Proceedings of the 11th Asia Pacific Transportation and the Environment Conference (APTE 2018)

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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Concrete Contain Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement from National Road in East Java Province Indonesia

Ari Widayanti, Ria Soemitro, Januarti Ekaputri, Hitapriya Suprayitno
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) is a paving stripping material with Cold Milling Machine. The RAP accumulation in East Java Province is estimated 50,000 m3 per-year. The RAP usage can decrease RAP accumulation, natural material, damage rate by mining or excavation. RAP mixture produced an optimum performances...
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New Low-Speed Testing Device for Skid Resistance of Highways and Airfields

Sen Han, Tien Fwa, Mengmei Liu
Low speed skid resistance measurement is of great significance to analyse the actual causes of insufficient friction of pavement, and to formulate appropriate maintaining measures. At present, the British Pendulum Tester (BPT) and Dynamic Friction Tester (DFT) are commonly used to measure the low-speed...
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Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete Mixed Using Aggregates Coated by Low Density Polyethilene (LDPE) Plastic Waste

Ni Luh Setyarini, Anissa Tajudin
Road is one of the important infrastructures in facilitating the mobility of goods and services in order to improve the national economy, but most of the roads are damaged by the effects of weather. The rain water interusion into the pavement layer make accelerates erosion process. The asphalt erosion...
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Mode Choice Analysis between Bus Rapid Transit and the Alternate Public Transit in Semarang City

Amelia Indriastuti, Djoko Purwanto, Kani Basuki
Since 2011, Government of Semarang City has planned the construction of a rail-based Mass Public Transportation System. This discourse is getting closer to realization in mid-2018, where the Semarang government sets Light Rail Transit (LRT) as the rail-based Mass Public Transportation System that will...
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Evaluation of Performance Satisfaction Level of Tawang Alun Green Terminal in Jember

Agung Sedayu
Tawang Alun Terminal is a terminal type A that located in Jember Regency, East Java, which serves as a transit node for inter-provincial inter-city public transport connect the western and eastern parts of East Java. This study aims to evaluate the performance satisfaction level of Tawang Alun terminal...
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Evaluation of Public Transport Performance Supporting Monorail Planning

Lasmini Ambarwati, Amelia Indriastuti
Public transport (PT) performance in some big cities in Indonesia is not accordance with passenger satisfaction. This condition is revealed by investigation of public transport performance declining continually. This condition causes the number of PT's passenger decreasing and increasing in use of private...
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The Analysis of Problem Solving Priority of Semi Paratransit Services in Developing Countries

Evi Puspitasari, P. Maryunani
The development of public transport in developing countries is inversely compared to the developed countries. The problem of low quality of service, lack of information, accidents, comfort, and pollution is a threat to the sustainability of public transport. Management of semi-paratransit transport individually,...
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Satisfaction and Expectation Analysis of Surabaya-Porong Commuter Line Users

Hera Widyastuti, Ahmad Soimun, Anggit Putri
The people of Sidoarjo who are doing the activities at Surabaya need a mode of transportation that can serve their mobility from home to their office and vice versa. To meet those need, it is necessary to provide a better transportation and quality that includes security, comfort, timely, efficient and...
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Analysis of Bus Trans Semarang Corridor VI through Monitoring System and Passenger Information System

Mudjiastuti Handajani, Andi Kuriniawan, Harmini
The Smart City being expedient and reliable is safe, convenient, cheap, regular, scheduled as well as modern city transportation system. The Trans Semarang buses run simultaneously on public roads, there is bound to be inaccurate arrival time information. Consequently, there is the need for a system...
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Parking Management System Optimization on the Street In Order To Reduce Transport Problems By Using A Prototype Of Integrated Parking Management System (Case Study : Parking Area at Alun-Alun Utara Kota Pekalongan)

Sahid Bismantoko, Asep Haryono, Tri Widodo
These the problem of parking systems on the streets is a classic problem that occurs from year to year, many solutions are offered in solving parking problems on the street. The problem is not only related to congestion due to exit and enter the vehicle from the parking lot but also the problem of parking...
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Traffic Conflict Modelling at Six Leg Unsignalized Intersection

Purnawan, Febrian Qadri
Traffic conflicts at six leg unsignalised intersection could produce traffic accident, this is because of complex traffic interaction in this area. This paper describes the result of analysis and modelling on traffic conflict at six leg unsignalised intersection. The data was captured using handycam,...
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Application of Fuzzy Logic and Smartphone Accelerometer for DrivingCycle Determination

