Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Advanced Material Engineering (AME 2017)

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Effect of Single Sio2 Layer Incorporation on Electrical Performances of Metal-insulator-metal Capacitors with Al2O3-Hfo2-Al2O3 Dielectrics

Li-Feng Zhang, Sai-Sheng Xu
The metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors with Al2O3/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHA) and Al2O3/HfO2/SiO2/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHSHA) dielectric structure using atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique have been fabricated. It is demonstrated that the dielectric loss at higher applied frequency and quadratic VCC in high- MIM...
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Study on Tribological Property of PMMA Denture Base Materials with Negative Ion Powder

Mei-Tian Liu, Xiao-Hui Zhang, Jing-Ting Zhang, Qian Zheng, Bin Liu
Objective: To prepare the denture base material with anion-containing denture, and to test the friction properties of the denture base materials with different mass percentage of negative ion. Methods: Negative ion powders were added into the denture base materials by ball milling blending at 0%, 1%,...
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A Simulation Study on the Temperature Response of W/Cu Divertor Monoblocks under High Heat Fluxes

Chun Li, Si-Xiang Zhao, Shi-Yu Ma, Wei Liu, Yuan-Zhi Zhu
High heat removal efficiency is an important requirement for the W/Cu divertor monoblocks in the design of future fusion reactors. In this study the stationary surface temperature distribution and the effects of armour thickness and coolant flow velocity on the thermal behavior of W/Cu monoblocks under...
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Nanostructure and Magnetic Properties of Fezr/Cuzr Amorphous Multilayers

Ming Sun, Tao Feng, Guo Peng, Abdur Rauf, Bin Wu
Fe75Zr25 /Cu64Zr36 multilayers metallic glass thin films have been prepared by magnetron sputtering herein. The magnetic studies shown that the saturation magnetization of this alloys increase after annealing under glass transition temperature (Tg ). The change of the magnetization might be attribute...
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Tunable of Open-circuit Voltage In Bilayer Hybrid Solar Cells by Binary Polymer Blends

Xun-Heng Ye, Yan-Yan Zhu, Fan Wu
The different concentration of BPEI were blended into the MEH PPV, and then respectively be composed into the MEH PPV/ZnO PHJ solar cells. Through calculating the dark reverse saturation current, we found that the interface barrier ΦB was changed. Interestingly, the open circuit voltage Voc was observed...
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Research on Variation of Reactive Power Capacity under DC Bias of Transformers

Ying-Fa He, Hang Zhao, Chang Liu, Xuan Zhou, Cao-Wei Wu, Zhi-Xun Wang, Ying Zheng
When the high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines run in monopole grounding operation or bipolar asymmetric operation, most of the DC current will flow the loop consisted of the grounding electrode and AC lines between transformers. This current increases the reactive power consumption of...
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The Constructure Alteration Simulation of A Type of Self-growth Material of Whistar Rat

Yu Zhou, Chao-Jie Wan, Tong-Tong Guo
Bone is a special composite material with excellent performance. This paper carries out numerical simulation of bone growth of femur in Wistar rat based on bone adaptive remodeling theory, integrated into the physiological regulation of bone growth. Proximal femur was scanned by Computed Tomography(CT)...
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Microstructure and Property Investigation of X65MO-316L Hot Rolled Clad Coil Applied for Offshore Line Pipe

Tao Niu, Cheng-Gang An, Jia-Ming Luo, Xiao-Yong Wang, Xiao-Li Dai, Xin-Lang Wu, Caixia Zhang, Chen Yu
In this study, tensile, inter-granular corrosion, and impacting tests were carried out to investigate the mechanical property characteristics of X65MO-316Lclad hot rolled coil trial produced by 2250mm hot continuous rolling line, which is applied for the manufacture of offshore line pipe. SEM (Scanning...
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First-principles Study on the Properties of GPBII(Al2CuMg)(001)and S(Al2CuMg)(001) Surfaces

