Proceedings of the International Conference on Indonesian Technical Vocational Education and Association (APTEKINDO 2018)

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Teacher Perception of National TVET Standard at Vocational High School in Indonesia

Aye Mon, Lilik Anifah
Vocational education is one solution to improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia. The challenge as well as the advantages for Indonesia is a large demographic area, so that the standardization of vocational education is needed. In this study, it is discussed how the perceptions of standard...
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The Influence of Creativity and Ability Effort towards the Successful Efforts of Fashion Designer

Ratna Suhartini, Ekohariadi Ekohariadi
In running a business in the field of fashion, it takes creativity and ability effort. This research aims to know the influence of creativity against the success of the effort, influence the ability of the effort towards the success of the effort, influence creativity against the success of the effort. The...
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The Contribution of Vocational Competence Learning to the Creativity in Apparel Making among Vocational School Students

Sitti Aisyah, Djoko Kustono, Syamsul Hadi
Creativity is very fundamental in apparel making and can be developed through appropriate learning processes. The question that needs to be addressed is how to develop students’ creative potentials through learning processes, especially in the vocational school for fashion design. This study aims to...
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The Social Support Influence for Prospective Teacher on Their Teaching Career Perceptions

Herwanto Heru, Sigit Purnomo
The purpose of this study is to explore how much influence of social support on teacher career perception of prospective teachers. This research uses descriptive correlational method with quantitative approach. The population of this research was 129 students of the 5th semester of Informatics Engineering...
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Developing Integrated Curriculum with Environmental Education at Vocational High School

Warju Warju, Sudirman Ariyanto, Lutfi Muzaki
The issue of the environment is an important topic that needs serious attention. Global warming and environmental pollution is one proof that human activity has a direct impact on environmental preservation. The purpose of this study was to determine how the ideal concept of curriculum development of...
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Learning Type, Learning Motivation, and Grade Performance Achievement of Students in Vocational Higher Education

Anas Arfandi, Akshari Lopa
Learners have different ways of understanding a subject matter. Teacher adjustment to the characteristics of learners greatly helps learners in achieving mastery learning. Learners who are highly motivated in learning have a great opportunity in obtaining high learning achievement. The purpose of this...
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The Contribution of Pattern Making Knowledge and Sewing Skill to the Outcome of Women’s Blazer Making

Irmayanti Irmayanti, Syamsul Hadi
The objective of this study is to understand the direct contribution of basic pattern making knowledge, drafting and sewing skill to the outcome of women’s blazer making. The results showed that (1) knowledge of pattern making directly and significantly contributed to the outcome of women’s blazer making;...
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The Opportunity of Vocational Technology Education Study Program: Curriculum Development and Learning Program

Riana Mangesa, Abdul Mappalotteng, Ruslan Ruslan
Efforts to improve the learning program to support the revitalization of vocational education is an opportunity for vocational technology education (PTK) study program. The purpose of this research is to analyze the potential of PTK study program in preparing the learning program and the ability to develop...
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Perception towards Transferable Skills in Indonesian Universities

Agus Setiawan, Iwa Kuntadi, Masriam Bukit
Having transferable skills is very important in the 21-st century. However, there is limited information about the perceptions of which transferable skills are needed in the workplace. This study aims to explore the transferable skills among students and lecturers in universities in Indonesia. Transferable...
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Vocational Education in the Era of Industry 4.0: An Indonesia Case

Muchlas Samani
In coping with the industrial era 4.0, the concept of ‘competency’ in vocational education must be converted into ‘capability’ to enable graduates engage with the latest work patterns. Vocational education must be flexible by the application of modular patterns combined with block system. It further...
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The Practicality of Learning Module Based on Jigsaw-Cooperative Learning Model in Media Education Course

Zonny Putra, Arwizet Kaharudin, Bulkia Rahim, Rahmat Nabawi
Educational factors that are less appropriate in the delivery of materials and the selection of instructional media causes lesson objectives are perfectly acceptable by students. The educational factors here are defined as the facilities needed in the learning process such as learning media used by lecturers....
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Employing ANDI Learning Model in Culinary Arts Course: How Does It Contribute to Emulation Ability and Students’ Creativity?