Adityo Suksmono, Abdul Halim, Mulyadi Harjono
Smart driving and eco driving now become an important issue which they integrate environment, comfort, and safety riding. To achieve this condition, it is needed measurements or evaluations on our riding behaviour. One of parameters that describes our riding behaviour is driving cycle. The variable that...
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Analysis of Free Flow Speed on Urban Road

Made Mahendra, Harnen Sulistio, Ludfi Djakfar, Achmad Wicaksono
Congestion has become a problem of traffic on urban road segments in several major cities in Indonesia, it will have a negative impact on the driver or users of the road due to the longer travel time. Congestion resulting in economic and immaterial losses such as cause stress due to fatigue, and congestion...
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The Influence of Systematic Bottleneck Segment on Traffic Characteristics

Medis Surbakti, Kristian Napitupulu
The transportation problem causing a traffic jam in this study is a bottleneck of the road, where downstream traffic capacity is smaller than the upstream, usually, happen in the bridge entrance and where the road geometric changes such as four lanes 2 line into two lanes 2 line. This study aims to find...
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Determinant Variables behind Motorcyclist Daily Favored Speed

Don Cost, Siti Malkhamah, Latif Suparma
Unbalanced in mobility and safety is a latent issue because although speeding has been associated with fatal crash but excessive speed without having been punished still occurs. This study focuses on how to bridge it by identifying the reason, triggering variables and explanatory variables of speeding...
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Assessment of Curbside Roadway Level of Service of The Bandaranayke International Airport – Sri Lanka: A Comparison of The Analysis Tools in ACRP 40

Hadunneththi Pasindu, Kaushan Devasurendra, Pathiraja Udayanga
This study utilizes the most recent data set available on Bandaranaike International Airport Curbside Operations, collected in 2012, in assessing the curbside roadway level of service. The level of service of both the departure and arrival curbside roadways are evaluated using the guidelines presented...
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Travel Time Map for Identifying The Quality of Airport Access: Case Study Juanda International Airport

Rizky Istighfaroh, Nursakti Pratomoadmojo, Ervina Ahyudanari
Air traveler require high reliability time to reach airport, especially for traveler with connecting flight. The airport access may not have an exclusive lane to support the reliability time. Therefore, this research attempted to make a map of the travel time to the airport from districts in airport...
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Model of Queuing in the Railway Level Crossings (Case Study: Railway Level Crossings in Jemursari Surabaya)

Hera Widyastuti, Adita Utami, Mahardika Putra
Population growth and the development of economic in Indonesia affect the increase in vehicle volume, especially in the city of Surabaya. The increasing of vehicle volume resulting in increased of direct-access to the city centre and causing arise of new railway level crossings. Furthermore, the increasing...
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ITS Design Priority at Large Bus Terminal in Indonesia in Supporting Sustainable Transportation

Anastasia Sutandi, Wimpy Santosa, Felix Hidayat, Aini Zahiyah
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is an important part of sustainable transportation. Implementation of ITS at large bus terminal is needed in order to increase the service quality to the passenger and encourage people to use public transportation. Unfortunately, not all of large bus terminal...
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Optimization Big Data Real-time Analytics Using Mobile Phone Data in Origin Destination National Transportation (ATTN) Survey

Okkie Putriani, Sigit Priyanto
The ATTN 2018 data collection process is obtained from the data collection of the sample OD-matrix using cellular data, carried out with the aim of obtaining data on the Origin Destination Matrix (movement) of the mobile phone user movement for a given period to get the sample OD-matrix. Data signals...
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Adequacy of Parking Provisions Based on The Trip Generation Patterns for Urban Commercial Developments

M. Priyadarshanie, H. Pasindu, S. Senevirathne, D. Jayaratne
Urban commercial developments are an integral part of the urban land use which affect the trip generation and attraction pattern in the city. More importantly, these developments increase the demand for parking, which by law should be provided within the development. Lack of adequate parking facilities...
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Analyse of CI Behavior due to Independent Variable Value Variation, Case of Simple Linear Zonal Regression Trip Production Model