Yang Liu, Yan-Hui Hou, Bo-Si Li, Bao-Shu Qian, Liang Min
Surface structure and electronic properties of (001) surfaces of GPBII and Sphase were studied by using first-principles calculations. The calculations are performed within the density functional framework using the projector augmented plane wave (PAW) method. For different terminations of GPBII and...
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Effect of Tiny Pd Addition to Ti for Their Hydrogenation Properties

Ryota Kondo, Hiroyuki T. Takeshita
Titanium (Ti) based hydrogen-storage materials can absorb hydrogen under mild conditions. However, the materials could not absorb hydrogen without initial activation, owing to the formation of surface oxide layer. For mitigate the initial activation conditions, addition of Pd to Ti based materials were...
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The Phase Field Method to Simulate the Evolution of Two Phase

Bo-Si Li, Yan-Hui Hou, Bao-Shu Qian, Liang Min, Yang Liu
A phase field model which contains two phase grain growth in binary alloys was used to study the effect of the same or different initial grain fraction and the different diffusion coefficients on the two-phase grain structure evolution. The results show that the low volume fraction of grain, coarsening...
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First-Principles Study of Elastic and Surfaces Properties of Ω(Al2Cu) Phase

Bao-Shu Qian, Yan-Hui Hou, Bo-Si Li, Liang Min, Yang Liu
Elastic and surface properties of Ω phase have been studied by using the first-principles calculations based on density functional theory. The elastic properties results show that Ω structures are more inclined to resist shear deformation than volume deformation, and the precipitation of Ω phase enhances...
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Effect of Hole Transport Layers on the Performance of Organic Optoelectronic Devices based on PBDB-T:ITIC Bulk Heterojunction

Shan-Shan Zhang, Xiao-Hua Zhang, Jiang Huang
In this work, the organic optoelectronic devices with both photovoltaic and detection performance were fabricated based on a blend of the polymer poly[(2,6-(4,8-bis(5-(2-ethylhexyl)thiophen-2-yl)- benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophene))-alt-(5,5-(1',3'-di-2-thienyl-5',7'-bis(2-ethylhexyl)benzo [1',2'-c:4',5'-c']dithiophene-4,8-dione))]...
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Thermoelectric Performance Theory Research on Bi2Te3 Nanowires under the Quantum Size Effect

Xiao-Jing Zhang, Qi-Chen Xu, Wei-Tai Xu, Xi Wu, Jian-Xiang Wang
Based on the existing theoretical study of Bi2Te3 nanowires, this paper establishes the relationships among the band structure, relaxation time and ZT values by solving the Boltzmann equation. Then, comprehensive analysis is made to figure out how these factors have influence on ZT values of Bi2Te3 thermoelectric...
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Experimental Research on Single Factor Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction of Polysaccharides from Gracilaria lemaneiformis

Yong-Guang Bi, Zhong Wang, Hai-Lan Huang, Xue-Wei Chen, Xue-Mei Liu, Hong Yu, Shi-Ting Deng
In this paper, the use of ultrasound-assisted extraction of polysaccharides from Gracilaria discussed ultrasonic power, ultrasonic time, four factors affect the extraction temperature and ratio of liquid to solid on the extraction rate, test results show that: with the increase of liquid ratio, the dragon...
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Rapid Non-Destructive Testing Technique of Rockfill Dam Compactness Based on Surface Wave Method

Wan-Tang Fei, Xue-Qing Zhang, Yu-Feng Ma, Bin Li, Rui-Zeng Zhong
During the construction of rockfill dam, dry density is an important index of construction quality. Traditional dry density test pit sampling methods exist many drawbacks, such as time-consuming, laborious, the sampling rate is very low, representative data poor, etc. Surface waves non-destructive testing...
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Effect of Rolling and Annealing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Purity Aluminum

Yang-Yang Lv, Ling-Feng Zhang, Guang-Xin Wang, Yi Xiong
The high-purity aluminum with a purity of 5N5 was cold-rolled with a cumulative deformation of 70%, and the deformed high-purity aluminum was annealed at different temperatures and time. The microstructure and mechanical properties of deformed high purity aluminum and heat treatment were studied by means...
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Development of Ultra-fast 3D Silicon Detectors: 3D Simulation and Modeling of 3D-trench Electrode Detector