Andi Hudiah, Marji Marji, Eddi Sutadji, Titi Kiranawati
This study aims to investigate the contribution of ANDI learning model to emulation ability and its impact to students’ creativity in culinary arts course. It involved 131 students majoring in culinary taken randomly from four state and private universities in different cities in Indonesia. The data...
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Digital Game-Based Learning in Arabic Language Learning and its effects on Students’ Academic Performance

Annas Azizt, Subiyanto Subiyanto
Arabic, since 1971, has been an official language of the United Nations alongside English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. Students’ motivation and achievement in Arabic learning as second language learning is decreasing with age. This paper presents the effectiveness of Digital Game-Based Learning...
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The Application of Problem-Based Learning Model to Increase Students’ Activity and Learning Outcomes in Basic Process of Metal Treatment

Ambiyar Ambiyar, Arwizet Kaharudin, Refdinal Refdinal, Mia Hermawati
Based on the researcher survey, it appears that many students were passive, daydreaming, and busy with cellphone and non-related activities during the learning process. The purpose of this research is to improve learning activities and learning outcomes through the implementation of Problem-Based Learning...
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Development of Human Mechanic Interface Auotonics S070 Trainer for Electric Motor Installation Learning

Supari Muslim, Karno Budi, Widi Aribowo, Fandi Achmad
This study aims to determine the performance and feasibility of Media Learning Trainer Human Mechanic Interface on Electric Motor Installation subjects. This research is done through the following stages: (1) analysis; (2) design; (3) implementation; (4) validation; (5) testing; and (6) experiments in...
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Augmented Reality Technology for Vocational Education the Disruption Era

Ulfah Arief, Hari Wibawanto, Azzizah Nastiti
The purpose of this paper is to explain information and communication technology that can support the field of education in the disruption era, namely Augmented Reality (AR). The contribution of AR in education can provide a learning experience. Vocational education is an education that requires balance...
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Implementation of Project Based Learning Model to Increase Students’ Competence in Machining Work

Wahyu Kurniawan, Agung Budiono
Students’ skills in machining work are low. Although they are able to complete the worksheet, the result is much deviate from the science of machining process. In other words they use the principle of origin (size of not precision) without based on the rules in the machining process. The purpose of this...
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Strategy to Develop the Ability of Creative Thinking Using Problem-Based Learning Model in Light Vehicle Engineering Competences of Vocational Education

Suparji Suparji, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Bima Putra
The results of several studies revealed that the level of creative thinking ability of middle school students is still low, including ones of vocational high schools. Therefore, learning strategies that can improve the ability of high-level thinking, one of which is the ability of creative thinking,...
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Inquiry-Based Learning to Students’ Creative Thinking Skills in Vocational High School

Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Suparji Suparji, Karno Budi, Sheila Pratama, Yuyun Irawati
Based on the observation in the vocational high school, the students’ creative thinking skill was still low. This is because there is no collaboration between learners and teachers to solve problems. Also, there is lack of opportunities given to learners to find their own knowledge. This study developed...
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Higher Order Thinking Skills to Enhance Millennial Students Through Active Learning Strategies

Ita Romadhoni, Luthfiyah Nurlaela
This study aims to reveal the application of active learning strategy type student created a case study to improve motivation and learning outcomes. The research subject is a culinary education of home economics students. It was observed by tests, field notes, profile documentation. The analyzes were...
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Implementation of Pneumatic Module Based on Interactive Computer Learning

Agung Budijono, Wahyu Kurniawan
Using Module Based on Interactive Computer with FluidSIM-P3 Pneumatic System Simulation Software becomes the media for students to explore more experiences related to Hydraulic System. The objective of this study is to improve quality of learning based on activities, motivation, responses and learning...
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Development of Course Module Machine Element Design Based On Project – Learning

Djoko Suwito, Agung Budijono
In designing a machine based on effectiveness of technology, students have difficulty in integrating the theories that have been learnt and the type of engine that will be made (project). Hence, it takes course module machine element design to help them design the machine. It is expected that by using...
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Implementation of Computational Thinking Concepts in ICT Learning Using Scratch Programming