Hitapriya Suprayitno, Dio Hananda, Jimi Aditya
Good Transportation Planning needs a good and accurate Transport Model. Trip Production Modeling, as the first step, needs to be accurate also. A new Trip Production Accuracy measure, incorporating R2 and Confident Interval values, has been proposed. An experiment to investigate the CI Behavior, due...
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Intersection Performance Study Using PTV VISTRO (Case Study : Jember)

Willy Kriswardhana, Sonya Sulistyono
Vistro is an abbreviation of Vision Traffix and Optimization developed by PTV AG Germany. Vistro is one of the transportation applications developed for traffic engineering. This application was introduced first the end of 2012 and entered in the Asia Pacific market including in Indonesia in early 2013....
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Static and Fatigue Bending Strength Analysis of Flash Butt Welding Join for Light Rail Transportation

Puguh Triwinanto, Tri Handayani, L. Baskoro
Light Rail transportation (LRT) in Indonesia is built first time in 2016. Rail is one of the important components for track at LRT. One of joint of rail for LRT is uses flash butt welding joint. The requirement of flash butt welding joint is based on BS EN 14587-2:2009. Requirements include static...
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Accident Model for Car on the Road Section of Highlands Region

Sobri Abusini, Lasmini Ambarwati
Motorcycles as a mode of transportation its use continues to increase in the Surabaya City. One of the negative impacts is motorcycle accidents to increase. Based on IRSMS data are the involvement of motorcycles in the accidents of 82.6% (2,490 motorcycle accidents out of 3,014 accidents in Surabaya...
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The Evaluation of Road Safety Programs District Level at Banyumas and Pasuruan

Bambang Istiyanto
Sustainable development Goal serves as a guideline for the implementation of regency/city government in Indonesia. One of the indicators is the reduction in the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents. With a five-pillar safety instrument from the decade of action for road safety, data collection...
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Seafarer’s Stress and Long Distance Relationship with Family

Hendro Prabowo, Firda Fatimah, Alia Fauziah, Ira Prabawati, Maria Chrisnatalia
The purpose of this research is to know the work pressure faced by modern Indonesian seafarers and their long distance relationship with their family. Five seafarers who originally lived in Jakarta participated in this qualitative study. Data were gathered through interviews by mobile phone. Thematic...
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Effectiveness of the Use of Personal Protective Equipment (Ppe) by Cadet on Board

Iksiroh Husna, Wisnu Handoko, Sarifudin, Anissofiah Wijinurhayati
Work accidents according to Heinrich 88% are caused by human factors so that they can be prevented, so improving the behavior of workers becomes very important. The study was conducted on cadets post-sea practice, against the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). The research method was carried...
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Development of Indonesian Driving Anger Scale

Leksmono Putranto, Dwi Suryana, Sunu Bagakara
This paper is intended to develop Indonesian Driving Anger Scale by adopting several items of driving anger short scale developed by Deffenbacher et al in the USA. The respondents were asked to rate the amount of anger that would be provoked from none at all, a little, some, much and very much if the...
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Motorcycle Accident Probability Based on Characteristics of Socio-Economic, Movement and Behaviors in Surabaya City

Muhammad Arifin, Achmad Wicaksono, Sonya Sulistyono
Motorcycles as a mode of transportation its use continues to increase in the Surabaya City. One of the negative impacts is motorcycle accidents to increase. Based on IRSMS data are the involvement of motorcycles in the accidents of 82.6% (2,490 motorcycle accidents out of 3,014 accidents in Surabaya...
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Identifying Black Spots in Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia: A Combination Method of Equivalent Accident Number and Road Safety Survey Value

Budi Susilo, Rhenato Geovan, Ivan Imanuel
Road traffic accidents still become major problems for Indonesia causing more than 25,000 deaths per year. One of the challenges faced in making road betterments is how to identify and prioritize black spots with minimal accident data. This study offers an innovative approach to combine Equivalent Accident...
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The Effect of Road Infrastructure on Traffic Accidents

Ardilson Pembuain, Sigit Priyanto, Latif Suparma
Planning, Designing and constructing road infrastructure should give priority to the safety and comfort for road users. Ironically, road infrastructure often becomes the cause of traffic accidents. However, such problem can be solved with a profound understanding in the effect of road infrastructure...
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Evaluation of Emissions from Delayed Departure Flights at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)

