Proceedings of the 11th Asia Pacific Transportation and the Environment Conference (APTE 2018)

Transportation has contributed significantly to the well-being of mankind economically and socially by enhancing mobility, connectivity and interaction of people and movements of goods. However, adverse impacts of transportation operations on the environment and the society are well recognized, some of which are revere and require urgent remedial actions. The transportation community must take up the responsibility and do our parts to mitigate such adverse impacts. The progress in this aspect has not been all encouraging globally, partly because of economic constraints and factors beyond the control of the transportation sector.

We as transportation professionals must contribute by promoting sustainable developments and operations in all aspects of the transportation sector. Research and developments are needed to improve the safety, efficiency, effectiveness and environmental friendliness of transportation operations, including transportation planning, design, construction, management, maintenance and rehabilitation. Promoting research and development of environmentally green transportation is the key objective of the APTE Conference series which was first launched in Singapore in 1998.

The APTE Conferences encourage the research and applications of environmentally and socially friendly technologies in this part of the world, through interactions and exchange of ideas and experience among the transportation researchers and practitioners. To this end, APTE Conferences actively promote two major tracks of the program, namely a Green Transportation Technology track, and a Traffic and Road Safety track. I am glad to see that the 11th APTE conference continues this tradition in attracting good papers that address these two very critical issues towards achieving sustainable transportation developments in this part of the world.

On the organization of the conference, we thank the Conference Host and the Conference Organizing Committee for the outstanding efforts, and the Universitas Brawijaya for the great support to make this Conference possible. I believe all participants will benefit from this conference and have an enjoyable stay in Malang.

Professor T. F. Fwa
APTE International Advisory & Scientific Committee