Rina Harimurti, Anita Qoiriah, Ekohariadi Ekohariadi, Munoto Munoto
Computational thinking (CT) is a fundamental skill that everyone should have, dealing with problem solving, designing systems, and understanding human behavior by drawing on fundamental concepts to computer science. This study aims to apply the concept of computational thinking in ICT learning in secondary...
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Development of Learning Tool Control with Inquiry Based Learning To Improve Student Motivation Learning Oriented Industrial Needs

Subuh Haryudo, Imam Agung, Rifqi Firmansyah, Mahendra Widyartono, Widi Aribowo
The objective this study is to arrange and develop control technique device learning to motivate students industry-oriented with Inquiry Based Learning. The development of this learning tool resulted in a learning module trainer equipped with trainers in accordance with the demands of the curriculum...
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Acne Facial Skin Care with the Beauty Electrical Tool Through Problem Based Learning

Nia Kusstianti, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Ekohariadi Ekohariadi
This research aims to know whether there is a difference between using problem based learning and direct learning instruction towards students’ learning result of acne facial skin care with a beauty electrical tool. This research is an experimental one using quantitative approach with post test only...
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Assessing Student Acceptance of Digital Repository as Knowledge Management System to Support Research Activities

Yeni Anistyasari, Ari Kurniawan, Imami Rahayu, Amalia Ruhana
Digital repositories play an important role for knowledge management. They propose a useful infrastructure through which to store, manage, and reuse digital materials. Studies in exploring digital repositories have been applied in several higher educations. However, the acceptance of digital repositories...
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The Evaluation of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Implementation in Vocational High School Workshop, Surakarta

Basori Basori
The high number of work accidents due to human error or other factors is one the needs to be considered in the framework of both industry and educational institutions. This study is intended to determine the effectiveness of the level of implementation of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations...
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The Study of Vocational School Development at Makassar Using Interpretative Structural Modelling (ISM)

Mohamad Mandra
Vocational School is one of the institutions which have the responsibility for the preparation of human resources in accordance with their fields. The purpose of this study is to describe the general description of vocational schools in Makassar today. The data collection used questionnaire, whereas...
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Principal’s Leadership in Developing Critical Thinking Ability to Improve Work Productivity

I Made Sudana, Delta Apriyani
School is a place used to gain knowledge. A good school will also be able to produce good graduates. To make it real, the school must have staffs that are professional in their respective fields such as principal, teachers as well as employees to create such school. Principal is the leader key who will...
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Assessing Computational Thinking using Pseudocode Programming Instrument

Ekohariadi Ekohariadi, Yeni Anistyasari, Ricky Putra, Ibnu Kurniawan
the purpose of this research is to create an instrument to measure understanding of computational thinking concept and independent programming language that would not be biased by any computer’s programming language. Computational thinking can be taught through programming of visual language Scratch...
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Level of Thinking in Exams and Assignments as Assessments in the Civil Engineering Department, State University of Malang, Indonesia

Sutrisno Sutrisno, Antelas Winahyo, Ahmad Dardiri
This research aimed to shed light on the application of thinking order concepts in exams and assignments based on student needs of hard-skill development. This research was a descriptive ex-post facto research. The samples taken consisted of 36 lecturers in charge of constructing exam questions and assignments...
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Identification of Component of Technical Assessment and Employability Skills Based on KKNI (Indonesia National Qualification Framework)

Rina Febriana
This study aims to identify the components in the assessment model of Technical skills and employability skills based on KKNI. The method used is Research and Development (R & D) by adopting the model Borg & Gall. The validation of conceptual and hypothetical models is done through assessment. The effectiveness...
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Assessing Programmable Logic Controller Skill of Electrical Engineering Student

Puput Rusimamto, Ekohariadi Ekohariadi, Munoto Munoto
Measurements in education can not be separated from the measurement of the students' capabilities of educator candidates. The ability of prospective students can be measured by using a measuring instrument (test). A lecturer should know the scoring theory used to measure the ability of his students....
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A Tracer Study of Fashion Design Education Program at State University of Surabaya