Man-Wen Liu, Zheng Li
A square 3D-trench electrode detector structure based on the fast readout electronics is simulated in this paper using TCAD tools. Due to the small size of this structure, the detector is intrinsically rad-hard and it's response time can be as fast as 10's of ps. Electric characteristics including electric...
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Electric field-induced Nonlinear I-V Characteristic in a AgNWs/PVA Film Composite

Shi-Yang Zhao, Qing-Guo Wang, Xiao-Liang Wang, Pin Lu, Zhao-Ming Qu, Wei Cheng, Li-Yun Bai, Yan Wang
Uniform silver nanowires (AgNWs) were synthesized by a simple chemical reduction method with a typical diameter of ~200 nm and a typical length of ~6 um, and poly(vinyl alcohol)(PVA) aqueous solution was used to prepare AgNWs/PVA film. This combination shows good nonlinear current-voltage(I-V) characteristic...
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Preparation and Luminescence Properties of Eu3+ doped Transparent Glass Ceramics Containing CaMoO4 crystals

Ming-Yue Li, Hong-Bo Zhang, Jing Shao, Chun-Hui Su
Eu3+ doped transparent molybdate glass ceramics containing CaMoO4 were successful fabricated by melt-quenching technique. The optimal heat-treated system for the glass sample was determined by DSC,XRD and SEM(710º for 2.5h). The grain size of the glass ceramics gradually increased with the increasing...
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Double-action Die Compaction of Fe-Al Composite Powder- A Study by MPFEM Simulation

Jun-Wei Li, Xi-Zhong An
To identify the densification process and corresponding mechanism, double-action die compaction of Fe-Al composite powder (with 20 wt.% Al) was modeled by multi-particle finite element method (MPFEM) from particulate scale in 2D. The initial packing structure generated by discrete element method (DEM)...
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Preparation of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films with Adjustable Electric Field Intensity Transition Point

Shi-Hao Shan, Qing-Guo Wang, Zhao-Ming Qu, Wei Chen, Ang Li
Preparation of phase change electric field adjustable vanadium dioxide thin films on Al2O3 ceramic substrates by inorganic sol - gel method and vacuum annealing process. By changing the annealing process to adjust the proportion of vanadium dioxide in the film to achieve changes in its phase change electric...
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Luminescent and Dosimetric Properties of Ultrafine Alumina Ceramics with Anion Defects

D.V. Ananchenko, V.S. Kortov, S.F. Konev, V.G. Mazurenko
Ultrafine oxygen-deficient alumina ceramics was obtained by high-temperature annealing of nanopowder compacts in a vacuum in a strong reducing medium. The spectra of pulsed cathodoluminescence, photoluminescence, electron paramagnetic resonance and thermoluminescence of the synthesized ceramics and anion-defective...
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First-principles Calculations of Structures and Micro-cracks of the Al-Ni Crystal Materials

Zhong-Hao Zhou, Zhen Zhao, Hong-Bin Wang, Zhi Li
The structures, elastic anisotropy, toughness, and Debye temperature of the Al-Ni crystal are analyzed by using the density functional theory: PW91. The results show that AlNi is the most anisotropic of all phase, and the Al3Ni2 is the most isotropic of all phase. In addition to Al3Ni and Al3Ni2 are...
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Preparation of Ultrafine Ti(C,N) Based Cermet Constructed by β-Co and Research on Its Toughening Mechanism

Ying Deng, Xiao-Long Jing, Bing Liu, Hui Chen, Zhong-Tao Jiang, Xiang Xiong
Ti(C,N) based cermet material which composed by hard phase and binder phase, has excellent performance, is the best choice for manufacturing industry and military product etc.. However, it's application areas has been limited due to the shortcoming of toughness of hard phase, and a study in this area...
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Preparation and Prospect of Polymer Nanocomposites Used in High Voltage Equipment

