Proceedings of the International Conference on Indonesian Technical Vocational Education and Association (APTEKINDO 2018)

Analysis of Bakery Production Units Using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Method

Yatti Sugiarti, Shinta Maharani, Widia Ayudia, Ana Ana
Corresponding Author
Yatti Sugiarti
Available Online July 2018.
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bakery’s production unit, competence of students work, Quality Function Deployment, the priority interest of tecniques
Bakery’s production unit is a business activity that is implement by the competency of Agricultural Processing Technology expertise in SMK Negeri 2 Cilaku Cianjur to develop the student’s competence work in the field of bakery. The performance of production units improvement, need to be prioritized in order to improve the suitability of the curriculum of Vocational Competency Expertise SMK Negeri 2 Cilaku Cianjur with competency needs of the agriculture industry. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a method that measured from a very specific customer needs to process then assured customer necessity could be covered. Analysis using QFD method could provide an overview of the needs of consumers (industry). Further, this data will support the program study to improve the effort regarding to quality improvement efforts to be undertaken bakery’s production unit so the creation of relevance. This study, moreover, aims (1) to find out to what extent the application of QFD method in UP bakery SMK Negeri 2 Cilaku Cianjur and (2) to find out what are the engineering interests priority that must be developed by the bakery’s production unit so that it could develop the competence of students work to fit the needs of industrial doughnuts. Study on the extent of application of the QFD method on activities implemented through the bakery’s production unit the interview with a teacher Supervisor bakery’s production unit, QFD method could be said to have been applied if it has been carrying out the stages of the application of QFD, namely quality assurance products and services, the assessment of the costumer against products and services, making the costumer need, costumer surveys, drafting checklists as well as making the matrix House of Quality (HOQ). In addition, the analysis method using QFD is also conducted in order to find the effort on quality improvement techniques that should be developed by bakery’s production unit SMK Negeri 2 Cianjur Cilaku. The effort stated based on the needs of industrial employment competence of doughnuts. The results of this study suggest that (1) bakery’s production unit has implemented a 57.14% stages of QFD method or there is four of the seven stages of QFD methods have been applied, and (2) the priority interests of techniques should be developed by the bakery’s production unit in order to develop the employment competence of students in accordance with the needs of industry learning is doughnuts productive subjects and increased oversight.
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July 2018
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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