Irma Russanti
In accordance with developing curriculum, it is necessary to conduct a tracer study at fashion design education program, Universitas Negeri Surabaya. This study focuses on the profiles of the graduates programs, the relevance between graduates’ jobs with their academic backgrounds, and the satisfaction...
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Analysis of Bakery Production Units Using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Method

Yatti Sugiarti, Shinta Maharani, Widia Ayudia, Ana Ana
Bakery’s production unit is a business activity that is implement by the competency of Agricultural Processing Technology expertise in SMK Negeri 2 Cilaku Cianjur to develop the student’s competence work in the field of bakery. The performance of production units improvement, need to be prioritized in...
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Development of Entrepeneurship Training Based on Life Skill for Islamic Boarding School Students

Siti Saidah, Sri Handajani
Education in boarding schools aims to realize a religious generation that is self-reliant and beneficial to society. One of them seeks entrepreneurship skills through training with appropriate training tools. The purpose of this study was to describe the feasibility of life skill based entrepreneurship...
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The Role of Government and Industry toward Vocational Schools and their Impact to Graduates’ Quality of Culinary and Hospitality Students in Makassar

Nahriana Nahriana, Andi Palerangi
This study aims to investigate the contribution or the role of government (X1), industry (X2) toward vocational school (Y) and their impact to graduates’ quality (Z) both direct and indirect contribution. It is a quantitative study. The population of this study was 335 Culinary and Hospitality students...
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Production-Based Curriculum Development in Vocational High Schools for Preparing Skilled Labor in Industry

Yoto Yoto
The development of Vocational High Schools (VHS) aims to create a qualified, sophisticated, independent, and modern Indonesian society that contributes significantly to the achievement of overall national development goals and to improve the nation's dignity. VHS development covers a wide range of dimensions,...
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A Subak Analogy Model in Computer Network Subject for Vocational Student

Ketut Agustini, Gede Saindra, Nyoman Sugihartini, Gede Indrawan
In a computer network concept, there are abstract and concrete materials. The abstract concept might lead students to misconceptions. This can be avoided by the students’ prior knowledge gained from everyday activities in accordance to the culture and environment. In bridging the abstract concepts into...
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Less Teaching and The Effect on Psychomotor of Wood Building Practices in Product Education Techniques of Undana Building

Harijono Harijono
This study aims to test the effectiveness of teaching methods and timing of feedback. The design used is experimental research. The results showed that there was an increase in learning. After students engaged in teaching and learning process using feedback method, the learning media teaching method...
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The Implementation of LAVIR Networking Model at Vocational School (efforts to foster students’ learning responses through visual literacy)

Sapto Haryoko, Hendra Jaya
This study aims to determine the process of application of lavir networking model in learning. This research is a type of quantitative research with quasi experiment method. The data were analyzed descriptively and hypothesis test (anova) then further tested using scheffe test and tukey test. The results...
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The Effectiveness of Plagiarism Checker Implementation in Scientific Writing for Vocational High School

Hakkun Elmunsyah, Hary Suswanto, Khoirudin Asfani, Wahyu Hidayat
The development of information technology today has negative impacts for education. These negative effects, among others, that hamper the quality of education are soft skill, especially honesty and self-confidence in their own work and copyright awareness. There are numerous plagiarism cases in Indonesia....
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Professional Teacher Guidance in Indonesia

Mochamad Cholik, Triyanto Pristiwaluyo
The population in this research is all teachers who receive professional allowance in 2016 in all provinces of Indonesia. Samples of province were 13 provinces and those of teachers were 195. Data collection used was self-assessors. The data were analyzed descriptively, both quantitative and qualitative....
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The Best Practice of Vocational Education Development in Developed Country: Reference Framework for Developing Vocational Education in Indonesia

Edy Sulistiyo, Djoko Kustono
Efforts to be made in the development of Vocational Education in Indonesia include creating a roadmap for SMK development and refining and aligning the SMK curriculum with competencies according to the needs of the graduates (link and match) to increase the relevance of vocational education not yet in...
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Industrial Perspective on Public Private Partnerships Model in Indonesia

