Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering (ECAE 2017)

The 2017 2nd International Conference on Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering (ECAE 2017) will be held on December 24-25, 2017. The 2013 International Conference on Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering (ECAE2013) has been held on December 1-2, 2013, Hong Kong very successfully. All papers of ECAE2013 Proceedings have been indexed by Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Science (CPCI-S) successfully. There have been remarkable advances in the technology and science that support this important global event.

The Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC), Hong Kong, as the organizer for ECAE 2017 and with purview of electrical, control and automation engineering, the series of conferences intend to build up a bridge of effective communication. While the conference continues its conditions of academic exchange, knowledge discovery, collaboration and networking. ECAE 2017 expands with the new dimensions and features, especially with new application areas of electrical, control and automation technology.

For the proceeding of ECAE 2017, we have adopted a way of double-blind reviewing performed by the Chairs and International Scientific Committees, and only accepted papers were included in ECAE 2017 proceeding. Each submission were reviewed by at least two reviewers. If both reviewers have recommended to accept the paper, then it will be accepted for publication. If two reviewers had different opinions, the paper would be transmitted to the third reviewer assigned by the chairs. All papers would still need revising before publication.

By the end of submission deadline, ECAE2017 has received 253 papers and among them, 75 papers have been selected and pass the audits. ECAE 2017 conference proceedings will be published in the book series of Advances in Engineering Research (ISSN 2352-5401) by Atlantis Press, France.

ECAE2017 proceedings covered the topics as follows:

Chapter 1: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Chapter 2: Control, Automation Engineering and Robots
Chapter 3: Mechanical Design, Industrial Manufacturing and Information Technology Application

We wish to thank all the contributing authors, attendants, committees, session chairs and editors. On behalf of all the participants, we wish to express our hearty gratitude to Atlantis Press for publishing those outstanding papers. It is our honor to have the chance to work with so many excellent people. Look forward to the next cooperation with you in the future.

ECAE 2017 International Organizing Committee