Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Comprehensive Art and Cultural Communication (CACC 2022)

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Research on the Application of CBI Theme-Based Model to College English Teaching

Ren Jiuju
In an age when the construction of new liberal arts is given great emphasis to, CBI teaching concept is in line with the need to cultivate internationalized talents with systematic knowledge and practical ability. It provides a new perspective in solving the problem of low level of subject consciousness,...
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On the Semantic Reasons of Modern Chinese Valence-Decreasing Structure of Reciprocal Verbs

Huang Qianrong
Due to the semantic particularity of reciprocal verbs, structures of them shows a valence-decreasing feature. However, the specific structures that reveals the feature are varied, reflecting semantic differences hidden inside. Based on the six main structures and groups made on different applications...
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Running Away and Returning -- On Liu Yun and His Art

Yuanxin Zhu
Liu Yun’s life has experienced the process from leaving to returning, and so is his artistic creation. In Liu Yun’s artistic creation experience, returning is not really going back to the past, but facing the international vision and contemporary cultural concepts, constantly pursuing innovation, innovating...
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Art Norms Under The “Ancient Egyptian Dynasty”

Chen Ying
The ancient Egyptian civilization has a history of five thousand years since its birth, during which the art forms developed unique characteristics. In essence, ancient Egyptian art served the pharaohs and a few nobles, existed in every aspect of social life, and played the role of praising the dynasty,...
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On the Objective Necessity of Environmental Design and Construction in Emerging Rural Areas

Zheng Xiaoping
By interpreting the concept and elements of new countryside, this paper explains the subjective and objective basis of new countryside design and construction, in order to interpret the content and system of rural cultural design, especially its necessity. Rural design needs to define its concept and...
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The Application of the Folklore Characteristics of Chopsticks in the Design of Museums

Fan wu
Chopsticks, which is the chopsticks we often say in our lives, is one of the most common eating tools in our lives, but it is just because it is too common, so many people think it is just a food utensil, but it is still a symbol of Chinese culture. One of this special and important traditional cultural...
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On the Exploration of Qimen Prediction in the 70th Berlin International Film Festival

Chen yuanliang
Based on the award level of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, this paper attempts to explore the prediction of Qimen dunjia. Combined with the prediction cases of the film festival, this paper analyzes and discusses the practical problems of Qimen in the prediction of awards of the International...
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Analysis on the Coexisting Phenomenon and Cause of “Dai” and “Dao” in Qiyang Dialect

Yin Jianyu, Huang Zhiyuan
There are two prepositions in Qiyang dialect:”Dai” and “Dao”.They are opposite and neutral in form and meaning. Through the investigation of linguistic facts, it is found that “Dai” has objective non causative meaning, indicating “existence”; and “Dao” has subjective causative meaning, indicating “direction”....
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《A Sun》: A Mental Image Analysis of A Family Tragedy

Wang Xin Rui, Guo Yu Zhen
Director Zhong Menghong abandoned the grand narrative of family and country and focused on the family life of the common people. Show the family emotions and mental state of ordinary people with a “cold, deep and even dark” film style.《A Sun》continues the theme of “family”, mainly telling the story of...
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The Application of Digital Technology in Fengtu Yicang Scenic Area

Liu Jiao jiao, Ma yun
It is the first principle to put food security in the first place of modern agriculture. Since the founding of new China, China’s grain industry has made brilliant achievements, but also formed a distinctive characteristics of The Times and industry grain culture. Fengtu Yicang has a history of 135...
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Extreme Characters and Perverse Relationships in a Realistic Context

Taking Bong Joon-Ho’s Film ‘Mother’ as an Example

Based on the film Mother directed by Korean director Bong Joon-ho, the study critically analyzes the extreme and paranoid characteristics of the leading role Hye-ja, who is willing to commit crimes to save her mentally handicapped son from prison; this has sparked an intense discussion and public examination...
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Van Schoelandt’s Argument of the Place of Public Reason

Le Li
Schoelandt proposes a solid justification to defend the value of public reason when two prominent strategies—the strategy of idealization of reasoning and requiring liberal values fail to respond to the illiberal dissenter objection. Schoelandt reflects on the place of public reason. Schoelandt argues...
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The Image Expression of the Elements for “the Classic of Mountains and Rivers” in the Pan-Media Period—Take the Blogger “Jia Le Ge Ling “ as an Example