Ngo Thi Thom, Arie Wardhono
The partnership model between vocational educational institutions and industries, known as Public-Private Partnership (PPP), plays an important role to overcome the skill gaps requirement between vocational educational institutions graduates and industries. The aim of this research is to provide information...
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Teaching Factory-Based for Entrepreneurship Learning Model in Vocational High Schools

Hasanah Hasanah, Muh. Malik
The purpose of this research is to develop teaching factory-based for Entrepreneurship Learning Model in Vocational High Schools. Furthermore, the model is named “TEFA-Entrepreneurship Model”. The type of research is research and development (R & D). The development process followed Plomp model development...
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A Design of Partnership Model of Vocational High School with Business and Industrial World

Purnamawati Purnamawati, Syahrul Syahrul
This study aims to design a partnership model of Vocational High School with Business and Industrial World. The stages of model development used Plomp model design. The object of the research was in Vocational High School in Makassar City. The result of partnership model design based on need analysis...
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Bridging the Skills Gap Through Teaching Factory (TEFA)

Mukhidin Mukhidin, Jonah Mupita
In most developing countries the vocational curricula are still lagging behind in terms of linkage and matching with skills needed by the industry. Teaching factory is a suitable learning and training model that can produce graduates who are competent with industry desirable skills. Teaching factory...
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Constructivist Approach: Students’ Attitude towards the Physics Learning in Vocational High Schools

Tuwoso Tuwoso, Widiyanti Widiyanti, Andika Putra
The principles of constructivism have been widely used in science education. Constructivism emphasises knowledge as students’ active construction. A teacher acts as a mediator, convinces what students know, and organises tasks so that students can build knowledge. Students work out meaning in a small...
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Effect of Experiential Colaborative and Self-Efficacy on Technical Skills for Vocational School Student

Yetursance Manafe, Marzoan Marzoan, Lukas Boleng
Experiential Collaborative provides opportunities for students to learn more actively to work together in groups in order to achieve a goal. Self-efficacy reflects the level of confidence in executing certain tasks. The purpose of this research is to see the impact of group cooperative and self-efficacy...
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Development of Talking Chips Basic Learning Model in a Vocational High School (SMK) in Medan

Ana Rahmi, Siti Sutantie
This study aims to describe how the application of Talking Chips learning model to improve motivation and learning outcomes of basic culinary art students of SMK Negeri 8 Medan. This research type is Research development. It consists of four stages, namely the stage of planning, development, implementation...
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Applying The Problem-Solving Method to Improve Student Learning Achievement in the Concrete Construction 1 Course

Suparno Suparno, Bambang Supriyanto, Sudomo Sudomo
This classroom action research aimed to improve the quality of student achievement and instructional process in the Concrete Construction 1 course by implementing the problem-solving method. This study was done through four steps namely planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. The research...
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Innovation In Learning Through Digital Literacy at Vocational School of Health

Yasser Djawad, Sutarsi Suhaeb, Hendra Jaya
This study aims to facilitate learning, therefore all existing technologies and educational technology products must be selected and built on the needs analysis of a particular learning environment. E-health learning media is an Android-based Application. As we know that Android is one of the most widely...
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Integrated Learning to Improve Creative Thinking Skills in Learning Media Course

Pudji Astuti, Sita Nurmasitah
Education is a gateway to the achievement of the nation's ideals. Qualified education enables to produce reliable nation successors. There are many aspects related to qualified education, including learning activities. The challenges faced by education world are increasingly complex. In the industrial...
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What do Vocational Teachers, Industries, and Experts View about the Future Learning of Vocational Schools?

