Proceedings of the Conference on Broad Exposure to Science and Technology 2021 (BEST 2021)

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Comprehensive Analysis of Safety Risk Assessment HRSG: PT. “X” Indonesia with the Combination Method of HAZOP, LOPA and SIL

Anton Irawan, Indar Kustiningsih, Sayid Jakfar
Gas turbine cogeneration or combined heat and power is an efficiency in generating electricity while utilizing hot exhaust gases to generate steam in HRSG. The facility has significant risk in operation, need to comprehensively risk analysis and carry out of mitigation. Comprehensive risk analysis of...
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Pinch Based Approach Graphical Targeting for Multi Period of Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization

Annasit Mualim, Juwari Purwo Sutikno, Ali Altway, Renanto Handogo
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) plays an important role in mitigating carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources. The main issue in implementing CCS is its economy due to the high investment and operating costs. To overcome the economic issue, the carbon capture and utilization (CCU) provides...
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A Perspective to Combat Covid-19 Disease: Manufacturing and Formulating Inhalable Pharmaceuticals

Amilia Firman Kurniawansyah, Agung Kridoyono
Since its break out in 2019, the Covid - 19 pandemic has affected many aspects of life. The viral disease even endangers human civilization due to the highly virulent and fatality of its effect. The virus has been known to disturb human pulmonary system through cytokine storm occurrence. The pulmonary...
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A Comparison of Two Different Tuning Methods of PID Controller for Evaluation of the Dynamics Performance Deodorizing Column of the Crude Palm Oil

Renanto Handogo, Kevin, Juwari Purwo Sutikno, Vincentius Lukas Aria, Annasit Mualim
Deodorizer column is one of the most important units of operation in the palm oil refining process. The column itself consists of tray column at bottom half and packed column at top half. To get an optimum composition of the bottom product and FFA recovery, a good controlling system needs to be installed....
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Data Analysis for Hyaluronic Acid Production Using Principal Component Analysis

Medyan Riza, Mukhlishien, Andriansyah
Hyaluronic Acid is widely used in proprietary pharmaceutical products such as viscoelastic fluids in ophthalmic surgery, vitreous substitutes, and additional products in Visco for orthopedic disorders: osteoarthritis therapy and sports medicine. To produce HA can be through the growth of microorganisms...
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Calcined Kiln Analysis and Proximate Simulation of High-Quality Coke Products Using Aspen Plus

Atika Safitri, Ghiyar Ragil Alfath, Wara Dyah Pita Rengga, Nugroho Adi Sasongko, Immanuella Juan Safira
Indonesia’s green petroleum coke production capacity reaches 360,000 tons/year. Green Petroleum Coke (GPC) is the most widely used raw material in the manufacture of anodes for aluminium and steel smelters, but it is does not have good quality for smelting because it contains high ash, volatile matter...
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Ternary Liquid Equilibrium for Eugenol + Tert-Butanol + Water and Eugenol + 1-Octanol + Water System At 303.15 K and Atmospheric Pressure

Retno Kumala, Gede Wibawa, Kuswandi
The objective of this work was to determine ternary liquid-liquid equilibrium for eugenol + tert-butanol + water and eugenol + 1-octanol + water systems at 303.15K and atmospheric pressure. The experimental apparatus was 25 mL equilibrium cell equipped jacketed water connected to water bath to maintain...
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Survey of Accredited Calibration Laboratories in Indonesia to Ensure Metrological Traceability Based on Iso/Iec 17025:2017 (Case Study: Gauge Block Calibration Service)

Muhammad Haekal Habibie, Ocka Hedrony
One of the actors managing national quality infrastructure in Indonesia is accredited calibration laboratory that regulates the strategic role of facilitating trade activities. Metrological traceability of accredited calibration laboratory is an inherent entity, which determines the validity of calibration...
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Design Concept of an Amphitheatre Building High Land Borobudur That is Responsive to the Surrounding Environment