Song Yao, Zhang Yansong
“The Classic of Mountains and Rivers” is one of the representative works of traditional Chinese mythology that has been passed down through the historical process, in the period of pan-media, many creators use “The Classic of Mountains and River” as the material for secondary creation. Among them, the...
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Research on the Impact of LGBT Culture in Social Media on Chinese LGBT Community

Jiabao Hu, Xinyi Tao, Shaofei Zhou, Manjun Zuo
There are many LGBT cultures in today’s social media, such as BL novels, BL film and television dramas, and CP culture. The LGBT culture originally belonging to specific groups has affected the contemporary overall culture to a certain extent. This paper attempts to answer the impact of the wide spread...
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The Comparative Analysis of the Utilization of Traditional Broadcast TV in the UK and China

Wenxin Guo
In the studies of TV, there are numerous researches on the tendency of visual media, but there are few studies on the variations in the TV industries between different countries. This could be a good viewpoint of observation. The UK and China are relatively representative countries in the West and the...
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Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Practices of Chinese Cultural and Creative Industry

Xiang Li
With the rapid growth of the Chinese modern cultural and creative industry, the intangible cultural heritage seems to have a renaissance to its height of fame. Financial support and companies provide the public with a promising future of traditional cultures. The evidence of modern social media and popular...
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The Shape and Influence of Chinese Variety Shows on College Students’ Gender Identity in the Context of Media Diversity

Yumeng Yang
Based on the social background, this paper analyzed the impact of the Chinese variety shows on the gender concept forms of college students. Due to the multi-gender culture, gender concepts have become more and more complex, and there are more voices in gender shaping. College students are the group...
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Analysis on South Korean Soft Power— Taking BTS, Parasite and Squid Game as Examples

Yihang Huang
South Korea’s soft power is a potential factor that can help the country achieve more. It can increase economic developments, technological advancements, and current policies. Effective implementation of soft power in South Korea will result in a democratic political system. This paper describes the...
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Online Cultural Comparison between China and the US: A Research on the Connotation of Pepe the Frog Memes

Tianyu Zhou
Sad Frog is popular on social media in China as part of Sang culture, but its original name is Pepe the frog and now a culture of hate in the US. Cyberculture and cyberplace provide fertile environment for the reconstruction and spread of memes. By comparing and analyzing the differences in Chinese and...
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The Effectiveness of Communication and Marketing Strategy of Chinese Short Video Platform Douyin

Taking “Wen Genie” as an Example

Yunshan Duan
With the rise of short video in China, many Internet celebrities on short video platforms have become popular online figures, gathering a large number of fans. Douyin is one of China’s largest short video platforms, and Wen Genie is one of the most popular Internet celebrities on Douyin. This research...
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Practice and Exploration of Artistic Techniques in the Course of “Ice and Snow Sculpture Creation” - Study on the Correlation of Shaping Techniques Between Ice and Snow Sculpture Creation and Figurative Sculpture Creation

Dianbin Xu
Due to its special requirements for the environment and unique material properties, ice and snow sculpture is quite different from urban public sculpture and easel sculpture in terms of the creation process and artistic effects. Based on practice teaching and application of the course of the “Ice and...
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A Review on Cross-Cultural Communication and Innovative Application of Chinese Cultural Elements

Tianyi Bai
Chinese elements are the crystallization of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and can also reflect the aesthetic taste and value pursuit of Chinese people. The cross-cultural communication of Chinese elements represents the overseas communication of Chinese culture. At present, Chinese cultural...
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An Exploration on Pan Zhihua Dish Translation from the Perspective of Cultural Schema Theory

Gao Zhaoyang, Liao Hong
Oil soaked meat in earthen pot and sand shrimps are two special dishes in Pan Zhihua city, which have simple names and rich cultures. The two dishes are the representative dishes of Pan Zhihua food. The paper aims to explore how to translate the regional food cultures behind the dishes under the guidance...
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Reinventing Chinese Legend in the Age of Global Hollywood

A Comparative Critique of the Cinematic Representations of Disney’s Mulan

Thomas Lian
In recent years, Disney has launched the production of a series of live-action princess films in an attempt to rejuvenate the popularity of this renowned animation franchise: one of Disney’s most ambitious remakes was the live-action version of Mulan, which was released worldwide in 2021 amidst the global...
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Research on the Creation of Art Picture Books

Liu Shuang
Due to the continuous improvement of China’s education level, more and more attention has been paid to education. Among them, preschool education has always been the top priority.Therefore, in the new era, we should choose appropriate educational ideas and methods based on children’s own characteristics....
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Research on Cultural Communication and Integration of “Drama” in Chinese Situational Teaching

