Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects” (DETP 2020)

Medical Education in Digital Transformation

N.V. Zamyatina, I.A. Ushakova, V.B. Mandrikov
Corresponding Author
N.V. Zamyatina
Available Online 13 May 2020.
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professional medical education, information and communication space, media sphere, digital literacy, sociocultural field of the medical profession, clinical research modeling
At the present stage, the problem of introducing media technologies in all spheres of life, including the digital transformation of professional education, has become very urgent. This is a process of integrative interaction of information and communication systems, highly complicated and dynamically changing conditions of modern university education. Information technology in modern conditions is paramount in the process of training young people. The use of innovations in all areas of the educational space contributes to the transition to a higher level of assimilation of professional knowledge. In the article, the authors argue the need to get rid of outdated traditional programs in universities, substantiate the strategic importance of enhancing the implementation of digital techniques in the field of providing educational services in the field of medicine, training a specialist who can skillfully manage high-tech professional processes, quickly navigate in a huge flow of information, quickly find out what is needed and apply in practice.
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