Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities, and Management

Analysis on Chinese Government Management Mode in the Perspective of Holistic Government and Its Path of Re-form

Juan-juan Ji, Xiu-rong Zhang
Corresponding author
Holistic Government; Problem; the path of reform
In recent years, both safety problems worldwide and various domestic crisis events put forward new requirements on the reform of public sectors. Meanwhile, governments in countries around the world are trying to explore more positive and effective government management modes. In the perspective of the holistic government, the author analyses the ex-isting problems of the current government management mode in China and further discusses the innovation path to the theo-ry of Chinese government management mode—holistic government, namely, re-shaping institutions, integrating infor-mation, restructuring the processes and shifting consciousness. It can achieve flexible collaboration among sector or-ganizations, scientific and rational alloca-tion of functions, smooth flow of infor-mation resources and service awareness of public servants so as to deal with pub-lic crisis, reduce the cost of public man-agement and provide high-quality public service for the citizens.
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