Pardjono Pardjono, Wardan Suyanto, Herminato Sofyan, Wagiran Wagiran
This research was the preliminary study of a multi-year designed research. The research aims to explore experienced vocational teachers, industry and vocational education experts for vocational learning. This study used quantitative inquiry approach with questioner or inventory and Focus Group Discussion...
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Management Model of Community Relations and Industries in Community College

Andi Irfan, Andi Idkhan, Eddy Sutadji, Sunardi Sunardi
This study aims to validate the management model of public relations and industry measurement in Community College in South Sulawesi. This research was conducted on Community College Sidenreng Rappang State and Community College Enrekang State in South Sulawesi Province. This research uses quantitative...
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Students’ Characteristic Analysis in the effort of Applying Total Quality Management (TQM) in Learning Process

Wawan Purwanto, Bahrul Amin, Nuzul Hidayat, Erzeddin Alwi
Learning management plays an essential role in creating an atmosphere of learning in improving the graduates' competency. Total quality management (TQM) is a management system that can be applied in a learning process. The purpose of the paper is to describe the initial situation of the student, than...
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Analysis of Vocational School Supervision Planning

Eka Daryanto, Darwin Darwin
The objective of the research is to know the policies used in determining the need of supervisors in North Sumatera Province. The research also aims to know the process of determining the need of the supervisors. This research uses qualitative approach with descriptive method. The subjects of the research...
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The Effective Leadership of Vocational High Schools’ Principal To Improve Teachers’ Performance

Rusli Ismail
There have not been any indications showing that leadership models applied by a principal in leading education unit (SMKN Technology) affects teachers’ performance. The common problem to be studied is how the implementation of models of effective school leadership on teachers' performance. This study...
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Determining Priority Scale in Information Management System in Planning Of Developing Infrastructure in Vocational High School

Sucipto Sucipto, Tri Rahardjo, Martono Martono, Sugiharto Sugiharto
Low and insufficient school infrastructure has negative impact on students learning and graduation. Many factors contribute the emerging of infrastructure gap in education. It is caused by the lack of maintenance and old developing, the ineffectiveness of government planning. It needs planning of proposing...
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Model Proportion of Expertise Competence As Industry Recommendation In Industrial Selection Practice Program

Novianto Laksana, Ratna Wardani
This research aims for developing and implementing the proportion of field competency model that can be used as Industrial Market recommendation for determining the result of industrial practice selection that is appropriate with the criteria. The development design was grouped into three developmental...
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The Changes in Aspergillus Sp Population and Biochemical Changes During The Process of Controlled Corn Flour Fermentation and The Rheological Properties of Corn Flour Produced

Andi Sukainah, Reski Putra, Husnul Hatima
This study aims to determine changes in Aspergillus sp population and biochemical changes during the process of controlled corn flour fermentation. The research is divided into two stages. The first stage was the making of starter by adding aquades as much as 100 ml into 50 g of corn flour. Furthermore,...
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Development of The Nutrition Pocketbook as a Nutrition Education Media in School

Esi Emilia, Risti Rosmiati, Rachmat Mulyana
The objectives of the study were to develop the nutrition pocketbook regarding dietary guidelines for adolescents and do the pilot test of the nutrition pocketbook to analyze the nutritional behavior of junior high school students. The research was conducted from March to August 2016 at Three Junior...
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Islamic Wedding Attraction in Entrepreneur Vocational Perspective

Mutimmatul Faidah, Imami Rahayu, Amalia Ruhana, Lilik Rakhmawati
This study aims to describe form and meaning of the Islamic wedding in Lumpur Village. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. The data were collected using interviews, observation, and documentation. The result of this research is Pencak Macan (a wedding ceremony based on Javanese tradition)...
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Entrepreneurship Intent on Vocational High School Education: The growth of new Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Achmad Agung, Amat Mukhadis, Eddy Sutadji, Purnomo Purnomo
Entrepreneurship education in vocational schools is necessary, with an understanding of how to develop and encourage the birth of potential young entrepreneurs. The purpose of this study to see the determinants of entrepreneurial intentions can be interpreted as the process of seeking information that...
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Competence Profile of Indonesian Food Chefs in Malang Based on Educational Background

Rina Mariana, Nunung Nurjanah, Ahmad Dardiri
This study aimed to identify the professional competence of chefs in traditional Indonesian restaurants in Malang city. The study was conducted in two stages involving 12 selected restaurants. The first stage was identifying the profile of chefs, while the second stage consisted of in-depth interviews...
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The Effectiveness of Work Safety Training Among Workers with Low Educational Level towards the Attitudes of Work Safety Priority in Small, Medium and Large-Scale Industries

