically analyze what the professional (Group) leaders are, what they do...
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Research on the Cultivation of Project-Driven Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability

Yilin Bei, Xiaorong Zhu, Bin Feng, Tailei Wang
In order to give play to the function of educating people in the revolutionary spirit, and to cultivate the core socialist values of college students with the revolutionary spirit, we must first make college students realize the recognition of the revolutionary spirit. For that end, we must build the...
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Research on Inventory Strategy of Perishable Goods Considering Emergency Demand

Xiuxiu Li, Yuquan Cui
The research object of this paper was a single perishable product that does not immediately deteriorate. The emergency demand for the perishable goods was rarely studied, but it was practically significant. This article firstly used the piece wise exponential metamorphism function to characterize the...
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The Optimization Model Analysis of the New Agricultural Order Cooperation Mode

Yuquan Cui, Bingjie Liu, Xiuxiu Li
This paper put forward a new cooperative mode of agricultural order and constructed a new order agriculture optimization model. Firstly, an agricultural cooperative was established in which farmers are shareholders based on the proportion of the land area. Then the cooperative obtained profits by signing...
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Transformations of Marketing Strategies in the Era of Cyber-Economy

Gang Chen
There has been an improvement of living standards in the age with high-speed development of cyber-economy, which leads to the transformations of consumptive theories and purchasing approaches; meanwhile, the market has also gone through significant changes because of the public’s consumptive beliefs...
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Research on Marketing Strategies of Library Discipline Service Under the Background of “Double First-Class” University Project

Ping Zhou, Ya Chen
Discipline service is essential part of library service to support the construction of “double first-class”. Strategies including decision support service in this research. Combined with the new trend of library discipline service, it is supposed that the discipline service object of “double first-class”...
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The Comparison of Business Environment in Development Zones: A Study of the China-Laos Economic Corridor

Fangjiu Wang, Hainan Wu
Economic corridor is an innovative international cooperative framework which has more solid partnership than traditional international relationship. Endowed with special legislative supports from governments, development zones present some certain economic functions in an area and even a country. International...
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Research on the Relationship Between Team Psychological Capital, Team Collective Work Satisfaction and Work Input of Hotel Staff

Guizhi Deng, Huiying Qiu, Xingfeng Wang
Based on the theory of “input-procedure-output” in performance management, this paper discussed the relationships between team psychological capital, team collective work satisfaction and work input through questionnaire survey and statistical analysis. The conclusions are as follows: (1) Team psychological...
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The Relationship Between Health Insurance and Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditure in China

Zhaohan Liu
Health issue has aroused wide public concern in China. To some extent, insurance may decrease the cost of medical service. However, due to moral hazard (such as pianbao), people are more likely to use their health insurance. Both situations are possible in daily life. After running the regression using...
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Text Mining of Network Public Opinion Based on Link Template

Tianzhi Wang
Collecting information is the basis of network public opinion analysis, judgment and developing countermeasure. How to improve the efficiency and accuracy of retrieval is an important problem. This paper expounds the selection of search words from the forms of synonym, antonym, hypernym and hyponym,...
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Evaluation of Humanities and Social Science Research Efficiency of the Normal Universities in China

Huibin Cui, Yongqi Huang
The prosperity of humanities and social science is a significant driving force for the improvement of technology thus contributing to construct the national innovation system with Chinese characteristics. By utilizing the three-stage DEA model, this article measured and evaluated the research efficiency...
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Online Academic Dishonesty of College Students: A Review

Changsheng Chen, Jingyun Long, Junxiao Liu, Zongjun Wang, Lifeng Wang, Jing Zhang
e-Learning provides students with an open, free, and self-supervised scene, which has found a feasible path for lifelong education. The quality of online learning and the certification of achievements must be based on the real learning process. According to the existing literature, research on online...
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On the Meaning of Beautiful China & Its Construction