Andiyan Andiyan, Tita Cardiah, Tri Wahyu Handayani
The Indonesian government is confronted with several issues concerning tourist sites, both local and foreign. This study serves as a support facility for the Borobudur Highlands sector of the Nglinggo-Sedayu Gate. A combined technique is used during the research stage to collect primary data, such as...
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A Sustainable Simulation Model Based on the Indonesia Sea Toll way

Muhammad Fakhruriza Pradana, Sriram Praneeth Vinjamuri, Bernd Noche
Indonesia being an island nation, is facing numerous issues with regards to connecting 17,000 odd islands. Due to the lack of connectivity between these islands, the people’s price disparities and economic standards are being affected. It has resulted in the introduction of the Sea toll way program by...
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Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the Sand Mine Project

Yackob Astor, Retno Utami, Farhan Arradzuma Gustaman, M A Ramdani, Y I Pangestu
The significant volume discrepancy between planned targets and actual implementation in a mining project creates complex issues related to schedules, equipment and labor mobilization, and operating costs. This difference can be caused by survey methods, mapping methods, excavation volume calculations,...
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The Pathway to Decarbonization: Flettner Rotor Application in Maritime Logistics

Muhammad Fakhruriza Pradana, Bernd Noche, Fikri Abdulhakim Ichsan
The increasing carbon footprints are forcing international regulators to reform fossil fuels into alternative fuels. Maritime transportation contributes 2.89% of carbon to the earth. One of the solutions to push this emission (decarbonization) is creating alternative fossil-free energy. The most possible...
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3D Model of Pavement Distress Based on Road Gradient Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Yackob Astor, Retno Utami, Sarah Nabilah Winata, F A Rahman, F A Gustaman, M R Firdaus
The implementation of UAVs in Indonesia on road infrastructure projects still widely used at the planning stage of new road routes and the supervision stage to determine the progress of the work. Meanwhile, at the post-work monitoring stage, the UAV is only used to identify and inventory the pavement...
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Bioasbuton as an Alternative Binder for Hot Mix Asphalt

Atmy Verani Rouly Sihombing, Reza Phalevi Sihombing
Hot mix asphalt (HMA) with buton granular asphalt has long been known in Indonesia with maximum use of 15%. With this dose, the use of binder asphalt Pen 60/70 is still needed. Bioasphalt is a fraction of bio-oil derived from biomass resulting from the pyrolysis process whose raw materials are coconut...
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Impact of Traffic and Customer Switching Behavior of Hinterland Region on the Patimban Port Development

Laurenzo Kansil, Arif Fadillah
Currently, the Government of Indonesia is developing an international standard port in the Patimban area, Subang and it is hoped that this port can reduce export-import density at the Tanjung Priok Port. This final project aims to determine the customer switching behavior in the hinterland area if the...
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Design of Floating Terminal for Coal Transportation Optimization

Kukuh Izatullah, Arif Fadillah, D N Theresiana
Indonesia is known as one of the largest coal producing countries in the world, especially on the island of Kalimantan. With coal reserves of ± 16,627 million tons. With such abundant coal reserves, Kalimantan uses rivers as the main means of transportation for coal distribution. However, the distance...
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Analysis User Bus Rapid Transit (Brt) Transportation in Corridor IV as a Solution to Reduce Traffic Congestion in the Sangego, Tangerang City

Kencana Verawati, Lu’Luil Maknun, Henita Rahmayanti
The principle of transportation is to control private vehicles and make public transportation the mainstay of urban travel with public transportation, namely comfortable, affordable fares and a network connecting all parts of the Greater Jakarta city area. With the high mobility of the population in...
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Optimization of Parking Areas at the Bintaro Market–Bekasi City

Dasa Aprisandi, Telly Rosdiyani
The problem with the Bintara Market is that there are many semi-permanent stalls in the parking lot, so that many visitors park their vehicles outside the market. There is a parking lot for motor bikes, usually passengers leave parking spaces owned by residents around the market which are managed privately...
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Selection Analysis of the Route for the Widening of the Palima-Baros Road Selection