D.M.M.S Dissanayaka, V. Adikariwattage, H.R. Pasindu
Avoiding flight delays has become a crucial factor in each airport and airline since a huge economic cost results as consequences. Researches are conducted to measure aviation delay and its economic cost [1] while its environmental cost is sparsely addressed. In this research, the delay of departure...
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The CO2 Emissions Distribution Due to Contribution of Transportation Activities in Tegal City, Central Java

Yan Unzilatirrizqi, Bambang Istiyanto, Andrea Maulana
The temperature increasing on earth has triggered drastic climate change. Motor vehicle emissions, especially CO2, are a major source of pollutants in major cities in Indonesia. This greatly affects the transportation sector whose estuary affects the contribution of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is predicted...
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Sun-to-Heel Energy Efficiency of Transportation Fuels

Leo Jia, Ong Ghim
Life cycle analysis (LCA) is a technique to assess the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its life cycle and is used commonly to evaluate transport decisions at the planning level. Well-to-Wheel (WtW) is a subset of LCA that focuses on the efficiency of transport fuels by measuring...
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Regional Well-to-Wheel Carbon, Energy, and Water Footprint Analysis of Electric Vehicles

Nuri Onat, Murat Kucukvar, Omer Tatari
Adoption of alternative vehicle technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have the potential of reducing some of the environmental impacts and reducing oil-dependency of the U.S transportation sector. However, this potential...
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Eco-Fishing Port Assessment Model as an Environmental Management Tool on Coastal Fishing Port ‘Pondokdadap’ - Indonesia

Achmad Wicaksono, Bagyo Yanuwiadi, Agus Dwiyanto
To manage fishery resources in Indonesia with the principle of sustainability, it is necessary to apply the eco-fishing port concept. This study aims to develop a model for assessment of eco-fishing port with prevailing conditions and regulations in Indonesia. From the model that prepare, the application...
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Traffic Impact Assessment due to Green Campus Concept Implementation

Andrean Maulana, Oka Purwati
Green campus is a concept for the implementation of sustainable policies within the scope of campus. One of them is for transportation aspect. One example of green campus guidance is UI Greenmetric, The policy on transportation in the guidelines is parking area reduction for private vehicles. The micro...
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Study Of The Implementation Of Regulations In The Framework For Sustainable Transportation

Juanita Kombaitan, Iwan Kusumantoro, Heru Putro
Here discussed aspects of existing regulation in Indonesia related to the implementation of traditional modes. The main aim of the research is to show the importance of regulatory aspects and the regulatory framework for the implementation of traditional transportation as a form of protection. Approach...
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Traffic Accident Cost Analysis Using Willingness-to-pay Method in Surabaya

Ahmad Utanaka, Hera Widyastuti
There are some methods to determine accident cost, one of which is the willingness-to-pay method. Willingness-to-pay method use in this research because this method more recommended by developed countries than gross output method which is still used in developing countries, especially Indonesia. Road...
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A case study on economic cost increment in urban highway work zones

Sasika Ranawaka, Handunneththi Pasindu
Highway work zones are present in most urban and rural road networks due to road rehabilitation, maintenance, utility installation works that are carried out on roadways. The impacts related to highway work-zone include traffic delays, vehicle operating cost increase, increase in road accidents, accessibility...
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The Relationship of Passenger Characteristics to Electrical Train Modes Selection in Jakarta

Adhi Muhtadi, Indrasurya Mochtar, Hera Widyastuti
Electric Railway (KRL) is the backbone of public transportation in Jakarta. But KRL share capital is still 4.1%. Therefore this paper seeks to reveal what characteristics play a role for travellers to use KRL regularly or temporarily. The study was conducted in October 2017 at several Jakarta KRL stations....
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Aircraft and High Speed Train Using the Logit Model A Case Study of The Jakarta-Surabaya Route

Asep Nurhidayat, Djoko Utomo, Rizqon Fajar, Sucipto, Hera Widyastuti
This research was conducted to analyze the model of transportation mode selection between aircraft and high speed train of Jakarta-Surabaya route as an empirical case study, assuming the construction of high speed train infrastructure has been completed and ready to operate connecting Jakarta-Surabaya....
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Analysis of Ability to Pay and Willingness to Pay of Aircraft passengers toward Jakarta Surabaya High-Speed Train

Prasetyaning Lestari, Djoko Utomo, Asep Nurhidayat
The number of aircraft passengers who travel from Jakarta to Surabaya based on data from PT. Angkasa Pura II is increasing rapidly every year within 2012-2017. This amount is much greater when compared with the number of executive train passengers that also increased in the same period of the years....
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Application of high performance PMBs in Asia Pacific Airport Projects