Xianbiao Ma, Yi Li, Chuanru Gao, Zhijian Liang
In recent years, the ecological crisis, represented by the widespread smog, has placed before us the urgent strategic task of protecting the ecological environment, building ecological civilization and realizing a Beautiful China. This requires first to understand the meaning of the concept on Beautiful...
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The Changes of Women’s Social Status Through Mesopotamia Myth

Wenzhao Qi
Ishtar is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess of fertility, war, and sex. As a female deity, she is neither an obedient wife nor a devoted mother, but an aggressive dominator and controller. Her persona, functions, and traits suggest that she would not be well-suited to affection or the stable bonds of marriage....
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Research on Mongolian Translation of Terminologies for New Media

With the increasing development of the new media, the new terminologies related to the publication industries are sprouting, bringing about the critical issue on how to formulate and implement them in Mongolian. At present, there are trends that the translators adopt the new terminologies according to...
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Research on Hybrid Online Course Supervision Platform Based on Data Analysis

Gang Chen, Zhicheng Li, Jiacheng Zhu
In this paper, an example of the supervision platform in mixed teaching is used to study the key issues of online and offline mixing mechanisms. Explore the construction of a hybrid teaching data center through a computer supervision platform, use data analysis methods and machine learning algorithms...
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Reform of Air Pollution Control Engineering Based on Mutual Promotion of Scientific Research, Teaching and Independent Innovation

Jingcai Chang, Rui Wang, Peng Wang, Haixia Zhao, Pu Wang, Chunyuan Ma
Air pollution engineering is a core course for environmental engineering, covering many contents such as emissions control policy, transformation processes, environmental hazards and control technologies. Aiming to the existing teaching problems of air pollution control engineering course including falling...
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The Application of Practical Project-Based Approach in Police English Teaching

Jun Liang
The practical project-based approach integrates teaching with training and practicing, which is a teaching activity enrolled with “learning project” by teacher and students. The practical project-based approach improves the learning and knowledge construction with the help of training and practicing...
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The Exploration and Practice of Research-Based Teaching Method in the Course of Management

Jian Wen
At present, many universities have some problems in the course of management, such as the outmoded content of teaching materials, the disconnection between theory and practice, and the single way of course assessment, which results in the lack of students’ passive learning and active participation, which...
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Experimental Teaching Reform of Digital Electronic Technology Based on CDIO

Zhongjian Cai, Shibin Tong
The CDIO concept was introduced into digital electronic technology experiment teaching, and the reform plan of experiment teaching was discussed from the conceive, design, Implement, operation and examination of experiment. Teaching practice has proved that this experimental teaching mode can not only...
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Constitutional Education: The Core of German Political Education

Wen Li, Yifan Ruan
The connotation of contemporary Germany political education involves all aspects of history, politics, economy, and society, but its core is education about constitutional knowledge and constitutional awareness. The concept of constitutional education runs through the history of Germany modern political...
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On the Practical Teaching Reform of Public Administration for the Cultivation of the “Internet + Industry Administration” Ability

Yujuan Chen, Jinyu Liu
The practical teaching of political and administrative majors is facing problems of transformation. First, we should conform to the developing trend of the “Internet +” era, and cultivate professionals with the “Internet +” spirits and thoughts, and master the “Internet + Government administration” skills....
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Construction of New Experimental Teaching System of Cognitive Psychology in the Era of Big Data

Zhao Kang, Youli Kang
The highly developed network information technology in the era of big data is bound to bring about great changes in teaching ideas and methods. Cognitive psychology is strongly theoretical and practical, and the traditional experimental teaching system has already not met the basic needs of subject teaching...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Innovation Ability of Engineering Graduate Students and Its Countermeasures

Ranfeng Qiu, Xiao Xiao, Hongxin Shi, Fengzhang Ren
In order to improve the innovation ability of graduate students, the key factors influencing the development of engineering graduate students’ innovation ability were analyzed in this paper. On this basis, five effective countermeasures, such as improving teaching methods, setting up innovative research...
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Exploration of Internationalized Education for the Graduate Student in Control Science and Engineering