Nila Artiwi, Euis Amilia
The Palima – Baros road section as a connecting road between Serang City and Pandeglang Regency has a fairly high traffic flow, as can be seen from the density of the road during morning and afternoon rush hours and weekends. Congestion often occurs on roads that have a surface layer in the form of flexible...
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Utilization of Eco-friendly Bamboo Leaf Waste as Subgrade Stabilizer

Woelandari Fathonah, Rama Indera Kusuma, Dwi Esti Intari, Eryani Siti Maryam, Enden Mina
Soil has an important role in the construction of buildings and roads. Overall, the pavement must be strong enough to carry the weight of the vehicle on it. The strength of the road pavement depends on the bearing capacity of the subgrade. One of the efforts to increase the bearing capacity of the subgrade...
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The Finite Element Modelling of a Rectangular Slab Lying on Multilayer Elastic Soil

Soelarso, Jean-Louis Batoz, E Antaluca, F Lamarque
The present paper deals with the finite element modeling of a simple raft foundation supported by elastic soil in order to define the best parameters to model more complicated foundation systems in the future taking into accord the soil-structure interaction. The finite element parameters are the type...
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Personal Storage with a Dual Security System Based on Arduino

Andika Febriansyah Gunawan, Pitoyo Yuliatmojo, Muhammad Yusro
This study aims to design the storage of personal with a dual security system based on Arduino microcontroller to minimize the occurrence of theft crimes without using violence. This research was conducted using engineering research methods. The results of this study are the first key is opened using...
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Detection and Monitoring of Carbon Monoxide (Co) Toxic Gases in Old Vehicle Cabin (Odometer> 300k Km) and Its Relationship to Vehicle Density Using Fuzzy Method

Suzuki Syofian, Aji Setiawan, Rolan Siregar, Muhamad Fathan
Carbon monoxide (CO) gas in the cabin of a vehicle affects the health of passengers and can even cause death. This is caused by poor ventilation so that the exhaust that leaks into the car and is slowly inhaled by the person in the car. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and non-irritating...
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Application of Load Cell Sensors in Gallon Size Detection for IoT-based Refill Depot Applications

Pitoyo Yuliatmojo, Jusuf Bintoro, Yusuf Syani
The purpose of this study is to apply load cell sensors on gallon size detectors for Internet of Things-based refill depots that can fill water into gallons and record the number of gallons that have been filled into the database which then the records can be accessed through the internet in realtime....
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A Comparative Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Metal–Semiconductor–Metal Based on Inalas /Ingaas

Benzeghda Sabah, Bouhadiche Adil, Benghorieb Soulef, Irma saraswati, F Hobar
Interdigitated metal–semiconductor–metal (MSM) photodetectors based on InAlAs/InGaAs materials have attracted much attention for applications in high-speed optical-fiber communication systems which need efficient light detection in the 1.3-1.55 µm range [1]. The performance of thin-film inverted MSM...
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1 X 1000 Kva Transformator Measurement Analysis Using Vector Group Dyn-11 and Off Load Tap Changer

Setiyo Budiyanto, Imelda Uli Vistalina Simanjuntak, Lukman Medriavin Silalahi, Agus Dendi Rochendi, Freddy Artadima Silaban
The problem of this research is to generate electrical energy in the power plant which is located far from the load center, so it requires a transmission line in order to be distributed to the public. The purpose of this research is to find out the ratio on the primary (20,000Volt) and secondary (400Volt)...
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Simulation of X-Ray Plane Using Visual Basic Applications

Gunawan Osman, Lukman Medriavin Silalahi, Muhammad Agung Juhardi, Setiyo Budiyanto, Hendrana Tjahjadi, Agus Dendi Rochendi
X-Ray Plane is a tool that works using X-ray radiation for fluoroscopy and radiographic purposes. This beam is emitted from the tube directed at the body part and will be captured by the film, so that an image of the illuminated part of the body will be formed. X-rays are produced in a vacuum glass tube...
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Analysis of Lte 900 Implementation to Increase Coverage and Capacity of 4g Lte Network On Telkomsel Provider

