Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation (AMMS 2017)

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Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Graduate Innovation Ability in Various Regions of China

Qinghua Wang, Lanfang Cheng, Fengqin Zhang
This paper starts from the analysis of the overall situation of postgraduates' innovation ability in our country, and constructs the evaluation index system. By using the method of multivariate clustering analysis, the 31 provinces of our country university innovation ability is divided into four categories,...
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Research on the Pastoral Landscape Design of the Aged Community under the Public Space

Yuansheng Huang, Yousheng Li
Aims: This paper focuses on the applied research of idyllic landscape design in the public space of the elderly community and seeks to build a rustic, natural and ecological environment for the aged. Methods: Through literature review, with inductive method and crossover research method, the pastoral...
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Research on the Online Channel Strategy of Traditional Manufacturers Based on Brand Equity

Yunfu Huo, Heng Duan, Huipo Wang
Traditional manufacturers are facing the problem of developing online sales market with the rapid development of e-commerce. In the process of online transfer, traditional manufacturers can choose to build their own platform or join the third-party cooperative platform, or adopt the combination of the...
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Of CO2 Emission Reduction Strategy Research under China's Energy Consumption Structure Changes

Lei Han
As the highlight of the effects of global warming, carbon dioxide emissions are being concerned by more and more countries. The development of green economy have a deep impact on China's carbon emission, and the way of carbon emission will change accordingly in the future. This paper puts forward some...