Xin-Na Zhang, Cheng-Li Liu
Recently, in the field of high voltage equipment, polymer nanocomposites have received increasing attentions, due to their excellent electrical properties, such as high breakdown strength and high resistance to partial discharges, and their good mechanical and thermal properties, such as high mechanical...
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The Influence of Materials Parameters on Temperature and Stress in Gold Coated Gratings for Pulse Compression

Yi-Han Wu, Ke-Peng Wu, Ping Ma, Yun-Ti Pu, Zhi-Lin Xia
In this paper, the electromagnetic field, temperature field and stress field distribution of gold coated gratings were calculated to analyze the damage mechanism under ps-pulsed laser irradiation. The finite element method in time domain was used in calculation. The Maxwell's equations were used to calculate...
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The Influence of Space Charge on the Insulation Failure of DC Cable and Its Mechanism Study

Jian Di, Wen-Jie Mei, Wen-Lin Pan, Guang-Hui Song, Xing-Li Qin
Flexible DC cable has been more and more extensive research, compared to the AC cable, the effect of space charge on the insulation failure of DC cable is more significant. This paper summarized three methods to improve the space charge of insulating materials, namely: nano-partice modification, grafting...
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Synthesis of a BINOL Derivative Fluorescent Sensor S-N,N'-(2,2'-dimethoxy-[1,1'-binaphthalene] -6,6'-diyl)bis (ethane-1,2-diamine)

Chuan-Chuan Xu, Li-Yi Mo, Xiao-Xia Sun
Optically active fluorescent sensor containing a 1,1 -binaphthyl core and N,N'-diamine was synthesized and characterized by NMR spectroscopy. S-N1,N1'-(2,2'-dimethoxy-[1,1'-binaphthalene]-6,6'-diyl)bis (ethane-1,2-diamine) was synthesized by coupling reaction with Pd(dppf)Cl2 and Cu(phen)Cl2.
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Oscillation Criteria for a Class of Certain Half-linear Emden-Fowler Functional Differential Equations of Neutral Type

Ying Tang, Lian-Zhong Li
Some oscillation criteria for the half-linear Emden-Fowler functional differential equations of neutral type of the form
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Design on the Absorbing Composites Using the Frequency-Advantage to Layer-stacked Rule

Yong-Gang Xu, Li-Ming Yuan, Fang-Yuan Chen, Qi-Lin Wu
A frequency-advantage to layer-stacked rule was proposed to design the wide band absorbing materials. The two stacked layer was constructed by the silicone rubber composites added the FeSi alloys and the carbonyl iron particles (CIPs). The layer permittivity and permeability were measured using a vector...
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The (G'/G)-Expansion Method for the Sine-Gordon Equation, Sinh-Gordon Equation and Liouville Equaiton

Hui-Ju Dai, Lian-Zhong Li
In this paper, the (G'/G)-expansion method is applied to find the exact solutions for Sine-Gordon equation, Sinh-Gordon equation and Liouville equaiton. The (G'/G)-expansion method is an effective method in investigating exact traveling wave solutions to nonlinear evolution equations (NLEEs) in the field...
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Reduced Graphene Oxide Modified TiO2 Nanoparticles Composites for Improved Performance of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Hui-Ru Lv, Xiao-Wei Yuan, Hui-Jie Lv, Can Cui
As a two-dimensional (2D) nanostructure, reduced graphene oxide (rGO) has high specific surface area and excellent conductivity. In this paper, we obtain the TiO2/rGO (TG) composite via a simple mechanical stirring the mixtures of anatase TiO2 nanoparticles and graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets followed...
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The Influence of Sheath Solvent Compositions on the Diameters of Electrospun PCL/PTMC Nanofibers