Lukman Medriavin Silalahi, Imelda Uli Vistalina Simanjuntak, Setiyo Budiyanto, Freddy Artadima Silaban, Agus Dendi Rochendi, Gunawan Osman
The growth of communication users, especially data packets, is increasing while telecommunication network facilities is not yet maximized to accommodate more and more users, especially suburban and rural areas whose population spread is uneven. So that there is a solution with the implementation of LTE900...
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Initial Planning and Estimation of 2.4 Kw Solar Power Plant Using PVsyst Software in Faculty of Engineering, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University – Cilegon Banten Province

Rocky Alfanz, M. Otong, Fulka Zaidan, Imron Rosadi, Putro F Ferdinant
Indonesia is located in an equatorial region with an abundance of solar energy, with an average solar radiation intensity of 4.8 kWh/m2 per day. It can be used to build solar power plants. This research aims to estimate and plan the efficiency of a solar farm so that the power produced in the faculty...
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A Case-Based Reasoning for Detection Coronavirus (Covid-19) Using Cosine Similarity

Murien Nugraheni, Widodo, Irma Permata Sari
Case-based reasoning is a new approach that can be used to diagnose disease in addition to using expert systems or other approaches, which are part of artificial intelligence. Case-based reasoning can diagnose diseases based on visible or perceived clinical symptoms. This study tries to build case-based...
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IoT Based Smart Energy Meter Using Modbus Protocol as Electricity Saving Effort

Syufrijal, R. Wicaksono, M. Rif’an, R. Anugerah
The use of electricity has become a major need for all people. The amount of electrical energy consumption by each consumer is measured using an electrical device, namely a kWh meter. Manually recording the meter by PLN officers to the customer’s house is certainly not efficient because it requires more...
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Design of Carbon Monoxide (Co) Pollutant Gas Detection and Monitoring System Using Mobile Detection Model Based on Internet of Things (IoT)

Muhammad Yusro, Aodah Diamah, Ibnuh Sakti, Ridwan, Nurhaliza, Imam Firmansyah, Setia Budi
The increase in air pollution in Indonesia is a serious problem. Health problems due to air pollution can cause damage to the lungs or cause eye irritation. One of the harmful gases contained in exhaust emissions is carbon monoxide (CO). This study aims to design a system capable of detecting and monitoring...
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Electronically Controlled Plasma Power Devices for Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Electric Energy Technologies

M.V Dolgopolov, V.V Radenko, G.G Zanin, D.E Ovchinnikov, A.V Radenko, V.B Svirkov, A.S Chipura, A.V Gurskaya
The experimental electronically controlled plasma power system is presented, with an estimated heat output ranging from 8 to 50 kW, and an electrical output ranging from 5 to 35 kW. The installation is based on the physical principles of ion and plasma fluxes compaction with discrete changes in the control...
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Development of Water Tap Control Systems and PDAM Cost Monitoring Based on IoT

Irma Saraswati, F Erwiza, AS Pramudyo, Suhendar, Yusraini Muharni
Management of the amount of water in daily life is very necessary in human life. As the amount water used is increased will impact the bill of payment. This research focus on how to manage the water flow by a series of instalation relate to Internet of thing (IoT). The objective is to control the valve...
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Analysis of Student Satisfaction Using Online Video Conference Application Based on Usability Criteria

Johan Patrick, Dyah Santhi Dewi
The online learning process or e-learning requires students to be able to use various Online Video Conference (OVC) applications such as Zoom, Google Hangout Meet and Microsoft Teams. As with other products, OVC user satisfaction must be the main concern of product development companies so that the product...
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Application of Artificial Neural Network for Forecasting Demand Bottled Drinking Water by Using Back propagation Algorithm

Prima Denny Sentia, Andriansyah, Ilyas Ishak, Albizzia Haura
The erratic demand for bottled drinking water (BDW) products caused the sales target not to be achieved for several periods. One of the efforts that can be made by the management so that the amount of production is correct is by forecasting demand. This study aims to determine the best forecasting model...
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Factor Influencing Consumer’s Purchase Intention on E-Commerce in Indonesia During Pandemic Covid-19 Based on Gender Moderation