Yandi Nurkama, Lu Jia, Vincent Guwe, Jeyan Vasudevan, Dennis Quek
Asia’s rapid growth in the commercial aviation sector in recent decades has positioned the region as the largest and fastest-growing one in the world. However, aviation infrastructure in this region is struggling to keep pace with this growth, with many airports operating above their planned capacity,...
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The Influence of CBR Value and Overloading on Flexible Pavement Mechanistic Response

Anissa Tajudin, Ni Luh Setyarini, Devy Darmawati
Flexible pavement distresses are often caused by overloading with the combination of other factors, such as subgrade strength. Therefore, this study was conducted to investigate and analyze the effect of subgrade strength on flexible pavement mechanistic response with normal traffic loading and overloading...
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Study of Sound Absorption Characteristics of Pavement Materials

Lu Chu, Tien Fwa
Traffic noise is a major form of environmental noise pollution today in most densely populated urban areas. The noise generated from motor engines, transmission and exhaust systems of modern vehicles has been very much reduced due to various advancements in design technologies of modern automobile industry....
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Development of Environmental Friendly Rubberized Asphalt

Moe Lwin, Lee Kelvin, Ho Yong, Wang Xuechun
Greenhouse gas emission from the construction of asphalt pavement affect the environment during the production and laying of hot mix asphalt which are carried out at high temperatures. Asphalt mixes be produced and compacted at about 20oC to 40oC lower than the corresponding hot mix asphalt mixes. The...
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Surface Distress Index Updates to Improve Crack Damage Evaluation

Bagus Setiadji, Supriyono, Djoko Purwanto
Road pavement is one of infrastructures that is currently getting most attention due to its important role in accelerating the economic growth rate of an area, opening up isolated regions and improving the connectivity among them. A road infrastructure has a life-cycle which starts from design to reconstruction....
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Evaluation of Flood Water Damage on Asphalt Concrete Using Elastic Modulus Ratio

Arief Setiawan, Latif Suparma, Agus Mulyono
Urban floods are a frequent disaster in Indonesia and cause road damage with the relatively high cost of repairs every year. Durability test of water damage of asphalt mixture on mild temperatures, such as indirect tensile test did not show the weakness of asphalt mixture. Therefore, this study aims...
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Mitigating Overloading Vehicle Effects in Relation to the Liddle Power Equations for Designing Road Pavement Lifespan

Ari Sandhyavitri, Arief Aditya, Muhamad Yusa
This paper objective is to mitigate to what extent the Liddle empirical formula (which the initial power equation of 4th order) may suit in designing road pavement lifespan for overloading vehicle roads. A case study was conducted in the Meredan highway, Siak, Riau, Indonesia. It was identified that...
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Digital sieving of pervious concrete air voids using X-ray computed tomography

Ajay Jagadeesh, Ghim Ong, Yu-Min Su
The design and quality assessment of the pervious concrete mixtures based on its structural and functional performance are greatly influenced by the microstructural properties of the internal pore structure. The main objective of this study is to investigate the internal pore structure properties of...
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Development of a Highway Performance Index for Upgrading Decision Making – Case Study for a Provincial Road Network in a Developing Country

H. Pasindu, Lalith Sirisumana, D. Jayaratne
Provincial level and Local roads comprise nearly 50% of the road network in mileage in Sri Lanka. They play a pivotal role in providing access to the local communities especially in rural areas and an essential component of the economic development of those areas. These roads are under the purview of...
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Bridge Structure from Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Frame

Muhtar, Sri MurniDewi, Wisnumurti, As’ad Munawir
The use of bamboo to replace the steel reinforcement starts from the fact that bamboo has high tensile strength as high as steel. As a renewable material bamboo has much benefit for green construction material. Bridge frame structure is one of structure that can use the bamboo reinforced concrete. The...
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Impact Analysis of Oversize Cylinder Liner on Piston Ring and Surging for Main Engine

Agus Tjahjono, Vega Andromeda, Afdolludin Tazani
Cylindrical liner is the place of burning to generate power or effort inside the Mother Machine. The size of the oversized diameter will affect the incomplete combustion. The purpose of this study was to determine the causes of broken piston rings and surging, the impact of oversized liners and strategies...