Proceedings of the Conference on Broad Exposure to Science and Technology 2021 (BEST 2021)

This Conference Proceedings volume contains the written versions of the contributions presented during the Broad Exposure to Science and Technology (BEST 2021), held by Engineering Faculty of Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa virtually on August 31, 2021.

The Conference provided a setting for discussing recent developments in various engineering and applied science topics, including Material science, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial and Civil Engineering. The Conference has been a good opportunity for participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Germany, Russia, and France to present and discuss topics in their respective research areas.

BEST 2021 conference included plenary lecturers and oral presentations to allow attendees to present their scientific results in the different engineering fields. The manuscript presented orally will be published in the proceedings series Advances in Engineering Research under a peer-reviewed process.

We would like to thank to:
Co-host of BEST2021: Sorbonne Universités-UTC Compiègne, France; Universitas Negeri Jakarta; BKS-PTN Barat - Bidang Ilmu Teknik.

Keynote speakers: Prof. Jean Louis Batoz from Sorbonne Universités-UTC Compiègne, France; Prof. Dody Ariawan from Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia; Yus Rama Denny, Ph.D from Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Indonesia; and Prof. Erwann Guénin from Sorbonne Universités-UTC Compiègne.

Advisory boards: Prof. Fatah Sulaiman, Prof. Jean Louis Batoz; Prof. Erwann Guenin; Prof. Dody Ariawan; Prof. Asep Ridwan; Dr. Uswatun Hasanah.

Scientific committees: Prof. Alfirano; Aam Amaningsih Jumhur; Yusrama Denny, Ph.D; Dr. Supriyanto;; Teguh Kurniawan, Ph.D; Dr. Imam Basori; Agus Pramono, Ph.D. Tech.

Organizing committees: Dr. Endarto Y. Wardhono; Dr.Ing. M. Iman Santoso; Dhimas Satria, Dr. Irma Saraswati; Dr. Mekro Permana Pinem; Rahman Faiz Suwandana,; Atia Sonda; Nufus Kanani, Sidik Susilo, Dr. Eng. Bobby Kurniawan; Dr. Muhammad Adha Ilhami, ST., MT.

Chief Editor: Dr. Mekro Permana Pinem
Many thanks go to editors, reviewers, and all participants for their support and contributions to the program and these Proceedings. Finally, I would like to thank all sponsors, partners, and colleagues. We can continue our collaboration in developing science and technology in upcoming activities.

Thank you,
Dr. Endarto Y. WARDHONO
Chairman BEST 2021