Xin Yuan, Zhiguang Feng, Lanyong Zhang, Lijun Yu
Internationalization is an inevitable trend for the development of higher education. It has become the consensus of the development of higher education in various countries to cultivate the top innovative talents with international competitive ability. As an example Harbin Engineering University was...
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Exploration of E-Commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary Talents Education System Multi-Level Linkage Resource Sharing Based

Fuguang Bao, Chunhua Ju, Qiuyang Gu
In the era of network economy, electronic commerce talent cultivation is an important issue for the current higher education research. In order to cultivate electronic commerce talents, who can meet the needs of times and the changes, we put forward E-Commerce innovation and entrepreneurship interdisciplinary...
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Exploration and Research on Training Mode of Practical Ability of Network Engineering Professionals Under the Background of “Internet +” and “New Science”

Xiaoxuan Wu, Changjian Guo, Zhengmao Li
Practical ability is the focus of higher education under the background of “Internet +” and “new engineering”, and is the basic demand for talent under the background of the new era. This paper takes the network engineering major of the school of artificial intelligence and big data of Hefei university...
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The Faculty Construction of Independent College From the Perspective of Performance Management

Xin Ding
According to the requirements of education departments for the construction of teachers, independent colleges have invested a lot of energy to promote the construction of teachers. However, there are still many problems, such as the difficulty of talent introduction, the unreasonable structure of teachers,...
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Research on Process Model of Project Portfolio Management

Jian Wen
Enterprises need to seek the best use of limited resources. The selection of the project should not only consider financial indicators, but also non-financial indicators. Enterprises should consider the scale, time, risk and benefit of each project as a whole, as well as the consistency with the enterprise...
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Simulation Research on the Formation Behavior of a Compound College Students’ Entrepreneurship Team Based on NetLogo

Mingxuan Qin, Liangliang Chen, Na Jing, Qiuxing Chen
At present, there is still a lot of room for development and improvement in the research methods and research results of the formation of college students’ entrepreneurship teams. This paper analyzes some influencing factors of forming a compound college students’ entrepreneurship team such as students’...
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Analysis on the Influence Mechanism of Social Capital Investment of New Energy Vehicle in Internet of Vehicles

Xiang Pan, Xingzhi Lin
In recent years, new energy vehicles are booming in China-ASEAN, but the IOT of transportation based on new energy vehicles is still in its infancy. This paper analyzed the new formats of big data, location service and sharing economy of the IOT of new energy vehicle transportation in China-ASEAN, and...
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On the Development Dilemma of China’s Art Market and the Reconstruction of Ecosystem

Shuo Wang, Yang Song
Based on the deep ecological theory and value chain theory, this article starts from the perspective of the art market ecological environment, summarizes the problems in the art market production, circulation, consumption and other links, and conducts a targeted analysis of its supply chain and art trading...
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Social Culture Review and Inheritance of Jinzhongdu District in Beijing

Wenjing Fan, Sijia Huo
Beijing used to be called “Ji, Nanjing, Yanjing” and so on. The first time it became capital was when Wanyanliang moved the capital of Jin Dynasty from Acheng, Heilongjiang to Yanjing in 1153. The purpose of this paper is to promote the excavation and inheritance of Beijing’s ancient capital resources...
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How to Avoid Conceptualization and Formalization of Anti-corruption in Peking Opera

Yifan Xue
This article discusses the problems encountered in the creation of the popular anti-corruption theme. Taking the Beijing opera “On the Road” as an entry point, it analyzes the concept, creative direction, composition, and plot of the drama. “On the Road” is created with people as the center and is grounded...
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Research on the Inheritance of Beijing’s Ancient Capital Cultural from the Perspective of Nighttime Economy: A Case Study of Qianmen and Dashilan

Wenjing Fan, Xueqing Dai
Qianmen and Dashilan was the most important business center in Beijing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it embodies the essence of Beijing’s ancient capital culture. With the development of nighttime economy, Qianmen and Dashilan will become the only nighttime economic landmark in the Old City...