Riski Arifin, Andriansyah, Rizki Agam Syahputra, Awal Aflizal Zubir
The development of a new technology shifts conventional shopping behaviours from offline shopping to online shopping. The rise of e-commerce market and effect of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerate an expansion of e-commerce integration, this condition provided customers with access to variety of product...
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System Analysis and Design of Fishery Supply Chain Risk in Aceh: A Case Study

Rizki Agam Syahputra, Prima Denny Sentia, Riski Arifin, Awal Aflizal Zubir
The fishery sector has become one the most influential aspect in the development of the economic sector in Aceh. However, the complexity and rapidly changing requirements and regulations on agri-food products pose risks in its business processes. Consequently, it is increasingly mandatory for business...
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Measurement of Value at Risk (VaR) in Stock Investment Using Monte Carlo Simulation Method

Dwi Handayani, M. Nuha Alfan Thariq
The finance industry, especially banking, is an industry that is often used by the public to make transactions. Banking is one of several business lines in the financial industry. Many industries in Indonesia are under pressure because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many cases have been confirmed by new policies...
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Risk Mitigation Design as a Proposed Improvement of Blood Supply Chain During the Covid-19 Pandemic Using House of Risk and System Dynamic

M. Alfatah Kalijaga, Dwi Handayani
Every service company or manufacture definitely has and will not separate from supply chain management. Like in health supply chain management, for example one of them is blood supply chain. Before pandemic Covid-19, UDD Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) can do all the tasks that has been planned. But unfortunately,...
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Blockchain-Based Sugar Inbound Logistics Design Based on the User Wallet Platform Application

Ratna Ekawati, Yandra Arkeman, S Suprihatin, TC Sunarti
The food and agro supply chain that occurs during the pandemic is the amount of supply available but is constrained by distribution due to a shortage of fleets and resource resources. Perishable agricultural products are wasted, or prices go down due to reduced quality. In this study, the smart contract...
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The Readiness Level of Sarawak Disaster Management Agencies (SDMAS) in Managing Disaster in the Advent of Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0)

Nur Putri Najwa Mahmud, Noralfishah Sulaiman, Umber Nazir, Siti Kursiah Kamalia Abdul Latib, Fathini Muhammad Hafidz, Sheikh Kamran Abid
The purpose of this research is to discuss the readiness level of Sarawak Disaster Management Agencies (SDMAs) during Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) and to examine the challenges of the IR4.0 transition for the state of Sarawak in managing the disaster. IR4.0 readiness in disaster management is...
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Challenges Faced in Managing Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Malaysia

Noor Yasmin Zainun, Nadiatul Nazleen Ajman, Noralfishah Sulaiman, Shabir Hussain Khahro
The World Health Organization (WHO) characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic, pointing to over 3 million cases and 207,973 deaths in 213 countries and territories on 11th March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is a catastrophic occurrence that has not been seen since the Spanish Flu. The infection has not only...
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House of Risk (HoR) Analysis Application for Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) in Micro Small and Medium – Sized Enterprises (MSMSs)

Dyah Lintang Trenggonowati, Yusraini Muharni, Asep Ridwan, Alya Mustika Wardhani
Tofu has characteristic that is easily damaged so it needs proper handling from raw materials to shipping, otherwise, the tofu will have low quality and easy to break so that the shelf life becomes shorter. Besides that, in terms of quantity, the lower production upstream will reduce the availability...
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Determining Optimal New Waste Disposal Facilities Location by Using Set Covering Problem Algorithm

Rizki Agam Syahputra, Andriansyah, Prima Denny Sentia, Riski Arifin
The inadequacy of an appropriate location and quantity of Temporary Disposal Facility or TPS in Subulussalam city has caused the municipal waste to be disposed in an arbitrary disposal site that mostly lacks the appropriate norm. In response to the necessity to improve waste management issues in the...
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Lean Implementation Framework for Small and Medium Enterprises Based on Sciencedirect Database: A Systematic Literature Review

