Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Conference on Advanced Material Engineering (AME 2016)

Engineering of materials to meet industry and strategic requirements has become one of the most sought disciplines by scientists and technologists due to its importance. Keeping this in mind, the 2nd Annual International Conference on Advanced Material Engineering (AME 2016) was held at Wuhan, China on April 15-17, 2016. It was a sequel to successful AME 2015 held last year. The conference was organized by Wuhan University of Science and Technology and supported by Science & Engineering Research Center, China Iron and Steel Industry Association and technically supported by some other universities and research institutes.

The aim of this conference was to provide a platform for basic and applied scientists as well as technologists working in the field of materials science and engineering to come together to present their recent work and to have a fruitful interaction with each other to stimulate new ideas. A total of 618 papers were submitted for reviewed. And after strict review process, 226 papers are accepted and will be published in the AME 2016 conference proceedings.

The proceedings of this conference are published to record papers, based on presentations, which were reviewed carefully by the peer scientists/technologists. It is hoped that this proceeding publication will help other scientists/technologists and young students, who could not attend the conference, working in this area.

I thank the Organizers of the Conference, Conference Chair and Committee, to distinguished participants, session chairs, and reviewers for their enthusiastic role, cooperation and help in every aspect of this conference. I also thank Atlantis Press to have agreed to publish the proceedings. I heartily thank all the sponsors for their support for this conference.

A. K. Bhatnagar