Zhao-Bin Zheng, Chen Li, Yang-Chao Deng, Yang-Lu Qu, Di Wu, Deng-Guang Yu
The modified coaxial electrospinning, in which only organic solvents or their mixtures are utilized as sheath working fluids, is a useful way for manipulating nanofibers' diameters. In this study, with a co-dissolving solution consisting of poly( -caprolactone) (PCL) and poly(trimethylene carbonate)...
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Micro-Scale Compression of Ni-based Metallic Glass

Bin Wu, Tao Feng, Abdur Rauf, Chun-Yu Guo
Mechanical properties of Ni80P20 metallic ribbon fabricated by melt spinning was tested in micro-scale compression, 1 m pillars produced by Foused Ions Beam (FIB) were characterized with nanoindentation. Stress-strain curve together with compressed pillar morphology analyses show that ribbon deformation...
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The Stability Analysis of Underground Pumping Stations in Complicated Geological Rock Mass

Xiang Xu, Zhen-Xing Dong, Wei-Shen Zhu, Song Yu, Yi-Guo Xue
Complicated geological conditions and high level ground stress are often encountered with challenges in the construction of underground caverns. It is a key problem to ensure the stability of surrounding rock during construction and operation. The numerical method can be used to simulate and predict...
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Morphology Study and Planning of the Active Distribution Network in the Energy Internet

Xuan Zhou, Zhuo Li, Chong Chen, Fei-Peng Yang, Xue-Song Zhang, Chen Xu
Energy internet, first proposed by American economist Rifkin, is recognized as the trend of the future energy industry, and there is no doubt that the largest energy network at present- power system will play a significant role in it. This paper firstly analyses the novel demands of future distribution...
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The Effect of Material Mechanics on Artificial Cartilage Defects Repaired in Tissue Engineering

Chun-Qiu Zhang, Xiang-Shuo Wang, Tong-Tong Guo
The stress distribution of artificial cartilage and host cartilage after repairing defect by tissue engineering was researched through finite element method under rolling compression loads. Taking knee articular cartilage as the research object, we established a three-dimensional finite element model...
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Effect of Slag Composition on Non-metallic Inclusions for Gear Steel During LF Process

Wei Lin
Effect of slag composition on non-metallic inclusions for gear steel during LF process is investigated in this paper. It is found that with CaO-Al2O3-MgO slag and low SiO2 content in the slag, non-metallic inclusions in liguid steel can be transformed into tiny globular CaO-MgO-Al2O3-CaS complex inclusions...
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Experimental Study on Boron Nitride Intumescent Fire Retardant Coating

Peng Wang
Boron nitride intumescent fire retardant coating with borax and melamine as the main components was experimentally studied. The formulation of coating was designed by orthogonal experiment; fire resistance time was tested in the intumescent fire retardant coating testing furnace; the micro-structure...
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Nano MMT Modified PMMA Anti-skid Coating Material Design Mechanism and Mechanical Property Test

Yong-Qiang Zhong
For the development of the mechanical properties of better color anti-skid road surface coating material, nano MMT modified agent was added to PMMA material to modify its mechanical property. Various proportional nano MMT modified Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) were designed .Then tensile strength tests...
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Self-healing Epoxy with Epoxy-amine Dual-capsule Healing System

Hai-Ping Wang, Yang-Qian Zhu, Meng-Qiang Li
A new type of epoxy composite with self-healing functionality was successfully developed in this work. Self-healing is achieved via embedded microcapsules containing diglycidyl 1,2-cyclohexanedicarboxylate(DGCHD)and microcapsules containing modified aliphatic amine(HB-1618) hardener. This paper also...
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Experiment Study on High-efficiency Rock-breaking Mechanism of TBM with A Varying Number of Disc Cutters

Xing Li, Kui Chen, Jin-Wei Fu, Bing Zhang
It is of significance for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) to conduct rock-breaking efficiently and rapidly throughout tunnel construction. The efficient rock-breaking mechanism of TBM has always been a hot yet tough issue in geotechnical engineering. In this paper, by using a self-developed large experiment...
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Desalination Performance of Graphene Oxide-PEG Nanohybrid Membranes

