Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Conference on Management Research (AICMaR 2018)

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Readiness and Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy Actors of SMEs Snake-Fruit Processed Products in the Conduct of e-Business

Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan
SMEs are the backbone of the Indonesian economy, but SMEs access to technology and training is still very limited [1], whereas technology, readiness, and entrepreneurial self efficacy of SMEs actors are a supporting factor in facing increasingly intense competition in this globalization era. The purposes...
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Economic Empowerment Model of People with Disability in the Creative Industries

Agung Pujianto, Endro Tjahjono
4.0 industrial revolution era has changed the character of the work, creating new jobs, and grow the creative industries. One problem faced by people with disabilities is the limited employment opportunities due to some limitations. Although the government has issued a regulation on equal rights, but...
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Development of KKNI-Based Enterpreneurship Learning Model

Dihin Septyanto, Erman Anom, I Joko Dewanto
Research Aims Learning System Development of Entrepreneurship for Higher Education. Problems of entrepreneurial learning, such as: low entrepreneurial motivation, difficult to develop business ideas, not running feasibility studies, weakness of grand design and low start up entrepreneurial business....
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The Implementation of Design Thinking Method and Product Development Method on Student Startup Business Soul Sepatu

Wawan Kurniawan, Teddy Siswanto, Ratna Shofiati, Hartini
This paper discusses the implementation of the Design Thinking method and product development method on student startup business, Soul Sepatu. Services that offered are shoe wash and repair. The Design Thinking method consists of Empathize, Define, Idea and Prototype, and Test. The Startup business coaching...
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Backward and Forward Linkages of Productivity Effect from Foreign Direct Investment

Suyanto, Yenny Sugiarti
Productivity related to foreign direct investment (FDI) has been examined for the last two decades, but the findings are mixed. This paper contributes to shed the light by analyzing the backward and forward linkages of FDI-related productivity. By estimating manufacturing firms of Indonesia, the results...
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Examining the Moderating Effect of Environmental Dynamism on the Relationship between firm Innovativeness and International Performance of Indonesian SMEs

Cindy Augustie, Norsafinas Md Saad
This paper outlines a conceptual framework on how innovativeness can affect international performance. It is intended to portray how small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Indonesia enhance their innovativeness in order to compete and perform in international market. As SMEs involved in international...
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Increasing Branch Manager Discipline in Micro Banking Industries by Good Motivating and Communicating Vision

Aditya Pratama, Ryani Dhian Parashakti, Dudi Permana
Banking is a financial service industries which have purpose to collect savings from their customers and distribute as loans, in order to execute their programs they must reach their customers as wide as they can with their smallest unit called branch. Branch have a leader position which commonly called...
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Company Performance and Macroeconomics Variables Influence on Stock Price

Dodi Prastuti, Pristina Hermastuti Setianingrum
This study examined the influence of company performance and macroeconomics variables on stock price. The company performance is measured by profitability ratios. The profitability ratios used are: return on equity and net profit margin. Price earnings ratio and price to book value are used as measurement...
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Has Behavior of Village Governments Toward Village Fund Management Changed as Regulation Treatment Takes Place? (Evidence from North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia)

Hizkia H.D. Tasik, Victor P.K. Lengkong
Since 2015 the Indonesian government had started Village Fund (VF) program to increase villagers’ purchasing power and welfare, build infrastructure and increase employment. However, there was evidence that the results of the programs were not as expected. Instead, there were many management and accountability...
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Does the Use of Special Purpose Entities Affect Firm Value? Evidence from Indonesian Listed Nonfinancial Firms

Iman Sofian Suriawinata
This objective of this paper is to examine the effect of the use of special purpose entities (SPEs) on firm value. Applying a multiple regression analysis on a sample of 124 Indonesian listed nonfinancial firms during the year 2015 and using Tobin's Q ratio as a proxy for firm value, this paper finds...
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The Influence of Capital Structure Determinant Variables Toward Corporate Debt Ratio Which Mediated by Agency Cost

Rudolf Lumbantobing
This research purposes to explore the mediating effect of agency cost towards the capital structure differences between the industrial companies of the manufacturing sector and non-manufacturing sector which listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange. This research employed quantitative approach by applying...
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The Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm’s Performance with Capital Structure as an Intervening Variable

Patrick Willyanto, Deddy Marciano, Didik Siswantoyo
This study aims to analyze the effect of corporate governance towards financial performance using return on assets (ROA) with capital structure (C) as an intervening variable in the manufacturing industry which were listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) from 2012 to 2016. The number of final samples...
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The Rating of Sectoral Stocks Based on Their Capital Gain