Xia Nan
Drama, as a category that integrates many artistic elements in comprehensive art, has strong teaching and dissemination, and “situation” is one of the most characteristic artistic elements in drama. It not only provides an invisible “field” for wherever it goes, but also can put the audience or other...
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Research on How the U.S. Artificial Intelligence Expands the Chinese Media Market

Ruite Wang, Yueyanan Wang, Leyi Xu, Qi Zhou
Technological change drives industrial change is the driver of industry innovation and is the unchanging law of development. The United States has been in a robust innovation ecosystem, walking in the pioneer port in the field of artificial intelligence, and its cognitive and strategic position has been...
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Creating a Popular Video—The Case Study of the Influencer Blogger “Jia Jia” on Tiktok

Sitao Yang
In the era of information fragmentation nowadays, the renewal and transformation between traditional media and new media has promoted the emergence of convergence media era. As network technology continues to develop, media communication class platforms are renewed and transformed at a high speed. Various...
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The Fusion and Application of Traditional Chinese Elements in Modern Art Design

Jun Mi
The Chinese nation has a long history of five thousand years, and has also created a splendid traditional Chinese culture in the long history. After years of baptism, many traditional Chinese elements have been well preserved. Chinese traditional elements are the treasures of Chinese traditional culture...
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An Analysis of the Elements of the Communication Vitality of Internet Buzzwords

Zhao ChenXi
In the new era of all-media, language and writing styles are changing rapidly, featuring rapid updating, wide sources, multiple forms, strong derivation and generally short life span. In this paper, we collect the top ten Internet buzzwords published by the editorial department of “Bite words(Yaowenjiaozi)”...
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Research on the Portrayal of Women in Lucy Chen’s Early Novels

Jinru He
This article discusses the portrayal of women in the early works of the famous female writer Lucy Chen. The agrestic complex of intelligentsia is taken as the main entry point. The author analyzes the writings of women in Lucy Chens novels during this period through deep reading of the text. What can...
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Rumor and Conspiracy Formation in Post Truth Era under COVID-19

Jiru Huang
The technique of event and news dissemination is evolving as the Internet grows in popularity and social media becomes more prevalent. Users may only get one side of an event or one of many viewpoints on an event when they get information via social media. Based on medical information distributed on...
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Liu Chenweng’s Inheritance and Innovation of Xin Qiji’s Lyrics and View

Zhang Linyuan
Liu Chenweng was a literary scholar and literary critic of the Song and Yuan dynasties, and is known as the “backbone of the Xin Genre”. 354 of his lyrics have survived, and their ideological content has a distinctive brand of the times, which is known as the “history of lyrics”. Liu Chenweng’s lyricism...
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On the Innovative Design of Digital Media Under the Background of the Metaverse

Jiamu Lin
Recently, Zuckerberg announced the renaming of Facebook to Meta, focusing on metaverse ecological construction. Over the next ten years, Facebook will focus on building a new digital virtual world connecting social, gaming, education, and other areas [1]. Roblox, Bytedance, and other competitive scientific...
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Research on Hangzhou Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural District Cultural Tourism Development

Jiayi Lou
In order to improve the current situation of weak regional competitiveness and lack of characteristic tourism model in Hangzhou Qiaoxi historical and cultural district, for the optimization of the cultural tourism industry in the district methods and countermeasures, research to understand the current...
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Analysis of the Image of the Queens in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Qingyu Xiao
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies. The work revolves around the love story of Hermia and Lassander, who meet a series of bizarre events when they elope into the woods to rebel against the marriage Hermia’s father has arranged for Hermia. In this play, the female characters...
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Reasons for the Kitschism of Film Industry in China: Perspective of Culture Industry Theory

Xiaochen Han
With the advent of a new generation of cultural industry and mass culture, the film industry has achieved significant advances in the sphere of cultural production, dramatically influencing the consumer market pattern. However, in recent years, cinema production has shifted quietly toward kitsch, which...
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Analysis on the Director’s Style and Traumatic Narration in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Jiahe Peng
With the continuous development of technology, for the creation of film and television, the audience not only requires the director to innovate in the content of storytelling, but also differs from traditional works in shooting technology and narrative way. The author theory makes the director’s personal...
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Culture Communication in the Translation of Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Relevance Theory