Feng Zhao, Fang Li, Chun-Yan Ma
In this work, the PEG-GO hybrid membranes fabricated by poly (ethylene glycol) diacrylate (PEGDA) and graphene oxide (GO) were tested for salt rejection. The prepared membranes with different proportions of PEG were characterized by morphology and chemical analysis as well as salt rejection experiments....
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Phase-field Simulation of Effect of the Second-phase Particles with Different Geometric Orientations on Grain Evolution

Liang Min, Yan-Hui Hou, Bo-Si Li, Jie Peng, Bao-Shu Qian, Yang Liu
Grain growth has significant effect on the material's microstructure and properties. In this thesis, the grain growth processes under the conditions of the second-phase particles (SPP) with different geometric orientations are studied by means of the phase-field method. The main results are as follows:...
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Preparation of PMMA/PGMA Blend to Apply for Metallographic Cross Section of Printed Circuit Board

Xue-Mei He, Tao Shen, Shou-Xu Wang, Yuan-Ming Chen, Huai-Wu Zhang, Li-Jun Gong, Bei Chen, Wei He
Poly (methyl methacrylate)/poly (glycidyl methacrylate) (PMMA/PGMA) blend was prepared with the reaction of PMMA, glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) and methyl methacrylate (MMA) at room temperature. Effects of the proportions of MMA and GMA were investigated to analyze the performance of PMMA/PGMA blend. When...
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Experimental Analysis on FRP Strengthened Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels

Bo Wang, Xin-Li Kong, Mei-Rong Jiang, Hao Wu, Yi-Shun Chen
The structural behavior of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels has been investigated. Four FRP/AAC panels and two non FRP AAC panels were prepared for testing. The panels were tested under four-point bending test to investigate their strength and displacement...
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Buckling Mode Transition in Composite Panels under Different Stiffening Conditions

Si-Yuan Jiang, Zhi-Dong Guan, Zeng-Shan Li
Two stiffened composite panel configurations which were designed with the same skin but different T-shape stiffeners were took into consideration and loaded in uniaxial compression to collapse. Comparison were made in terms of buckling mode, structural stiffness and failure mode. Scale factors of the...
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The Study on Semiconductive Shielding Material Filling with Graphene for Power Cable

He-Tian Ying, Zuo-Guo Yang, Ming Zhu, Yi-Yi Yao, Yi-Fei Wang, Le-Cai Zeng
The new-type semiconductive shielding materialethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer/ carbon black-graphene nanosheets (EVA/CB-GNS) used in crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) cable is manufactured by adding graphene nanosheets (GNS) with conductive carbon black (CB) into ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)....
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Application of Nanometer Materials in Protein Separation

Zhen-Rong Lin, Yun-Yun Xu, Tao Zhang
The technology of quantitative separation of proteins is of great importance to drugtesting and pharm aceutical engineering, and it has become one of the hotspots in biochem icalengineering and protein analysis. With many special properties different from those of bulk materials, nanometer materials...
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Different Working Parameters of Biomass Processing with the Band Saw out, the Impact of Vibration Frequency and the Rate of Tooth

Jin-Gui Gao, Zhao-Fang Jiang, De-Jun Shen
The MJ3310B type woodwork sawing machine as the research object, research and processing of biomass materials, and how to determine the band saw off the number of the tooth loss. The use of high precision VibSys Beijing pop vibration analyzer and vibration signal acquisition and processing software under...
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Utilization of Air Quenched Steel Slag in Decorative Ceramics with Higher Mechanical Properties

Xing-Mei Shen, Jun Ge, Hui-Hong Lv, Ping Wang, Liao-Sha Li
Air quenched steel slag is much more difficult to utilize than other kinds of steel slag. 50 % percent of air quenched steel slag was used to prepare brown decorative ceramics. Due to the broken (SiO4)n glass network, the optimum sintering temperature decreases with increasing Na2O and MgO, respectively....
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Kinetics of Gold Nanorods Formation in Solution and Application on Aspect Ratio Tuning