Muhammad Anhar
This study aims to determine the amount of capital gains of sectoral stocks and find out sectoral/ industrial stock rankings based on their capital gains in Indonesia at 2017. Capital gain is a part of the return of stock investment that gets great attention of investors. An understanding of the ranks...
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Companies Financial Performance and Macroeconomics Condition, How They Relate to Share Price

Doddi Prastuti, Pristina Hermastuti Setianingrum
The idea behind this research is that theoretically macroeconomics condition as well as financial performance together should correlate with companies stock price. The main purpose of this study is to know how strong is the correlation of companies financial performance and macroeconomics condition to...
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Analysis of the Performance of Mutual Funds Share (as an Alternative to Investing in Indonesian Mutual Funds)

Ridwan Maronrong, Muhammmad Ramaditya
Investment is the exchange of money with other forms of wealth such as shares or immovable property expected to be held for a certain period of time in order to generate income. It is also sacrifice of property at this moment to acquire future assets. Investing in capital markets is one way for the capitalist...
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Endowment Fund (Waqaf) as an Answer to Increasing Cost in Managing Higher Institutions

Mohd Fuad Mohd Salleh
Education endowments fund have long been practiced in Malaysia through the existence of traditional religious educational institutions such as madrasah, religious schools (private and state owned) that provides education for those in village and remote areas. These endowments were used to manage the...
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Risk of Stock Price and Stock Return From Shares listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Eko Budi Santoso
Risks are unrelated or unexpected events of what we predict before, for example, returning stocks can be above or below our predictable. In a stock investment can occur a risk that is result of investment is not according to what we predict that can be loss or profit. While the meaning of the return...
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The Effect of Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Corporate Governance to ROA in Sri Kehati Index

Syahrul Effendi
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Corporate Governance to the ROA of a company incorporated in Sri Kehati index in the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the period 2011-2015. This research is a correlation regression testing as an...
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The Effect of the Commodity Price on Sharia Stock Markets Volatility in Developed and Developing Countries

Dian Surya Sampurna, Ridwan Maronrong
This research examines the effect of commodity price on Sharia stock markets volatility in both the developed and developing countries. The current study explores the time series as analysis of economic variables and Sharia stock markets by applying the Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity...
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The Role of Human Capital in Tour and Travel Industry. The Influence of Employee Competence, Employee Commitment and Compensation to the Employee Performance of the Tour and Travel Company

Hadi, Ferryal Abadi, Masruchin
This study aims to determine how big the influence of variable employee Competence, Commitment and Compensation to the Performance of employees at Tour and Travel Company. The background of this research is the fierce competition between on line hotel and ticketing agent like traveloka with tour and...
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The Influence of Participative Organizational Climate on Innovative Behavior

Rutinaias Haholongan, Dedi Kusdinar
The company tries to conceptualize an adequate workplace environment for its workers, it aims to provide comfort to work and make it easier for workers to find ideas and innovate. This research aims to examine the influence of participatory organizational climate on innovative behavior. The sample used...
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The Influence of Self Leadership on Innovative Behavior

Dedi Kusdinar, Rutinaias Haholongan
A company is able to survive, then the company must try to find ideas, build creativity, make engineering, to give birth to new findings, so that it can be said that innovation is the source of life This study aims to examine the effect of self-leadership on innovative behavior. The sample used in this...
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The Influence of Parent’s Perception on Their Interest to Send Their Children to PAUD

Lilik Trianah, Diah Pranitasari
This study aims to find out how the influence of customer’s perception (parents about early childhood education (PAUD)) to the interest of buying (sending their children to the PAUD). This research was conducted in Pisangan Timur, East Jakarta. Parent’s perception as exogenous variables, measured by...
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The Influence of Compensation and Work Motivation on Employee Performance Productivity at PT. Mustika Ratu and Branch Office

Rahmat Yuliansyah, Josofiene Johan Marzoeki
As a business entity, each company has performance (performance) to be achieved through its business activities, performance shows positive results achieved and performance appraisal is the periodic determination of the operational effectiveness of an organization, the organization and its employees...
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Exploring Psychological Contract Breach of Indonesian Academics

Linda Lambey, Herman Karamoy, Robert Lambey, Lintje Kalangi
This paper examines Indonesian academics perceptions on their psychological contract breaches (PCB) and the effects of PCB on their employment relationships and contributions toward the organizations. This is a qualitative exploratory study. In-depth interviews on 40 respondents in four public and private...
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Determinants of Employee Performance

Joko Bagio Santoso, Megayani
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of job stress, physical environment, and personality type A on employee performance. The type of this research is associative research, while the sampling method using Slovin formula and purposive sampling with the number of samples as many as 57 respondents....
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Analysis of Implementation of Performance of Non Profit Organization with Five Perspectives