Wenting Duan, Pengkee Chang
Shaanxi intangible cultural heritage (Shaanxi ICH) with its variety and large quantity takes a great position in China, and represents Shaanxi people’s wisdom and creativity. Therefore, the translation of Shaanxi intangible cultural heritage can promote the spread of Chinese culture to the outside world....
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Research on the Influence of Chinese and American Entertainment Industries on Teenagers

Zhaolin Chen
The entertainment industry is an indispensable part for every country, and its influence on the public is also profound, for the entertainment industry can lead the direction of public thinking and change people’s values. The focus of this article is to discuss and compare the influence of the entertainment...
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Research on Short Video Marketing Model in the New Media Era

Wanshan Han
In the new media era, with the rapid development of mobile Internet technology and the high popularity of mobile terminal equipment, the marketing positions of various industries have also shifted. Short videos have quickly gained many mobile users by simplifying content production, fragmented dissemination,...
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Traditions and Challenges of Modern British Theatre: The Proper Role Played by the British Government

Diqiu Huang, Shuncha Pan, Yunze Xie, Xinya Yang
Modern British theatre performance is proud of its tradition in the history of theatre. Facing the challenges from the visual technological innovation and the Covid-19 pandemic, the commercial playing industry has faced a clear decline in the past three years. The government accordingly works in several...
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Art Appreciation of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Piece: Dumka

Wang Siwen
Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), a great Russian musician, is one of the outstanding representatives of the Russian nationalistic music. He dedicated his life to music composition and composed a large number of artistic works. He is not only a creative all-round musician in the history of world music, but also...
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The Benign Comic: Understanding Bottom’s Growth and Appeal in a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Tianjun Ren
Nick Bottom from Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream is an egotistical weaver who induces a lot of laughter in the play. Based on a close reading of the text, this essay analyzes four crucial scenes in Bottom’s character arc and seeks to understand his growth as a dynamic character as well...
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The Mechanism of Ritual Communication on Collective Memory and National Identity

Yvqian An, Xinyue Duan, Bo Sun, Shiyi Li, Jingxin Gongsun
Against the background that media technology is highly embedded in social life, rituals glow with new luster by means of media and have multiple effects on audiences. Among them, awakening and reconstructing collective memory as well as building and strengthening national identity are the main roles...
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The Phenomenon of Anagram in Literature and Art—Study on Art Symbol

Chunyuan Chen
Anagrams refer to getting new words and sentences by swapping the positions of letters and words in a sentence, or increasing or decreasing the number of letters in a word. The phenomenon of anagrams in culture and art refers to anagrams as a cultural and artistic creation method, that is, the use of...
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Study on Internet-Based Translation Criticism from the Participatory Perspective: Taking the Translation Forum of as an Example

Xiuying Lu, Jiayu Xue
The development of Internet technology opens up a new space for translation criticism. Researches on internet-based translation criticism have focused on the mode, current situation, characteristics and other aspects of internet-based translation criticism, paying little attention to the subjects’ participation...
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The Influence of Sound Modeling on Elements of Horror Movies

Yu Ran
The development of global multiculturalism has become an inevitable trend in the 2020s, and horror films with relatively fixed audiences have gradually taken up an important position, and a set of operation modes and techniques have been formed. The beginning of film development was the era of silent...
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Aesthetic Comparison of Chinese and Western Disaster Films

Ke Qin
The frequent occurrence of natural disasters and the lack of a spiritual have become major issues for human reflection. As a means of human expression, art and aesthetics should assume the responsibility of saving the crisis of the human body and mind. As one of the typical types of Hollywood, disaster...
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Research on the Reconstruction of Gender Identity Affected by Fashion Consumption on Social Media

Yuxuan Liu, Zichuan Liu, Chenyu Wei, Jiaqi Yuan
As the wider filter creates more possible room for clothing elements presented on social media, users are exposed to clothing content that is fashionable but not to their liking as well. Through the combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, this paper discusses the perception and...
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A Study of the Spread and Evolution of the Yi Moon Jumping Ritual in Yunnan

Hongyu Chen, Neng Zhao, Ru Jia
The traditional ritual space of the A HSI TIAO YüEH negotiates modernity and secularisation in the context of capital’s transformation of the village of Xishan Township in Mile, Honghe, Yunnan, in the age of consumerism: capital drives the transformation of everyday space and shifts the ritual space....
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Analysis of the Popularity Factors and Marketing Strategies of Short Video