Djoko Kustono
The high rate of work accidents in East Java is mainly due to human factor, in this case, related to the low level of workers’ attitudes towards the priority of work safety (MKK/Memprioritaskan Keselamatan Kerja). Theoretically, work safety training (PKK / Pelatihan Keselamatan Kerja) is able to improve...
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The Effectiveness of Clothing Pattern Making Training with CAD-based System on Fashion Students

Hamidah Suryani, Imayanti Imayanti, Muhammad Yahya
This descriptive research aims to give an overview of the effectiveness of clothing pattern making training with CAD system on Fashion students viewed from the result of knowledge test and performance test and the students’ response result. Techniques of collecting data obtained in research were documentation,...
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The Development of Gluten-Eggs Free Cookies as Functional Food

Mutiara Nugraheni, Sutopo Sutopo, Sutriyati Purwanti, Titin Handayani
This research aims to develop gluten-eggs free cookies based native Maranta Arundinaceae flour and Maranta Arundinaceae flour rich in RS3, to analyze the chemical composition, and to know the hedonic of semi trained panelists against cookies as well as in vivo evaluation in diabetes mellitus mice. Self...
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The Development of Collaborative Jig Saw Project-Based Learning Model to Improve Students’ Learning Outcomes in Thermodynamics on Vocational College

Arwizet Kaharudin, Nizwardi Jalinus, Ambiyar Ambiyar, Remon Lapisa
This paper describes the development steps of The Collaborative Jig Saw Project-Based Learning (CJPjBL) Model in thermodynamics on vocational college. The development of the CJPjBL model applies five steps of the ADDIE model ie: 1) analyzing current thermodynamics learning model, 2) designing the new...
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Interactive Multimedia about Reproductive Health Education: Revealing its Effectiveness in Preventing Students’ Premarital Sex

Choirul Afifah, Mutimmatul Faidah
this article aims at examining the effectiveness of interactive multimedia about reproductive health to enhance senior high school students’ understanding about premarital sex among youths in Indonesia. This study used Plomp’s model to develop the multimedia which covered five phases namely investigation,...
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Development of Neural Network Controller for A Two-Link Flexible Manipulator

Mohammad Khairudin, Totok Maryadi
This paper discusses a neural network (NN) control of a two-link flexible robot manipulator. The PID controller was formerly used to solve nonlinearities problem. One more efficient solution for nonlinearities problem is NN. An evaluation was conducted to assess the performances of the controller in...
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Skill Competency Test Model (UKK) Graduates of Partnership-Based SMK: Preparing Graduates Facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Muhammad Rais
The challenge faced by Indonesian education nowadays is the swift development of industrial revolution that is entering the 4th generation. The education at all levels of the educational units, including Vocational High School (SMK) is continuing to work early preparing itself facing the era of industry...
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Development of Visual Block Programming Software for Supporting the Basic Programming Class in Vocational High School

Rustam Asnawi, I Gede Nuarsa
This study aims to design and develop the learning media of visual block programming, and to know the level of eligibility of instructional media for the Basic Programming subjects in vocational high school. The research approached to Research and Development (R & D). The overall stages in this research...
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Social E-Book Reader: Development of Interactional Model and Quality Analysis User Experience of E-Book Reader based Social Learning

Osiany Nurlansa, Ratna Wardani
This research aims to develop and produce user interface recommendation of Social E-Book Reader application that can accommodate two-way interaction model and learning style in social learning according to user's habit and requirement tested with User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) standard. The development...
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DILA Learning Model based on Contextual Teaching and Learning in Applied Physics Course at Mining Engineering

Fadhilah Fadhilah, Z Mawardi Efendi, Ridwan Ridwan
Applied physics as a science is used to understand other sciences and as a basis for technological development. Learning Physics not only learns facts, concepts, principles, and laws, but also learns how to learn physics to gain information, scientific work steps, and the application of science and technology....