Bayu Pratama, Tutty Nuryati
In this study discusses performance measurement using the balance scorecard of a non-profit organization engaged in education consulting in the Jakarta area. This organization is one of the partners of the United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) under the auspices of the United...
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Examining the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Employee Engagement (A case study: Telekom Malaysia Berhad in Kedah)

Muhammad Ramaditya
Employee engagement has appeared as the most discussed topic among management across the world in this decade, since it is an essential component for business success and sustainability. However, CSR is believed as an instrumental variable that have multidimensional view of responsibilities that may...
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Absorption of Indonesian Workers in the Industrial Sector by Significant Province

Sumitro, Jose Agostino da Costa Belo Pereira
Using panel data from 2010-2016 from the national and provincial Statistic Agency, this study aims to formulate a model of industrial sector employment that is generated by the Gross Domestic Regional Product of the industrial sector, per capita Gross Domestic Regional Product and provincial minimum...
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The Influence of Online Community Experience on Brand Image and Brand Engagement in the Formation of Value Co-Creation (Study at Go-Jek Community in Manado)

Helen Andries, William Agustinus Areros, Riane Johnly Pio
Changes in the era of globalization marked by the rapid development of the digital world through the utilization of information technology which then bring the community on interactive and participatory lifestyle and behavior trends, connected to each other to form a network called online community....
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How Spoke Character Influences Brand Equity

Dudi Anandya, Monica Engelica Wewengkang, Indarini
This research purpose is to to analyze the relevance dimensions of spoke character (likability, expertise, and relevance) and to analyze the influence of spokes-character to brand equity component, that is brand awarenss/association, perceived quality, and brand loyalty for Alfamart Brand in Surabaya...
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The Role of Islamic Management in Building Ethics in Organizations

Mohd Fuad Mohd Salleh
Business scandals and ethical misconduct caused millions of dollars in losses, left behind damaged organizations, forced them to close their business and left thousands employees jobless without any future guarantee or security. This incident has left scholars and managers asking what role they might...
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Maritime Ecotourism Management of Pari Island

Adrie Frans Assa
Maritime tourism development potential is unlimited, knowing that the biodiversity as well as the length of coast line and the large number of islands makes Indonesia as main destination for maritime tourism. Pari Island is an ecotourism area with beaches, sea, tourism activity, water sport, as well...
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Effect of Market Orientation and Competence of Knowledge on Innovation

Ni Made Wahyuni, I Made Sara, I Made Suniastha Amerta
This study aims to examine the role of market orientation and competencies in enhancing innovation in the context of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Bali. Seventy (70) data were generated to conduct surveys and data were analyzed with Partial Least Square (PLS). The findings show that market orientation...
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Third Party Logistic Selection Analysis with the Analytical Hierarchy Process (A Case Study on PT Pro Health International)

Dwi Windu Suryono, Hernandi Julius
This research aims to understand how to determine third party logistic at PT. Pro-Health International using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. Sampling technique used nonprobability sampling with saturated sampling method, because AHP method require depend on the group of experts as according...
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Social Media Preference as a Media of Business Marketing Communication of SMEs in Rawamangun East Jakarta

Gatot Prabantoro, Jusuf Hariyanto
This research aims to identify the preferences of SMEs to popular social media as a medium of interpersonal communication today i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to be used as marketing communication media of its business. The analysis refers to the Kietzmann Honeycomb Framework covering...
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Private Label Brand as Better Competitive Advantage for Local Retailers

Vina Meliana
Increasing the number of middle class coupled with the decline in prices of goods and services due to decreasing inflation rate, will be directly proportional to the increase in purchasing power of society in general. The increasing effect of purchasing power is believed to change consumer behavior....
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Exploring the Impact of Perception After Rebranding and Customer Satisfaction on Corporate Image (A Case Study: PT. Darta Media Indonesia Kaskus)

Muhammad Ramaditya
Corporate image has emerged as the most discussed topic among companies worldwide in this decade, as it is a key component to the success of the business and corporate sustainability. However, customer perceptions after rebranding believed to be important variables that could affect the corporate image...
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The Influence of Resources, Market Opportunities and Strategic Orientation towards Company Strategy and Its Impact on Performance

Triyono Arief Wahyudi
Digital transformation in industrial revolution 4.0 affects the dynamics of globalization process on many business sectors. Some of these companies had closed their operation down. The others have to survive due to the increased global competition. The competition is not only within industry but also...
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Potential and Realization of Zakat in Indonesia (Case of Bank Muamalat)

Faris Faruqi, Nursanita Nasution
In Indonesia the management of zakat is regulated in Law No.38 of 1999 which updated Act Number 23 of 2011 on the management of zakat and government regulation No. 14 of 2014 on the implementation of zakat law. Laws on the management of zakat is intended to be organized and zakat management in an organized...