Take the Short Video Account “Hua Yicun” as an Example

Xuanlin Liu
In the context of the success of short video platforms, earthy videos have become an important form of independent expression for users and have attracted the attention of many viewers. The main object of this paper is to study the short video accounts of “Hua Yicun” on TikTok and Quick Hand, through...
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Change and Poetry: A Study of the Changing Styles of Malick’s Images

Junzhe Tang
Terrance Malick is is one of the most authorial directors, and moreover, his films chronically undergo dramatic changes in style and theme. This essay is based on the films he made during the 40 years after his debut as a Virgo, the period when his style changed the most. And after that, as he shot more...
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Date Mining of HPV Misinformation Content in Twitter-Sphere: A Network Analytic Approach

Xuantong Mou, Yilin Lan
HPV has attracted much attention from different countries and organizations in recent years, but the vaccination rate of HPV is not high. This paper attempts to develop a “Python program” to track the “Twitter sphere content”, so as to explore the impact of social media in the process of HPV transmission...
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Research on Rap Culture from the Perspective of Visual Rhetoric Theory

Take the Example of the Rap of China

Xiaochen Li, Shuai Zhang
As a kind of hip-hop culture, rap culture has become a trendsetter of Chinese pop music and has increasingly become the focus of public attention. In the network variety shows, the rap programs such as “The Rap of China” on iQIYI platform and “Rap for Youth” on bilibili have been widely sought after...
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Study on the Acceptance of Heroine Images in Chinese and American Animated Films

Zhengxin Huang, Qinyao Sun, Wenyi Zhang
With the development of our society, new waves of feminist movements emerged continuously. At the same time, feminism had a profound impact in the field of film creating, inspiring generations of film and television creations around the world, and gradually integrating feminist theories into the connotation...
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Psychological Appeal of Movie Monsters

An Exploration of Possibility Space

Zizhao Wang
As the popularity of monster movies kept rising in recent decades, the significance of this specific movie genre starts to reveal. This paper addresses the distal cause that underlies the psychological appeal of movie monsters. The cultural connection and realistic reflection of monster movies were investigated...
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On the Cultural Meaning of Nicknames of Figures in the Republic of China from the Cognitive Perspective

Zhijiao Wang
From the perspective of cognitive linguistics, the cultural phenomenon of characters behind the nickname of the republic of China and analyze the connotation of the humanities, found the character of the republic of nicknames in the process of cognition, be given special cultural connotation, progressive...
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Celebrity Endorsement and Co-branding

A Review on Luxury Brand Reconstruction Strategy

Jingyue Yang
Luxury brands have always had relatively fixed traditional marketing methods. However, the development of new media technology has created a new and more intense and dynamic marketing environment for luxury brand marketing. This forces luxury brands to change their traditional marketing methods, so as...
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Application of Tu Pan Embroidery Pattern in Modern Design

Qing Zhong, Jian Xiao
Starting from the origin and development of Qinghai Tu pan embroidery, this paper introduces the application of Pan embroidery in Tu costumes and daily necessities, analyzes the internal and external aesthetic characteristics of Tu pan embroidery from its needlework, color characteristics and patterns,...
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The Taoist View of Heart-Body and Modern Psychology

Meixia Qu
Along With the acceleration of social rhythm and the increasingly fierce competition, people pay more and more attention to mental health, psychology can be stressed and developed. According to the research, the effect of psychological counseling will be influenced by cultural background, so it is necessary...
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Art Creation Practice Based on the Retrospect of Traditional Handmade Paper Culture

Wang Yan, Cheng Sijia
Since modern times, traditional handicrafts seem to have fallen into the predicament of breaking between the past and the future, and being at a loss in the present. The mechanized production since the Industrial Revolution has made traditional handicraft paper and other handicraft industries decline...
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Research on the Scene Design of Wedding Flower Soft Decoration

Yanli Yao, Aike Zhang, Ruijie Zhao
With the development of environment design, wedding flower soft decoration scene design, as a subdivision research category of environmental design, not only enriches the expression forms of wedding scene design, but also leads the new trend of flower design. This paper expounds the application of flower...
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Analysis of the Factors that Make People Love Get Out and 1917: Why the Two Films with Such Different Production Budget Can Gain Such Similar Popularity

Lihong Tang
In the current film industry, high-quality films emerge one after another. High cost seems to be a keyword for movies to become popular. Those Hollywood blockbusters usually have exciting special effects, interesting plots and famous actors. Under this condition, the author of this paper studies the...
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The Intertextual Analysis of “Green Book” and the Photographic Work “the Americans” From the Perspective of Text