Xue-Fei Wang, Ying-Ying Wang, Yu-Yun Zhao, Zhuo Wang
F1or the gold nanorods synthesis by seed-mediated method, the overgrowth goes against the shape controlling for the final product. Here, through optimizing the growth solution condition, the nanorods shape could be tuned effectively by just adjusting the seed amount introduced initially. Further, the...
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3D Simulation of the Closed Shell-Electrode Detector

Ming-Fu Feng, Zheng Li
A new structure of 3D detectors has been proposed. In order to separate it from the non-etch-through 3D-Trench electrode detectors, we call it as the Closed Shell-Electrode Detector (CSED, Chinese Patent #ZL201620361767.1). The detector concept of the CSED will be described in detail here. Full 3D simulations...
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Influence of Stack Orientations on the Static Strengths of SPR Joints

Dezhi Li, Geraint Williams, Li Han, Mike Shergold
To improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lightweight materials, such as aluminium alloys, are used increasingly in automotive manufacturing. Currently, self-piercing riveting (SPR) is a major technology used by manufacturers to join aluminium body structures due to its advantages...
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Investigation of Cold Forming Cracking Defect of High-Strength Vehicle Structural Steel

Kai-Yu Cui, Xiao-Yu Ye, Zheng-Rong Li, Xue-Gang Xiong
Abstract:The reason of high-strength vehicle structural steel cracked during cold bending was investigated. The large liquation TiN distributed in grain and the group gathered by multiple liquation TiN can be origin of crack, the mismatching of forming mould leads to large processing stress thereby causing...
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Preparation and Bending Properties of Lattice Sandwich Structure for Wooden Truss

Xue Wang, Ying-Cheng Hu
Based on an internally interlinked concept of space design, poplar LVL and oriented strand board (OSB) as panel respectively and mongolica sawn timber as truss member, gluing approach is adopted to combine truss members into single truss for core structure in this paper. There are four categories of...
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Study on the Penetration of Al into Fe-3 %Si Thin Sheet Using PVD Method and Its Application in Preparing Fe-6.5 %(Si+Al) Alloy

Guang-Ke Tian, Jie Ren, Tian-Guo Ma
Fe-6.5 %Si alloy has excellent soft magnetic properties but is hardly able to being produced by conventional hot–cold rolling processes. It is well known that a small amount of Al adding into Fe-Si alloys is benefit to enhancing the alloy's soft magnetic properties and its working performance. In the...
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Design and Optimization of a New Composite Thermal Insulating Fluorocarbon Coating

Xiu-Fang Ye, Dong-Chu Chen, Jing-Song Zhang, Xiao-Ting Wang, Meng-Lei Chang, Xiao-Yan Huang
Based on the mechanism of thermal insulation, a new composite fluorocarbon thermal insulation coating (FTIC) was prepared with three different fillers of closed pore perlite, hollow glass microsphere and nano-antimony tin oxide (ATO) powder, in order to get the best thermal insulation performance, the...
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Two-Step Fabrication of Porous α-Fe2O3@δTiO2 core-shell Nanostructures with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity

Xiao-Hong Yang, Shi-Yu Sun, Hai-Tao Fu, Wu-Fa Li, Xi-Zhong An
A new synthetic approach has been developed to prepare α-Fe2O3@TiO2 core-shell nanostructures at ambient conditions (e.g., in water, ≤ 100 °C). This approach shows a few unique features, including: short reaction time (a few minutes) for forming core-shell nanostructures, no requirement of high temperature...
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Two-Step Synthesis of V2O5 Nanosheets with High Sensing Properties toward Acetone

Hai-Tao Fu, Zhi-Kui Zhang, Xiao-Hong Yang, Xi-Zhong An
Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) nanosheets are successfully synthesized by a hydrothermal method, followed by a high-temperature sintering treatment. Several advanced techniques are used to characterize the morphology and composition of the nanostructures, such as transmission electron microscope (TEM), high-resolution...
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Formation of Charged Soliton in a Metal/polymer Structure

