Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Comprehensive Art and Cultural Communication (CACC 2022)


  • A. Khalil

    Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China

  • C. Jenks

    Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University, Denmark


  • Y. B. Chen

    Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, China

  • G. R. Feng

    Yunnan Arts University, China

Technology Committee

  • J. Li

    Shanxi Normal University, China

Organizing Committee

  • M. X. Zhang

    Northeast Normal University, China

  • Z. G. Qin

    National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, China

Conference Secretaries

  • S. Li

    Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China

  • Z. Jin

    Luoyang Institute of Technology, China

  • M. D. sesic

    Faculty of Dramatic Arts,University of Arts, Serbia

  • H. Hakobyan

    Sichuan International Studies University, China

Committee Members

  • N. Akhtar

    School of Urban Culture, South China Normal University Nanhai Campus, China

  • Q. J. Wang

    Kunming University of Science&Technology, China

  • R. Dwivedi

    ESJ Paris - Ecole Superieure de Jouralisme de Paris, France

  • M. Y. Wang

    Wuhan University of Technology, China

  • F. D. Hutagalung

    Universiti Malaya, Malaysia


    KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

  • B. Bozoglan

    Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey

  • J. S. Zha

    Yunnan University of Finance Department and Economics, China