Yuli Agusti Rochman, Muhammad Kusumawan Herliansyah, Andi Sudiarso
A literature review is one way to gain academic insight based on previous research literature. The academic insight that can be obtained is the newness or originality of the research. The paper-based on the literature also presents the process based on the framework followed. Various fields of research...
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Bibliometric Analysis of University Timetabling Using Publish and Perish

Dyah Lintang Trenggonowati, Lely Herlina, Evi Febianti, Muhammad Adha Ilhami, Yusraini Muharni, Bobby Kurniawan, Kulsum, Ade Irman
The University Course Timetabling Problem (UCTP) is rated as the main enemy by the University. UCTP aims to allocate academic courses to lecturers, the division of time, and classrooms that must carry out regularly. So that learning activities run well and smoothly until achieving an increase in the...
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Trailer Vendor Selection with Fuzzy-Quality Function Deployment (Fuzzy-QFD) Approach and Goal Programming (Case Study: Krakatau Argo Logistics Inc.)

Asep Ridwan, Ade Irman, Ahmad Aji Abadi, Didi Suhendi, Fatah Sulaiman
Krakatau Argo Logistics Inc. (KAL Inc.) is a company that works in the field of multimodal transportation business services. Currently, the selection of KAL Inc. trailer vendors is only based on the availability and intuition of decision-makers. Therefore, it is necessary to do research this trailer...
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Optimization of Heavy Equipment Costs in Coal Mining Overburden Production Using Match Factor and Linear Programming

Rizkyah Erwanda, Ari Yanuar Ridwan, Prafajar Suksessannp Muttaqin
The coal mining industry is currently facing challenges in terms of the establishment of export restrictions and the drop in coal prices. In order to compete, companies are required to increase their productivity and efficiency. Optimizing heavy equipment productivity is an essential factor in improving...
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Feasibility Analysis of Financial Aspect in Determining Optimal Last Mile Warehouse Location Using P-Median Method

Firlan Sbastian, Ari Yanuar Ridwan, Nia Novitasari
This research was conducted at a company engaged in the Iot Aquaculture sector with a product in the form of a shrimp smart feeder which was distributed to almost all islands in Indonesia. Based on an assessment made by the company in the product distribution aspect on the island of Sumatra, especially...
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Analysis of Factors Causing Delay in Unloading Imported Goods

Siti Sahara
Currently the interest in imported goods is very high. Where imported goods have relatively affordable prices with quality in accordance with consumer needs. Therefore, the role of loading and unloading companies in handling imported goods has an important role because they are guided to have reliability...
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Identification of Critical Point in the Design of Halal Logistics System for Granular Organic Fertilizer

Qurtubi, Andik Bagus Prasetyo, Melinska Ayu Febrianti, Nasruddin Faisol
A product is considered as halal not only reviewed from the production process but also its logistics perspective. Logistics bridges the gap between the production point and the customer’s purchase point, hence this halal product’s logistics is highly important to ensure the halal product’s integrity...
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Measuring Performance of Halal Supply Chain Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) 12.0 Approach: A Case Study

Qurtubi, Bagas Swardhana Putra, Vembri Noor Helia, Nasruddin Faisol
As one of the countries with the most populous Moslem in the world, it is undoubtedly that the halal aspect has become a vital concept in the everyday life of Indonesian people. In its effort to meet customers’ necessities, one of the factors that could help the company in achieving its purpose is the...
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The Roles of Nutritional Knowledge on Culinary Students in Pandemic Covid-19

Mahdiyah, Mutiara Dahlia, S A Hakim, Kasyifaturrahmah, Fildzah Rudyah, Putri
The world was shocked by the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus, with the spread of almost all countries in the world starting in early 2020, followed by the announcement of the status of a Global Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The role of nutritional knowledge possessed further contributes...
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Design of Vendor Selection System Using FAHP and FTOPSIS in Engineering-To-Order Manufacturing Industry