Liu Fan, Zhang Yansong
The interpretation of photographic works depends to a certain extent on personal aesthetics and understanding. To analyze the works more objectively and calmly, we often need to combine relevant backgrounds. However, most of the relevant backgrounds we have encountered are “texts” that have been subjectively...
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Research on the Development from Print Media to Digital Media -- Taking the American Market as An Example

Hao Chen
Nowadays, the development of digital media accounts soars so quickly that the ratio of this sort of new media accounts for a large market of this society. The frequency of using paper media declines while more people choose to use digital media. The topic of this research will focus on the development...
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Analysis of the Public Opinion Tendencies Caused by Misinterpretation During the Dissemination of News Events on Short Video Platforms

Yujunting Li, Haowen Liu, Yunfei Mo, Zhijia Wen
This paper takes the Chongqing bus falling into the river accident as an example to study the direction of public opinion caused by misinterpretation on short video platform. Based on the framework theory and the post-truth theory, this paper discusses how the misinterpretation is produced and spread,...
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The Research on Liu Sanjie Folk Songs from the Perspective of Ecological Culture of Ge Xu

Huibin Huang, Shuzhe Yang
Guangxi is the “ocean” of song---the Zhuang nationality is a singing one; “Liu Sanjie” is a song fairy and famous in the world, being praised. In many areas of the Zhuang in Guangxi, there is also a traditional singing pageant called “Ge Xu”. Liu Sanjie folk songs, as a kind of social and cultural resources,...
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Physics in Masaaki Yuasa’s Films: Space-Time Light and Shadow

Tiantong Li
Film provides a concrete form for time’s existence. It freezes the linear time of human perception, and quantifies it through editing and cutting, making it closer to the essence of time to a certain extent. Without the bondage of reality, animation can freely design scenes, and compositions, to present...
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Plot Design of Animation Script Creation

Wang Wen, Xun MingMin
The professionalism and skill of animation screenwriting is an important content of animation film research. The screenwriter of animation film designs the plot rhythm blueprint for the future film. The director uses montage to recreate on the basis of this blueprint. This paper discusses the plot design...
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Analysis of the Roles of Film Soundtracks in Films

Kexuan Xu
It is well known that when film first appeared in the art world, it was silent or required a live band, and people even referred to silent films as ‘the great dumb’. In 1936, Chaplin produced his last silent film, Modern Times, marking the death of silent film. The era of sound film was officially opened...
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Examining Women Characterization in ‘Main-Melody Movies’ Through Female Perspectives – A Case Study of Island Keeper

Qiyan Tong
Films in the genre called ‘main-melody movies’ have come out thick and fast to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Island Keeper, directed by Chen Li, has largely beat competition and won the recognition and acclaims of the general public. It’s a story...
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The Transformation of Contemporary Photography Expression--Beyond Realism

Pang Wei
The accurate reproduction ability of photography has brought a lot of confusion to people in the 19th to 20th century. If we use a saying to describe it, it can be said that ‘ success is depressed, failure is depressed.’Both Baudelaire’s condemnation and Roskin ‘s complaint put photography in an awkward...
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The Artistic Value of Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Folk Dance

Gao Yang, Ma Yi Fei
Intangible cultural heritage dance is generally referred to as the dance included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage. Intangible cultural heritage, as an intangible and dynamic cultural heritage, is an intangible cultural heritage folk dance nurtured under the traditional Chinese context....
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Research on the Current Situation of Community Fitness Facilities Management in Dingzhou City

Lei Song
The community, as the habitat for the masses to live on, has played a positive role in the production and life of the masses. In the wake of the rapid development of the national economy, the living standards of the masses have been continuously improved, which has spurred the development of various...
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Is the Belief in the Human Community with a Shared Future Measurable?

Li Yuchi, Dao Zhuoda, Zhao Yuhong
This article reviews the empirical studies on the effects of the communication and education of the Human Community with a Shared Future (HCSF) and points out that the measurement of the belief in the HCSF should not base on participants’ awareness but rather on individuals’ conception of their ideal...
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Engineering Ethics in the Context of New Engineering Construction

Man Chen
Since 2017, the Ministry of Education has actively promoted the construction of new engineering, the reform and development of higher engineering education in China have already stood at a new historical starting point. In order to meet the challenge, the construction of new engineering course as the...