Fan-Hua Meng, Wen Liu
Based on a nonadiabatic dynamic method, charge injection is studied in a metalpolymer structure. For a system with a short polymer chain, with a proper voltage bias applied to the metal electrode, one electron is injected into the polymer chain and then a charged soliton forms. For a system with a relatively...
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Photochromic Resins for Secondary Printing in Additive Manufacturing

Fei Wang, Fu-Ke Wang
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...
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Experimental Investigation on Material Properties of Ultra - High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Extreme Conditions

David Citek, Jan Fort, Zbysek Pavlik, Jiri Kolisko
The Ultra - High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) is a very promising modern cementitious material suitable for application in special structures. The knowledge of performance of this relatively new material is limited. This paper deals in more detail with impact of extreme conditions (it...
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A New Preparation Process of Double-gate FETs Based on Monolayer Graphene Nanoflakes

Zong-Qi Bai, Ka-Di Zhu, Hang Yang, Xue-Ao Zhang
A new preparation process to product double-gate field effect transistor (DG-FET) of monolayer graphene nanoflakes, fabricated by mechanical exfoliation, was systematically studied in this paper. The graphene DG-FETs are bipolar and possess high gate modulation (On/Off ratio is large), and higher regulation...
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Research on Video Segmentation and Motion Detection Based on Lattice Pohl Seidman Method

Xiao-Dong Zhu, Jing Wang
This paper mainly studies the application of the lattice Pohl Seidman method in the optical flow field computer. A lattice Pohl Seidman equation is established for the optical flow field in a sequence of consecutive image frames using the lattice Pohl Seidman method. And the corresponding constraint...
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Preparation and Tribological Performance Testing of Bonded Solid Lubricating Coatings Used on Spherical Plain Bearings

Rui Zhang, Ming Qiu, Ying-Chun Li, Da-Wei Zhou
To solve the lubricating problems of spherical plain bearings under high-low temperature, high vacuum, heavy loads and strong oxidation conditions, the PTFE and MoS2 based lubricating coatings were prepared on the inner rings of the spherical plain bearings by spraying technique. A self-made tribo-tester...
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Temperature Effect on Dynamic Properties of Magnetorheological Elastomers

Yan-Xiang Wan, Ye-Ping Xiong, Shen-Ming Zhang
Magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) are typically comprised of magnetic particles and non-magnetic matrix. Their mechanical properties are dependent on many factors, among which temperature is very important yet lack of understanding due to limited studies. In this paper, experimental study has been...
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Mechanical Analysis of Stiffened Plates Made by Layered Braided Composite

Zi-Hao Wang, Jian-Guo Wu, Long Wang
Layered braided composite is widely used in structures. The mechanical analysis of this material is more complicated than that of laminated plate composite materials, so the accurate solution of structure made of this material is fairly difficult to obtain. In this paper, a simplified FEM model is used...
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Design and Analysis of a Soft Actuator for a Three-legged Soft Robot

Yu Miao, Zhi-Jiang Du, Wei Dong
Due to a multitude of potential applications in safe interaction with human co-workers, soft robotic manipulators have attracted attention from researchers in recent years. However, it is difficult to model a soft robot because of the flexibility of soft materials, which has limited its applications....
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Buckypaper Templating Ni-Co Hydroxide Nanosheets Used as a Sensitive Strain Sensor and Flexible Supercapacitor

Xin-Xue Wang, Tian-Shu Song
Ni-Co hydroxide nanosheets (NCHs) deposition on Buckypaper (BP) were fabricated by a facial and one-step electrodeposition method for sensitive strain sensor and high-performance supercapacitor electrodes. The binary metal hydroxides show great superiority over the related single hydroxides This NCHs/BP...
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Dynamic Assessment of Water resources Security in Karst Area Based on PESBR Model

Ling-zhi Deng, Zhen-hua Yang, Wei-ci Su
It's urgently needed to solve the "Engineering water shortage" problem cause of serious leakage of surface water, poor water resources availability and difficult water resources utilization in Karst area in Southwest China. To reasonable evaluate water resources security situation in karst area, this...