M I Fatoni, A Y Ridwan, P S Muttaqin
Vendor selection has an important influence in the supply chain. Therefore, choosing the wrong vendor has a bad impact on the company’s activities. The absence of a vendor selection system makes it difficult for decision makers to choose the right vendor. This study solves the problem of vendor selection...
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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Antimicrobial Film Form Lemongrass Oil Incorporated with Chitosan/Ascorbic Acid

Cuk Imawan, Retno Yunilawati, Vivi Fauzia, Dwinna Rahmi, Aminah Umar
Studies on the physical and mechanical properties of antimicrobial film from lemongrass oil incorporated with chitosan/ascorbic acid have been done to obtain an alternative biodegradable antimicrobial packaging. The objective of this research is to investigate changes in physical and mechanical properties...
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Physical Properties Evaluation of Calcium Silicate Cement Board Based on Indonesia Local Kaolin

Nurhidayati, R Y Lestari, I D G P Prabawa, N Nurmilatina, F E Hasfianti, S Hamdi
In recent year, cement board including calcium silicate cement board has attracted significant attention from researchers and industries as a building component for more affordable housing. In general, the raw materials for calcium silicate cement board consist of silica sand, cement, pulp (cellulose),...
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The Compressive Strength Characteristics of Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Concrete with Silica Sand Material Added from Sidoarjo Lapindo Volcano Mud

Jafar Amiruddin, Wildan Ananta Firdaus, Himawan Hadi Sutrisno
This study aims to increase the economic value of silica sand originating from mud volcano of the Lapindo well burst which until now is known as a natural disaster and caused a lot of material loss by the people of Porong Sidoarjo. In addition, the replacement of the percentage of cement composition...
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The Effect of Air Flow Rate on Oxygen Purity Level in Pressure Swing Adsorption Equipment with Zeolite 13x and Natural Zeolite Bayah

Dhimas Satria, Teguh Kurniawan, Imron Rosyadi, Rina Lusiani, Mekro Permana Pinem, Nidya Jullanar Salman
One of the oxygen generators is a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) machine which is intended as a central oxygen-producing source on a smaller scale by a concentrator machine. Oxygen from the PSA device will be flowed to the patient through the terminal on the patient’s bed or flowed to an oxygen cylinder...
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Performance and Pollution Control Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Type Fluidized Bed

Agung Sudrajad, Iman Syaefulloh
Incinerator produces power and heat from waste, reduces waste disposal, and reduces air pollution. The objective of the research of incinerator and ESP is to minimize air pollution in campus. UNTIRTA as a university having vision as a Smart and Green Campus, develops a municipal incinerator type fluidized...
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The Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Fluidized Bed Spray Dryer with a Vortex Generator 30° toward the Y Axis

Pratomo Setyadi, Nugroho Gama Yoga, Muhammad Rizqi, Fajar Nur Amsir
The Fluidized Bed Spray Dryer is a spray drying machine that works by treating the milk solution particles as a fluid, which flows in a 2-phase stream at different temperatures. The purpose of this research are to see the vortex phenomenon that formed and the effect in heat transfer process, later compared...
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Preliminary Study of Door Opener Design in Automatic as a Prevention Means Spread of Coronavirus Diseases

Erny Listijorini, Cery Ahendyarti, Sidik Susilo, Gema Sinaga, Bintang Priambodo
COVID-19 is an outbreak of Coronavirus in 2019 (coronavirus disease 2019) around the world. This disease is caused by a new type of Coronavirus that is named SARS-CoV-2. The World Health Organization (WHO) more than 1,500,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Indonesia. The SARS-CoV-2 virus can...
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A Study on the Design of Vaccine Cooling Boxes for Remote and Border Areas

Imron Rosyadi, Haryadi, Dhimas Satria
Immunization is an effort to actively generate/increase a person’s immunity to a disease, so that if one day they are exposed to the disease, they will not get sick or only experience mild illness. This is done by administering a vaccine into a person’s body. Vaccines used to form antibodies have some...
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Effect of Particle Size on Tensile Strength Characteristics of Recycled HDPE Plastic

Eko Arif Syaefudin, Siska Titik D, Ahamd Kholil, Iwan S
This study aims to compare the tensile strength characteristics of pure HDPE materials with recycled HDPE by performing tensile tests on test specimens. The stages in this research were carried out by printing pure HDPE specimens and recycled HDPE with mesh sizes of 4 mm, 8 mm, and 12 mm for the test...
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Static Linear Stress Analysis of Road Bike Frame Design Using Finite Element Method

Djoeli Satrijo, Ojo Kurdi, Satria Wijaya
This paper presented the stress analysis of road bike frame to investigate the strength and safety factor of road bike frame. Bicycle manufacturers must ensure the performance and comfort of the product to comply with applicable standards. Various factors should be considered to obtain a proper design...
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A Heat Control Mechanism on the Extruder System of the Chocolate 3D Printer Machine

Setyawan Wibowo, Mokhammad Samsudin, Soeadgihardo Siswantoro, Muhammad Musthofa, Reza Mahardika, Rafiq Aly Nurdin
The use of digital fabrication for the field of food processing has been widely used both for process efficiency, improving food quality, product innovation, and special needs. The use of 3D printers to print food is a challenge for the food industry in the future, one of which is the chocolate industry....
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Performance Investigation of Low-Speed Wind Tunnel: Stability Wind Speed in Test Section

F A Alfahma, Erwin, Slamet Wiyono
The wind tunnel is a piece of tube-structured test equipment that is forced to go fast, which is used to study the effects of aerodynamic flow on an object [1], as well as aerodynamics has a significant role in the design of a body, fins, turbines and other objects that rub directly against each other,...
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Comparative Study of Damper Effects of Steering Tail Fin Shapes: Part I

Erwin, Dhimas Satria, Adinda Julia Dwiputri
The wind is a natural resource that will always exist and will not run out. To convert wind into electrical energy that is useful for humans, it takes a Wind Turbine machine. Renewable Energy Design laboratory Untirta has a wind turbine called the Sultan Wind Turbine. This turbine requires a guiding...
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Low Wind Speed Wind Tunnel Performance Test: Uniformity Wind Speed in Test Section

Erwin, Wahyu Nur Hidayat, Slamet Wiyono
A wind tunnel is a tool used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects. A wind tunnel consists of a closed tubular section with the object under test mounted in the middle. This study conducted a test to verify the distributed airflow in the Test Section Wind Tunnel....
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The Effect of Vacuum Pressure on the Quality of Liquid Palm Sugar Resulting From the Vacuum Evaporation Process

Slamet Wiyono, M S Fachry, S Abdullah, Dwi Sidik, Erwin
Traditional technology is used at the craftsman level, using very simple equipment. The use of simple tools affects the production capacity and quality which is relatively low. From previous research that has been carried out through an internal grant, the vacuum Evaporator process provides a processing...
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Comparative Study of Damper Effects of Steering Tail Fin Shapes: Part II

Lusiani, Dhimas Satria, A B Rismawan, Erwin
The need for the development of the guide fin design that will be used in vertical double shaft wind turbines, the development of the directional tail fins are used to increase the efficiency of the wind turbine. By using a ratio of 1.4 and the area being scaled to 0.042 m2. The purpose of this research...
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Door Handle Opener Controller Based on Arduino to Prevent Transmission of the Covid-19 Virus in Public Spaces

Sidik Susilo, Erny Listijoriny, A Wisnuadji, Hendra, Dhimas Satria, Rina Lusiani, S Ula
This research is to design and product design in making a touchless automatic door opener. The background of this research is to open the automatic door without touch by adding a tool or component. The purpose of this research is to open the door without a touch without changing from the door that has...
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Adhesion Energy and Roughness Observation on Alkali Treated Natural Fiber as Composites Reinforcement

Dody Ariawan, Sunardi, H I Akbar
This paper reviews the influence of alkali treatment to adhesion energy and roughness change of natural fiber in correlation to interfacial interaction between fiber and matrix. The reviews of alkali treatment effect to natural fiber were focused on surface roughness, adhesion properties and interfacial...